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(Urgent) help so the way my school works is that we start at 8:30 and end at 4:00 but starting Wednesday's I have band u till 6. There is no time gap in between these activities and there is no way I can bind for 10+ hours. Even I did find the time to change I pass pretty well and most of the school doesn't know I'm trans and it's hot where I live so wearing a hoodie to hide my chest wouldn't really be an option for most of the time. What do I do?!?!

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If you play an instrument that requires breath, you shouldn’t be binding during band anyway. You should be able to go into a restroom and change into a sports bra some time between school and band, if you just say you need to go to the bathroom.

every time a r*ylo post somehow ends up on my dash, forcing me to look at it, i just think of all the photos i’ve seen of little girls dressed like rey or playing with their rey toys. i think about all the little girls who left my theater bouncing up and down all excited and talking a mile a minute about how awesome rey is. or the girls on school playgrounds that can no longer be told “girls can’t be jedi” like i always was. i think about all the little kids, girls and boys, for whom rey is their first real hero. and then i get even more angry and disgusted and sad.

why do these people who try so hard to convince everyone that r*ylo is canon not care what that would do to these kids?? r*ylo being canon would do nothing but tell yet another generation of girls that not only are they required to forgive the people who have abused them, even when they do horrible unforgivable things (like, y’know, killing unarmed old men, ordering the execution of an entire village full of people, hurting your friends, killing their dad), but they must stay by their side and fulfill their destiny of bringing them back to the light. that is their purpose - not saving the galaxy, not being their own hero. that’s his job once you save him. 

it would also tell yet another generation of boys that they can get away with doing horrible, unforgivable things and still be the hero and get the girl in the end. it’s their story, after all. not some girl’s.

and that’s only one set of problems with this ship becoming canon.

of course i don’t believe for a hot second that kathleen “rey is so important you guys!!!” kennedy would ever allow that to happen so it’s a moot point anyway.

  • friend: So.. what's your favorite tv show?
  • me: M*A*S*H hands down. It's this kind of satire set during the Korean War (but filmed from '72 to '83) that comments on the treatment of human lives and the cruelty of mass killing, but still remains light hearted. Not only that, M*A*S*H was very ahead of its time, commenting on things that most TV shows wouldn't touch even today. Such as racism, homophobia, adultery.
  • friend: ... never heard of it
  • me: Well what about you?
  • friend: Gossip Girl. So many hot guys.
  • me:
369. Tour bus cuddles
  • Louis: You're already partially asleep on the couch when he enters the bus, utterly tired and drained from the concert he just put on. Usually you'd watch from backstage or the sound booth, but you had a massive headache and thought it would be better to just lie down. Louis smiles at you before lifting you up and walking to the bunks where he places you in gently and gets in besides you. His arms wrap around you waist and pull you in close. "It wasn't the same without you out there" He whispered as you dosed off. Him following closely behind.
  • Liam: Curse words shouted from the main part of the bus can be heard from the confinement of Liam's bunk. The boys playing some video game out there and it seemed to be getting competitive. The small space is tricky to move in, but you and Liam got the hang of it quickly. You lie on top of his stomach, your face pressed against his chest, His hands play with your hair while he hums the words of a new song he's been working on. Every now and then you could feel his stare while flipping through a book or going through you phone, but you don't mind. Liam's trying to savior the way you look for when you're not there. He tries to remember how you feel lying with him. He does this because you remind him of home. and that's what he misses most.
  • Niall: You sit in between his legs as he continues to beat Louis in a game of FIFA. You finger is constantly scrolling through your twitter app, answering questions or reading what your friends back home are up to. Louis moans as Niall scores against him once again and you look up to see him fling his remote across the room. "I'm done with this bullshit" He mutters as he stalks to the back of the bus, probably to whine to another boy on how he lost. Niall shifts a little and rests his head on your shoulder as you continue to type. His hot breath hits your neck and you close your eyes, feeling the goose bumps hit your skin. "How's my princess doing?" He mumbles into your ear before placing a kiss on your neck. "I missed you" He adds. and he means it. Tour bus bunks and pillows aren't the same as being able to hold his girl.
  • Harry: He's crying and its a silent cry because he doesn't want to wake the other boys. You're straddled in his lap your arms holding him so tightly to your chest as he sobs. He's home sick. Most people wouldn't associate Harry with homesickness because even when they have off, he's not home. But when you finally did come to visit and you explained everything happening back home, he realizes how much he actually misses it. He misses seeing his grumpy next door neighbor and he misses being able to text his mom and receive a message back with in seconds. He misses food shopping and making fun of you doing school work. He'll never admit it but he hates being on the road as much as he is because while he does that, all of his friends and family are doing other things. So you hold him while he lets go of the pain.
  • Zayn: Only happen when he's sleeping. He's so accustomed to sleeping next to you that not having you around has resulted in purchasing a pillow from him to cuddle. It's not the same. It doesn't move in the middle of the night and there isn't the slow, soft sound of breathing coming from it. When you're with him on the bus, he holds you so tightly because he misses having you with him. The pillow doesn't have the same affect as you do. and he's never admit it, but he sleeps a whole lot better when you're with him.the how he usually does. He feels a whole lot better as well. So he begs for a longer stay when you visit, just because you make him feel better and he truly misses just being with you.
  • Requested. ~AlliXx

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okay but in the next ova saitama and genos take a bath together and??? i know it's a cultural thing but does genos even need to bathe... and even if he did wouldn't it be more like washing a car so why sit in the tub? like would he even get any pleasure out of sitting in hot water afterwards or is he just there to sit next to naked sensei??? wtf genos? like what level of friendship do you have to be on in japan before you go to the public bathhouse with someone anyway???

I am 100% certain that genos is only there because of naked sensei




a japanese friend I’m not super close to invited me to a bath house once, so I guess as long as you’re confident that person won’t try to kill you, it’s all good?

Who should you fight: Homestuck edition
  • John: why would you want to fight John? He's a goofy jackass who can literally turn into wind. Fight John only if you are prepared to look like an asshole trying to land one hit.
  • Jade: Jade is a semi omnipotent space witch who's also part dog and likes guns. She'll kick your ass, and she'll feel bad about it afterward. Don't fight Jade.
  • Rose: as a seer she's not super high on combat abilities, but she will probably psychoanalyze you and then you'll cry. Plus, have you seen her wands? You can fight Rose, but I'm not betting on you.
  • Dave: fight Dave. You'll probably get your ass kicked by an asshole in a cape, but have you seen his cape? It's not even sunny, and he's wearing shades. Fight Dave.
  • Jane: you could maybe take Jane. Maybe. But why would you want to? Hasn't she been through enough? And look, she's making cookies. Don't fight Jane.
  • Jake: you could take him, but he's so sad looking. Don't fight Jake. Get Jake a blanket and some hot chocolate.
  • Roxy: she can turn invisible and also likes guns. You can fight Roxy, but I wouldn't if I were you. She'll probably invite you to play videogames afterward though.
  • Dirk: he's probably bored and looking to fight something. This is the kid who builds robots just to rip them apart. Fight Dirk. You will lose.
  • Karkat: he's got zero special powers and gaudy impractical weapons. He'll probably fight you first if you look at him long enough. Fight Karkat. You'll win. He might cry afterwards, but he does that all the time.
  • Kanaya: she literally has sawed more than one person in half. Don't fight Kanaya.
  • Vriska: I will fucking pay you to fight Vriska. You'll lose, but fight her anyway. Call your friends. Call your grandma. Everybody go fight Vriska.
  • Terezi: you could maybe take Terezi, but let's be real. She'd just troll you into accidentally hurting yourself, and you'd cry. Be my guest, though. Fight Terezi at your own risk.
  • Gamzee: PLEASE fight Gamzee. But also don't. He'll kill you. But fight him. FIGHT GAMZEE.
  • Sollux: don't do it. He's scrawny and blind, but he'll kick your ass anyway. Don't fight Sollux.
  • Aradia: she'll win and enjoy the hell out of wiping the floor with your ass. Fight Aradia. She'll love you for it.