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Castiel remembers Dean telling him how creepy it is when he watched him sleep. He’s not sure this still applies now that they frequently share a bed but he hasn’t worked up the courage to ask yet. If the answer is yes then at least this way he can claim ignorance if Dean ever catches him.

Because he can’t help it. Angels don’t need sleep and while Castiel does keep himself busy most of the time while Dean sleeps, he can’t stop himself from indulging every now and then. 

Like now. They are at a motel, a case recently wrapped up but too late in the evening for Dean to want to move on yet. Moonlight shines through the lace curtains on the windows, creating patterns of glowing light on Dean’s skin, interspersed with marks left by Castiel just hours earlier. 

Castiel reaches out, tracing along those marks with his fingertips, too soft for Dean to stir at his touch. The light makes him appear ethereal, but the warmth of his skin is so painfully human. Dean would rage at him for saying as much out loud but Castiel is always aware of just how fragile Dean is compared to him, how little it takes to hurt him. 

Castiel should know. He shudders, forcibly pushing that thought from his mind. He focuses on Dean again instead, the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest, the calmness in his expression. 

Dean is rarely this calm, even in sleep, but sharing a bed with another person sometimes helps. Dean would say it was the sex that calmed him, which is right in a way, but it’s really the intimacy. It makes him feel safe.

He looks… not younger this way, but less burdened. The lines of his face are softened, mouth slack and slightly open. Something in Castiel’s chest tightens at the sight of it. He likes that Dean lets himself relax so completely in his presence. He certainly hasn’t earned this kind of trust but he gets it anyway and he’s grateful for it. 

Suddenly, Dean stirs. Castiel’s fingers halt their journey across Dean’s skin as he cracks one eye open, eyeing Castiel suspiciously.

“Were you just watching me sleep?” he mumbles, voice thick. 

“…No,” Castiel lies blatantly. 

The corner of Dean’s mouth quirks. “No?”


“Okay.” Dean’s eye closes again. “Well, have at it.”

Castiel swallows. “You don’t think it’s creepy?”

“Oh, yeah,” Dean says. “But it’s fine. I don’t mind. Just don’t wake me up.”

Which is all but a ringing endorsement coming from Dean Winchester. Castiel smiles to himself, suffused with a kind of warmth only Dean can bring him.

“I won’t,” he promises.

Dean hmms in response. It’s only a few moments before he drops off into sleep again, breath deepening and evening out. Unable to resist, Castiel leans in and presses a kiss against his temple. 

a different type of love II

yoo this was requested and i combined it with an idea i had so here ya go its super cheesy and gross and long 

like 4k words

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Hey! This is Stiles, you just missed me- you know what to do. 

The generic beep of the voicemail sounded loudly through the phone and you hiccuped in surprise at the noise, clearly not expecting it. A small giggle slipped past your lips at the hiccup which you wouldn’t have normally found funny but to put it lightly- you were drunk out of your mind. 

In your drunken state you were very easily distracted which you demonstrated as you nodded to a song that was playing your head, trying to remember why were you calling Stiles in the first place. As Stiles’ voicemail recorded your unusual and pitchy humming, you racked your brain to try recall why you were on the phone when it hit you: you had to tell Stiles you were in love with him. 

If you were in the least bit sober, you maybe would’ve had the senses to realize that this wasn’t a good idea (no matter how much you drunken mind was saying it was.) 

But, then again, sober-you didn’t have the sense not to drink that unattended bottle of gin when home alone, especially when you were feeling rather emotional about being in love with your best friend- smart definitely wasn’t the word to describe your decisions. 

And so, here you were: leaving drunk voicemail’s to your best friend who you were hopelessly in love with. 

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• doesn’t believe in illegal downloading, buy off itunes only buddy

• your best “dates” together are to the grocery store

• mainly consists of him just pushing you around in the shopping cart while checking things off the list

• actually v strict w grocery shopping, no matter how much fun youre having, if the list says eggs and milk and you say you want some eggo waffles or smth, jumnyeon will be all like “no jagi, we have to stick to the budget”

• a v organized couple, yall have a big white board kinda calendar thing where you both write down your schedules and plans for each day and it’s v helpful

• buys many things for you. and your friends. and your friend’s friends. and your friend’s friend’s friends.

• your friends call jumnyeon your sugar daddy and it makes you so mad bc no !!! he’s not my sugar daddy !!!!!! he’s my boyfriend that i love and cherish !!!!!!!!

• prolly started off as your next door neighbour that basically acted as an older brother except you’ve had a crush on him since he moved in

• boy took a while to finally catch some feelings

• since he basically treated you as though you were like a younger sibling to him, he was all like ??/??/ im sorry ??/?/??/? i just ,,, don’t see you that way ??/?/

• bc like ok the boy is mommy af like he prepares you sandwiches when you come home from school and hang out for the time being at his place and y'all probably did the thing with those cup telephones to communicate at night

• but when you both start entering adulthood and you start getting more independent, like cooking your own meals, ditching the cup phone, and chilling at his place less frequently bc yknow, college, jumnyeon is all like no ,,, my favourite person ,,,,, ignoring me ,,, i cannot handle,,, haha ,, lmao what am i thinking ,,, it’s almost as if i like them lmaooo ,,,,, wait-

• respects your personal space and the time you need to yourself but he hits you up at nine in the evening and you’re like ??/? jumnyeon ?? hey haven’t talked to you in a while"

• and he’s all like “im sorry i know your finals are coming up but I need to see you like right now” but you’re like bruh my alarm system is on and if i disarm it my dads phone is gonna go off like i can’t so jumnyeon is all like “pull out your cup telephone”

• “ … what ..? jumnyeon, no, how old are you? we can talk here, on the phone. we’re not kids anymor-” “jUST DO IT”

• so you open your window and he opens his so now you’re both talking on that cute little cup telephone and he’s all like “this is nostalgic” and you’re like “lmao yeah so what is it you wanted to say ??”

• “oH SHI T YEAH RIGHT OK SO remember when you told me you liked me when you were 16 and i was 20 and i turned you down bc like i couldn’t see you as more than a sibling well ,,, now that you’re 20 and im 24 and you’re communicating less and less w me i ???/? ijuststartedfeelingreallylonelyandemptysonowirealizedthathey!idolikeyouandyoumeansomuchtomesopleasegooutwithmefordinnernextweekend”

• and he just bLASTED THROUGH THAT LAST PART SO QUICK YOURE LIKE ???/?/?/? jUmnyeon slow down say that again but he literally cannot bring himself to do it and from your room you just see him hesitating on his cup telephone whilst his window is open so you’re just resting your elbow on the window ledge waiting for him to compose himself

• so he whispers “,, i like you ,,, so please go out for dinner with me”

• “.. what?? jumnyeon please speak up i literally cannot hear a word you’re saying”

• “.. i … i like .. you ??/?”

• “juMnyeon we’re communicating over 15 year old cup telephones, i can’t hear shit please talk a little loude-”


• at this point, you’re just staring at each other from across your rooms all like ?? did he actually say that ??/? and jumnyeon is looking back at you with wide eyes all like “did i actually just say that ??/?/”

• it was a v intense moment but he yelled it out so loud that the rest of the nearby houses heard it and lights in bedrooms start turning on and the curtains start getting pulled apart so people could see what the hell was going on but it’s no biggie, it’s just the goody goody adult boy visiting his parents from his condo downtown and confessing his love to his childhood friend !! whatever !!!

• likes to cup your face between his hands and squish your cheeks so you make that fish face and you fucking hate it

• but he can’t help it bc you’re soOoO cute !!

• the super motivational type of boyfriend ok listen

• let’s say you’re working out or tryna assume a healthy lifestyle, boi won’t let you purchase that jar of Nutella. ice cream ??? nuh huh sweetheart throw that back in the freezer. kellogs frosted flakes cereal who ??/ you’re all about oatmeal w fresh blueberries now oh shit whattup

• studying for finals my friend ??? u needn’t worry, the luv or your life will stop by staples on the way home and get you some 3 by 5 inch index cards omy whatta a kindred soul

• likes to sit in the living room w your mother w a cup of coffee looking over your baby pictures and chatting the day away

• v traditional and romantic hold up let me explain

• shows up at your door on date nights in a white button up shirt all like to your father “hello good evening mr _____, ——” like he is so polite and so formal your parents are in love w him

• he doesn’t like candid pictures bc he doesn’t think of himself as a camera friendly person but one time you were on a date and you brought those cute little Polaroid cameras right

• so let’s say you went to the beach and bought some ice cream and now you’re sitting on a bench just talking about life and deep things

• but all of a sudden you’re like hey what if i fed these seagulls laxatives how cool would that be and jumnyeon just wouldn’t stop laughing

• and you take this opportunity all like o shit my boyfriend’s lookin candid af better take a picture so you snap a picture of his side profile just laughing w one hand holding his face and his smile peeping out from the gap between his ring finger and pinky and his teeth are so straight and white and his skin is clear and he is literally an angel like bOI HOW

• to this day he still doesn’t know that you took that picture and you photocopied it just in case and keep the second copy in your wallet and the original copy in a special place in your room where no one would find it

• would probably scratch your back at night if you asked

• he enjoys long talks at night during thunderstorms

• you love the rain and so does your boyfriend but literally thunder is his worst enemy every time a storm is coming up you can bet ur liver he’ll be hitting you up in no time all like “hey, sorry to disturb you but you’ve seen the weather forecast you know the drill”

• he gets startled v easily like he’ll be in the middle of talking all like, “hey remember that little shop you wanted to visit that just opened up downtown ??? i have some free time this weekend so if you want- hOLY SHIT DID YOU JUST HEARTHA T lOUD CLAP OF THUNDER I ALMOST WENT INTO CARDIAC ARRESt”

• way too considerate, if you ask him where he wants to go during a date he’ll respond w a “anywhere is fine as long as im w you :)))))” or “its up to you !! im fine w whatever !!! :)))” like he is so cheesy its gross af but it’s cute so u tolerate it

• cherish him my friend, cherish him like u would ur mother

I just want to actually take care of Jongin. I want to tuck him in bed and kiss his forehead before I say some cute things in his ear so that he can fall asleep easier. And whenever he is even too tired to take his clothes off himself, I would do it and I would massage his back smoothly and nicely and then take a bubble bath together and scrub his back while he would joke about the other members and I would laugh loud at his imitations. He would finally be able to relax his tense muscles after a long day and some nights wouldn’t even bother putting clothes on and just sleep with boxers only.

I just want to take care of all his wounds and pain on his body and just take it all away and replace it with rest and care and 100% love