its so gorgeous and beautiful and perfect

Witch Birthday

So you have a birthday coming up, and you want something for your craft but no one knows that you’re a witch. What can you ask for without looking suspicious?

Candles- everyone has candles, there is so many uses for them, plus I am sure you will receive lovely scented ones

Bath Bombs- these beautiful babies are perfect for some bath magick, plus who doesn’t love them

Crystals- they are gorgeous and have so much great use, plus everyone will just think its a beautiful decoration

Mortar and Pestle- a handy tool for all witches, plus its a kitchen item so it won’t seem so odd

Essential oils- there is so many ways you can use these oils, plus it’s also used for health benefits

Grimoire- used to keep your spells or daily craft ways, plus nothing wrong with asking for a fancy journal

Chalice- used for ceremonial things or you altar, plus you could just ask for a special looking wine cup/glass/goblet

Incense- lots of witches use it and love it, plus lots of non witches use it for scented purposes

Tea Leaves- used for divination or special healing properties, plus nothing wrong with asking for tea

There is so much more to add but think outside the box. Lots of witches tools can seem like ordinary things! Blessed Be!

  • Whether you're thin,thick,whatever. ANY SHAPE IS CUTE. You're FUCKING CUTE DUDE. Your body is perfect. Curves, no curves. Big Boobs, smol boobs. Big butt, smol butt. Rolls, no rolls. ITS ALL FUCKING GORGEOUS. Look at yourself like a painting man. You all are so unique and cute just being yourselves. If you're with someone and they don't like your body shape then FUCK THEM, THEY CAN EAT A BAG OF DICKS. They're jealous you're hot.
  • Body hair.This is N O R M A L.
  • It is NOT nasty. Leg hair,arm hair, pubic hair, ALL HAIR IS NORMAL. Some peoples hair is thicker and more visible than others. ????so what. Flaunt that shit cause that mean you're a cute lil teddy bear. And if yours happens to be thin and not very visible then you have cute lil ghost hairs. YOUR BODY HAIR IS FINE, WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO SHAVE IT OR NOT. DO YOU BOO DO YOU AND LOOK GOOD.
  • Skin. If you have acne,blemishes, anything. ITS OKAY!! IT IS OKAY CAUSE YOURE YOU AND YOURE STILL SUPER CUTE. If you don't have acne, blemishes, anything. THATS OKAY TOO!! Your skin colour is good too!YOU ARE JUST FINE BEING YOU.
  • This goes for both males and females, non binary, EVERYONE. You guys are gorg and cute beans. THIS POST DOES NOT STAND FOR ONE GENDER. IT STANDS FOR ALL. CAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS A LIL CONFIDENCE BOOST SOMETIMES.
  • Good vibes.

Okay but Alec lounging in their bed, still sleepy despite it being 12pm, constantly yawning, his hair a mess, his breath a new weapon for killing demons, his face feeling greasy, his beautiful gorgeous boyfriend is getting ready in front of him and he’s just so incredibly foolishly ridiculously happy. And as he looks at Magnus’s flawless frame lazily moving to finally put on the outfit after spending the last hour picking it out, he stretches out his arms towards him and mumbles “Noo, come back to bed and tell me more about the time you met Mother Teresa.” Magnus chuckles, giving him a fond look and shakes his head: “You know I want to darling, but there’s a client waiting and i don’t wanna be late… another hour.” Alec pouts as he sees the perfectly sculpted chest disappear from his view and be replaced with a flowy white shirt. “Oh,” he says, a smirk tugging at his lips, “you don’t have to get dressed up for me.” Magnus looks over at him, amusement evident in his eyes, his eyebrows raised, but continuing to button up his shirt. “Fiiine,” Alec sighs dramatically and gets up from their bed to walk up to his boyfriend, wrap his hands around his waist and catch his lips in a kiss, “but I like what I saw.”


Since shaving my head again my body image issues have spiraled out of control. I haven’t been able to see the beauty in myself lately and its ridiculous. So here is a little reminder to myself to try to get back my don’t give a fuck attitude. I am beautiful. I am perfect just the way I am. My hair does not define who I am as a person. This goes for all of you as well. Trich does not define you as a person. You are gorgeous even if you have bald spots, or a shaved head. I’m trying very hard to love myself right now and I hope you all do the same.

I think girls with fuzzy arms are adorable.

I think girls with hairy legs are amazing.

I thing girls with hair on their stomach and chest are gorgeous.

I think girls with freckles are beautiful.

I think girls with stretch marks are incredible.

I think girls with acne are lovely.

I think girls with scars are wonderful.

Every single girl is perfect, and I have never met a girl with a kind heart whose warmth and beauty didn’t make her glow. I don’t care what magazines and tv think, even they can’t change this truth. I love girls.

Most compliment the signs get
  • Aries: "I really love your personality"
  • Taurus: "you're so gorgeous/I love your face features"
  • Gemini: "your eyes are so pretty I'm jealous"
  • Cancer: "you're the most adorable/your big eyes are the cutest thing ever "
  • Leo: "you're so hot/I am in love with your hair"
  • Virgo: "I love your style/you're so stylish"
  • Libra: "I really like your face its flawless"
  • Scorpio: "I am in love with your eye color"
  • Sagittarius: "your lips are really pretty"
  • Capricorn: "you're just so beautiful"
  • Aquarius: "your eyebrows are perfect I want them"
  • Pisces: "you're literally the cutest thing ever"
  • (Check sun/rising)

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I want to rest on his tummy, kiss it, bite it, touch it. He's so gorgeous.

i love his soft tummy. who needs abs when you can you lay your head on a soft belly :’))) his body is so beautiful i hate it when ppl make fun of him for not having the best/most fit body. its perfect to me. 

My copy of the Shallura zine came today, and it’s just as (or perhaps even more) gorgeous than I had anticipated!!!! Tiny plushie Shiro and Allura just had to pose with such a lovely package.

Many thanks to @shallurazine and all the creators who put so much effort into making this beautiful work a reality! 

dragonfly fairy prince 


The Duke Mansion Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Visiting this gorgeous home was the highlight of my trip to the Queen City. It would be a dream come true to get married at the Duke Mansion, and it just so happened that during my visit the staff was setting up for a wedding! There were flowers everywhere, from elaborate floral arrangements to four-and-a-half-acres of beautiful gardens. The mansion accepts day visitors to walk around their grounds, but its main purpose serves as a boutique bed and breakfast. With over 20 guest rooms the mansion is the perfect destination for a whimsical stay in a traditional southern home, or a place where the whole family can watch you walk down the isle in white. I’m definitely making it back here to do a photo shoot orrrrrrr to get married. Imagine wearing a sweeping wedding dress while walking down those classic, checkered tiles. Swoon. 

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have you ever just met the perfect person and everything is perfect and its a amazing gorgeous beautiful day just like that person and all of a sudden your dog licks your face so they can go outside, and realize its a dream and you just lie around all day trying to figure out their name?

Bad doggo, was having a good dream. At least you have your doggo!! I love dogs so much!

c-h-u-m-p-00  asked:

have you ever just met the perfect person and everything is perfect and its a amazing gorgeous beautiful day just like that person and all of a sudden your dog licks your face so they can go outside, and realize its a dream and you just lie around all day trying to figure out their name? well thats today.

I absolutely love this but I have no idea what the fuck is going on

I cant believe bleach is ending. It’s been a good 8 years since i started it and now it ending in two weeks. I will always love bleach no matter the ending and will always love my otp. I will miss Rukia soooo much and every one else in this story. (But mostly rukia lol) (shes so beautiful and perfect. Ima miss dem purple gorgeous eyes lol)

Thank you Kubo for every thing.

Art by me of rukia, although its quite old. Haha.

prompt: James is a popular, well established instagram model and Q is an up an coming instagrammer who seems to be taking James’ spotlight – anon

Short but sweet, hope you enjoy. Jen.

The boy started cropping up wherever Bond turned, or so it seemed.

Bond was the perfect blond hair, blue eyed, tanned muscular and ruggedly attractive type that appealed to women and men alike as a gorgeous specimen of mankind in all its glory. He was adored.

The new boy was his antithesis. ‘Q’, as he was known, embodied the recent fashion developments towards androgyny; whippet thin, pouting pink lips, bright green eyes, black hair that curled around his high cheekbones and chalk white skin.

He was rather ruining Bond’s reputation, being all new and shiny and unusual.

You are very beautiful – 007

Q looked at the message, and couldn’t help a smirk: And hello to you too – Q

Both posted pictures that afternoon; Bond’s smile held a suggestion and a promise, while Q’s heavy lidded line seemed to hold a dare.

You keep stealing my fans :P – 007

Not my fault; I’m keeping on trend – Q

Am I offending you? – 007

Not in the least. Merely teasing. We are very different types. – Q

And you’re very beautiful too. – Q

There was a chance, an opportunity.

Bond published a photo of him truly looking at his best; every muscle defined, the slightest of subtle makeup (being a model always required some makeup; not like Q’s statement, but an invisible correction, augmenting his features just slightly) and took that as his offer.

Q’s was eyelashes and a smile, a raised eyebrow as a perfect question.

Would you like to meet? – 007

Yes. – Q

Both looked at their phone screens, and grinned their way into two new published photos.

The next set were the pair of them together.

Instagram went wild.