its so good i love the art


A betrayal scene from my campaign. Happened off-screen with Pippa and Cassius; when the party found out, they were all so pissed at Cassius. It was fantastic. She was actually unconscious when the party kicked the cultists’ collective ass, but it’s whatever

(For context on the whole “come and get it” thing: Pippa has a pan flute necklace that can be used to call the party for aid, or vice versa, and she didn’t want Douchey McGlasses to ambush them with it lol.)

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What's your some of your favorite things about your girlfriend?

- the way she talks, it’s so cute.
- the way she hums when I tell her I love her
- how she gets excited over painting her nails and doing her makeup
- when she snapchats me while listening to Michael Jackson (it’s an inside joke)
- how many inside jokes we have
- her entire body it’s so wonderful and beautiful and lovely. I wanna kiss every inch and tell her how beautiful she is. (She’s a work of art.)
- how she comes up with really good plots
- how much she hates reading (its really confusing to me, how someone can hate reading, but like she hates it so much so that when she finds a book she actually likes she gets all excited it’s pure.)
- how we’ve already planned our wedding
- how she let’s me ramble about everything I love even if she doesn’t understand (she let’s me spam her about books and other things I read)
- how we’re mental illness twins (we also are twinning bc we both have shitty dads)
- how we twin on both being lesbians (she’s my favorite)
- all of her tbh

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Why the F*ck is your art so damn cute and awesome??? You're 15???? Why is everyone my age more artistic than me its no fairr ;^; I want to do digital art too but I'm too hella poor to buy a wacom ;< so I stick w/ traditional art but it really sucks (especially background is a bitch, and also accidentally smudge stuff)

AAaaaaaaa thank u ;;;;;; I still have a lot to learn tho ;;;;;;

I actually starved myself every mornings to save mons and buy a wacom lmao
I’m not really good at traditional art but I recommend you focus on anatomy and lineart first, maybe after that perspective and backgrounds too :D that’s how I practice anyway :)))


title art for a visual novel phone app of sorts, just for a programming project – flat colour vs finished sketch. sizes are 310 x 550, so it might be difficult to view in the post (click on it for its actual size). Is there anyone else who misses M-21′s old fashion style? I love him in his dark suits and stuff. But god the man looks good in a waistcoat.

Tao is probably the most fun to draw. His hair and eyes, man. also not sure why I chose the shirt for Takeo that I did, but then again I’m not happy with my entire bit for Takeo at all LOL. nor Frankenstein who looks kinda derpy.

Will likely be doing a remake of this in the future since it’s rather rushed for the assignment.


With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Day’s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but what’s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktor’s intentions are.

The End

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Yes or No | Gregg and Angus

Finished watching Jack play Night in the Woooooods! And OH. MY. GOD! Its such a good story and art and Jack’s voices and aaagh! I love it so much! I promise I’ll make some proper fanart for the game soon, but for now enjoy this quick little comic of how I like to think Angus and Gregg got together. (These sweet babies deserve ALL the happiness!)

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

the duality of man
  • Me: I love homestuck so much, it is so good, it is a wonderful thing, I'm so glad I decided to read it, I'm so glad it's 4/13, I'm so happy that this beautiful work of art is in my life.
  • Also Me: Ah, yes. One year since Andrew "fucking" Hussie came into my house and personally kicked me in the nads.

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)