its so fun to make these

McDonald’s.. play area. How simple of a vacation is that…😐 My son is making friends, a girlfriend, and is so fun to watch.

“Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another’s heart, or its flame burns low.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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I feel like most of the criticism around andromeda is just circle jerking. Like yeah they have made mistakes that a Triple A studio shouldn't have made but mostly that can be fixed in patches. I'm genuinely enjoying the game and the conversations do feel natural, with awkward silences and all. I think that people forget that 6.5-7.5 is still above average, and in the range of "good"

the main problem is that patches or not, no studio should get away with selling an unpolished product for full price, so even though the criticism is overshadowing that the game outside of its problems is still good and fun, they deserve to get backlash for things that were done sloppily 

it’s the only way they learn that it’s not being accepted anymore, also ratings wise on average big budget titles get way too many points for just hitting the marks of what a triple A title needs to include / look like at minimum, what else they bring to the table makes the difference between a 7 or a 9


So Night in the Woods is rad. Thought I’d make some human-ish designs of the characters for fun. Maybe I’ll do more in the future? Probably.


My hands slipped. Pair that Selene with a Dirthamen @selenelavellan

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We have a lot of similar interests and I wish we could be friends but I'm so bad at making friends and you're way out of my league :^(

same. i honestly have no idea who i even got acquainted with my very, very few mutuals but if you wanna be friends a good thing for you to do is send me asks off anon, like my posts a lot and leave snazzy replies on them ;;^)


this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?


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i was watching this documentary on tv about trans kids and their families. it was interesting when this transgirl was talking about how he can't wait to be a woman and wear make-up and date boys, her mum then tells him that being a woman isn't just about that or that simple, its not easy, it's hard to be woman because of for example mental labour like being expected to be the nurturer. and her kid just goes silent and looks so confused. interesting, isn't it?

That’s what happens when you conflate womanhood with prepackaged fun sounding gender roles.

😘 anon requested a ryden one-shot with “Ryan being overprotective and like so coveting of Brendon. Like protects him and loves him and Brendon appreciates it and is all heart eyes and completely gone for him.” and something with Ryan stepping in when someone makes Brendon uncomfortable in public.

Here we have in on AO3, called Just Me and You

Had fun writing this one even though it took me a while. Thanks for being a sweetheart and prompting this. Hope you like it!

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I agree with u on realism! realism only needs to be present if the media you're creating NEEDS it to make its point. and why would blissful fun porn fic need reminders about the day-to-day struggles of trans/gay ppl IRL? so we can be reminded of the unfortunate aspects of our existence even when trying to have fantasy fun?

plus like

this is fallout, it’s 200 years after a catastrophic societal reset, why does that automatically have to be a thing. there are sentient radiation zombies and paladin danse isn’t a canonical gay pretty boy power sub, there are more fanciful things in in this current iteration of the text than post-post apoc people being a little less homophobic

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should I get mea? I trust your opinion

i havent bought it myself cuz i refuse to give bioware money but i’ve been watching playthroughs. basically the plot is generic/poorly written & its downright egregious how much they just copy/paste elements from the original trilogy instead of making their own shit, but it’s fun, theres a ton of dialogue/banter and you get to explore cool pretty worlds so if you want to be entertained it does the job

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I'm loving this love for self insert ocs. I always play a self insert. I love making characters but its really fun to mull over my own beliefs and what decision I might make. How I might have a relationship with the characters. Ah its so much fun!!

I don’t understand the hate for self-insert OC’s! It’s definitely a lot more fun, and more immersive, when you model a character after yourself. More people need to play self-insert OC’s! :D

Tell me more about your self insert OC! What class are they? What decisions did they make? Do they have any regrets? Who do they consider friends? Do they hate anyone? What did they enjoy doing in their free time?

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If you are still doing the emoji draw thing, NOVA D4


Check in when we return with a exclusive interview with the star as it tells us about what happened.

A little ways into season 3, i want the team ( minus Shiro) to accidentally find themselves in a situation that has them having the most fun since becoming a team. Despite Shiro’s absence, they forget about their problems briefly, and act almost as if they were regular high school students on earth. Keith finds himself genuinely having fun for the first time in a long time.

Real quick

Okay, so, those that followed me because of my Manna/ any other drawings/doodles I made recently, I will make more, but they’ll be infrequent. In case any of ya’ll didnt know, im mainly a comic dub guy (yes, star vs, check em out), so thank you, but it’ll be a bit til there’s another doodle, or it’ll come quick, I dont have a definite schedule on my draws.

(Edit:actually, let me clarify more, im a voice guy, i just happen to be into comic dubs right now >implying ill do anything different soon)

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For the Sunday chat. My Inquisitors are both self inserts. Both elves. One is a stab rogue, and going for Cullen. She feels joy and is full of love and all the sarcastic wit I adore to use. The other is a Warrior - 2 hands , who is going for Solas. I feel like I'm playing her with my depression tinted relationship on- pessimistic , sardonic , feeling unworthy. Its neat to see how the two are progressing. The rogue is much further along. Do you ever notice this kinda of stuff when you play?

Oh yay! What are their names? How do they feel about their clans? What decisions have they made so far?

I know what you mean! My first Inquisitor I played ruthlessly. She was always recruiting people, haha. My Lavellan was more cautious, and she tried to make sure the decisions she made was approved by as many of her Inner Circle as possible. I’m having a lot of fun with my Adaar, too. I’m playing her as someone who’s been thrown into something they have no idea what to make of, and is just trying to get by. It’s fun to see how different the game is when you play it through different lenses!


fun fact i love aesthetics and i’m loving yellow right now so when i was tagged by my love @mans-ayyye to make a moodboard with only pics saved on my phone it gave me a great excuse to put some pics to use!!

i tag @mingyoose @donghyuckgf and all moodboard creators/lovers ❤️

ktown was so fun! the pastry shop was amazing and i got a bunch of skincare stuff ✨ i even made new friends :’) today was a good day !! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 (hope it was a good day for everyone as well!!)

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I'm so happy this blog exists I love 2D so much!! Could you do some headcannons for how affectionate he would be in public and at home with his S/O please 💞 thank you so much!!

((Thank you very much c: I’m so glad that you like it!!))

- 2D is an definitely a very affectionate person, he’s constantly showing you how much he loves you.
- While in public he’s almost never referring to you by name in front of others (unless you’d like him to), he always refers to you as “My Lover” or one of the pet names he’s made for you. 
- He loves PDA. Hugging you, kissing you, holding your hand, etc. While out in public. You mean the world to him and everyone needs to know it. 
- He totally wouldn’t mind you showing him affection in public either, he loves it when you do.
- He would ABSOLUTELY give you shout-outs while on stage and/or dedicate every love song they play to you. 
- While at home he’s constantly wanting to cuddle with you. He’s soft, smells good and his lanky arms and legs make cuddling 10x better, he can wrap his whole body around you. His bed is huge and comfy and it’s heaven.
- Expect him to give you really sweet kisses. Like on the forehead, cheeks, nose, hands, etc.
- He makes a bunch of songs for you, if you’re having trouble sleeping he’ll sing them for you (or a song you asked him to sing). He plays the piano for you too!!! 
- All around, 2D is super affectionate and cuddly and getting together would be a very good choice.

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oh god get rid of the superiority complex tbh. why do yall hate it when people have fun? so what if someone has a faq page and reblogs "unaesthetic" landscape pics? it doesn't make you any better than them.

its not that deep? im sure that irl there are incredible people who do the things on that post but like… if you’ve got a community of 70 million users like tumblr then its only kind of natural that people start categorising other users in ways that make sense to them. anyway i think its kinda funny but obviously i dont think im better than them. mayhaps u should chillax and jump to annoying conclusions about another user lmao