its so epic like wow i love it

notes from last night’s the subtle knife reread progress:

  • i realized that honestly, lyra getting almost immediately hit by a car when she first comes into our world might be the single most realistic thing to happen in the whole trilogy
  • i forgot - or never really realized - that will actually spends like, half of the book still having all of his fingers. i’m so used to thinking about him as hurting physically and not just emotionally that it almost feels weird to read
  • rereading john parry’s airmail letters, i suddenly realized that him and asriel are actually similar - in the aspect of them going through windows into other worlds and having their children follow them. but john went through a natural window, and asriel forcefully created his; and lyra was fully aware that she’s following her father’s footsteps, while will found out that his father discovered a window only after he’s found his own window from oxford to cittagazze; and these differences seem oddly fitting somehow.
  • lyra meeting mary for the first time - the whole sequence is so powerful, and i think that i realized for the first time exactly why - because lyra is telling the truth. just like the alethiometer instructed her. and she’s struggling with it - she’s constantly reminding herself that she’s got to tell the truth and mary doesn’t believe her so she’s got to repeat it multiple times, and she doesn’t get her words right and she’s frustrated - she’s doing something so unusual, so utterly against her own nature - she’s lyra, she’s the liar, lying is second nature to her, lying protects her, especially in this strange world that is like hers but also so unlike hers - and she’s got to tell the truth and it makes her vulnerable and her emotions are so raw. and tbh i feel sorry that pan is forced to hide during all of this because his own reactions to lyra’s emotions would’ve been really interesting to see. and damn this “young” unsuspecting mary is both so frustrating and so innocent in this encounter
  • will (and pan) saving the tabby cat from the kids in cittagazze - this scene is always super difficult for me to read, i actually repressed the memory of it so hard that i literally forgot about it up until i reached it in the book, then all the emotions came flooding back - it’s always physically hard for me to read the words because it’s such a brutal, brutal scene, and the subject is so sensitive to me and close to my heart (it’s been so since i was a child). and it did two things for me: 1. it cemented my hatred of the cittagazze kids 2. and most importantly - it cemented my love for will. he’s willing to physically fight like, 20 kids to save this cat and i love him so much for it. but it’s still a really really hard scene for me.

anonymous asked:

are there any poets on tumblr that you'd rec??

Um all of them lol

I think the best way to find poets on tumblr is to find poems that make you feel hmm dizzy or like longing almost and then check out their tumblrs

You can find poems I like tagged here

I also recommend looking at poems from @inkflowsnetwork who are like… all my faves and also amazing people you’re gonna want to support, with an extra shout out to @moltengoldichor because Kavi is like my writing soulmate so if you like my writing uh go there 

Personally when I look for people to follow it’s from a writing perspective so people whose writing style i respect anyway:

@metvmorqhoses and the dead anon poet society is the reason i started writing here so adljdjlkahda ya i would rec them, their poetry is like the dark side of the catholic church and if you look you’ll understand exactly what I mean

@ibuzoo Is a great writer all around but I also think their poems are special in that they really tell a story so - great storyteller ya know

@caliphascheherazade has a really unique writing style and is really beautiful to read 

@arckhaic has wonderful poetry and but I especially love their flower poetry 

@julykings has a summery quality + their art and wattpad stories are 10/10 as well

@childes has a very summery denim and running through streets feel, although she doesn’t write all the time when they do I am Living

I’m also going to one more time say @inkflowsnetwork is amazing so scroll through the blog and pick out poems you love:

we’ve got @humaintain who is being published and has some amazing personal poetry, @avolitorial who has wonderful fragments like their writing is like sitting in a museum of art + runs @wlwocpoetrynet, I hope you’re following @aavillainess (who has a new novel wow) and @wordtamer who write usually short pieces but you feel like your on the edge of something really great, @calculating–stars–stars @abstractedfocus @quietada all have a quiet way and really beautiful words like your stretched out in the backseat of a car and listening to a soft hum of music, @bluewire13 doesnt post often but its a treat when he does his writing is like a well of emotion and just every poem he gets better i’m amazed i love the rhythm hes got wow, @discardedtwigs and @softrott have beautiful words like imagine butterfly gardens, @chrysoulis just made a new writing blog so special shoutout to them and @slcrowe has powerful snippets, think of kings with too much jewlry + really cool playlist and novel ideas wow and @zzzoinks just published an amazing chapbook, their writing is like neon lights

Ahhh so as you can see i rec everyone umm

Special shoutout to @small-epics wow. um an amazing writer who would have thought, just accepted into another zine this bitch is actually going places amazing and has two chapbooks their working on can yall be leaf amazing. 

So, about a week ago I asked you all if you had any fanfiction recommendations for me? And wow, you definitely did. Over 200 recommendations later, I present: The Tolkien Reading Day 2014 Fanfiction Recommendation Archive Blog

Okay, so it’s title is not its strong point. Moving on. In this special never-to-be-updated-again blog you’ll find over 200 fanfiction recommendations from Tolkien-loving tumblrites like yourself. I can guarantee that you will find a very wide range of stories in there. Short little drabbles, huge epics, stories that follow the canon to incredible details, and stories that gleefully ignore canon whenever possible. We’ve got plot-driven stories and steamy vignettes, romances of all kinds (seriously, all kinds), humor, angst, and everything in between. All books and cultures are generously represented, and they’re all available to you with the click of your mouse (or mousepad)

So go! Go, and explore the wide world of Tolkien fanfiction! Though I might recommend you make sure you’ve got a few hours to spare, because it is really easy to get lost in there.