its so cute she means shut the front door because shes shocked

You Deserve Punishment (M)

Description: You never wanted to see them again, you couldn’t bare facing them in the eyes. Not after what you witnessed. It would forever haunt you. Why? Because you discovered their dirty little secret; Park Jimin was the lover of Min Yoonji, who was actually a man.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Smut (M), angst, university!au

Word Count: 6,350

A/N: Extreme vulgar language use. Name calling, and heavy dom/sub undertones. There is also a lot of yaoi (boyxboy) action. Graphic descriptions of sex (oral, etc…) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

Originally posted by bellahasjams

Never in a million years, would you have expected to walk into a full 500 student lecture, only to easily spot the two people you never wanted to see again. There was a big lump held in your throat, as you quickly ducked your head down to find an empty seat. Unfortunately for you, the only empty seat you found was exactly a row behind these certain individuals. Trying to sit down as quietly as possible, you mentally screamed, You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Since when did they come here?!? How could I not have known?!?

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Life Imitates Art

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut / Fluff / Angst (?)// Sub(ish)!Jungkook/ Art Student!Jungkook

Warnings:  graphic language/dirty talk, oral, cum play (if that’s what you’ll call it), masturbation, SLIGHT sub/dom dynamic

Word Count: 10.3K (bc I don’t know what pwp is)

Summary: A friendly favor for your crush develops into something truly sinful when you figure out his muse for his exhibition. 

a/n: only lightly edited b/c it’s 1:30 AM HAHA….this wasn’t supposed to be sub!(ish)JK but idk it just worked; still feel like I’m struggling w/ writing steamy dialogue but oh well. Enjoy! More work to hopefully come, slowly but surely. Please send feedback it’d be greatly appreciated!!! 

You grumbled all the way to the art gallery, adamant in your opposition to being dragged there by your roommate.

“Shut up, we’re already here. Are you going to brood the whole time?” Liz glared at you before pushing the glass doors open.

You’d pouted, clearly having lost the battle a long time ago. You settled on folding your arms defensively and letting out one last exasperated sigh. “Fine, but I still don’t know why you brought me here to begin with.”

Liz’s eyebrows shot up at the absurdity of the question, “You haven’t left the house for anything besides work and the occasional run. You’re starting to get boring, where’s fun Y/N?”

Her words only made you pout further because she was completely right-like most of the time despite your inability to admit it to her.

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Set Up- Jughead Imagine (Riverdale)

A/N: This is my first Riverdale imagine!! I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback or a request of your own!

Requested by anoymous:  I wanted to request a riverdale imagine. Could it be something like your Betty’s sibling and jughead has liked you for a while so Betty and Archie set you two up?

Word count:1013

Warnings: N/A

Sat in a booth at Pop’s you sighed in frustration as the chemistry stared back at you, unanswered. Looking up to the ceiling for inspiration, you failed to notice the raven haired boy sliding into the booth opposite you.

“I’m not sure if praying for the answers is really your best bet” Jughead said with a small smirk

“Its chemistry” You told him rolling your eyes at the thought of the work in front of you

“Well in that case praying probably is your best bet” He replied his smirk growing even bigger as you smiled

“So” You began “Is there a particular reason that the Jughead Jones has decided to grace me with his presence?” You asked whilst taking a sip from your milkshake

“Oh I dunno I just thought maybe you could use some distraction from your chemistry” He mused whilst opening his laptop

“Trying to make me fail I see” You smirked with a raised eyebrow

“Wouldn’t dream of it” He smirked back

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The Boss’s Daughter

* John Laurens x Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by: @cheyenne-dunn-universe

* Request: I was wondering if you could do a John Laurens imagine where you are Washington’s daughter and you rush into one of his meetings without knowing he was in one and you meet John. Then you meet again at the winter ball and it’s like helpless.

A/N: Done! And now proof read. Thanks to everyone who liked it and told me it was good. It was shit. Like the grammatical errors made me cringe. But its all better now! It’s easier to enjoy!

Word Count: 3, 470


You strolled through your house. You needed to see your father for a moment but you really should’ve thought about things for a minute. There was a war on and your dad was the general. He’d have very important meetings all the time. However, you waltzed right to the door of his office and barged in without even knocking. You froze in the doorway when you realized your father was talking with two young soldiers. “Oh. Sorry.” You squeaked. You knew you should back out of the room but you were frozen in embarrassment.

“Uh, Washington? Who’s that?” The shorter of the two men asked.

“Is that important Hamilton?” He asked the man. Hamilton. Of course. Alexander Hamilton. You heard your dad talk about him a lot. Hell, your dad praised the man as almost as much as he did you. He spoke of him like the son he never had.

“Well, I guess its not important. But Alexander and I are very curious Sir.” The other man spoke up. He was just staring at you with a strange look on his face.

“Seriously, Laurens?” Your dad asked him. John Laurens. Another name you heard a lot. According to your father he was a young soldier with a lot of potential. You thought you can add extremely attractive to the description. He had freckles spotting his face and his hair was full of tight curls. You could only tell because a few strands had fallen free of the pony tail he was sporting.

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This is a Prank

Prompt: Jongin asks out a girl he likes but she rejects him bc she thinks its a prank

Genre: more fluff than angst

Word Count: 1534

Jongin sat down with a defeated huff and stared gloomily at the lunch that looked anything but appetizing now.

“She rejected you?” Baekhyun concluded, shocked at the news. Jongin could only grit his teeth and push the food around his bento tray with his metal chopsticks in total disinterest. Even Sehun looked surprised at the unexpected outcome. “Jeez…are you ok, hyung?”

“Not really, no,” Jongin mumbled back.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“No, but I kinda feel like I owe it to you guys since you were willing to wait on her identity until I asked.”

“No, you don’t have to-”

“It’s fine, I’m gonna have to say it sooner or later.”

Baekhyun and Sehun waited in silence for a moment while Jongin sighed and pushed some food into his mouth. “I thought she was just shy at first or something when I went up to her. She even jumped a little when I said her name…it was kinda cute.”

Baekhyun stifled a smirk, knowing well enough that this was one of the worst times to tease his friend about how whipped he was for this girl. Sehun eyed him knowingly though, suffering the same reaction.

“But she just…I dunno, she looked kinda scared and for a second I thought she hated me.”

“What do you mean ‘hated you?’ I thought you said that you caught her staring at you sometimes.”

“I dunno, Baek. I really don’t, but then it gets weird. She was almost completely unresponsive when I started talking about how I thought she was cool and wanted to be her friend, and that made me so goddamn nervous, I was fucking stuttering. The whole time!”

“Wow, that’s-”

Baekhyun shushed Sehun.

“A-and when I finally asked if she wanted to get to know each other and become friends, she laughed at me.”

“What?” his friends responded in unison


“That’s dumb.”

“She asked if I was asking her out and sounded really bitter when she did, but I said yeah because that’s what I was pretty much doing right?”


“And then she said, and I quote, ‘Nice try, I’m not falling for this fucking prank’ and pretty much stormed off.” His two friends stared at him in disbelief. “I’ve never heard so much dislike in someone’s voice…It was awful.”

Everyone was quiet for a moment, digesting Jongin’s story, completely ignoring the food in front of them.

“She sounds like a bitch,” Sehun commented bluntly, breaking the silence.

“Shut up,” Jongin said with a frown and glared at his food. “She isn’t like that.”

“Well it sounds like it,” Baekhyun added.

“No,” Jongin insisted. “She’s not like that! She works at an animal shelter on the weekends and she does everything she can to make sure all the animals are ok and healthy and happy and that they go to loving families. She isn’t like that, someone with such a kind, caring heart can’t be like that!”

Baekhyun held up his hands in surrender. “Ok, ok, we get it…but when did you figure out she works at an animal shelter on the weekends?” Sehun smirked at his comment.

“I didn’t stalk her, ok? I was getting something for Monggu at the beginning of last summer and ran into her there. I was hoping she might remember me…”

“Well, whatever, but sorry she rejected you like that, hyung,” Sehun said as the bell rang to mark the end of lunch.

“Yeah, me too,” Baekhyun said sympathetically, helping Sehun clear the table. Jongin could only nod in acknowledgment as he repacked his almost untouched lunch.

It bothered him for the entire day, and Jongin couldn’t focus in class because of what happened. He was prepared for a no, but not a “fuck off” kind of no. After the day ended, he was determined enough to talk to her again at the animal shelter to at least figure out why she thought so poorly of him.

Saturday arrived and the nervous feeling that wouldn’t quite settle in his stomach almost convinced Jongin to abandon the whole ordeal and settle for licking his wounds and nursing his pride, but he forced himself to get up and make the trip to the animal shelter, mumbling and rehearsing an apologetic speech for her.

The little bells by the door chimed as he entered and a frantic “Close the door!” yelped somewhere from around the corner. A small puppy with a penchant for escapades and excited dashes for freedom clumsily sped around the wall and nearly crashed into Jongin’s legs. He hurriedly scooped it up and received a frantic struggle and friendly kisses. He heard an exhausted huff and looked up to see his crush make her way toward to door, hair no longer in place and face red from running around. She froze when she saw him holding the puppy.

“What are you doing here,” she asked in a low voice and straightened up her shirt.

“I was, well, I…was wondering…” The words got caught in his throat and he struggled to continue. She continued to watch him, eyebrows furrowing slightly in what Jongin could only guess as annoyance, so he let out a sigh and held the puppy a little closer into himself for subconscious support.

“I don’t want to bother you, really, but…can I know, well, why? I-I don’t want to really assume anything, but you don’t really seem to like me at all and I don’t know if i did anything wrong or if you just think I’m weird. I dunno, I-”

“You’re joking, right?” she said with contempt creeping into her voice. “I’m not falling for your tasteless pranks,” she spat out and reached for the dog to take him back. As soon as it was safe in her arms, she backed off as if Jongin’s presence itself was poisonous. “You guys already make fun of me enough, can’t you just leave me alone? How did you even know where I was today?! Please just get away from me!”

“No, wait! Really, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m so confused,” he said helplessly. She stared at him, analyzing his demeanor critically.

“Please, I really don’t understand what happened. Have I done something?”

“How did you know where I work?” she asked in disgust, controlling the fear in her voice.

“I came here last summer to get something for my dog, and I noticed you working here, that’s all, really, I promise I’m not creeping on you or anything!”

“This isn’t a prank?” She began to believe his sincerity.

“No!” Jongin insisted. “Why would you think it was a prank? We don’t even know each other very well, even though I…would like to get to know you better…”

“Why? It’s because of your nasty friends, that’s why!”


“Baekhyun and Sehun, yes them,” she said in repulsion.

“I don’t-”

“They make fun of me any chance they get! Not even jokingly, I can take a joke, but your friends, they, th-they straight up bully me, and I don’t know why!”

Jongin was shocked into silence.

She began to tear up, but furiously fought them back. “So-s-so what if I can’t wear the nicest clothes all the time, and why do people feel such a strong urge to make fun of the ones who work hard to make their lives better, that’s so stupid!” She furiously turned and stormed off around the corner with the puppy clutched in her arms.

Jongin cautiously followed her, rage welling up inside against his friends. He didn’t even know this was going on, no wonder she reacted the way she did!

He watched her gently put the puppy back into its pen with the other littermates.

“I’m sorry if I confused you. I was just waiting for you to join in with them since you’re their friend, so I thought you were just mocking me,” she explained.

Jongin’s heart melted at her words. Even now, she was apologising for something that wasn’t even her fault. “It’s ok. I understand now,” he said quietly. “I'll…wow. I really need to sit those two down,” he muttered irritably.

She laughed a little before the two of them fell back into silence, watching as the pups played with each other.

“H-hey…if, umm, if it’s not to weird of a moment to ask this, but I…well…”

“It’s ok.”

“If I get them to stop, are you willing to give them another chance?”

She fell quiet and he could see her thinking hard. “I guess I suppose so…I really don’t want to, but everyone needs second chances. Honestly though, it’d be easier to give you a second chance. You don’t seem that bad,” she concluded and gave him a small grin.

Jongin’s stomach flipped a nervous-excited loop. “Really?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I’ll fix this, I promise. I’m so sorry that they treated you like that, I’m honestly really shocked and beyond pissed, but they’re better than that, I swear.”

“I believe you.”

She could barely get through her sentence before the escape artist pup wriggled through the bars to indulge in another adventure. The two spent the next few minutes chasing excited yaps with the growing hope of of a happier future.

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Kryptonian Lena headcanon: Taylor gives Lexi a bracelet as an anniversary gift and kara and Lena interpret it as a marriage proposal, because thats what giving bracelets meant on krypton. So when they see it they're like "Lexington Luthor Danvers you did NOT get married without even telling us" and its a cute little misunderstanding

So I changed it from Kryptonian Lena to regular Lena since I wanted to make it a full chapter! Hope you don’t mind!

The Bracelet

Lexington Olivia Luthor-Danvers is beyond ecstatic.

She’s … she’s …  

What’s the English word?


Yeah, that’s it.


Intense excitement and happiness.

She can feel it, tingling along her nerve cells, tapping her fingers against her thigh as she studies the interactive galaxy hologram in front of her.

It’s her birthday, one of her favorite holidays. It isn’t like the winter holidays, where all of her family gets together and the laughter fills the apartment. And isn’t like her adoption day, where she just feels so much and all at once. But still, it’s nice and people are nice, and she had brunch with Taylor that morning and her moms are on their way to take her to dinner…

It’s a nice day, and she sighs happily as she gazes up at the planets and stars swirling around her. She needs to remember to get with Uncle Winn next time she visits National City so they can program in the new planetary system that was discovered last week. She could do it herself, but it’s their project, she can’t just fix it without him. Even if all it would take was a simple -

A knock on her dorm room door startles her out of her thoughts and she bounces up, throwing it open to reveal her parents standing in the hall.

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That’s got to hurt - S.M - Part 8

Chapter 7 here 


Dave had called me that morning jarring me awake from a pleasant dream, I was surprised when Elentiya didn’t wake up, her name still perplexed me. It was such a beautiful name. I had slid out of the bedroom as quietly as I could to take the call.

“what’s up?” I answered the phone.

“look at the front cover of today’s magazine.” He stated deadly.

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First Fight (Spencer Reid Imagine)

prompt: first fight with spencer over something stupid. ends happy and like cute and stuff. v fluffy

warnings: nothing really. a few swears, kissing, fluff

pairing: spencer x reader (shocker)

word count: 1000ish

trying to think what else I put in here but I can’t remember lol okay um thank you so much for the incredible reviews I got on my Telling the Team imagine! it’s almost at 100 notes and I’m so incredibly thankful. also, if you guys have any requests you want me to write please don’t hesitate to ask. okay.

(side note: also, I’m writing this very sleepily, but wanted to get something out to you guys so sorry if its meh!)

enjoy x epatts

The Honeymoon Stage. It was a common term in early, yet exclusive, relationships. The time where there is no fighting, but only sweet kisses and warm cuddles. Pet names, holding hands, more kissing. 

You and Spencer had been in that “stage” for a little over four months now. Some people had said it was worrisome that you two hadn’t had a fight yet. But honestly, what were you going to do? Pick a fight over leaving his toothbrush on the sink instead of in the cup?

And hell, it was incredible. He was incredible He treated you like a princess, but not a damsel in distress. He made your heart swell and your cheeks turn pink. He made you smile like no one had ever done before. You had never felt so… at peace. Being with him was incredible.

And then today happened (cue the sarcasm). 

He was proud to have you in his life, or so he had told you. 

You had gotten home from work early and decided to cook some pasta for the two of you. The water hadn’t even begun to boil yet when Spencer walked through the door. 

Relief flushed his face at the sight of you, putting his bag down immediately and taking you into his arms as he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“HI, beautiful,” he murmured into your hair.

You breathed out a giggle, craning your neck to look at him before stepping onto your tiptoes to put your lips to his.

His warm lips graced yours, drawing a kiss out on your lips.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Pulling it out of his back pocket, he checked the caller ID and then answered with a, “Hi, Mom.”

Turning around to give him the little privacy the cozy apartment offered, you checked your water. Still not boiling. Moving towards the fridge, trying desperately not to eavesdrop, you pulled the Preggo from the top shelf. 

You were about to pour it into a bowl to heat it up when you heard him stutter out, “I’m…er, at a, uh… friend’s house.”

You dropped the jar into the bowl, making tomato sauce splash onto the counters. 

Whipping around, you saw his face drain of color as he began to try and explain.

“Y/N - I, uh, - no, uh, Mom. Mom - can I call you back? Great. Okay, yep. Love you too. Bye,” he tossed the phone on the table, reaching for you.

“Y/N, I can explain,” he began.

“I don’t want to hear it,” you said, crossing your arms across your chest, and turning away from his outstretched arm.

“No, Y/N, please,” he tried.

“Friends. Friends. Is that what you think, you think this is? God, because if that’s what, whatever this is -”

“Babe, please listen to -”

“Don’t babe me!” you snapped back.

You uncrossed you arms, ready to snap. Point a finger at him as you got closer.

“You said you were proud to call me your girlfriend,” you started, “You said I was important. God, Spencer! What the hell?”

His face was etched with worry, “I didn’t mean it like that, okay?”

“Four months, Spencer! For months! And all I am to you is a friend?”

“No, Y/N, you’re so much more! I didn’t mean it like that -”

“What did you mean then?” you fumed.

“I meant that I didn’t know how to tell her that the girl I’m in love with is standing right in front of me!”

You gasped. 

“Spence,” you tried as he began to pace.

“I know,” he rushed, “Trust me, I do. I know it’s early. I know that this is insane but I also know that the last time -”


“I was with a girl and didn’t tell her I loved her when I knew I did I -”


He stopped and finally turned to you. Relief washed over him at the sight of your smile. He rushed over and took your hands in his.

“Trust me, she knows that you’re my girlfriend. And she knows that I love you,” he laughed, “I didn’t want to tell her what was going on because then I’d blow the secret and I wanted it to be really cute and stuff but she would want to talk about it and I knew if I said I was just at a friend’s house then she’d give it a rest but -”

Tired of his rambling, you dropped you hands from his and brought them to the back of his neck, placing your lips on his.

After the shock had subsides, he melted into the kiss before hesitantly pulling away.

“Do you… uhm…” he mumbled as he scratched the back of his neck, his other hand holding your waist.

You let out a laugh, throwing your head back before saying, “Of course I love you too, you idiot,” you said before pressing his lips to yours one again.

He pulled away once more, making you groan. He smirked, and leaning back slightly tapped your nose with his before breathily saying, “You should shut me up like this more often,” before placing his lips back on yours.

Just as his lips touched yours, your stomach rumbled, making your eyes widen at the thought of the pasta. Turning quickly, you saw that your kitchen had begun to flood with the water in the pot, as the bubbles fell from the boiling water.

Rushing forward, you grabbed some paper towels.

Spencer, being the smart ass he was, immediately said, “Hot,” as you slipped trying to dry the floors.

You threw a glare at him along with a now wet paper towel, telling him to help you. 

He laughed as he walked towards you. 

HIs focus not on the wet floor beneath him, he slipped and fell on his butt, making him yell out, then immediately reassure you that he was okay.

You let out a breath before muttering, “Hot.”

anonymous asked:

In the Miraculous au, Poppy slowly solve the pieces of puzzle between Branch and Lady bug. There are times she sees the similarities. If Branch smiles, Poppy almost sees him as ladybug. There must be times that Poppy sees Ladybug as Branch. Wat happens if she was right all along? How does she react? How does Branch react? WAT IF!?!?!

Listen to me. Poppy is a very bright girl, just like Adrien is a very bright boy. But they both can be very VERY dense. I mean, Marinette looks identical to Ladybug. But does Adrien notice? NOPE. Poppy has a similar problem but you gotta give her a break here. at least there’s a significant personality difference between Branch and Ladybug.

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hannahlenore  asked:

Okay, can you plzzzzzzz write a fic where they go back to school after the whole ordeal and no one really knows that Stiles and Lydia are together, but it's game day so Lydia wears Stiles' jersey and everyone's like shocked (but not really) and in awe at how cute they are. Plus, cute couple-y Stydia walking each other to class, holding hands and kissing goodbye at the door. Ya feel?? Thank you ;)))))

Omgggg I love this prompt! You have no idea how much fun I had writing it! Sorry it too so long though! Hope you like it!

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Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Request; 13- Stiles

PromptBed sharing. Character and reader have to share a bed for some reason.


“Alright, listen up!”, Coach paced up and down the rows of seats as the bus drove down the highway trying to give a speech to a herd of sleepy teenagers, “Some of you idiots think this road trip is another reason for you to party it up in the Hotel Room, drink beers, and flirt with the cheerleaders……….”.  

Coach stopped directly next to where Stiles and Scott sat with their heads leaned against one anothers, snoring softly and completely unaware of what was about to happen. Once coach saw that his two biggest idiots were sleeping through his important announcement, he leaned a bit down until his mouth was right in front of Stiles’ ear. 

“BUT IT’S NOT!”, he screamed at the top of his lungs, making Stiles and Scott shake out of their sleep in surprise. Stiles, who’d already been on edge from their newest supernatural occurrence, looked up to Coach, horrified. 

“Was that necessary?!”, he shouted at his Coach who just looked down at him with a frown. 

“Pay attention, Stilinski! After last year’s hotel mishaps, you and McCall are on thin ice. Thin. Ice”. 

Stiles rolls his eye and buries himself deeper into the seat and tries to avoid any more eye contact with Coach. This weekend was the biggest playoff game in history and if he pissed off Coach a little bit more, there would be no chance of him playing at all. 

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you looking back at him giggling silently and immediately looked behind him to see what was so funny. There was absolutely no way you were looking at him. Stiles had been pining after you for years and not once had you ever given him the time of day. He was Stiles and you were the class president and head cheerleader. It’s not like you really could show an interest though; you’d been dating some kid from Davenport for years. Stiles knew all about him too, but he just couldn’t get over you no matter how many times he tried.

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Originally posted by lillyy17

Dr. Robert Chase x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: This is ‘hot off the press’ with very little editing. I’m kinda proud of it, so I hope you enjoy!

You sat in the cafeteria at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, eating lunch with Dr. James Wilson. He was talking about something….his office? No, House? No, wait, something about a college friend? Whatever it was, you’d both stopped paying attention, and forgotten what it was. Normally you’d listen attentively, as the man was your friend, and mentor of sorts. You shared an office, and he was the one to show you the ropes when you arrived a few months previously. That day, however, you were very distracted. Why? Well, because of a certain blond Australian.

You didn’t know Dr. Chase that well, the two of you only occasionally crossing paths at hospital events, in the halls, or in consults. You were merely acquaintances really. You hadn’t ever spoken for more than ten minutes.

Why was he so distracting, one might ask, seeing as you didn’t really know each other. Well, a few days before, Cameron, aided by a few glasses of wine (something you learned back at the Mayo Clinic would always make her talk) told you he’d been asking about you. Well, curiosity killed the cat, and was slowly wasting you away.

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A Mess



Gen! Yoongs! I lost my way finding the toilet once. Turns out it was just on my left and ended up walking around the whole campus and bumping into people I was avoiding lmao. I love stars. Im a sucker for cute tiny things.

A/N: Drabble that turned into a scenario, idk :( 

Name Game 

Originally posted by themoonofsatan

You crossed your legs, one over the other and hunched over your desk. You continued to scribble down the profs words but it wasn’t enough. You uncrossed your legs and re-crossed the left one over the right this time. Beads of sweat dripped down the temples of your forehead as your heart pounded against your chest and every muscles in your body screamed for release. Your eyes darted to the clock and then to your paper, your paper to your prof and then back to your trembling hands.
Why oh why did you have to go now?
Your friend caught the sight of your fidgeting state and bumped your elbow to get your attention. You looked over at Ray only to have her eyebrow arch in confusion. ‘What’s up?’ she mouthed to you.
You rolled your eyes and mouthed the words ‘I have to pee’ back to her.
You watched her eyes roll and a smirk spread across her lips and you only glared at her. She very well knew that with fifteen minutes of class left your prof was going to use every minute of it, leaving the details of the exam to the very last minute. Your toes curled at the thought because damn you really had to pee!
You tried one last time to take in a deep breath and maybe find some calm but -NOPE- you had to go now! You slipped past your seat and almost stumbled over your bag hanging off the side of your chair as your heels clicked against the marble floor as your darted for the door. You caught the sight of a chuckling Ray and an unpleased prof at your very non-discrete escape, but fuck that, all you saw was the door. You darted out, grimacing at the door that shut with a bang that probably echoed through the silent lecture room. No time to look back now though. You sprinted down the hall and turned a right and then a left when, wait, what, where was the washroom? In your flustered state…did you really forget where the washroom was? Come on Gen, get it together! You tried to find someone to ask directions but, seeing as this was a late night class, the campus was practically a ghost hall. You turned a 180 and began running in that direction. Where on earth were you going? You know what Gen, its time you give up hopes on the Chem building and head to the Bio building because that washroom you could locate.
You ran outside having the cold night air hit your skin and only send a shiver down your back. You made a left, running into the bio building, and headed for the stairs. The next turn and oh god there it was! You went right in without thinking twice…However…wait,….where where you….why ON EARTH WERE THERE URINALS IN THE LADIES ROOM? Your eyes widened in horror and you were about to leave but…okay lets be a little realistic, you thought to yourself, its late and there wasn’t a guy in sight, so might as well go in, do your business and get out. Shrugging your shoulders you headed into the stall and took a seat, finally finding your release and doing your business.
When finished you happily got ready to step out of the stall but, to your utter shock, you heard the door to the washroom open.
No. Absolutely not. This was not happening.
You pressed your ear against the stall door to listen closely. You were met with the quiet sound of unzipping jeans and you bit your lip because oh fuck, there was another dude in here. There was absolutely no way you were about to step outside and walk past him. Nope. You quietly paced in the tiny stall. He’ll leave. He has to leave. Why isn’t he leaving?
You finally heard the sound of the tap and realized he was probably rinsing out his hands. You sighed in relief. You waited, counting the seconds on your fingers and finally heard the water shut off. He left. He must have. You nodded to yourself, getting ready to make your way out of the stall but you jumped when your phone buzzed. You looked at the caller ID and read Ray’s name.
“Hey” you answered.
“Where are you Gen? Class is over.”
“I’m coming. I’m in the Bio building.”
“Don’t ask.” You sighed. You hung up and opened the stall door. You froze in place when your eyes fell on the image in front of you. Your TA, Min Yoongi, stood leaning against the marble sink, his arms over his chest and a look on his face that read, ‘I don’t believe my eyes but of course I do because only you Gen.’  
“Really.” He sighed.  
You stood mute for a second as you just tried to comprehend the situation. You were caught coming out of the men’s stall, but of course caught by none other than the person you despised the most in the world. Despised, of course, totally not a term used to mask your undying crush on the man, simply despised. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure you may be a flustered mess while in this man’s labs but nope, you despised him. You were too old for crushes at this age. Besides, he was always mean to you. You were sure he hated you because he and you both new that last paper deserved an 85%, not 70%.
So, now standing in front of him like this, you did the only thing you could think of at that moment.
“Yoongi, didn’t think I’d find you here.” You raised your chin and confidently walked to the sink he was leaning against, gesturing him to move so you could wash your hands. You were so causal that it made him scoff at you.
“I should be saying the same to you.” He said, stepping aside to let you use the tap. You focused on your hands under the running water, your cheeks a flame from embarrassment but you were determined not to show him.
“Everyday’s an adventure.” You muttered, shrugging your shoulders. You turned off the tap and reached for the paper towels. You were painfully aware of his stare on you. “Don’t you have some lab papers to mark or something?” You finally asked him when he wouldn’t leave.
“I’m more interested in knowing why you’re in here.” He said, a smirk on his face. You narrowed your eyes. Of course he wasn’t going to let this one go.
“I had to pee.” You finally stated. He chuckled, shaking his head. You rolled your eyes, getting ready to leave and save the little dignity you did have. However, he was quick to catch your wrist and stop you. You turned around in confusion. “Why are you like this?” He asked. You were aware that he still hadn’t let go of his hold on your hand.
You shrugged. “It takes talent.” You looked down at your hand pointedly, but he didn’t let go, only tightening his grip. Your heart skipped a beat because what on earth was going on right now?
“You skipped my lab.” He said in a tone that was suddenly an octave lower.
“I did.” You kept your voice steady.
“Well I still have you lab report in my office. You need to pick it up.” He said.
“You can hand it to me next lab.” You wanted to say it confidently but your voice shook.
“I’m not your slave. I’m not about to carry it around for another week. So you’re going to come and pick it up now.” He said. Your nerves buzzed and it took everything to compose yourself.
He didn’t wait for your answer as he led you out of the men’s washroom, hand still on your wrist. His office wasn’t far and you silently followed him there. Once inside he let you go and walked to his desk, digging through the pile of papers. You slowly followed him further into the office. You noticed how his window faced the part of campus covered in trees and few buildings, allowing glimmering stars in the sky to beautifully visible, and you found yourself drawn to it.
“Wow.” The word unknowingly slipped out of your mouth. You turned around to see if he noticed. He didn’t acknowledge it. Thank god. You turned back to gaze at the stars. You loved the stars. Why couldn’t you just do that for a living? With a sigh you took a seat on his chair. Your attention sprang to your phone which had your friends frantic messages of where you were. You were about to respond when the phone was snatched right out of your hands. Surprised you looked up at Yoongi towering over you.
“Your lab.” He handed it to you. You took it and kept your hand out, expecting him to hand your phone as well, but he didn’t.
“You were shit on this lab report.” He said bluntly.
“Do you know why? Its because you’re always on this thing.” He held up your phone but pulled it out of your reach when you tried to grab for it. “Your always on it. I see you when I’m giving my pre-lab talk. You have your head ducked, texting away. And then what do you do? You fuck up the dilation I clearly explained. Do you realize how frustrating you are?”
You were so caught off guard that you just sat there listening to him. He knelt closer to you, placing a hand on each arm rest, forcing your to back up against the chair.
“Who are you texting anyways? It eats away at me, seeing you so focused on your god damn phone. It so frustrating because I always wonder who it could be who has you like this? Who’s the asshole who gets your undivided attention, makes you laugh through texts, and has you so immersed that you fuck up the easiest lab in the history of the world because you ignore me.”
You were cut off when his face lowered closer to yours and you felt your heart jump right out of your chest.
“Who is it? And how do I take his place?” He whispered. Your eyes widened at his words you and you were left completely speechless. He waited for you to reply, stupid mistake because your tongue was tied, knotted and unusable at the moment. His brows furrowed in frustration at your lack of response. Clearly he’d have to take the first step to break you out of your trance like state at having his lips so close to yours. “Gen.”
“Hmm” you squeaked.
“I’m going to kiss you.” You didn’t know if he was asking or stating so you pathetically nodded your head. You felt your soul leave your body when his lips met yours and you swear you saw stars. You found your shaky hands reaching around his neck to trap him there as he slowly deepened the kiss. Your mouth responded at its own accord, syncing to his and abandoning your helplessness all together.
You didn’t know how long had passed because time was lost to you until Yoongi pulled away. The two of your were breathless and panting as you watched him stand his full height and lean back against his desk as if he needed a moment from what just happened. Was he kidding, you’re the one who was the complete mess from his one simple kiss! A moment of silence passed the two of you.
When you finally felt your feet again, you stood up on shaky legs. He watched you in confusion as you slowly reached for your paper and phone. What you didn’t know was that he was just as nervous at your next words as you were.
“So.” You said quietly. “I’m going to head out now?” It was more of a question then a statement and you saw his features sadden almost immediately. You quickly turned away, avoiding his gaze and darted out of his office, closing the door behind you. 

*Yoongi POV:

He had done it. He had done what he had been imagining for the entirety of the semester, and now he watched her leave right in front of his eyes.
What the fuck did he do?! He ran his fingers through his hair. What the actual fuck was he thinking?! Of course she probably had a boyfriend! Of course she didn’t give two shits about him! Of course she was probably on her way to place a restraining order on him! He was so stupid! He slumped down on his chair and closed his eyes mentally cursing himself. How did he fuck it up? And that too with the one girl he’d been falling for like a lovesick puppy.
“Yoongs.” His eyes sprang open at the voice that called his name. Was he imagining it. Gen stood in front of him, eyes narrowed at him and a scowl on her face.
One.” She took a step towards to him. “I got lost, thats why I ended up in the men’s washroom today. So get any prevented thoughts out of your head.”
Two” She took another step closer. “ Its not my fault your shit at pre-lab. I deserved better instructions so you’re the one who fucked up my dilations.”
Three.” She took another step, now bringing her right in front of him as he looked up at her from his seat on the chair. “Its tumblr.”
“What?” He asked in confusion.
“Its tumblr.” She repeated, raising her phone up. “I’m not texting anyone. I’m hopelessly single and I’ve have been crushing on you since the beginning of the semesterf, idiot. I’m on tumblr during your lab and its because your pre-labs are boring as fuck.”
Yoongi couldn’t help the grin that appeared on his face as she continued to glare at him.
“Well now you know so I’m leaving.” She was just about to turn to leave when he caught her wrist and pulled her close to him, bringing her between his parted knees. She almost lost her balance, clutching onto his shoulder to steady herself and bumping noses as he pulled her into his lap.
“Good.” he said in a whisper. “Now that I know, listen to me. One.” He raised his hand to carefully brush her hair out of her face and behind her ear. “Stop going into men’s washrooms. I don’t need others getting perverted thoughts about my girlfriend.”
“Two. My pre-labs are great. Get off tumblr and listen for once and maybe you won’t fuck up.”
“Three.” He cut her off. He took her phone from her hand and began dialling something into it. He handed it back to her. “Now your not hopelessly single and you’re going to be texting me. Got it.”
You rolled your eyes, ready to argue but he quickly pulled you into another kiss.

A/N: I have no idea what happened but yeah, I see this happening with you Gen <3

Too Smart For Your Own Good

Warnings: Smut, Cursing, This Is A Very Johnny X Reader Chapter, Previous Events Are In Italics

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Chapter 11: Amazing

Many things could be said about Johnny Storm.

Boring is not one of those things.

After the incident with Bucky, you’d left the party rather quickly (much to the rest of the team’s surprise and confusion) and gone to bed. The next morning you all woke up then jumped on the plane back to New York and though you’d barely looked at Bucky, from what you had seen he wasn’t looking nearly as worse for wear as you’d hoped; he wore his standard dark jeans, long-sleeved white t-shirt, hair tied back, the only change was the pair of dark sunglasses over his eyes and you smirked at the thought of him having a hangover (and all that noise you were making? Completely unintentional. COMPLETELY.).

The sun was setting as you walked down the steps and exited the plane; you felt a smile pull across your lips when you saw a broad figure leaning against a cherry red sports car casually.

“Hey, Tony?” You said, turning back to the group.

“Yeah?” Tony said, his arm slung around Pepper casually.

“I called ahead and got a lift, so I’ll meet you guys back at the tower in a bit. Okay?” You asked.

Yeah, sure. Wait, is that Storm?!“ Tony asked, pulling off his own sunglasses as if that’d help him see better.

You saw Bucky snap to attention out of the corner of your eye as Tony began freaking out.

"No. I changed my mind. Absolutely not. I know guys like him, Y/N. I WAS a guy like him. I know what they want and what they like; you are like fresh meat to someone like him. I can’t let you. No.” Tony said, crossing his arms.

You saw Bucky smirk in satisfaction and your anger flared.

“Tony, c'mon! I’ve been a really good little soldier lately; I do all my work and training without complaint, I never leave the tower unless its for business, and I never go anywhere without being accompanied by an Avenger of YOUR choosing. I think I deserve a little bit of fun with a cute guy. Plus, it’s Johnny; I can handle him.” You said.

Bucky’s smirk dropped at the word “fun” and you felt a small surge of victory. Petty? Probably. Did you care? No.

Pepper smiled and placed a hand on Tony’s arm, “She’s right; she’s been good these past few weeks, she deserves some fun. Let her go, Tony. Y/N’s a smart girl; let her tame the Storm.”

Tony sighed and ran a hand over his face, “First off, appreciate the pun. Second, as much as it pains me to say it … Pepper’s right.”

You squealed and hugged Tony in excitement, “Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou!”

Tony laughed, “Go! Have fun! Just … Be safe. Please.”

You smirked, “I always carry condoms.”

Natasha snorted as you turned and walked off while Tony was too shocked to respond.

Johnny met you halfway and took your bag, flashing you a smile.

“So how are you doing, beautiful?” Johnny said, kissing your cheek then kneeling down in front of you so you could hop on piggy-back style.

“Much better now.” You purred, letting your breath ghost over his ear.

“Well that just isn’t fair.” Johnny moaned, “You know I can’t bend you over the hood of my car and take you all the way right now.”

“Who’s stoppin’ ya, Loverboy?” You whispered, letting your lips brush his ear this time.

“GoodNESS! Are you trying to get me killed? I’m only a man Y/N!” Johnny growled, swinging you around to his front and bringing you face to face with himself, “Your godfather already hates me; I don’t need to give him a justifiable reason for murder.”

“Johnny,” You sighed, your head dropping to his chest, “Be honest with me; do you not want me? Am I … Undesirable? I mean I know we flirt and everything, but that doesn’t mean you want me. And if you don’t; fine. But tell me. I’m not going to lie; I need some fun because I really need to forget about someone who … I thought I meant something to.”

“What? No! How could you-? No! Look at me!” Johnny said, titling your face up so he could stare into your eyes, “I want you. I want you so badly. But … I want to treat you right too. You’re amazing and any guy that even dream’s of having a chance with you should make you feel that way. So that’s what I’m gonna do; I’m gonna make you feel amazing.”

“Everyone’s pretty wrong about you.” You said, finally looking back up at him, “You’re not such a bad guy Johnny Storm.”

“Don’t go telling the press that; I got a rep to protect.” Johnny winked playfully, setting you down on the hood of his car and resting his hands on either side of you.

You rolled your eyes, “And the moment’s over.”

“Nah,” Johnny said, shaking his head slowly, “I can’t do you over the hood of my car right now for obvious reasons; but I can do … other things to you.”

Before you could ask Johnny surged forward and captured your lips with his own. Johnny’s kiss was about as hot as you thought it’d be; in both temperature and feelings, but it was also unexpectedly passionate and needy. His lips moved against yours slowly and sensuously, pulling you in deeper while his fingers tangled into your hair and you had one hand grasping the back of his neck and the other holding the right side of his jaw.

“Stop me.” Johnny pleaded against your lips. “Because I sure as hell can’t.”

“No.” You whispered then pulled his lips back to your own.

And that’s where you stayed until long after the sun sunk and the moon rose; sitting on the hood of a red sports car, making out with Johnny.

Johnny took you back to the tower (you noticed he went the long way but the fact only made you smile) and walked you in. You pushed Johnny against the elevator wall, grabbed the front of his leather jacket, and reattached his lips to yours. Kissing him breathless until the elevator reached your floor.

“I’ll see you later.” You said, pecking his lips once more before turning to go.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Johnny smirked, holding out your duffle bag to you.

“Oh. Right!” You blushed, quickly reaching to grab it from him.

“I’d take it all the way to your room myself but I don’t think we should be testing my limits anymore today.” Johnny said, handing you your bag gently.

“Shame.” You smirked and turned away once more, “Have a nice night, Johnny-boy.”

“Wait!” Johnny said, stopping you, “Let me … Let me take you to breakfast. Tomorrow morning. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done the whole dating thing, and normally I’d offer to take you to dinner or lunch especially seeing as I’ve never taken a girl to breakfast, but … I want to see you again. As soon as I can. I promise you-”

“Yes.” You said, trying not to giggle at his cute attempt at asking for a date. Who knew Johnny Storm could become such a flustered, rambling mess over little ‘ol you?

“Wait, really?” Johnny asked, eyebrows raised in surprise.

You finally let your giggles out, “Yeah. Pick me up at seven thirty. And don’t be late.”

“Amazing. And I won’t be.” Johnny smiled, waving as the elevator doors shut.

You smiled and shook your head, walking into the living room; four pairs of eyes all focused on you. Sam and Loki were lounging on the couch and watching TV while Steve and Bucky sat at the bar talking.

“Hey.” Steve said, smiling up at you.

“Hey, everyone get back okay?” You said, taking off your coat.

“Mostly; Pepper had to sit on Tony when he saw you tongue-fucking Storm.” Sam chuckled, “Remarkably strong woman she is.”

“You would be too if you dealt with Tony day in and day out.” You joked, “Stevie, can you pass me a water?”

Bucky (who was still wearing those dark sunglasses) scoffed, but you ignored him.

“Sure thing doll.” Steve said, reaching across the counter and grabbing you a bottle of water.

“You’re such a sweet boy.” You smiled, ruffling Steve’s hair.

“Th-thanks.” Steve stuttered, blushing at your touch and compliments.

“My pleasure.” You smiled then started for your room, “Loco? You coming? Or are you and Sammy bonding?”

“By Odin no!” Loki said, jumping off of the couch.

“Later boys.” You said, linking an arm with Loki and going to your room.

The next morning, you left your room dressed in a pair of white skinny jeans, a flowy lace top, a pair of white booties, and a white leather jacket; dressed and ready for your breakfast date with Johnny. Only to find said man lounging on Steve’s couch casually (you’d later learn from Loki that he had arrived an hour early), talking with Loki and holding a large bouquet of wildflowers.

Loki and Johnny looked up at the sound of your footsteps; Johnny’s confident smile quickly faded into a look of awe as his eyes slowly roamed over your figure, meanwhile Loki just smirked as he watched Johnny become less confident and more nervous.

“Damn.” Johnny muttered, “She always look like an angel?”

Loki laughed quietly, “And another one bites the dust…”

“Hey,” Johnny said, standing to greet you and quickly passing you the flowers that had been tied with a length of red ribbon, “I … These are for you.”

“Where’d you find wildflowers in New York? And how’d you know they’re my favorite?” You smiled, inhaling their sweet scent.

Johnny rubbed the back of his neck and looked at you through his eyelashes, “I may or may not have interrogated Sue and Ben extensively then made a two hour trip around and out of the city to pick flowers.”

You laughed, “They’re beautiful. I love them. Let me put them in water, then we can go.”

You did as you said you would and came back into the living room to find Loki holding Johnny at scepter-point.

“Loki, what on earth are you doing?” You asked, somewhat amused.

“He wanted to make sure my intentions were pure.” Johnny said, his hands raised in surrender.

You rolled your eyes, “Stand down, Loki.”

Loki let out a displeased huff and lowered his scepter, then whispered to Johnny so only he could hear, “Hurt her in any way, shape, form, or fashion and no one within the nine realms will be able to prevent me from causing you eternal pain and suffering.”

Johnny nodded and gave him a thumbs up, “Yes sir; eternal pain and suffering. Got it.”

“Good.” Loki smiled, patting Johnny on the back in a friendly manner, “You two kids have fun.”

You grabbed Johnny’s hand and lead him out before Tony, Steve, or anyone else could threaten him further.

Over the next few weeks, Johnny showed up on a nearly daily basis just to see you.  He often came bearing flowers (Steve said that although he enjoyed the smell and beauty the flowers brought to the apartment, he wasn’t sure there was enough vases or space for more. This did nothing to deter Johnny from continuing to bring several bouquets every week. Steve eventually bought a box of vases and cleared off a shelf in the living room after the counter-tops began overflowing.) or small gifts (ribbons for your hair, a set of glass bangle bracelets, a framed photo he’d secretly taken of you and Tony with your heads put together in the lab, etc.), you were always flushed and flattered and even though you repeatedly told him it wasn’t necessary, he always replied with the same answer; “Shut up and let me try to at least compete with your level of amazing.”

Johnny never failed to mention that; never passed up the chance to tell you that you were amazing. And sure, he’d call you beautiful, smart, funny, etc. But your heart always beat a little bit faster when he said that one word: AMAZING.

It was cheesy, but it was one cheesy thing you didn’t mind.

It was an unspoken agreement that you and Johnny weren’t exclusive and things weren’t serious; he was too much of a flirt and although you were a flirt too, you were still … recovering; thus not looking for anything serious.

Speaking of which: you found yourself forgetting about He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named when you were with Johnny; but the ex-assassin was always in the back of your mind and it only got worse after Johnny left. It didn’t help that he was still your trainer and was on your and Steve’s floor practically every free second he had. You tended to avoid him (seeing as these days he merely scowled at you) and thankfully you were still giving each other the silent treatment (unless he was giving you instruction).

But no matter what you did, you couldn’t seem to rid yourself of the sharp pain that rippled through your chest whenever you thought of him.

“Hey you.” You smiled, opening your door to find Johnny standing there in a nice tux, flowers and gift box in hand, “What’s up?”

“Get dressed.” Johnny demanded.

“Pardon?” You asked, your hands going to your hips and raising an eyebrow.

Johnny softened and smiled as sweetly as he could, “Please?”

You huffed and dropped your stance; he was like a puppy and you couldn’t say no to him, “Fine. Just stop looking at me like you’re the last puppy at the pound without a home!”

“Yes!” Johnny said, swooping you into a hug and planting a kiss on your cheek, “I’ll go put these in water, come out when you’re ready!”

You smiled and closed the door behind him. You showered, fixed your hair, and did your makeup, eventually coming to a standstill in front of your closet as you debated on what to wear. Tony had gotten you more clothes delivered once he’d seen your scarce wardrobe after you’d arrived (“How does Reed expect a young lady of your standing to make do with just this?! JARVIS! Order my Sugarplum all the pretty things!”), but nothing was standing out to you. Until you remembered that little number you’d bought with Natasha and Wanda when you three had gone shopping the other day.

The dress was a deep red; almost blood colored, it was off-the-shoulder and snug as could be as it fit to your figure like a glove, it went down to a little below mid-thigh, and pushed your breasts up so that they were on nearly full display. You paired it with a pair of black heels and a matching clutch, but as you were about to walk out something caught your eye.

A few days ago Johnny had stopped in and you two had engaged in a rather heated make-out session (he’d actually stopped by to get some files from Tony but you’d pinned him against the nearest surface as soon as he entered the tower) and he’d accidentally left his signature leather jacket there. You’d planned on returning it to him the next time you’d seen him but you kept forgetting. Now you were glad you had.

You stepped out of your room and walked to the kitchen to find Johnny putting the flowers in a cup.

Johnny looked up at the sound of your heels and dropped the glass cup causing water, glass, and flowers to go everywhere.

“Where in the hell did you get that dress?” Johnny asked, stepping towards you and ignoring the crunch of glass beneath his feet as his eyes roamed over you.

“Why? Like what you see?” You smirked, leaning back against the counter and pushing your chest even further out.

“Like is an understatement. How in the HELL am I supposed to get through the rest of the night?” Johnny pouted.

“You’re the one that told me to get dressed.” You shrugged innocently.

“Fuck. Don’t give me that innocent look; I’m trying to be a decent, responsible man here and you have no mercy. And is that my jacket?” Johnny asked, finally letting his hands come to rest on your waist.

“Want me to take it off?” You asked, laying on the innocence as you looked up at him through your eyelashes and lets your hands run up his forearms teasingly.

“Yes.” Johnny said, though there was a definite “no” in his tone, “No! No! Stop it! I have plans for us tonight so stop teasing me! Please! That dress won’t be of much use if I burn it off of you.”

You giggled, “Okay, okay! I’ll stop.”

“Thank God.” Johnny sighed, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

“For now.” You purred quietly.

Johnny groaned and pulled away, “Little tease. That reminds me; I have something for you.”

It was your turn to groan (though in a totally different kind of frustration), “Johnny, I’ve told you-”

“And I’ve told you. Now open your gift so we can get this show on the road.” Johnny said, passing you the small blue box.

You rolled your eyes but lifted of the lid.

“Oh my God! You didn’t!” You burst out laughing, pulling the two silver “bracelets” out of the box and hooking them on your finger, “Handcuffs? Seriously? You’re bound and determined, aren’t you Johnny-boy?”

Johnny smiled and stepped towards you, plucking the handcuffs from your finger, “Six months ago today was the day we met. I remember it like it was yesterday; you in a hospital gown, your cheeky comments, your father yelling at me.”

“You’re really thinking about my father at a time like this?” You huffed.

“But most importantly; the handcuffs.” Johnny continued, ignoring your comment, “So today, you’re mine. I’m kidnapping you.”

Before you could ask what he meant by that, Johnny had snapped one of the cuffs onto your wrist and the other onto his own; then he stood there smiling, so proud of himself.

“You think you can just take me away? What makes you think I’ll be such a willing victim?” You asked, quirking a brow.

Johnny pulled you towards him, “I can be very … convincing.”

You laughed and shoved him away (though not far considering you two were literally connected), “Oh shut up you! And behave!”

Johnny laughed, “Okay! Let’s go; I’ve gotta get you out of here before anyone figures out my evil plans.”

“JARVIS? Can you get this cleaned up?” You asked, motioning towards the floor that was still scattered with the remains of the flowers Johnny had brought.

“Yes, miss. Not a problem.” JARVIS replied.

“Thanks.” You replied.

“Sorry about … that.” Johnny said, motioning towards the mess.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” You smirked, pulling him towards the elevator, “It means this dress is working.”

You both got in the elevator and it began to descend but ended up stopping on the training floor.

A sweaty Steve, Bucky, and Sam piled into the elevator; all of them focusing in on where yours and Johnny’s wrists were handcuffed.

“Lose the key?” Bucky blurted out harshly.

“Purposely misplaced.” Johnny glared back, pulling you closer to him.

Johnny was very aware of what had happened between you and Bucky (and was the only one who DID know seeing as he was the only one you’d told; unless Bucky spilled the beans to someone.), and though you two weren’t exclusive, Johnny still held a certain amount of affection and protectiveness for you.

“You two are some really kinky fuckers.” Sam laughed.

You laughed, “Well, Johnny’s anything but vanilla.”

You saw Bucky stiffen at the small dig, but before he could say anything the elevator stopped in the lobby for you and Johnny to get off.

“Bye fellas!” You waved, then turned to Johnny, “So, how’re you gonna sweep me off my feet tonight?”

Johnny had taken you to the carnival of all places, and you really couldn’t have been more thrilled.

People looked at the two of you oddly; him wearing his expensive tux and eating a candy apple and you in your fancy dress and heels as you munched on cotton candy.

You went on all the rides, played all the games (where you won Johnny a giant ladybug plush at the ring-toss), and ate until you thought you might be sick. You ended your trip with a hot and sticky (apparently you can’t eat cotton candy without getting it all over yourself) makeout session at the top of the Ferris Wheel; with several attendants telling you to stop and the crowd below wolf-whistling in approval.

You entered the tower laughing and leaving small pecks on each other’s faces when the other wasn’t looking. You rode the elevator up in silence, save for your giggles.

“I had a lot of fun.” Johnny said as the elevator dinged, making no move to get off the elevator with you and instead patting his pockets for the handcuff key. He always did this after your dates; never making any move whatsoever to finish the night off with a … well, bang. You and Johnny hadn’t been intimate yet; sure, there was the make-out sessions, some groping, and you’d make him shirtless any chance you got. But you hadn’t had sex yet.

And tonight, you thought, was as good a time as any.

“Looking for this?” You smirked, holding up the key you’d palmed off of him on the Ferris Wheel.

Johnny looked up and he smiled in relief, “Yup! Wanna undo us so I can be out of your hair?”

“No.” You said simply, then you threw the key over your shoulder and it fell through the cracks and down into the elevator shaft.

“What the hell? These are Stark’s anti-enhanced cuffs and that was the only key I had! I can’t melt them and you can’t warp them!” Johnny panicked, “Maybe Rogers has an extra key on him-”

You cut Johnny off by shoving him out of the elevator and marching him until his back collided with your bedroom door. Once there, you pushed your lips against his in a hot, frantic kiss.

“I’ve been horny as hell ever since I got back from Malibu and you haven’t been helpful in the least.” You whispered, “So since you’ve refused to help me end my suffering, I think it’s only right that you have to endure your own; if you’re not gonna help me get off, then you’re gonna have to sit and watch.”

“You wouldn’t.” Johnny said, eyes narrowing and bulge growing.

“Wouldn’t I?” You said, batting your eyes innocently and shoving open the door to your room.

You noted how hard Johnny’s breathing had become and smirked. You laid down on your bed and began running your fingers up and down your body (making sure to use the hand secured to one of Johnny’s just so you could tease him further); brushing your neck, teasing your collarbones, pinching your nipples through the fabric of your dress, sliding your palms on your hips, and finally yanking the hem of your dress up to expose your dripping cunt to the air and Johnny’s heated gaze.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk.” Johnny moaned, palming himself through his pants and boxers, “I thought only naughty girl’s went without panties.”

“Good girls like to have fun too.” You winked as you began to tweak and play with your clit, Johnny’s hand dangerously close to your tight, wet entrance.

You began letting out high-pitched, breathy moans, as you continued to play with yourself. Your juices soaking your fingers and the comforter beneath you. After a few minutes of touching and Johnny watching you intently, you came around your fingers.

“Let me touch you. Please. I NEED it. Can I?” Johnny pleaded, his eyes filled with lust and longing.

“I thought you’d never ask.” You said breathlessly, still recovering from your previous orgasm.

In a flash of flames, Johnny’s clothes were burned off, leaving him even more naked then yourself. Though it took some work (what with the handcuffs), with the multiple buttons and zippers on the dress you were able to slip out of it somehow (“As much as I want to burn it off, we’re gonna have to keep this for future sexual adventures.”), leaving your naked form covered only in Johnny’s soft leather jacket.

“I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but I’ll say it a hundred more; you’re amazing.” Johnny said, looking down at you through lust-hazed eyes as he rubbed the tip of his cock on your already-sensitive clit.

“Please, Johnny. Please.” You begged, arching off the bed.

“Shhh, shhhh. I’ll give you everything you need baby.” Johnny said gently, sliding a condom on before looking back up at you, “You sure about this?”

“Fuck! Yes!” You hissed, grinding against him again.

“As you wish.” Johnny said cockily, then slid into you to the hilt.

You and Johnny moaned in unison; he stilled his pulsing, hard cock inside of you, letting you adjust to his size. Your tight, wet pussy engulfed him as your walls fluttered, nearly sending him over the edge. You clenched your walls around him further, smirking up at him as he threw his head back and moaned.

“What, Storm? Can’t handle the heat?” You asked cockily.

“Baby, I’m gonna burn you up.” Johnny said, regaining his composure and pulling out only to thrust back into you.

“Johnny!” You called out in pleasure, spots dancing across your vision.

“That’s right baby, scream for me.” Johnny groaned, thrusting in and out of you relentlessly.

Johnny’s skin was hot to the touch -but not uncomfortably so- as you let your fingers trail across his pecs and abs, sweat dripping down your bodies as the heat and passion in the room escalated. Johnny leaned over you resting all of  his weight on one of his forearms so as not to crush you, he wove the fingers of his handcuffed hand through your own, and pinning your clasped hands above your head he began to piston his hips faster. The tightness in your stomach was building at a blinding rate and you knew it was only a matter of time. Johnny knew too.

“You gonna cum for me, baby? You gonna cum all over my big cock as I fuck into you? Huh? C'mon babe, use your words. I know you can.” Johnny said, not stopping his thrusts.

“Yes! I’m gonna-! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum for you!” You screamed, the coil finally snapping and a breathtaking orgasm taking over all of your senses as the pleasure filled every corner of your body.

The sight of you writhing beneath him combined with the feeling of your soaked heat pulling him in quickly sent Johnny over the edge behind you. Johnny collapsed on top of you when he finished, the both of you trying to catch your breath in the silence.

Johnny finally lifted his head from where it rested on your breasts, and brought your still-clasped hands to his mouth, pressing a light kiss to the back of your hand, he smiled up at you, “How do you feel?”

A laugh bubbled up from your throat as you stroked the relaxed muscles of his back, “Amazing.”

Your dad was out of the country on business (but what else was new?) with Sue, and you’d decided to spend your day off with Alicia along with her and Ben’s 2 year old son; Jacob.

Jacob was much like you in the fact that he had gained some form of genetic mutation from his parentage; his skin was impenetrable. It was still soft to the touch and moved just like most people’s, but nothing could go through it (which you thought Alicia had to be more than thankful for considering how much safer it made him); they couldn’t even draw blood from him because the needles just snapped.

You sat on the floor of Ben and Alicia’s apartment in The Baxter Building reading Jake one of his interactive books, causing the little boy to giggle every time your tone changed as you interpreted the different character’s voices.

“Your so good with him.” Alicia smiled as Jake began falling asleep in your arms.

“What can I say? Birds of a feather, I guess.” You shrugged, closing the book.

“So … You and Johnny?” Alicia asked, letting the question hang in the air.

“Yeah … Me and Johnny.” You said, looking away thoughtfully.

“So what’s the deal?” She prompted after a few minutes of silence.

“I don’t … really know?” You asked, then groaned, “It’s just fun! Y'know? He’s not looking for anything serious and I’m not either … considering. I generally try not to think about it all too much.”

“Wait, considering what?” Alicia asked, leaning forwards, “Is there … WAS there someone else?”

You sighed, “Was.”

“Who?” Alicia asked, a grin slowly spreading across her features, “Come on! You can tell me! I’m the hippest aunt you have!”

You laughed, “You’re my only aunt!”

“Doesn’t matter! Now spill!” She laughed.

“Fine! Fine. His name was-” Before you could finish, the door swung open and Ben and Johnny walked into the apartment.

Jake stirred in your lap discontentedly and you glared up at the two men.

“Could you two possibly be any louder?” You hissed, handing Jake to Alicia.

“I don’t know about us, but I know YOU can.” Johnny said suggestively.

“Now is so not the time.” You said, face-palming.

“Now is always the time.” Johnny replied in the same tone as before, pulling you to him and pecking you on the lips.

You turned to Ben and Alicia, “We’ll see you guys later. Thanks for letting me come over.”

“You’re always welcome here, Y/N.” Alicia smiled.

“Also you two better not get up to anything in the kitchen; we eat there.” Ben deadpanned.

“Stop making her blush Ben, that’s my job.” Johnny said, tossing you a wink.

“Are all men just overgrown children?” You groaned, dragging Johnny out of the apartment and into the common area.

“Not ALL men. Me? Yes. But not all.” Johnny said, pulling you onto his lap after he’d sat down in a lounge chair, “By the way, I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for forcing me into spending time with Ben.”

“You were both going to work out anyway; it was convenient for you to do it together!” You exclaimed, “Plus, he’s not that bad.”

“He threw a potato chip at me while I was lifting weights.” Johnny deadpanned.

You busted out in laughter as Johnny gave you an unamused stare.

“I’m sorry.” You said, failing to suppress your laughter, “It shouldn’t be funny. It’s not funny.”

Johnny gave you an unconvinced glare.

“Okay, you have to admit it’s a little funny.” You giggled.

“Shut up.” Johnny said, eyes narrowing.

“Make. Me.” You said, leaning in and letting your words ghost over his lips.

Johnny wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you against his chest before crashing his lips against yours. The kiss was hot and searing, quickly making you breathless; it was like Johnny’s kiss was a fire and it was sucking the oxygen out of your lungs. Ever since you two had sex, he hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of you; not that you were complaining. Just as Johnny’s hands started roaming and things were getting more heated, your cellphone began ringing. You let it go at first, thinking whoever was calling you could take a hint and wait. But after the first call went to voicemail, it only took a minute before it was ringing again.

“Let it ring.” Johnny murmured against your lips, as you started reaching for your cell.

“Can’t. Could be important. Plus, we’re walking on thin ice with my uncle; you don’t want him telling my dad, do you?” You asked, pulling out your phone.

Johnny threw his hands up, “Fine! Answer it! Leave me high and dry!”

You giggled and answered your phone, “Hello-”

“Y/N!” Steve said, his tone panicky.

“Steve? What’s wrong?” You asked, concern lacing your voice.

“Captain Cockblock to the rescue.” Johnny muttered.

“Y/N! You have to listen to me!” Steve said.

“Okay! Okay! I’m listening!” You said, getting frustrated.

Johnny’s hand began stroking your exposed thigh; you really shouldn’t wear skirts around the man.

“Behave!” You mouthed.

“Make. Me.” Johnny mouthed back, echoing your words said only moments before.

“We have a possible code Winter! Buck’s lost it. We were talking but then he got up and left the tower; he looked pissed, Y/N. You need to be careful.” Steve said, his words rushed.

“Me? Why me?” You said, panic of your own beginning to rise in your chest.

“Because he’s coming to The Baxter Building. He’s coming for you, Y/N.” Steve said, his voice quiet.

You heard a ding and both yours and Johnny’s heads whipped around as the elevator doors slid open.

Author’s Note:  So, what’d you think? Did ya love it? Did ya hate it? Let me know! Your feedback and comments are so important to me; good or bad, its always helpful and great to hear what you think! I also take any questions you might have as well as requests! All feedback, comments, questions, and requests can be submitted HERE!

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anonymous asked:

Yo I need an au where Piper is failing math or physics or smth and Jason is assigned as her tutor. What do you think?

Not exactly what you asked for but it’s close?

Never has a tiny study room that smells like old socks and refried beans been Piper’s idea of an ideal location to spend her Friday night. Piper had expected more time spent laying in her dorm room watching Netflix and less time in a room that had carpet mostly held together my mashed in old gum. Making friends with Annabeth “I’ll study until my eyes bleed” Chase had quickly shattered all her dreams of wasting entire nights hunting for the best vegetarian pizza in town. With the blonde it’s all work and more work, only taking breaks to read or flirt with her high school sweetheart. Neither option something Piper enjoys much, though right now she’d take Percy fawning over Annabeth over this.

“Five chapters, that’s all you have to cover,” Annabeth says easily.

“Oh is that it?” Piper grumbles, fidgeting with the corners of her textbook.

“It wouldn’t be that much if you’d been studying all semester,” the blonde chides.

“I’d have jumped off the roof by now if I’d been studying all semester,” Piper shoots back.

Annabeth huffs, her breath scattering a mess of blonde curls. “How about we focus?” There’s the first hint of annoyance in her voice.

“How can I focus when there’s something so much more interesting to look at,” Piper grins and bats her eyes, testing to see how long she can drag this out.

“Fine,” Annabeth says quickly, her cheeks a slight shade of pink. “Then I’ll find something to help you study.”

“See if it comes in a size bigger than a Venti,” Piper quips. “What’s Italian for a liter?”

Annabeth ignores her question and flicks the faded wood paneled door open and swings it shut just as quickly, leaving Piper to suffer alone.

“Statistics for Psychology,” Piper grumbles. “What the hell does that even mean?”

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Tour Manager


I hang up the phone to the hotel and shove my phone back into my pocket as I walk down the corridor. I push open the door to the boy’s dressing room, stopping short at the sight in front of me.

Michael was hanging upside down on the sofa, an acoustic guitar in his hands. Luke was standing on top of the table, his phone high above his head. Calum was sitting cross legged on the floor shirtless, his shirts surrounding him, and Ashton was pacing the room as if he were awaiting bad news.

“What are you doing?” I ask, causing all four boys to look at me. “You are meant to be going on stage in ten minutes.”

"I’m learning to play upside down!”

“I can’t get any phone signal!”

“I have nothing to wear!”

“I can’t do anything right!”

I stare at the four of them in shock, my eyes darting between them and a frustrated sigh escapes my lips. I walk over to Michael and take the guitar from his hands.

“Sit up before the blood goes to your head.” I tell him, returning his guitar once he’s upright. He sends me a lopsided grin and I roll my eyes when I notice he hasn’t got shoes on. “And put something on your feet Clifford.”

“Yes ma’am!” he mock salutes, and I smile quickly before turning to Luke.

“You can get phone signal in the corridor.” I tell him, watching his face light up as he jumps down.

“You’re the best.” he sings, placing a kiss on my cheek before running towards the door.

“Eight minutes Hemmings!” I yell after him.

“Yeah yeah!”

I wander over to Calum, surveying the mess around him.

“This one.” I tell him, picking up his Nirvana shirt. He grins greatfully, pulling it over his head. He reaches out his hand and I pull him up.

“Ash’s having a meltdown.” he whispers, before joining Michael on the sofa.

My eyes land on Ashton, who now had his hands on the wall, his head hanging down. I pad over and duck under his arms, so I’m trapped between him and the wall. His head rises and his forehead meets mine.

“Hey Superman.” I smile fondly, my hand coming up to trace his jaw. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s going right.” he mumbles. “All of my bandanas are gone and in rehearsals I kept messing up the beat in What I Like About You and so I started practising on the pads and broke my sticks and I can’t find my spares and I know I’m just going to mess up on stage and-”

“Ashton.” I interrupt him, my fingers moving to his lips. “It’s going to be okay.”

“How do you know?”

“Well, first of all, I always keep a spare bandana around my wrist because not only does it look cute but also in case of emergencies.” I tell him, waving my other wrist.

"That’s only one problem solved.”

“I also found your spare set on the floor earlier and picked them up so someone wouldn’t fall over them.” I carry on, reaching behind me and pulling the drumsticks out of my back pocket. “And if you mess up, then you mess up. There are screaming girls out there who love you, faults and all. And I love you even more than they do.”

“I should be calling you Superwoman.” he grins before kissing me. I kiss him back slowly, before pulling away. I pass him the bandana and drumsticks just as Luke bursts though the door.

“It sent!” he cheers, and I pull out my phone and groan at the time.

“Great Luke. Now all of you need to get moving because you’re due on stage in five minutes.”


We lie on the sofa, our legs entwined and my head on his shoulder. Michael holds his phone in front of us, but I don’t pay attention to what’s on the screen.

“I feel like this is unfair.” Calum speaks, and my head twists to the raven haired boy on opposite sofa. Luke looks up from his laptop beside him, and Ashton’s head appears from his spot on the floor.

“What’s unfair Cal?” I question, raising an eyebrow.

“You obviously have a favourite.” he points out, and my cheeks turn red slightly as he gestures at the position Michael and I are in. “You’re our tour manager, you aren’t supposed to have a favourite.”

I can hear the joking tone of his voice, and I can see the corner of his mouth twitching in an attempt not to smile, but I blush harder all the same.

“Stop whining.” Michael mutters, not looking up from his phone.

“He’s not whining because he’s right.” Ashton giggles, tilting his head back to grin at me. I hear Luke chuckle and I bury my head in Michael’s chest.

“She can have a favourite as long as she doesn’t forget about us.” he adds, causing the other two to laugh.

“Leaver her alone.” Michael tells them, putting his phone down and wrapping his arms around me. “Just because she picked me and not you idiots.”

“You can’t call them idiots when your shirt has the word written on it.” I giggle, looking up at Michael and he pouts at me.

“Hey! I’m meant to be your favourite!” he protests, his hands squeezing me sides.

“Come on Mikey you walked into that one.” I tell him.

“Fine.” he huffs, retracting his arms and sitting us both up, his arms folding across his chest.

“Uh oh. Lovers tiff.” Ashton jokes, and I smack him upside the head. “Ow Y/N!”

“Good.” I smirk, before turning back to Michael. “I’m sorry Mikey.”

I flutter my eyelashes at him and he sighs.

“A kiss on the cheek and I’ll forgive you.” he states, and I roll my eyes before leaning forward. He turns his head at the last second, capturing my lips. I kiss back after recovering from the shock, and I feel him grin before pulling away. His arm winds around my waist, pulling me into him.

“Told you she has a favourite.” Calum laughs.

“Shut up Cal.”


I sigh and close the laptop, placing it on the table before leaning back. Luke’s arm snakes around my waist and pulls me into his side. My shirt rides up slightly, and I feel his thumb tracing circles into the now exposed skin. I place my chin on his chest, looking up at him. He’s mid laugh, something Ashton had said to the four of them. A smile finds its way onto my face at the sight of him, before I turn my head to lie on his shoulder, facing the other boys.

“Finished working?” I hear him whisper, his lips brushing my ear as Calum begins telling a joke. I hum quietly in response. “It’s our day off Y/N.”

“It’s your day off.” I correct him. “Just because you don’t have a show tonight and we’re travelling all day doesn’t mean I have no work to do.”

"Well will you stop now please? You’re getting stressed.”

“I can take a break, yeah.”

The three other boys bursting into laughter interrupts our conversation, and I smile to myself. Michael soon starts telling a story about Calum from when they were younger, adding impressions whilst Calum protests.

“That is not what happened!”

“Oh so you didn’t fall over when you tried to ask her out?” Michael smirks, and Calum huffs.

I giggle at the two of them, Ashton flashing me a grin when my phone rings.

“Ignore it.” Luke tells me, but I sit up and answer it anyway.

“Hello?” I ask, and the boys fall silent. A voice asks me if I’m Y/N Y/L/N, and I quickly affirm that I am. The voice then proceeds to tell me that they work for the hotel we are meant to be staying in in a couple of months when we’re in LA, and that unfortunately there have been some booking issues meaning we can no longer stay there. I suppress a sigh and put on a fake cheery voice. “No that’s absolutely fine, I completely understand. Thank you, goodbye.”

I hang up the phone and I feel all four of the boys watching me as I grab my laptop and stand up.

“Y/N you said-” Luke begins, grabbing my wrist, but I quickly silence his protests with a chaste kiss.

“I told you Luke, it’s your day off, not mine.” I tell him, heading off to the back room.

I turn my laptop on and open up the saved document I have with a list of hotels on. I pick one in the same area as the previous one, and open up its website. I’m dialling the phone number when Luke enters the back room. I hold my hand up to stop him saying anything just as a voice rings through.

“Hello, Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills, Jessica speaking, how may I help you?”

“Yes hello.” I begin, and start to explain the situation to the woman. I pace the room as I’m talking, whilst Luke watches me from the door, his arms crossed across his chest as he leans on the door frame. The woman, Jessica, is incredibly helpful and helps me book the rooms I need, before I dart to my laptop and type the details I need. “Thank you so much. See you soon. Goodbye.”

I sigh in relief as I hang up the phone, falling back and lying on the floor with my eyes closed. I hear Luke chuckle, and a frown forms on my face.

“Don’t laugh at me Hemmings.” I warn him. “Or I’ll unbook your room.”

“But then you’d be unbooking your room.” he retorts, and I can hear the smirk in his voice. I open my eyes and turn my head to face him.

“Touché Lucas.”

“Don’t call me that.” he groans.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not my name and you know it.”

I grin triumphantly and stand up. I walk over and lace my arms around his neck, but he turns his head to the side so he isn’t facing me.

“Luke.” I sing, and I see the corner of his mouth twitch. “Come on, don’t be mad at me. You know I’m only joking.”

“I’ll forgive you if you take a break. A real break.”

"Okay.” I nod, and his arms wind around my waist. “But if there’s an emergency-”

“You can go back to being a workaholic.” he promises me, before bending down to kiss me.


“Y/N!” Luke bursts through the door and my head snaps up immediately. “Come quick! It’s an emergency!”

“Luke I highly doubt it’s an-”

“Calum and Michael are hurt!”

I jump up from my seat and gesture at the door.

“Come on then!”

We wind through the corridors and staircases in the arena, before bursting through the door to the balcony seating area. I see Ashton standing at the bottom of the stair case, with Michael sitting against the barrier and Calum lying on the floor. Their head’s dart up, and Ash jogs up to meet us.

“Okay don’t be mad-” he starts, but I cut him off.

“Irwin you have two minutes to explain why half of  your band are currently groaning on the floor.

"Well we were playing tag hide and seek and Calum was on so he was chasing Michael and he tripped and fell and now they might not be able to play ever again because they can’t move.” he gushed as we walked down the stairs. When he finished I stopped, looking between the four of them.

“So let me get this straight.” I ask them slowly. “You were playing hide and seek in the arena, and somehow, Calum falls down the stairs and lands on Michael, and now they both claim they’re too injured to ever move again, never mind play?”

“Tag hide and seek.” Michael mutters as Ashton and Luke nod, and I spin on my heel to glare at him.

“Get up.” I tell him, and he looks at me astonished.

“I can’t! I’m wounded!” he gasps and my glare hardens.

"Clifford you get up this second. You have nothing more than a few bruises.” I warn.

“Bloody unfair.” he mumbles, pushing up.

“You want unfair?” I ask, and he stands up straight as he rolls his eyes.

“Alright Y/N I get it. Stop the dramatics.”

“Good boy.” I smile at him before crouching down beside Calum. “Now what’s wrong with you?”

“I think I’m dying Angel.” he whispers. “No matter what happens, remember I love you.”

“You aren’t dying Cal.” I mutter rolling my eyes.

“It all hurts.” he whines. I lean down, capturing his lips quickly, pulling back after a second.

“Better?” I ask him, and he grins cheekily.

“I think I need another one, just to be sure.”

“Of course you do.” I mutter, reconnecting our lips. “What about now?”

“Just one more.” he grins. I kiss him slowly and I feel his arms wind around my waist, before he sits up, our lips still moving together. He pulls away smirking. “Yep, all better.”

“Please tell me this entire thing was not a plot to get me to stop emailing and come and kiss you.” I raise an eyebrow at him and his smirk just widens.

“Guess you’ll never know.” he replies. “But for the record, it worked like a charm.”

Different Light (Chanyeol) ~Part 1

This goin’ be another angst/fluff scenario series. Again, I’m sorry for posting late today.


Five year old me was sitting near the yellow slide in the park. I had a bear stuffy in my hands and was pretending it was alive and walking.

Rooaarrr! Watch out tiny villagers, Mr. Bear is coming through.” I held my stuffed bear by their paws and made it move across the grass through a make-believe town. I was making stepping sound effects when another pair of hands reached down and snatched the bear from my hands.

Hey! Give him back!” I clenched my fists as I abruptly stood up, glaring at the other five year old in front of me. He held Mr. Bear by the head as he let out a smirk. He was inspecting the stuffed animal as he looked back and forth from me to it.

No! Bears are for boys. Are you a boy?” though he was five, he knew how to be sarcastic. His tone was not at all kind and I felt like punching him but I couldn’t, my mom was watching.

I don’t care! Give him back!” I demanded once again, stomping my feet as I held out my palm to him. He held Mr. Bear further away from me as he stuck out his tongue.

Not a chance, you should play with girly things, like dolls.” he shook his head. Now I was really going to lose it, my fists clenched again as I took a step forward. But before I could throw a punch, another pair of feet stepped in front of me.

I realized it was a boy when I looked up. His arms were spread out, indicating that I should stand back. I didn’t know what he was going to do but I didn’t want to step back. That was my bear and I’m going to get him back whether the other brat likes it or not.

So I did the next thing my mind told me to, I stepped to the side and right up besides the boy that had his arms held out. He looked over to me in surprise but when he saw the determination on my face, he grinned before looking at the other kid.

You give back her toy right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bear, girls can still play with stuffed animals.” the boy stated, putting his arms down by his side as he spoke. The other boy flinched slightly but glared at the both of us. I held my palm back out and this time, the boy handed me back my bear. He then started walking away, mumbling to himself about how “it’s a stupid bear anyway..”.

I then turned to the boy next to me and smiled.

Thanks! I’m (Y/n).” I introduced, hugging the bear in my left arm and holding out my right. He looked at it and grinned again before putting his hand in mine, shaking it as he introduced himself.

I’m Chanyeol. From now on, I’ll be your knight in shining armor.” he huffed out his chest to look tough but all we did was laugh.

That was how I met my best friend today. I’ve been together for nearly twelve years.

“How did we not know that our moms took this picture? I mean they were sitting right next to each other!” Chanyeol exclaimed as he placed ran his thumb over the photo again before flipping the page.

The two of us were on our stomachs on my bed, flipping through the photo album as we reminiscence about the story behind those pictures. Our parents were downstairs, preparing each other to go to this dinner party that we, luckily, didn’t have to attend. So Chanyeol was basically having a sleep over tonight.

“Say, what happened to Mr. Bear?” he asked as he looked around. I smiled and pointed to the top shelf of my bookcase.

“He’s over there. I can’t cuddle him anymore, he’s gotten old and fragile. Be careful.” I explained as he got off the bed, his warmth leaving me, and went to gently pick up the bear. If one were to look closer, there were stitched everywhere on the stuffed animal. One ear was half ripped but sewn together to make it look more bad-ass. One of the eyes had popped out a few years ago and I came up with the great idea to buy an eye-patch and sew it onto him.

“He looks like an awesome pirate now!” Chanyeol exclaimed as he placed the stuffy back into place. He then moved back to lay down next to me and we continued to look at each picture.

Within a few minutes, the sound of heels clicking sounded beyond my door and then it opened.

“Hey kids, we adults are going to head out now. There’s some pasta on the stove if you’re hungry. We won’t be back until tomorrow morning so sleep soundly.” my mom smiled as she walked closer to me and kissed my forehead. Before we exited, she looked back and grinned at us.

“You two are so cute together! Nothing developed yet, honey?” she asked me with a smirk. My eyes widened before I blushed.

“Mom! Bye!” I shouted, motioning my head for her to leave. Chanyeol was laughing at my embarrassment but I can see that his cheeks were lightly pink too. My mom left the room laughing as she went downstairs. I shook my head before looking back at the photo album.

His eyes were lighting up every time the page was flipped, going over the pictures that triggered his memories. His cheek looked so soft. Just a smile, that was all it took for a tiny warm feeling to make its way through my body. I didn’t realize I was staring at him until he looked over. My eyes quickly went back to the album to inspect the pictures that I missed. I could feel my cheeks tinting pink because he caught mes staring at him.

Half an hour later, we were eating pasta in front of the TV, watching a movie that we both talked through. Soon enough, we were both out cold on the couch. Our head resting on opposite ends of the armrest, sharing one blanket.

Since his limbs were so long, he draped them off the couch and onto the coffee table.

The next morning, I was the first to wake up. It took me a few minutes to register that I had fallen completely off the couch and slept on the floor for the remainder of the night. Chanyeol had somehow moved himself to take my place and I finally knew why I was on the floor.

“Little asshole shoved me off the couch.” I muttered before standing up to stretch. Looking over to him, I suddenly felt the same warm feeling inside. I didn’t know what this feeling was and was wondering what the hell I am doing feeling like this when I look at him.

You two are so cute together!” my mom’s words from last night rang through my ears once more.

I shook my head at the thought, deciding to go freshen myself up before going back to take my revenge. I gelled his hair into spikes and since the gel dries pretty quick, he’s going to have to stay like that until he washes up. I then spayed some shaving cream into his palm before ticking his nose.

Within seconds, his hand came up to smack himself on the face. Splattering shaving cream all over the place. There were splotches on the couch, on his face, on my shirt, on his face, on the coffee table, on his face. I died laughing when he suddenly woke himself up with the slap.

“What the hell?!” he yelled, sitting up straight to figure out what the heck just happened. When he knew, I just sighed before his hand, the one that wasn’t smeared with shaving cream, came up to run through his hair. When his fingertips touch the slightest spike, his eyes widened as he started to feel them. I burst out laughing again, holding my stomach at his appearance.

“(Y/n)!” he then suddenly stood up and aimed for me. I knew what was coming so I booked it to the kitchen. He was hot on my heels before I could even run out the other kitchen door. In an instance, his arms were thrown around my waist, stopping me in my tracks as he held me up in the air. My feet were kicking as I laughed. He, with one arm, held me over his shoulder while he waked up the stairs.

“You’re paying for this!” he pointed all over his face before he placed me down onto the bathroom floor.

“What is there to fix? You look better than you did before, Yeollie.” I snickered before directing his face to the mirror. If he wasn’t surprised before, he definitely was now. His eyes widened before I saw him, right before my eyes, faint a little inside as his hand lingered in the air, contemplating to touch it or not.

“Oh, stop it, Yeol. You’re being so dramatic, it’ll wash off.” I waved my hand as I splashed a bit of water on his face. He then pushed me out of the bathroom to clean up himself.

When he was done, he came out with a towel over his head. We decided to go out for some breakfast right after his hair was dried.

In the middle of eating our food, Chanyeol suddenly sat straight up, grabbed my shoulder and hid himself behind me.

“Chanyeol, what’s wrong?” I asked, placing down my fork as I tried to turn around to look at him. But he was making it difficult since he kept trying to be right behind me as if he was hiding from someone.

“Stop moving!” he muttered to me before sitting up right. He then leaned down to my ear.

“It’s her…It’s Yuna from my math class..” he whispered as he motioned his head towards the counter. I looked and saw her standing there and ordering her food, next to her was a guy. I eyebrows furrowed before looking at him.

“What about her?” I asked, somewhere inside of me hoped he wasn’t going to say something like-

“What do you mean ‘what about her?’?! She’s like…one of the most prettiest girl in school! We’ve spoken a few times…I…I kind of like her…” he confessed quietly to me. My eyes widened as I felt something in me weep as I heard. I quickly wiped away the shocked face I had on and acted as any best friend would.

“Hey, Yuna!” I called out. Chanyeol instantly slapped his hand over my mouth to shut me up. Just as Yuna and the boy got their plate of food, they heard me and looked over.

Their eyes widened as they saw me in my state. Me, waving them over with my hand as Chanyeol had one hand over my mouth and the other trying to stop my arm from waving. I didn’t know why I wanted them to come over but my mouth had acted before my mind did. Yuna smiled and she ushered the guy to come over. They sat in front of us in the booth. She before Chanyeol and I was sat in front of the guy who I now recognized as Mark. We had only one class together but he never talked. He’s actually very quiet in school.

By now, Chanyeol’s cheeks were pink and I, somehow, found it adorable.

The four of us were sat there for another thirty minutes just chatting. Well…Just Chanyeol and Yuna talking when he finally got comfortable. Mark and I just awkwardly sat there, poking at our pancakes in silence. It was when all our food was gone that we all stood up.

“Hey, do you have any plans today?” Chanyeol asked her. I perked up at the conversation, wanting to hear what they were planning.

“No, not really, why?” she asked with a smile. Damn her with her nice looking smile.

“Great! T-then, you wouldn’t mind going with me to the mall?” he asked her with a nervous laugh. The smile never left her face.

“I’d love to!”Just with that, Chanyeol hugged me a quick goodbye before the two were off. He left me and Yuna left Mark. He and I stared at each other before back at the two walking away from us.

“I just unintentionally set my best friend up with his crush…Then why do I feel so irritated about it?” I thought to myself.


[Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]

I hope it was good for you guys. ♥


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Random HiJack drabble

Prompt: Locked in a closet. 

(Random HiJack fanfic I was inspired to write when NaNo was kicking my ass. Enjoy.)

Important to remember: Never play truth or dare with your evil female friends, because somehow it lands you stuck in a closet. Jack thumped his head against the door in dejected protest. Merida was an evil redheaded spawn of hell and she was dragging Rapunzel the fangirl down with her (Rapunzel was such a fangirl, she got over excited at the prospect of anyone’s relationship). Of course he was going to pick ‘dare’ whenever it was his turn, it wasn’t like he wanted to tell anything true about himself, much less in front of random strangers, people he kinda knew and people he didn’t want getting bad ideas of him.

One specific person in particular.

This was why Merida was evil. Eeevil. After a couple rounds she had to ask why he never picked truth, and he accidentally glanced in Hiccup’s direction as he told her he knew what kind of questions she’d ask if so. He hadn’t meant that kind of question, it was more that anything she’d ask was bound to be evil and like hell he was giving her the chance. He didn’t even mean to look at Hiccup, just…he couldn’t help it. The scrawny, awkward brunette was just…just…perfect in an imperfect way that made him even more fascinating. And he was rarely ever seen outside of school, so seeing him come to Rapunzel’s birthday party was already enough of a shock.

And now he was stuck in this closet until Merida let him out. Stupid dare.

He thumped his head against the door again, but now it hurt so maybe don’t try that again. As he rubbed his forehead he heard voices. One was definitely Merida’s. He couldn’t be free that quickly, what was going on?

The door opened and a person was shoved into the closet with him. Jack was pushed back into the hanging coats and tried not to be smothered by clothing. If it wasn’t for the fact this closet was small he’d probably fall down, but with two people and several hanging coats there was simply nowhere for him to go. The door was then slammed again and he heard the lock click.

“Ow.” Hiccup exclaimed.

Oh god damn you Merida. You did not.

“Did you pick dare too?” Jack asked, trying to struggle to his feet but not flail around and whack his crush in the face.

“More like punishment. I wouldn’t answer a question the way she wanted.” Hiccup reached forward and helped him up, blinking in surprise when it turned out they were now only an inch apart. He turned his head to look off into the coats.

Thank everything Hiccup looked away. He almost was not responsible for his actions. Which had to be what she wanted, damn her again. Jack swallowed and looked past his ear to the door. “What question was it?” He mindlessly asked, just trying to keep the conversation going, because without noise he was in trouble.

Hiccup was silent for a long while before, “Who I thought was cute.”

“Oh.” Jack squeaked out as his brain caught up to the question and then tried to panic. He really wanted to know the answer to that as well as really didn’t want to in case it wasn’t him. And he didn’t want Hiccup to think he was weird for wanting to know or asking. It was a mess, and he could not help asking, “‘Cause they were right there?”

“Kinda…but they aren’t there.” And there went his heart to the floor. He almost didn’t hear Hiccup continue, very softly, “anymore, um, at least.”

“They left?” Oh good, his mouth was now on auto-pilot and was asking its own questions. He had no idea what was going on anymore and his brain was just spinning in circles. This couldn’t go badly.

“Um…more that um…” Hiccup stopped, started and stopped again. He took a deep breath and swallowed. “They uh…got stuck in a closet.”

Jack looked back at him in surprise, to see that Hiccup was looking at him too. It was quite dark in here but he might even be blushing. “You ah…”

Hiccup gave a helpless, foolish grin. “Me ah.”

“Oh, um…” Now what? Faced with an amazing prospect that he didn’t think was possible, Jack was at a loss what to do next. “Can I uh..kiss you?”

Hiccup gave him another lopsided grin and instead of answering just kissed him. It was still pretty dark inside the closet though so it was more a mashing of faces before properly connecting. And even then Jack was still getting attacked by coats once more, but at least the closer they mushed themselves together the more space they seemed to have.

“Ah, save me from the clothing.” Jack muttered as a hangar poked him in the back of the neck.

“Alright then.” Hiccup reached up and shoved the coats to one side or another, opening up a small clear space in the middle. “Problem solved.”

“Oh, yeah…mmpfh!” Jack was pressed up against the back wall of the closet, in that little space as Hiccup dove in again. He didn’t mind, oh god, did he not mind. This was the best night of his life.

Not even the door suddenly opening and Rapunzel’s excited squeal could ruin things. “Well, well. Told you my plan would work.” Came Merida’s smugly satisfied voice.

Jack moved his head to give her the evil eye. Hiccup just moved to his neck. That was amazing too, but he still needed to threaten the evil one. “Oh, we’re still going to kill you Merida. But higher priorities right now.”

And with that he reached out and pulled the door shut on them again.

lost-lullabies  asked:

Sterek neighbor fic prompt!! Any prompt on that list bc so cute OMG but maybe instead of dog biting it's dog licking / being friendly?? Whatever you like I just love AU prompts and Sterek !

since these are from the same prompt, i’m just combining them into the same fic :)

Derek is exhausted.

Between work, his sisters, and trying to have some semblance of a social life? It’s a wonder he hasn’t keeled over yet.

For the past few weeks, his world has been a constant tangle of dealing with students trying to hand in last-minute papers, spending half his time grading said papers, listening to sob stories about why those who haven’t been turning in assignments all quarter don’t really deserve to fail, trying not to lose touch with Boyd, Isaac, and Erica while they’re in their last year of college, constantly hearing about Laura’s boyfriend, and constantly hearing about Cora’s lack of a boyfriend. Funnily enough, no one seems to care about Derek’s lack of a boyfriend. Not that he has time for one, but still.

When he does get a rare, free moment, he spends it lounging in the front yard, reading a book. And, thank god, now is one of those times.

He’s sitting in a beach chair with his feet kicked up on the birdbath, slowly but surely making his way through Les Mis. He knows next year’s students will gripe horribly about the size, but at least he’ll be able to honestly assure them it’s worth the read. He’s just reached page 569 when a big, black dog wanders in through the gate. Derek has told the mailman a thousand times to shut it on his way out, but to no avail. The dog, who Derek notes is wearing a collar, steps heavily on his freshly mown grass, and is nearing Laura’s flowerbeds when he whistles at it. The dog perks up, as though it hadn’t noticed Derek earlier, and happily trots over, tongue lolling and tail wagging.

“Hey, boy,” Derek says, dog-earring the book and setting it in the grass, and reaching a hand out. “C’mere.”

The dog shoves its muzzle in Derek’s hand and seems perfectly content to stand there all day, rubbing itself against his fingers.

“You lost?” Derek asks. “Hmmm?” He moves to scratch behind its ears instead, because its muzzle is disgustingly slobber-covered, when three things happen in very quick succession.

The dog, whose teeth are much sharper than they look, chomps down on Derek’s palm. 

Derek flashes blue eyes at the dog, who immediately whines and lets go.

A brunette man comes running into view and yells, “Holy shit!”

Well, this won’t be good.

Derek practically breathes a sigh of relief when he follows it up with, “Bad, Toby! Bad! We don’t bite!” He was much more concerned that the guy had seen his eyes blaze blue than about the cut on his hand that’ll heal soon anyway. Though, now that he’s focusing on it, it really is pretty deep, and there’s blood flowing freely.

The guy, who’s panting now, makes it through Derek’s gate and grabs his dog by the collar. Not that it makes much of a difference, considering that since Derek asserted his dominance, the dog has been sitting still and whining.

“Bad, Toby! Bad!” The man releases the dog when it’s clear he’s not going anywhere, and looks up at Derek. “Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit, I’m sorry. That’s- fuck that’s bleeding a lot. Look, my Jeep is like three blocks down, lemme drive you to the hospital. I am so sorry, dude.”

As the man babbles, he grabs Derek’s arm and pulls him in the direction of the gate, but Derek doesn’t budge. The bite should close up in ten minutes, tops, and stop bleeding even sooner. He doesn’t need the hospital; he needs this guy gone by the time his healing kicks in.

“I don’t need you to drive me,” Derek tells him calmly. “I’m fine.”

Well, fine, if a little pissed.

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