its so cute omf


i covered Never Wanted To Dance bc i live playing it (forgive me, i don’t listen to or play this very often!)

chanyeol body appretiation

i was inspired to do this by this post; check it out before reading this (or after, you do you) and enjoy the goodness that is about to consume you ;)

so lets start with yeollies hands, and let me say they are calloused and big af ; just look at those fingers; i bet baekhyun loves those fingers as much as we do ;) 

this is cute af

i adore this picture

feat. veiny hands

next his neck and more specifically his adams apple, its so fucking prominent (especially now as he is older) and looks so freaking delicious uhh

babyeol days

save me

like look at that; and now look at baekhyuns neck

see the difference? yea me too

next is of course his ears ; they give him character and make chanyeol chanyeol; plus theyre adorable 

next on the list are dem lipss!! they are so fucking plump it makes me jealous but seriously guys those lips are the work of the very generous devil who is trying to make us all go crazy with thirst

f*ck yes

next are his eyes. yes. his eyes! especially his aegyo sal; like omf its soo damn pufffy and cute so you wouldnt even think yeol is a sex god deep voiced rapper and when he smiles they scrunch up and its the cutest thing in the world

so puffy ;;

feat. eye twitch

yes. it is time. what you all have been waiting for. his arms/biceps; those arms are once again a creation of satan who once again has blessed us with the chanyeol 





he fucking knows hes killing us what hes doing

feat. veiny arms

bet baek knows exactly which other part of yeols body is just as veiny ;)

so i guess this concludes channies body appretiation post!

and dont worry guys, one day i will update this post just you wait and see ;)

so until then have a good time ^^

– annie

Precious sourin+love baby Sakura drawing fuck-a-unicorn drew for me ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*