its so comfy in here

oftd featuring. tezri propie


symbiote venom hoodie!!!

so here’s a thing me and my mum worked on together, a hoodie based on venom because i love him.. very heavily based off one we saw on amazon and ebay that was VERY shoddily put together and had bad reviews so we decided to make one ourselves and it turned out SO good!

i designed all the stencil shapes and cut it all out and my mum did all the sewing for me since it turned out to be too advanced for me, a nugget, to do

i love how it came out and i’m gonna wear it forever.. plus a bonus picture of it with my favourite spiderman backpack on it

Hey hey hey

WE’RE ALREADY  +8000! *pterodactyl screech* 

I can’t believe this I’m beyond happy and I wanna smooch all of you, beautiful tropical fishes. Tbh, I truly want to do something cool to celebrate you guys (and also because Christmas is almost there) but I’m literally out of ideas and metaphorically full of assignments ヽ(´□`。)ノ

So, let’s do a (kind of) sleepover instead (I have so many asks belated, I’m a disaster I’m so so sorry, I love you but I’m an awful admin)