its so canon its crazy


nathaniel actively trying not to think about his sex dream with rebecca

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Omg this is like the blog phanfictioncatalogue omg omg but for Ereri Sorry for my fan girl session it's just so hard to come by good Fics so glad we have people like you guys who will do this for the fandom!! Anyways can I get some recommendations for Cannon fics I hate Aus with a passion for some reason... Maybe a really angsty one where they have to keep their relation ship secret?? Thx

Ooh anon, I’ve never heard of phanfictioncatalogue, but years ago I helped with phanfic for about a week when it first began. Long live fic archives! As for your request… there’s probably lots of canon compliant fics along these lines, but I’m terrible at remembering things off the top of my head. Can anyone recall any?

Thank You for the Daisies
Summary: Levi and Eren are dating. Since the authorities wouldn’t approve, they are trying to be discreet about it.

All In
Summary: Their sinful secret was the most well kept one in the squad, but not once had Eren thought there was anything sinful about it. The safe sanctuary Levi gave him, the place where to hide when the burden of being symbol of hope was a blessing and nothing less. Above all, knowing he could provide the same for the life roughed-up captain was the highest joy. Even when fear, doubt and regret crept on them, even when going all in didn’t pay off, they always had where to hide, where to recharge and Eren was ready to keep it a secret till his grave if it mean he could be by his captain’s side.


One half of my dash: GUYYS, STEREK IS ALIVEEEE!!!!! *theories on what the trailer could mean, makes gifs immediately, starts writing new fic*

Other half of my dash: *drinks black coffee in the corner* *bitter laughing* Sterek? Never heard of it. *Throws mug at Jeff Davis*

k but what I really like is the idea of Laura putting herself in some kind of danger while in pursuit of a clue or knowledge or cookies and getting herself out of it somehow (because yeah, having a white knight and a vampire around is cool but she’s a fully independent and capable young woman, thank you very much)

And later on, Carmilla and Danny both teaming up and yelling at her about safety while Laura’s sitting there going “but I’m fine AND look at all these cookies I found”

And that’s how Carmilla and Danny end up bonding, just going “SHE DID WHAT” “I KNOW RIGHT" 

(at one point, Laura finds out they keep in contact with each other through walkie talkies and have a code name for her and everything "the tiny gay is heading towards the library. Emergency distraction procedures commence.” “Roger that. Coming from the left with hot chocolate.” She just rolls her eyes because seriously, they are such dorks)