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Multifandom Challenge  ||  26/100 Characters  ||  Chiyoh
↳   “All sorrows can be borne if you put them in a story.”

Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

  • me: im really lonely and i rly want to feel validated and i want attention!!
  • not my favorite person: omg i love you!! you matter!! do you want to talk?

adventure zone discourse dont like dont read  – magnus has Big Ham Hands and uses them to pick up turtles to safely guide them across the road

151010 MONSTA X tripping and falling in the slippery stage outdoors

Please watch this! Monsta X were performing at an outdoor stage after it rained at the MBC Music Prime Concert. The floor was so slippery that they fell to the floor many times :(  Amidst all this, they managed to stay so professional and were still smiling after they got up and continued performing for the audience!


1:04 ; 1:25 (Fell to the floor), 1:31, 1:55, 2:11, 2:20, 2:44 (Jooheon picked him up after falling, and you can hear him say ‘Ahhh!’), 3:16 (Hyungwon nearly fell, but wonho held him)


0:23, 1:03, 1:07, 3:13


Hopefully they were given proper treatment and rest after injuries that may have been caused due to this.

Okay so I just edited the mobile description and added in some links…… It looks pretty good on my phone but I’m nervous that it’ll screw up on other devices…. so uh. If any of you guys are on mobile right now would you mind screenshotting my blog’s page and submitting it to me?? If you do thank you so much its a really big help

I didn’t like last Ava I drew, so here is another one!

I have no idea how she got that calm expression but I’d love to see it happen so there is that.

Also here is a still version:


What I Love About The Yugioh Fandom Is That It’s The Only Fandom I Know Where Somebody Can Tell Me Their Favourite Character Is Bakura And I Still Can’t Be Entirely Sure Who They Mean.

Somebody Could Come To Me And Be Like “I Really Love That Bakura Guy With The White Hair And No Friends And The Really Angsty Backstory” And I’m Just Like

i’m gonna…stop id as lapi-s……

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it’s my Dream to meet Taylor Swift (no joke i dream about it at least twice a week) ill be attending my 13th Taylor Swift Concert so its a big deal i’d really like as much help as i can get rebloging this post, i want Taylor to see my Art, Tattoo, and my light up shirt. when my time comes i want her to sign my 1989 album i have all the others I’ve collected at past shows and this year they didn’t sell them so i was out of luck. i was lucky enough to get her to sign my arm at a performance but she was singing love story so didn’t get to chat, but i did tell her i was getting it tattooed over and she smiled at me so now i want to show her how awesome it came out, these are the shows I’m going to in October 

-13th Show-> October 21st, Greensboro NC, section PIT A

-14th Show -> October 31st, Tampa FL, Section 111 Row G seat 23

please Reblog for me and help me out 

with hope that she sees this she will see me in the PIT with my light up shirt 



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