its snow


Your lips are cold, dude

Sansa: Oh Jon, I’m so glad you’re back. Our family’s really crazy as of late. I mean, you were resurrected and you’re the most normal.

Jon: Right…

Sansa: … For a while I wondered who freaked me out more, my Three-Eyed Raven brother or my assassin little sister? No-one’s normal in this family. You’re my only normal sibling!

Jon: …About that … I’m actually your cousin. My name is Aegon Targaryen, son of father’s sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen.

Jon: I’m heir to the Iron Throne technically.

Jon: Also this is my new girlfriend, Dany. She has two kid Dragons and she’s also my aunt, but we don’t mind, do we? Please welcome them in the family!

Dany & dragons: Nice to meet you!

Arya: Dragons! I like you already

Bran: You were beautiful that night on the boat…


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Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragonglass (…) We know that dragonglass can destroy both White Walkers and their army (…) “The Night King’s army grows larger by the day. We can’t defeat them on our own. We don’t have the numbers. Daenerys [Targaryen] has her own army and she has dragonfire” / Jon Snow (7.02)