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The struggles of being a fanfic writer...

Me: I am proud of my stories and I write them for myself and my own enjoyment. Kudos and Comments are wonderful and make me happy but I don’t need to be a popular author to be happy with my fics ^_^ 

Also me: … why does no one like this story????? My last one had so many more likes ::sobs hysterically:: 

Also me: ::stares in awe at the ridiculous amounts of amazing fanart on tumblr:: Is it possible to bribe artists to do fanart of my stories? I can bake >_> Maybe I can send them cookies 


(Seriously though I love my followers you guys are the best and probably already show me way more love than I deserve) 

omg! thank you guys so much for 25 followers! I never thought I’d get past 2 let alone 20! You guys are the best and you make me sosoososo happy!! I might do some kind of gift or something for you guys but I’m not sure what! Maybe sim requests or a sim dump? Anyway I hope you enjoy whatever I do and thank you so much again!!

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Hoping on the train of @neikarasu‘s wing au!  Every time a wing au pops up I’m all for it. 

I definitely got a kind of owl-vibe from the fic, but my thoughts on the ‘gold speckled white wings’ is that the stripes are only really visible when light is shining behind them, and there’s a kind of iridescence going on with the rest of his feathers so the amount of gold and the shininess varies all the time.  Out in direct light they’re almost blindingly bright.

I will be drawing Jack when I get the chance, whenever that is.


anteku  asked:

how do you draw hair in your syle?

how do i draw hair in my style* i think thats what you mean right? Okay hair is seriously my favorite things to draw because its super fun and its really not that difficult once you get the hang of it. You need to understand how hair works though, that is very important!!! 

you need to know the ‘flow’ of the hair. seriosuly. understanding how this works makes your life so much easier because then you dont need to copy EXACTLY how the characters hair looks like (if you are drawing fanart or something) and you can just make up your own way of drawing the persons hair (following the flow) and it still looks great! Yes even the crazy bedheads like kuroo has flow and parting. i hope i made sense, im terrible at explaining.

now that you know the flow, did you notice that the arrows all come from one point? That is where the hair is parted usually. I often start off where it parts and follow along the 'arrows’.

dont draw the 'outline’ of the hair only (meaning you dont draw what is happenig inside of the hair), there is no flow and it looks really choppy and its super difficult (unless you are really good at it go ahead idk). see how in the middle kuroo, I start with where it is parted? SO MUCH EASIER TRUST ME!!! So remember, always always always know the flow and the where the hair parts!!!

as for my style, i dont know i just draw hair and boom. style? here are a bunch of habits i do when i draw hair:

look at the very left side where it shows how I draw hair strands. remember to start with simple lines or big shapes and then gradually break it down smaller and smaller and you should be good! hope it this was helpful in some way :)

if you think that off-book dates don’t apply to you you’re a piece of shit


Squid Sisters’ Splatfest Performance favorite moves