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When All the Storylines Finally Come Together and You Are NOT PREPARED

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Killian Jones Appreciation Week  ||  Day Two
Favorite Quotes (and the actions that prove their truth)

Scent sensitivities

Okay, if you’re like me and get really bothered by things like strong perfumes you probably avoid stores that sell it or body products like the plague.  

Well, I just learnt something really interesting about them from my counselor.  Apparently, if you’re smelling different products, a lot of these stores actually keep bowls of coffee beans that you can smell in between different fragrances.  Why?  It cleanse the palate!  

Well, on her advice I’ve started carrying a tiny bag of them with me (just a mini ziplock bag, about palm size if even, and I even made a little fabric bag to hold it in so it’s more discrete) and it’s amazing??  Now when I have to be sitting next to someone wearing strong perfume it’s easy to breathe in the smell of the coffee beans quickly (which to me is a really pleasant smell) and it helps stave off the perfume smell and clears the residue from my system.  I’m currently sitting in a computer lab next to someone who has painfully strong perfume, enough so that it’s making my eyes prickle, but by smelling the coffee beans every so often I still haven’t gotten a headache and have been able to concentrate on my work!

I thought some of you guys might like to know this fun fact because it’s seriously making things so much better for me!