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The Muslim, when he stands up to pray, orientates himself; that is to say, he faces the direction of the Ka'ba in Mecca. In his daily life he may have been turning round and around like a dog chasing its own tail. Now he stands still and faces in the right direction. He raises his hands level with his ears and glorifies God. Then he recites two short passages from the Qur'ān- in Arabic- taking in his mouth the very words chosen by God to express His eternal message in a form accessible to mankind. After that he bows, glorifying God the Infinite, the All-Encompassing. After rising again, he goes down on his knees, with his forehead on the ground, and in this posture he glorifies God the Transcendent, the Absolute, and he does this twice, completing one unite of prayer…Private prayer- called du'a’- is, of course, an entirely different matter. Then we pray in our own languages in our own time, praising God or complaining to Him, expressing our gratitude or our dismay, our hopes and our fears. But salāt, the canonical prayer, is a rite- a sacrament- and every gesture is precisely regulated in accordance with the example set by Muhammad himself. It punctuates the day and gives it a particular rhythm, it breaks the monotony of time and lifts the busy man out of his business, the sad man out of his distress, the foolish man out of his folly. And the call of the muezzin, the echoing over the Islamic city from dawn till deep night, summoning to prayer, summoning to salvation, reminding the people that they are something more than poor, doomed creatures of the earth, is the characteristic sound of Islam. This is the second Pillar of the Faith.
—  Reflections by Gai Eaton, page 22-23 

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when are you and your squad gonna call out sana on her islamophobia now that she dared to admit your perfect religion is homophobic and sexist? or are you gonna act like she wasn't clear enough, twist up her words and make up a new theory?

……….. muslims who question their own religion aren’t being islamophobic. mate, i question stuff in my religion and then go and search for answers from someone wiser than me on islam. did you not hear sana’s mum say, that is okay that sana can ask those questions.

muslim’s who ask questions about their own faith aren’t being islamophobic, because we don’t ask it from a place of such severe hate, loathing and disgust, that some non muslims do to the point where they go around and dehumanise muslims. we don’t go around and look at them microaggressively when the adhaan sounds, reminding us its time for salah. we don’t look go around telling other muslim girls who wear the hijaab that they are oppressed. we don’t go around calling each other terrorists.

nobody said you can’t question religion, but then when you go and dehumanise it’s followers, that’s where the difference lies. 

Prophet ﷺ said “Do not delay 3 matters:
1 Salah when its time comes
2 Burial when body is ready
3 Marriage when a match is found”

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Hi faiza!! I was wondering if you could explain what mecca is? Im sorry but all i know is that its a cube like structure towards which muslim people pray? But i dont know why? Much love to you and thank you!

Hi, Anon!!!

Oh no no no! Mecca is not the cube.

So in Islam, we have 3 very very very holy places of worship, that are very significant to Muslims, each of which have a Masjid that holds very important meaning to us:

1) The city of Makkah (Mecca), in Saudia Arabia, which has Masjid Al-Haram, in which the Ka'bah (the black cube) is located. That is the direction (which we call the Qiblah) that we face when we are praying our Salah. Its also where Muslims go to perform Umrah and Hajj.

2) The city of Madinah (Medina) in Saudia Arabia, which has Masjid Nabwi, which is the Masjid that our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) built along with the people of Madinah when he migrated there from Makkah. Its also where his grave/tomb is too, directly underneath The Green Dome.

3) The city of Jerusalem (Baitul Maqdis) in Isreal, which has Masjid Aqsa. Jerusalem is a holy place in all 3 Abarahamic religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The reason why its holy in Islam is because one of the biggest miracles in Islam happened there, called Isra’ and Mi'raaj, where, in one night, our prophet Muhammad (SAW) travelled from Makkah to Masjid Aqsa (the Isra’ part) and then from Masjid Aqsa, our prophet Muhammad (SAW) ascended to see the heavens (the Mi'raaj part), before returning back again.

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Hi! I'm not Muslim and was wondering about the clips that are released so that a call to prayer occurs during airing. Would that cause an issue for Muslim viewers in Norway who would like to be praying/are praying at that point therefore either would like to stop watching the clip/can't watch the clip at that moment? It seems great that they're showing that, but I was wondering if this was also a hinderance to some? I hope it's ok to ask this <3

Hi, Anon!!

Not really, bc you ca either watch the clip later, or, pray between the time if 2 salahs. For example, the window of praying Duhr Salah is roughly 5ish hours long. Even if the Adhaan sounds at 1.30pm, we have until 6.45pm-ish, to pray Duhr, bc after that, its time for Asr Salah!

SubhanAllah, I was just in the mosque after fajr (for some reason I decided to stay there longer today) and I was just sat at the back and the only other guy there started to read Quran out loud but he was making some mistakes so I thought I had to correct him. I said salam and told him where he made a mistake, then I ended up listening to him and correcting all his mistakes and once he finished reciting he said “last night I made the intention to become a hafidh, but I started to doubt myself saying I didn’t have a teacher to correct me etc but I told myself to put in the effort and Allah would do the rest and here you are subhanAllah”

It really shows that once we’ve made an effort and relied on Allah he will take care of the rest.

Take a minute before you sleep to talk to Allah in salah, even its just one raka'ah of witr. Talk to Allah in your sujood, tell Him about your fears, complain to him about your problems no matter how big or small (Allah’s the only one who will never think they are stupid and who will always understand and be able to help), build a relationship with your creator and remember that you will soon return to him.