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skam/one direction hcs to think about

one direction in skam??? evak and 1d??? think about it… this concept has SO MUCH POTENTIAL 

  • even is a HUGE 1d fan it’s a secret to no one and at first they all make fun of him for it (except noora cus she Gets It) but they gradually all become far more invest into 1d that they ever thought they would be (eva especially)
  • isak always acts annoyed when even puts 1d super loud but actually!! its his fave thing in the world!!! because 1) he gets to see even LAUGHING, singing AND dancing all at once?? and isak’s heart feels so full??? 2) he actually loves jamming to 1d -even knows cus he heard him sing 1d in the shower more than once
  • ok but!!! even is literally such a dork its canon, he SERENADES isak with 1d songs, but listen there’s two different type of serenading
  • 1) the cheeky/ironical serenading, when even is feeling dorky af and wants to ‘annoy’ isak, just like when he sings along to gabrielle,  thats when he sings songs like what makes you beautiful, stole my heart, everything about you, kiss you… isak always try to shut him up but it also never fails to make him laugh
  • 2) and then there’s another kind of 1d serenading, this one is when they’re lying in bed together in full soft boyfriends mode, and even starts humming and singing truly, madly, deeply or little things, and hes not much joking anymore bc he means it 10000% and he loves how isak’s eyes lit up and his face splits into a fond smile in these moments
  • isak sometimes sings through the dark to even on his bad days

  so much potential??? its not only an evak thing, consider this:

  • the whole flat (isak+ even (bc he’s part of the flat more often than not) eskild, linn and noora) having 1d nights where they watch the 1d funny moments vids and some iconic interviews, concerts, + their fave lives and acoustics. each time they say its time to go to sleep one of them ask for this One More video and they end up staying up all night……- eskild couldn’t let the occasion go, once he took a pic of everyone all cuddled up on the couch and captioned it “up all night.mp3”
  • btw on these 1d nights, eva is always invited bc she became a huge 1d fan, even and her have bonded on their shared love (devotion) for 1d: they text each other when things happen in the 1d fandom and they constantly send each other 1d gifs or memes
  • actually, sana -made aware by even- is always present for these nights too
  • these nights make linn actually rlly happy, she feels warm cuddled up with everyone and it’s actually funny to see everyone singing along and bickering about which album is their best or which era/look is their best
  • eskild bought 1d merch to decorate the flat with: they have a 1d calendar in the kitchen and even insisted for isak to put a poster in his bedroom -which isak accepted after a lot of negotiation but still regrets.
  • they have pics of harry holding the rainbow flag in the living room, and since then they have the tradition to put the pics of their fave artists holding the rainbow flag up there next to harry. now there’s lauren jauregui, troye sivan, little mix, florence welch….there’s even sir ian mckellen
  • sana was a 1d fan since way before even made it a thing among their squad; she has actually been a fan of them since the up all night era, but nobody knew until that one time where she said smth along the lines of ‘i miss the days where the only drama was niall and louis not having enough solos’ and everyone around just stops and stares and sana is like?? what?? did you guys not know?? i wasn’t trying to make it a secret? everyone just laughed bc it felt so out of character that they hadn’t thought of it but now it makes sense. ‘i actually went to their concert in 2013 did u guys not know?? best concert ever’
  • jonas tries to the best of his abilities to answer every text from even with a 1d meme such as the wmyb hahaha.mp3 or a lyrics/title of a song, or a famous quote; he puts a lot of effort in finding the most appropriately funny 1d answer bc he is That dedicated to puns and it makes him laugh just as much as it makes even

there’s so much more to say?? but ill stop here for now (pls come talk to me abt skam and 1d??) thank u for ur time

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Can you guys update the barista/bartender tag maybe?This blog is the best 😳😳

this might be a long one


Hug me, please? by Lonelyirises (3/5 | 1,534 | NR)

The moment the honey eyed boy set his foot in his & Laura’s shop, Derek’s life turned into a typhoon of rolling eyes and sarcasm.

“One day those eyeballs are going to roll off your skull, sourwolf!”

“Pretty sure, you’ll be there to hold on to them and ransom free coffee from me.”

“You can’t make coffee without your eyes.”

“10 bucks?”

Well, you get the picture?

Red Light’s Already Off by KuriKuri (1/1 | 3,375 | PG13)

Stiles isn’t a hooker. He just plays one on TV. 

Trouble Brewing by WeirdV (4/4 | 10,856 | G)

“Stiles?” Derek asks, sticking his head through the door of his office, “You coming to bed yet?”

He looks up, his eyes red from staring at the screen and the floor littered with files and pictures and post-it notes.

“What?” he replies, rubbing his sleepy eyes, “Yeah – just – a bit longer? I’m so close.”

“Okay” he sighs, closing the door behind him. It had gotten worse a few days ago, but he had seen how it started spiraling down almost a month ago when he first got the case.

Stiles gets a new case - and now he has to balance his time between his other cases, Derek, his friends and family - and oh, he also has a wedding to plan.
(Follow up to “Caution, contens may be hot”, but can be read alone.)


Yin To His Yang by Fearless_Wolf14 (5/? | 12,475 | PG13)

Derek always wanted kids. He always thought he would find the perfect man, get married and settled down, then worry about kids.

Now, Omega Derek Hale struggles with the affects of being left pregnant and unmated after a casual relationship with his old boyfriend ends with James dying from a fatal car crash.

White Chocolate Cheesecake by Loslote (1/1 | 2,068 | G)

Stiles shivered when he felt a rush of cold air. He turned around to see a tall, broad, extremely muscled man in a black leather jacket step in amid a flurry of snowflakes. The man’s stubble and dark hair framed piercing hazel eyes. He held his hands in his pockets, and he glared out from beneath thick, furrowed eyebrows. His eyes landed on Stiles and pierced right through him as though Stiles were the only thing standing in between this man and his coffee, and Stiles gulped and…yep. Knocked over his coffee.

“Can I…Can I help you?” Stiles asked, dropping his textbook on the counter and dabbing at the coffee stains on his flannel.

“Sixteen ounce white chocolate cheesecake mocha,” the man said after glancing at the menu board. His voice was higher than Stiles had expected, and softer. He smiled, and as his eyebrows lifted, Stiles could have sworn he heard a choir of angels burst into song. “Hold the whip, please.”

Without Sugar by JusticeBanana (8/10 | 25,634 | NC17)

There is Mr. Broody, Barista Stiles and we got coffee, black without sugar.

The One with the Freebie List by fallingfromdisgrace (1/1 | 7,159 | G)

After a crowd of unruly teenage girls force heart throb actors, Peter and Derek Hale, into Lydia’s coffee shop the last thing she expects is for Peter to declare himself an employee. And work. For no money.
Did Lydia mention she’s a fan?

The Customer Ain’t Always Right by trilliath (1/1 | 2,273 | G)

Today’s the day. He’s gonna do it. He’s actually going to (as Cora says) “speak words like a normal human and talk” to (as Cora has designated him) Cute Coffee Boy.
- Or he would, if it weren’t for this asshole cutting in line.

Let Me Help You Get Over Your Ex (and Get With Me Instead) by alittleoff (1/1 | 3,575 | R)

Derek is an accidental oblivious jerk.

or the one where Stiles tries to help Derek through his break-ups and even though things don’t go smoothly, they go.


its what you need by HaleHole (SweetFanfics) (1/1 | 1,878 | g)

“Oh!” Scott exclaims, making Derek turn around to look at him, “Stiles gave you his number then, huh?” About damn time. Scott’s had to put up with his best friend-slash-room mate go back and forth over his decision to approach Derek. It was nice to see that Stiles had finally made a move. But it didn’t look like it was well received if Derek’s face is anything to go by.

An utterly rubbish bartender au.

Chocolate Milk by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 1,602 | G)

Prompt: “yes, i know this is a bar but you’re a rlly hot bartender and i panicked and said “cHOCOLATE MILK” when you asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever” sterek au :D

Don’t Belong to No City, Don’t Belong to No Man by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 1,091 | NR)

He’s still beautiful.

Extraordinarily, mysteriously so: that guileful kind of beauty that sneaks up on the poor fool lucky enough to recognize it, a peculiar constellation of dazzling features that, once recognized, become the only stars in the night sky.

That’s how it felt to Derek at least, during his fling with Stiles Stilinski, the musician who wandered into his bar late one night while on a break from his first national tour. Derek had no idea that the bewitching man was the next up-and-coming singer-songwriter the entire music industry was buzzing about. All he saw was the perfect storm of cocky, clumsy grace; disheveled hair and pink cupid’s bow lips that made him weak in the knees; bloodshot-but-still-glittering eyes the color of single malt scotch and even more intoxicating.

Rescue Me (& Take Me In Your Arms) by tumtatumtum (10/10 | 33,996 | NC17)

Just when Stiles is starting to reach panic-attack levels of stress, a leather jacket and firm thigh are pressed right up next to him, and an arm is casually thrown over his shoulder. Stiles looks up to thank this kind person who is saving his life, and suddenly forgets what air is.

Because HOT. DAMN. Call the police and the fire-man, this guy is smoking.

Or the AU where Derek helps save Stiles from an ex, and a steamy BDSM relationship ensues- with feelings all over the place.

Worth more than the cheap stuff by cjr (1/1 | 1,644 | PG13)

Derek’s a bartender who thinks Stiles is worth more than a $7 drink.

One thing you can never change by Marishna (1/1 “ 2,002 | R)

“I know I’m not as hot as some people here but you doubt my commitment to the stripper life? I could be a stripper! I’ve seen Magic Mike!”

Fall In Love In An Empty Bar by iamthelightening (1/1 | 9,840 | PG13)

There’s a new bartender at Stiles’s favourite bar, and Stiles is Not Happy.

Drinks On Me by Wiccan507 (1/1 | 7,079 | PG13)

Stiles has never been good at flirting. Everything else he can do, but flirting is kind of a no no. Out celebrating his 21st birthday the last thing he ever expected was for the bartender to want to give him flirting lessons. But if he’s offering then why not?


Hale’s Bar by Kaamen (1/1 | 1,961 | G)

What would happen if Laura never went to Beacon Hills and Stiles came to New York for NYU and got a job at Hale’s Bar.

(Stiles giving Derek heart eyes. And being saved by Derek.)

Prompt from Awful-AUs

“The customer I flipped off earlier tonight for touching my butt turned out to be the son of some high-ranking mafia someone-or-rather, and now he’s back with his posse and you’re the only other person left in the bar so can you PLEASE do something instead of sitting there looking drunk as a skunk?”

doctor’s orders by wearing_tearing (1/1 | 1,639 | PG13)

Derek sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Can you just get me a beer?”

“I should be getting you to bed,” Stiles says, and his lips twitch the moment he sees Derek’s ears turn a bit red. “But yeah, sure, coming right up.”

Have a Little Faith in Me by katnisskirk (1/1 | 1,980 | NR)

Stiles hasn’t seen Derek in 2 years. Now he’s back in town and Laura has engineered a little reunion.

What Stays and What Fades Away (you can’t choose) by standinginanicedress (1/1 | 39,114 | NC17)

The rules. Stiles knows them well. Has them drilled into his head, repeats them to alphas and betas that conveniently are too drunk to remember them on their own, hears Peter shout them out whenever a rule gets broken, reminding the entire bar that they exist and are (generally) enforced.

Number one – no eye contact.
Number two – no fucking eye contact.
Number three – keep away from the red line.
Number four – no touching.
Number five – if we don’t like it, don’t do it.

Tending To My Heart by BabyWeWillRise (1/1 | 1,202 | G)

This guy is breaking Stiles’ rules…but, man, is he gorgeous…

The one where Stiles is a bartender and Derek is supporting a friend.

I’ll call you

Title: I’ll call you

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1347

Request: can you write a one shot based on hello from Adele?

Warnings: feels? angst, Adele haha

A/N: So this was an idea I randomly had and it’s basically just angst and feels? Sorry! This is the kinda christmas themed fic that I promised you for this year. Also thanks to @pada-ackles for test reading it <3

The last time he’d seen her had been on Christmas eve two years ago. It was snowing a lot outside so that he had offered her to stay at the motel for the night. Her old car wasn’t in the best condition and he’d already asked himself how she’d made it alive to his and Sam’s place in the first place. The car looked like it would fall apart at any second. 

The last time he’d seen her had been on Christmas Eve when she resisted to stay over night because she didn’t wanted to ruin Christmas for him and Sam. He’d told her what felt like a thousand times that she wasn’t ruining anything and that it would be a pleasure to have her around on Christmas, considering that she didn’t had anyone waiting for her back at her home. She would been spending Christmas alone. Just like Dean and Sam. But she had just shook her head, thanking him for letting her borrow one of his winter jackets because her own wasn’t her keeping warm enough in her car. Her freaking car didn’t even had a functioning heater. 

The last time he’d seen her had been on Christmas Eve. He still remembered how adorable she looked in his jacket which was obviously way too big for her.

“You sure that you don’t want to stay?” he’d asked her one more time and again, but again, she only shook her head.

“I’m sure Dean. Don’t worry about my. Lady here,” she’d lovingly patted the steering wheel of her car, “will take me home safe and sound. She always does. I’ll call you okay? I promise.”

He’d given her a forced smile and pressed a kiss against her forhead. He didn’t wanted her to go. There was a strange feeling that was gnawing at him but he couldn’t tell her because she’d only laugh at him and call him a fool. So he kept his mouth shut. He only kissed her on the forhead and waved her goodbye until the backlights of her car were no longer in sight.

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