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bae jinyoung|best friends to lovers|part 1

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member: bae jinyoung
genre: fluffy
summary: you were best friends with jinyoung but you wanted to be something more but in your mind that’s never gonna happen. tho the wanna one boys have a plan to set you two together without either of you knowing let’s hope it won’t be a complete disaster
requested: yes!! soccer + best friend (can have romance)

  • you look at the soccer field watching the boys team practice
  • and you can’t help but smile as jinyoung scores a goal
  • you cheer for him loudly trying to embarrass him
  • he looks at you blushes and gives you a heart warming smile and a small wave
  • you wave back frantically with a huge grin your face
  • you can see seongwoo lightly nudging him and smirking him while whispering something into his ear
  • you roll your eyes you’re sure he’s teasing jinyoung about you two again 
  • and on cue jinyoung blushes bright red
  • seongwoo looks at you and winks while you just flip him off 
  • he smirks and chases after the ball once again
  • jinyoung gives you one last glance and smiling at you which makes your heart flutter 
  • even tho you’d never admit it did at least not to him
  • but the game continues and you keep on watching the boys practice
  • and your thoughts wandered
  • you and jinyoung were best friends
  • you had been since primary school 
  • you both loved soccer with a passion and you were both the star players in striker position of your separate teams (1 all girls, 1 all boys)
  • it all started when you wanted to join a game of soccer with all the boys
  • but they wouldn’t allow you to
  • cause you were a girl and girls have cooties plus they’re not as good as boys
  • prove them they’re so fucking wrong sister
  • but jinyoung convinced them to let you play and picked you for his team
  • he told you “i’m sorry about the other guys, you can take centre attack, prove them you’re amazing okay?”
  • making you blush and giving him a dazzling smile at him while nodding 
  • you felt sooo happy that even without jinyoung knowing about your skills at all he still convinced the guys to let you play picked you on his team and gave you the centre spot
  • you played excellently scoring 3 goals and your team won in the end
  • as you scored the final goal from half way 
  • all the guys jaws dropped at your skills
  • you rushed up and hugged jinyoung tightly whispering into his ear
  • “thank you for letting me play”
  • he automatically hugged you back tightly
  • “of course what are friends for? but i also need to thank you for making us win” he whispered back 
  • you both break apart smiling and you both knew you were gonna be best friends jinyoung still wanting to stand up for you basically shouted at all the guys
  • he grinned at you and you couldn’t help just at that moment but admit even then as a primary schooler your heart fluttered just a tiny bit
  • all the guys grudgingly respected you and in the end you became close friends with all of them by middle school
  • but you were closest to jinyoung of course 
  • you both became inseparable 
  • all classes you had together you sat with him
  • you became basically another daughter to his parents
  • and him a son to yours
  • son in law more like it
  • you both were each others best friends
  • he was there for you and you were there for him in every way possible
  • if you had a breakdown jinyoung could calm you in an instant
  • if he was upset you could always cheer him up
  • he’d bring you snacks before and after your soccer practices
  • and you’d attend as many of his practices cheering him on as much as possible
  • you both never missed a game when the other was playing
  • you literally were best friend goals
  • you guys would help each other out with school, friends, family, relationships everything
  • both of you had no idea where you both would be without each other
  • but as you got into high school you weren’t sure your feelings towards jinyoung were entirely just friendly
  • you just couldn’t think any guys could match up to him 
  • he knew you inside out back to front
  • all your secrets, quirks, weird things you do 
  • he knew all of them 
  • jinyoung was the sweetest guy you knew and a complete gentleman
  • always opening doors, trying to buy the meal and you always refused making you guys split the bill
  • but you didn’t know he never did this with anyone else just with you
  • you thought that was just him as a person
  • he always could make you laugh and you had the best time with him
  • he was also extremely handsome and so many girls liked him it was ridiculous 
  • but he really didn’t pay attention to them especially when you were around 
  • but of course you didn’t notice that
  • you knew he was out of your league 
  • and he could pick and choose and girl he wanted
  • which destroyed any and all hope of ever being more than best friends with him
  • plus he probably only saw you as a sister
  • mhmm sureeee he did
  • but all this didn’t stop from you having feelings for him 
  • they weren’t like constantly in your face since you guys are best friends and you spend so much time with him but they like popped up when 
  • things happened like 
  • whenever he went on a date or told you he liked a girl which was still basically never
  • your heart felt a weird twinge
  • but you always ignored it 
  • or whenever you hugged him or he complimented you 
  • you heart would flutter 
  • but you were happy with just being jinyoung’s best friend 
  • hoping your feelings will go away eventually but you were very doubtful you would get over him before high school ended 
  • you tried to get over him so many times but it never worked the dates the very short relationships could never even hold a candle to you and jinyoungs friendship
  • as you were totally lost in your thoughts you didn’t realise practice was over
  • you were snapped out of your thoughts with someone picking you up and putting them on your shoulder 
  • you automatically knew it was woojin 
  • he always did that when he wanted something usually money or food
  • “YAH WOOJIN LET ME DOWN!!!” you screamed while hitting his back
  • “ONLY IF YOU AGREE IN BEING A CHEERLEADER FOR OUR FINAL GAME” he shouted right back being clearly amused by your antics knowing he won’t let you down 
  • you groaned at him “for fucks sake woojin you know i hate being happy and perky”
  • the cheerleaders basically offered you a one game position for the final where you could cheer for the boys 
  • since you were known to be so close with them
  • but since then all the guys pestered you about it constantly begging you to agree
  • but they all had a reason for wanting you to be a cheerleader
  • they were the ones who even set up a special position for you with a little date bribing and they were done!
  • how i wish i was good looking how easy my life would be smh 
  • so basically after they won the game cause they were 100% sure they would
  • cocky dicks
  • they were gonna have you and jinyoung in the middle of the field and they’ll start chanting “KISS KISS KISS”
  • and literally everyone would join cause 
  • 1. people were sick of you two not getting together but being more couple like then actual couples
  • 2. hey who doesn’t like a kiss at the end of a game its cheesy and cute
  • then y’all kiss get together AND BOOM NEW RELATIONSHIP
  • also daniel mentioned the other reason for being a cheerleader soon after woojin picked you up
  • “but you know jinyoung would love to see you in a uniform something short and tight” daniel cheekily butted in 
  • “FUCKKK OFF DANIEL” you flip him off while he just chuckles at you 
  • you see all the guys knew of your crush on jinyoung
  • but they didn’t tell him and you loved them for it
  • little did you know jinyoung had a crush on you and begged them not to tell you
  • so they decided not to tell either of you and be good friends 
  • AND play matchmaker happily 
  • “awwww y/n pwetty pleaseeee can youu be a cheerleader its only for oneeee game can’t you do that for me” daehwi said cutely with a lot of aegyo and puppy dog eyes
  • “stop acting cute it’s not going to work you child demon” you scoff back still slumped on woojins shoulder 
  • “i give up she’s so fucking stubborn” daehwi complains 
  • “you barely even tried??” guanlin says
  • “shhhhhh” daehwi shushes him
  • “LANGUAGE DAEHWII!!!!!” jisung scolded daehwi
  • “oh come on lay off it jisung he lives in the same house as us” minhyun said with an amused smile 
  • “he’s still young minhyun!” jisung said scolding him also for his care free attitude
  • “if you say so” minhyun said while shrugging
  • mother and father goals 
  • “IM STILL HERE PARENTS!!!” you say obnoxiously 
  • “and there goes our least favourite annoying child” jisung sighed 
  • “of course there is, its you and the favourite is me” guanlin says smirking at you
  • “why the hell are you the favourite??” woojin asks trying to face guanlin
  • which meant spinning you around and all the guys trying to dodge your head
  • “cause he’s the swaggy rapper. duh.” jaehwan says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world
  • “I SAID THAT ONE TIME LAY OFF IT HYUNG!!!” guanlin whines
  • “NEVERRRRR” jaehwan screams 
  • making everyone wince at his vocals
  • in the mean time jinyoung, seongwoo and jihoon come over 
  • “whats all this about?” jihoon asks 
  • “basically we’re trying to make y/n agree to be a cheerleader for the final game” woojin says again spinning you around again making you dizzy
  • “STOP DOING THAT!!” you shout 
  • everyone laughs and you just pout 
  • “ahhhh so cheerleader y/n, is this for her to be in something short and tight for jinyoung???” seongwoo said suggestively 
  • making you and jinyoung blush so hard
  • but neither of you deny it lol
  • “HEY THATS WHAT I SAID!!” daniel said grinning brightly 
  • “YEAH ONGNIEL IS SCIENCE YO!!!” seongwoo shouts happily back
  • and they do their secret handshake which takes soooo long with the weirdest details like both their butts rubbing against each other, weird faces, complicated hand motions and they finish it with a bro hug 
  • “i should be part of that, ongnielhwan is science sounds soooooo much better” jaehwan said disappointedly 
  • “but you have meeee” minhyun said cutely while hugging jaehwan 
  • “ew get the fuck off” jaehwan bitch glared at minhyun but he still clinged onto him
  • “y/nnnn please agreee so these idiots can all shut up” jihoon pleaded 
  • “WHO ARE YOU CALING IDIOTS???!!!” all the guys chorused 
  • “JINX”
  • “can y'all just shut the fuck up” jihoon says grumpily
  • “LANGUAGE!! AGAIN!!” jisung scolded jihoon this time while glaring at minhyun daring him to say anything
  • minhyun just put his hands up in defeat with a “i didn’t do anything wrong” face
  • “teenage bloody hormones” sungwoon said rolling his eyes at jihoon 
  • in the midst of all this mess jinyoung gently lowers you down from woojins shoulder
  • making you extremely close to him 
  • everyone’s watching intently like it was some sort of rom-com
  • and everyone knew you were gonna agree to being a cheerleader cause 
  • he’ll ask you 
  • and of course you’ll say yes
  • and you were also basically in love with him
  • id agree to anything he asked me to but if it was a illegal nah cause like i love you but i aint ruining my life for you
  • and all of the guys were just smirking at each other knowing their plan will work out since the hardest bit of it was for you to agree to be a cheerleader
  • “guanlinah get me some popcorn” sungwoon ordered
  • “hell no do it yourself” guanlin replied  S.A.S.S.I.L.Y
  • “F-” sungwoon started to speak but he got interrupted very quickly
  • “SHHHHHHH” shushed the rest before sungwoon could go on a rant about how the younger generation should treat their elders with respect
  • and then guanlin would mention something about height
  • and sungwoon would go full on hulk mode
  • but you weren’t paying attention all you could hear was your fast beating heart 
  • jinyoung softly pleaded to you with his adorable chocolate brown eyes staring right into yours “y/n will you please please please be our cheerleader for the game? for us? for me?”
  • you knew you couldn’t say no to jinyoung especially when he was looking at you like that
  • “fine” you bitterly said 
  • which resulted in loud cheering and whooping from the guys
  • and the most heart warming smile from jinyoung
  • jinyoung tightly hugged you spinning you around
  • making you squeal a little and his heart warming at your cute antics 
  • you hug back with you eyes closed 
  • you love his hugs so much 
  • you part with everyone smirking at you two
  • before you could say anything daehwi comes between you two and hugs jinyoung 
  • “hes mine” he says cutely poking his tongue at you 
  • with jinyoung shyly grinning and blushing at you
  • you can’t help but smile at the two guys you loved them both heaps 
  • “BUT YOURE MINEEE DAEHWI” you say loudly while grabbing daehwi and tightly hugging/squishing him 
  • he squealed and laughed while saying 
  • “i love you too y/n”
  • everyone but you could see the glint of jealously in jinyoung’s eyes 
  • even daehwi so he parted with you quickly and silently mouther a sorry to jinyoung
  • and jinyoung visibly relaxed and mouthed back it’s okay
  • you were completely oblivious to all of it though
  • “but you guys better win and you also need to buy me pizza” you warningly say to all the guys 
  • “DEAL!” they agree happily 
  • you all prepare to leave and jinyoung wraps his arm around your shoulder while whispering in your ear 
  • “really thank you for agreeing”
  • “it’s all good” you say smiling at him 
  • “i’ll be your cheerleader” you chuckle a little making a cheerleading gesture 
  • which makes him smile widely at your adorable chuckle and cute pose
  • “just my cheerleader right?” jinyoung asks 
  • “just yours” you say sweetly back

BACK FROM MY UNOFFICIAL HIATUS W A CUTIE JINYOUNGG!!!! if y’all want info about the reasons for hiatus, fics to come and MY NEW SERIES please click here. anyways i love jinyoung and there will only be a part 2 to this scenario which will be the game and it’ll be shorter than this and ill be releasing that eventually. BUT THANK YOU FOR READING LOVE YOU ALL FOR STAYING WITH ME AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SEND ME A MESSAGE OR AN ANON!!!

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I saw this headcannon and was really hoping you'd write a fic? simon gets hit with a curse that makes everyone fall in love with him except for jace, simon thinks its because jace’s disregard for him is so strong not even MAGIC can effect it but really its because jace’s regular life involves him keeping his feelings for simon under control so this is just another day for him.

based off of @neonlightwood‘s hc!! thank you anon for taking my waffling desire to write one of those ideas and pretty much motivating me to DO IT

love by any other name || jace/simon, 4k+, love spell au || read on ao3

“I see Jace wasn’t hit.” Magnus says, his tone light even as he waves a hand and freezes Clary in mid-lunge towards Simon. He waves a hand over Alec and Izzy and they become similarly frozen; Simon nearly cries in relief.

“Yeah, no.” Jace says, curiously moving to poke at Alec’s outstretched, still hand, and then pouting as Simon slaps his hand away. “It hit me too, but since I - “ He freezes mid-pout, his eyes going comically wide, and then he turns away, facing Magnus and running a hand through his hair. “I just wasn’t affected.” He finishes, his voice curiously blank.

What? How could Jace not have been affected if he was directly hit by it? It’s a love spell, it should automatically make everyone fall in love with Simon, unless -

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So, I normally don’t share much about my OCs but I have to give the BIGGEST SHOUT OUT TO @mormoc!!!

Who is the most incredible artist I have ever come to know and the sweetest bean ever!!! Not only is she an amazing artist (IF YOU COULDN’T TELL UP ABOVE), she listened to my ridiculous detail requests with flawlessness and with more creativity than I even have. 


Thank you SO SO MUCH MAY!! For all your incredible work and patience!! You have brought my babies to life in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of at the time! ONE DAY I WILL DO MORE WITH THESE BABIES, I SWEAR!!!

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Dropping By (3/?)

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

 It’s been a couple hours since you had your little show for Dean. It’s been normal since, he hasn’t made his move yet , which scares you . Within the last day you’ve grown slightly addicted to Deans attention. Now that he wasn’t giving it to you , you’re starting to miss his lingering touches & random winks. You settle onto your couch , cup of tea and remote in hand . What a perfect way to spend my night You relax into your couch, sipping on your tea , when Sammy enters the room, he flops next to you . He stays silent for a couple minutes, watching greys anatomy with you . One of the things that makes your friendship with Sam so perfect is that he likes the same things as you . Even if he doesnt, he’ll atleast give it a chance, & you do the same for him. The peaceful silence is broken when Dean strolls in .

“ This really what you two are going to do tonight?” Sam rolls his eyes at his brother , while you let out a little laugh. “ What else do you have in mind Dean , its a tuesday night . Not exactly a thrilling thing.” It comes out a bit full of attitude. “ Come on, get up , we are going for drinks. I’m not letting you two act like you’re 90 years old tonight. Its 6pm & you’re both in your pajamas, watching a show for middle aged women.” I cant believe he just refered to Greys as a middle aged women show. What a douche.
Sam laughs, but you throw Dean a glare. “ Don’t hate on Greys anatomy Winchester, it’ll get you a black eye .” You warn him, resulting in a grin on his face. “ Oh sweetheart, i’d like to see you try” as you open your mouth , Sam cuts you off ,“ Alright, knock off your guys weird foreplay . Im going to change, y/n I suggest you do the same. He wont let this go .” Sam slowly exits, leaving you with Dean. Why is he being so pushy about this, usually he doesnt mind sitting on the couch with .WAIT, maybe this is part of his move. But how?“ What are you up to Dean ?” He sends you a wink , 

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“ Nothing sweetheart, just want a drink .” Mhmm, hes lying, I know him too well. Instead of calling his bluff, you play into his game. You go and change into a pair of yoga pants, with a tight maroon v-neck, that shows off a little of your midriff and a little bit more cleavage . You check yourself out in the mirror, Not to shabby, I look pretty damn good. You settle with your hair in waves , & apply a little eyeliner & mascara. When you step out into your front room , you see both boys already ready to go . Sam’s in a green flannel with a white shirt underneath , paired with darker jeans. When you look at Dean , you automatically pull your lip between your teeth . Damn. He was in a tighter black shirt, showing off all his muscles, and a lighter pair of jeans. When you finish staring at him, you notice both boys eyes on you. “ Well boys, how do I look ?” You ask , twirling yourself in a circle. You hear a whistle, assuming its from Dean , but when you look to see , you find out it was from Sam. “ Damn Y/n, you look great !” Sam says ,sending a wide smile at you . You feel a blush crawl over your cheeks. “ Ah thanks Sammy, You guys ready to go ?” Dean doesnt respond ,just goes for the door. Weird, he seems annoyed? You make your way outside , deciding on seperate cars incase someone wants to leave sooner than the other. When you get to the bar, you go get the first round ; Beer for Sammy , whiskey for you and Dean. You all settle at a booth , talking about the case they just came from . You talk the boys into staying for the rest of the week, they don’t really put up a fight about it though. Dean was up for the second round when you catch Sammy staring at you. “ Can I help you with Sammy , or you wanna just keep staring at me ,i mean I know I look -”“ When are you and my brother going to stop acting like teenagers?” What the hell? “ What are you -” “ Dont even deny it y/n, the sexual tension is ridiculously visible whenever you guys are together. What was up with you two this morning when I came back from my run? Why can’t you guys just tell eachother how you -”“ You’re wrong Sam ,we arent like that. Dean doesnt see me like that .” I hope he does, Sam rolls his eyes, “ yeah okay Y/n . You guys are such babies.” You realize Sam is right, but you arent going to admit to anything until you know forsure on Deans end. You turn to look for him , realizing its been a while since he went to get your drinks . Your eyes land on him, with his hand on a blondes waist ,keeping her against him, while she whispers in his ear. You feel your heart drop, you rip your gaze away I knew this was just a game, nothing to get upset over. Just relax ,and have fun with Sammy. “ You think so Sammy? Where’s your brother right now?” Sam takes a minute and looks to see what you did. He just shakes his head, cursing under his breath . “ y/n ,-” “ Sam , it’s nothing . Just drop it .” Your phone starts ringing , you look to see a familiar name appear on the screen. “ I gotta take this Sammy , give me a minute .” You answer the phone, while you slide out of the booth to head outside.You don’t miss the way Dean watches you as the blonde has her lips on his neck, but you dont even acknowledge him. “ Chris ? “ You ask, “ Yeah y/n its me, are you home right now?” Chris is a hunter you patch up and help from time to time. “ Not at the moment, but I can be . Whats wrong?” “Could I stop by, I need to take a look through some of your books for my hunt. ” “ Of course, I can be home in 10 minutes. Meet you there .” You hang up ,starting to make your way back inside. When you get to the booth , you grab your purse and keys from the table, when you turn back around to look for Sammy ,you walk right into someones chest. A arm wraps around your waist to balance you , you finally look up to see who you ran into .Of fucking course it’s Dean . “ Where you going sweetheart? "You roll your eyes, pushing yourself away from him . As you walk away , he shoots his hand out ,grabbing onto your wrist to stop you . ” What the hell do you want Dean? “ You spit out, shocking him. His eyes widen at your reaction, a smug smile blossoms on his face. ” Something bothering you Y/n? “Before you respond, Sam finds his way to you . ” Are you leaving y/n? “ You sigh , you barely ever get annoyed with the boys, but you can feel yourself about to snap right now.” I’m meeting a hunter at my house, he needs help with his hunt. You know where they spare key is, let yourself in IF you decide to come home.“ You direct the last part at Dean , letting him know you saw him and the blonde, and that you weren’t amused. You all but storm out of the bar. 

   You made it home, it takes you longer to get there since you had to deal with the boys. When you pull into your driveway , Chris is waiting for you , with a man you’ve never met. You get out , saying your hellos, and lead  them into your home.  You show them to the room you store all your information ,

&begin helping them search for what they need.  You all sit around your table, looking for weaknesses for vampire-werewolf hybrids, when you hear your front door open.  Chris stands, hand on his gun, but you shoo him away . ” It’s the Winchesters, I was out with them when you called me you doofus. Put the damn gun away.“ You laugh, the boys make their way to you & the other two men. You introduce everyone, Sam offers to stay& help research  . You take his offer , deciding to go grab beers for everyone . You find Dean on your couch , playing on his phone. You don’t say one word, just keep on your path to the kitchen . You feel his eyes on you the entire way ,  Why the hell is he watching me. Why didn’t he go home with blondie.   He shows up in the kitchen behind you , still watching you . ” You know, watching someone is a little creepy Dean. You should probably get a new hobby.“  Your tone is cold, no trace of humor anywhere in it. ” You didn’t seem to have a problem with it earlier today sweetheart.“ Without looking you know he is smirking. You let out a scoff, moving past him with the beers in your grip.  He lightly grabs onto your elbow as you pass ,” Whenever you’re done playing this game, the fun can really start Y/n.“  Yeah right asswipe, not after what I watched at the bar.  You put the beers down on the counter , turning so you’re chest to chest with Dean, barely anyspace between you. Have it your way Deano. You start to trail your fingers up his chest , until one hand laces through the hair on the back of his neck, pulling a moan from his mouth. You use your other hand to cup his cheek , pulling his face down to yours so that your lips are almost touching. He pulls your body tighter against his as you speak .” If you want to have fun ,” you trail your lips up his jaw until you reach his ear, “ why don’t you go finish what you started with Blondie back at the bar, Sweetheart. “  You pull his earlobe between your teeth, then release it. You push yourself off him, grabbing the beers and going back to help the guys research .

   It took a couple hours, but Sam finally discovered some helpful things for Chris and his friend.  They left soon after, thanking you with a kiss on the cheek.   As soon as the front door closes behind them, Sam excuses himself to bed, and you do the same. 

  You walk in your room, stripping as you make your way to the bathroom. You take off your makeup and brush your teeth . You hear your door open, but dont bother to look ,you know who it is . You’re leaning against your counter now, only in matching maroon bra and underwear. Deans now leaning against the doorway , just watching you.

 “ The couch is that way Dean.” You point towards the front room.

“ Im aware of where your couch is sweetheart. We both know i’m not sleeping there.” Oh yes you are. Jackass. “ If you dont want to sleep on the couch , I suggest you either go snuggle up to your brother, or find the blonde from the bar . I’m sure she’d be thrilled to let you in hers.” You realize how jealous you sound, but you dont care. He was all over another women, and now he wants to sleep in your bed? No way .
A devious smirk plants itself on Deans features. “ Do I hear jealousy in your voice sweetheart? “ he moves closer to you , boxing you In against the counter. You roll your eyes, “ I’m not jealous . Fuck off Dean.” You return to getting ready for bed, Dean wraps his arms around you, resting his head in the crook of your neck , leaving kisses against it. “ it looks like my move worked sweetheart, You’re all worked up .” You’ve got to be kidding me. What a fucking ass. Anger is boiling through you , Its time to step up the game. You turn yourself around in his arms, snaking yours around his neck

“ You’re plan was to make me jealous ? For what? Angry sex , Dean?” His smile brightens, meaning you were right.

You lean up, hovering your lips close to his, but not quite connecting them . You gently place your lips on his, baiting him. He pulls you closer, smashing his lips to yours. You feel fireworks exploding within your body as you melt into the kiss . Holy Hell. You feel Deans tongue licking along your bottom lip, you open your mouth letting him have access. When he does, he moves his hands under your knees, you instantly jump into his arms.  Your lips dont leave his until he drops you on your bed. You bounce a little, letting out a small giggle as you do. Deans stripping out of his clothes,while you do the same. In record time you’re both 100% naked, Dean catches your lips with his again in a heated kiss. You pull him on top of you , he leaves your lips, trailing kisses down your neck until he gets to your boobs. He takes one in his mouth , swirling and nibbling at your  hard nipple while his hands massages the other. Moans are slipping out of your mouth, loud and needy . He starts moving again, kissing down your stomach to your clit. He licks at your clit once, then sucks it into his mouth.  A whimper escapes your mouth before you can stop it. “ you have to be quiet sweetheart, Sammys not too far away.” He dives back into you , alternating between sucking & licking at your entrance. He inserts two fingers, rapidly thrusting them into you as he eats you out. You lace both hands in his hair, holding his head against you as you slightly move your hips against him. He gets you to right on the edge, and then pulls away. His lips and chin glistening , he leans down to pull you into a deep kiss, you can feel yourself giving into it . Almost just forgetting your plan, and letting this happen.

   Dean breaks the kiss , as he does a scent catches your attention . It smells like strawberries, and something else you can’t place your finger on. Then reality sets in, If that isn’t my scent, and its not Deans. It’s Blondies. You instantly feel anger bubbling in you , Fuck this, I have to stay with the plan, im not sleeping with him when he smells like her.

You push him over, rolling on top of him. He looks shocked at first, but quickly recovers. You take his dick in your hand, proceeding to rub the tip through your soaking folds.Holy fuck, he might fucking break me with this thing. “ Dean “ you moan , “ Oh God, y/n please stop teasing me and do something sweetheart.” A dirty smirk makes its way to your face ,

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  “ Is that what you want Dean? You want me to fuck you?” You ask in a flirty tone.

“ Yes , I want you to ride me Baby .” Oh Dean, you poor,poor man. With the smirk still on your face, you sink yourself down onto Deans hard cock. You slowly start to pull yourself up ,doing that couple times until you stop. Leaning forward, almost pulling yourself completely off him you place your mouth next to his ear“ You think im going to fuck you after that little stunt at the bar ? That girl was all over you ,  I can still smell her perfume on you. The games only going to get worse from here .” You pull yourself completely off him, making your way back to the bathroom to put on your pajamas. Before you close the door, you catch a glimpse of Deans face. It was angry , mixed with confused & upset. Did I go to far? How did I even do that, he felt so good. I should of kept going , dammit. You change, going back to bed you find the lights off already , and Dean turned facing the other way . You crawl in bed, pulling the covers up. Dean moves after a couple minutes, he turns to you ,& pulls you toward him, Exactly how you two were laying last night. “ I may have went a little too far, and I’m sorry  . But believe me when I tell you I never planned on leaving with her, she isnt the one I want. If we are still playing this game, I don’t plan on losing darling.” You ignore what he says , slightly pulling away from him. You know you two are just playing, but seeing him with another girl bothered you more than it should.You’ve been able to keep a lid on your feelings for him this long for a reason, Dean Winchester doesn’t get attached. If he wasn’t interested, would he even be playing this game?  ” Y/n?“ Dean whispers, like he was making sure you were still there. ” Goodnight Dean .“ He plants a kiss in your hair,  ” I’m sorry .“ Its barely above a whisper, but you still hear him.  He wouldn’t be sorry if he didn’t care. Right? Oh my God, maybe Sam’s right.  You finally make a decision on your next move.  I’m not quitting this dumb game until I can figure out if this is more to him .


all i wish not to remember by thealmightyavocado


this additional scene was written specifically for my dear yen @harrys who i love soo soo very much and i’m incredibly thankful for all of her support ✨

this takes place in the beginning of the last chapter, act viii, so it is in louis’ pov. its all very dramatic and impossibly emotional but what else would you expect from me rip

***as it contains spoilers, i would not read this if you have not read AIWNTR or if you are planning to at some point.

i hope you enjoy loves! :)

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My grand final review

Hey there, folks! It’s exhilaratingly close to the big moment, the beginning of this year’s grand final! Here’s my rundown of the Eurovision grand final songs, in running order. I call this a “lights and shadows” list, as, for the sake of nuance, I’ve added something positive and some criticism for every song on the list. For those who missed it, this is the semi-skimmed version of this full-bodied critique of all the songs. Let’s go!

+ If the hosts’ robotic intro has put people to sleep, this will wake them up.
- The lyrics make less sense than your average Edward Lear poëm.
Rank: 24

+ Kasia has a good voice and sings with passion and conviction.
- The song is an absolute dirge with no real sense of direction, and those rhymes are ridic.
Rank: 17

+ Instant cute happiness, this is just so squeeeee
- They could have fit another verse in to make the song less repetitive.
Rank: 3

+ He put a lót of work into promoting himself and his song, which is admirable. His covers of former ESC songs made him seem like a fan of the contest, which puts you in good steed with fellow fans. I think he got in the final by sheer force of personality.
- Saccharine, plim-plom song. Those “hey naaaww” repetitions annoy the hell out of me! And I always mistrust someone so perma-cheerful. It comes across as forced, not quite right and makes me feel he’s got human heads in his fridge at home.
Rank: 21

+ Majestic. This song soars like the eagle of Artsvik’s name. This kind of song is precisely why I love Armenia, a perfect mélange of traditional and modern that sounds like nothing else in the contest. Artsvik herself has got a special, almost regal poise. Feels like this song dropped out of outer space, love it.
- She could have made it even better by including more dancers to closer emulate the surreal video.
Rank: 4

+ Their live vocals are impeccable. And as for the song topic, losing a beloved relative after seeing them battle a disease something, unfortunately, to which so many of us can relate, so it does pull on my heartstrings.
- If they were a less popular country amongst eurofans, would folk consider the girls to be using their mother’s sickness for sympathy rather than sympathising with them? My internal jury is out on that one. As for the music, it is derivative and dated - their voices deserve something a few decades closer to “contemporary.”
Rank: 8

+ They perform this song with verve and do their best to bring the party.
- This band’s continued success goes to show how far getting adopted as a meme by confused American non-viewers of Eurovision can get you in the competition.
Rank: 15

+ Perhaps the contest’s best example of how one can use dance to make the story of a song understood beyond linguistic boundaries. One of the most original songs in the contest, performed with passion, emotion and defiance, and certainly some of the strongest lyrics.
- Many folk have an automatic dislike to rap at the contest and may get the wrong idea of his bars, seeing them as angry rather than as the deep and moving lyrics that they are.
Rank: 2

+ Francesco embodies easy-going charm, and his satirical lyrics are amongst the contest’s best.
- The Eurovision version of the song has much less impact than the San Remo one; it slipped down by rankings because most of those biting and ironic lyrics were removed, leaving only half a verse where there had been two.
Rank: 7

+ What Anja does very well indeed is connecting with the audience. It’s a song about intimacy, so the number of long close ups communicate that well - it feels as though she’s singing right in front of us.
- Musically generic, and the aforementioned intimacy is undermined by vox that are beyond the border of shouty.
Rank: 13

+ Magnificently moving, ethereal song that has the timeless quality of an instant classic. Sang beautifully in a way that shows nuance trumps power. I never thought a song from this decade’s ESC could challenge to be my favourite ever Eurovision song, but this does.
- Whilst his interpretation of the song through movement is a key part of its appeal to me, it distracts some folks. My own biggest problem is that I’d rather see Salvador (and Luísa) up on the stage for hours rather than three minutes.
Rank: 1

+ Best Azeri entry ever. Something genuinely stylish, mysterious and modern.
- The staging seems a bit “GCSE Drama” and gimmicky.
Rank: 9

+ It’s impressive to be able to sing a duet with yourself in two completely different vocal styles. It’s bloody hilarious, too.
- This is the ultimate example of the saying: just because you cán, doesn’t mean you shóúld. This is more cheese than a tower made of Camembert and his fake smiles are creepy.
Rank: 14

+ As a piece of music, I quite like the style. With another singer, I might well enjoy this a fair bit.
- He sings as though his nose has never been blown, and his forlorn looks to the camera that seem like that of a puppy dog who fears he’s going to end up served in a dish of bosintang seem fake and are very disconcerting.
Rank: 18

+ Only lasts three minutes. Demy must be a generous soul, given the way she allows the backing vocalists to sing more audibly than she.
- It takes me about 20 minutes to walk from my home to my workplace or vice versa. In that time, I reckon I could write 4-5 songs of higher quality than this. Utterly generic and disposable pop with lyrics which are just a stream of thought-terminating clichés.
Rank: 26

+ The song has brought me hours of amusement, because my kids have made a game of making mocking references to it whenever they can. Before a pronunciation face-to-face challenge, one lad psyched another out by saying “are you ready to do it… for your lover?”
- Wasted money voting on other songs only for a jury of the “winner’s” friends to overrule the public vote. So that they could force this masterpiece in which “do it for your lover” or “just do it” is said, on average, every four seconds. Grim.
Rank: 25

+ I listened to the acoustic version of this and they sing it well, and it sounds much better acoustic. They seem like nice lads.
- Cold, soulless, robotic, and with silly rhyming dictionary lyrics.
Rank: 18

+ The BBC has finally upped its game and tried to create an impressive show. Well done.
- Shame the song itself is part sleeping pill, part excruciatingly annoying. “This maaadnnesss…”
Rank: 23

+ For us linguaphiles and/or Armenophiles, there was a great moment in a video where Hovig and Artsvik spoke at the same time, he in Western Armenian, she in Eastern Armenian. That was cool.
- Pales in comparison to Rag and Bone Man’s “Human” from which the music was ripped off without mercy. Also, physicists across Europe are weeping as Hoving considers gravity to be something that lifts you up ánd halts your fall.
Rank: 22

+ The second dose of “adorable couple” tonight. This shouldn’t work, this unholy blend of rap and yodel, but for me, it so does. Mostly on how happy they are and how that transfers to me in the audience. They’re just full on adorable. And you know, as much as it’s great that Eurovision has a great many serious acts, I love that something so wild and just plain carefree can get so far too. There’s a really good message of living for the moment in this, too.
- Ilinca’s vocals are powerhouse; Alex’ are more underwhelming and that might see them penalised by the juries.
Rank: 6

+ When she was in the final of that ridiculous national final, duelling against herself, it seems obvious Levina wanted the other, marginally less terribad Wildfire, and felt lumbered by the public’s pick of Perfect Life. Despite that, she’s done a great job of wholeheartedly promoting the song and has travelled far and wide. I respect the work ethic. She had by far and away the best vocals of the national final, too (shame she got this song which doesn’t play to her strengths.)
- Usually, I cannot look past the ripped-off Titanium intro. When I can, the lyrics blow my mind in the worst possible. Almost a sinner, nearly a saint, people…
Rank: 16

+ I love a good rock song. This is not so great, but is like a mirage in a desert - giving sóme hope of refreshment, even if it ultimately doesn’t deliver.
- Runs out of steam after the first minute and becomes a bit of a sludge after a few repeated listens.
Rank: 12

+ Absolutely spellbinding studio version. 50-60 years ahead of last year’s throwback from Belgium. Minimalist and moving. I hold out hope in a really good final performance.
- Poor Blanche has looked as though someone was molesting her dead pet dog in front of her during the semi final. More traumatised than vulnerable.
Rank: 5

+ The music, whilst nothing special, is quite catchy. Especially the instrumental parts with the synth-based flourishes.
- I find it hard to look past the ugly and forceful “rapey rhyme” style lyrics, or the cringeworthy stage show aptly and succintly referred to by a friend of mine as “fuckboys on treadmills.”
Rank: 20

+ Polished and contemporary song, sung with confidence.
- As anything other than background music, it leaves me cold. I really find the performer to be highly offputting, too.
Rank: 11

+ Not as good or half as charming as Amir and his song, but not a bad effort. Very French, which from me can only be a compliment.
- Feels quite inconsequential after they removed the most meaningful lines and replaced them with a cliché English chorus.
Rank: 10

My pre-final top 10, thus:
1 - 🇵🇹 - Portugal
2 - 🇭🇺️ - Hungary
3 - 🇧🇾️ - Belarus
4 - 🇦🇲️ - Armenia
5 - 🇧🇪 - Belgium
6 - 🇷🇴️ - Romania
7 - 🇮🇹️ - Italy
8 - 🇳🇱️ - Netherlands
9 - 🇦🇿 ️- Azerbaijan
X - 🇨🇵 - France

Priorities (Simon Request)

~~~Simon’s POV~~~
“Right you ready to leave Simon?” Josh yells and I quickly jog down the stairs to meet them.
“Yeah yeah I’m coming” I sigh, slipping on my shoes.
My phone buzzes in my pocket with a text from (y/n) of course. She was my girlfriend of 6 months and someone who made me realise just how much I could love someone. It sounded cheesy but it was true. I realised that I loved her from a few dates into our relationship. She was funny and beautiful and all that stereo typical stuff people want a girlfriend to be.
I check the text and completely zone off from what the guys are saying, smiling as I reply.
“Simon” JJ repeats, louder to cut off my daze.
“Oh sorry what?” I shake my head.
“Never mind” He sighs, clearly annoyed at something and he turns back round to Walk out of the door.
Josh clasps his shoulder as he does, in support I guess.
JJ had been acting like this recently. Though I couldn’t tell why.
We got to the restaurant, aka Nandos, where we would grab some late dinner before heading out for the night to go bowling.
Another text from (y/n) let my phone buzz on the table beside me and the guys glanced up.
Babygirl💞- Enjoy your night xx Just don’t get lost in a ditch somewhere😂
I chuckle at her message to myself before replying.
Me- Might not head out tonight, we’re at Nandos now x How about you come round ours after? X
To me, that was more interesting than going out for the night. I could spend some time alone with her and properly catch up with everything- something I hadn’t been able to do with how busy we had been.
Babygirl💞- No come on, enjoy your night x Don’t worry about me xx
Me- I’ve got priorities x See you soon gorgeous x
When I look up, all of the boys seem a little agitated.
“Just leave it, he’s not listening to you” JJ shakes his head at Josh
“What was that?” I frown.
Jide simply rolls his eyes and watches as the rest of the ‘tower’ boys arrive.
Conversation continues as normal but I can tell JJ is uncomfortable and when he goes to fill his drink, I follow.
“Jide what’s wrong?” I question, standing beside him.
“Nothing man” He fakes a smile, leaning down to fill his glass
“Don’t start this you know i-” I begin, though my phone buzzes in my pocket.
“You not gonna check that?” He raises a brow.
“I can wait two seconds”
“Well that’s not like usual Simon” He remarks, walking back to the table.
I check the message that says (y/n) will be picking me up in an hour and a half.
I can’t help the smile that falls onto my face.
~~~Time Skip~~~
After a big enough meal to feed the five thousand and with JJ and Josh still being quiet towards me, we pay and go out to leave the restaurant. I can see (y/n)’s car pull up outside and I already just want to be with her.
The guys of course recognise the vehicle.
“Isn’t that (y/n)’s car?” Cal asks, coming up behind me.
“Yeah I think I’m gonna take a raincheck on tonight guys and just head home with (y/n)” I nod, stuffing my hands into my pockets.
“Are you serious?” JJ exclaims.
“JJ” Josh warns, grasping his shoulder as though holding him back.
“You know what? Never mind. Enjoy yourself” He turns round and walks away. And the boys simply look at me before following.
“Ready to go?” (Y/n) winds down the window and my face turns to a grin once again, climbing into the passenger seat beside her.
~~~Your POV~~~
You reach the house you had been to many times fairly quickly and you can tell something is bothering your boyfriend.
“So have you got filming to do?” You ask him, following him up to his room.
“No just a bit of editing but that can wait” He nods
As soon as you get in, he flops to the bed and you shuffle down beside him, automatically having his arm around you.
“Whats wrong then babe?“ You question, fingers lacing with his.
“Nothing” He smiles.
“Oh come on, you’ve been quiet since we left and you’ve not even cracked one joke. That’s not like Simon” You frown.
“Just the guys, JJ mainly, they’ve been acting different”
“How come?” You persist.
“I… I think its about you…” he mumbles, “I think they think I’ve been spending too much time with you”
You rise up onto your elbow, automatically feeling guilty.
“Just stuff like how much I text you or like tonight”
“Well I told you that you didn’t have to leave, I don’t want to be the one pushing you away from your friends”
“No no I’m not saying that its just they’re being ridiculous” He shakes his head.
“Honestly simon having a girlfriend doesn’t mean you need to be completely apart from your friends. Believe me” You comment.
“So you think its my fault?” He questions, clearly getting defensive.
“No of course I’m not saying that but you’ve got to accept their opinion”
” I thought you for one would be on my side" He scoffs immaturely, shuffling off the bed.
“Oh for gods sake, I’m not on a side! There’s no side to be on” You stand, now on opposite sides of the bed.
“Maybe I should’ve gone out with them tonight” He mutters.
“Yeah maybe you should’ve, because for gods sakes at least you might be surrounded by people only slightly more mature than you’re being right now” You comment.
“I don’t get why you’re so annoyed about it” He points out.
“Because I don’t want to be the one that’s causing problems between you and the guys, especially when it can be changed” You retort.
“So I shouldn’t spend time with my own girlfriend just to make those dickheads happy?” He questions, annoyance high.
“Yeah you know what? I’m gonna leave you to decide what you want to do, and think about when exactly you’re going to grow up” You snap, grabbing your jacket and heading out quickly.
~~~Simon’s POV~~~
The guys came back in the early hours of the day, prime time for us and before they can disperse into their rooms, I jog down the stairs to greet them.
“Where’s (y/n)?” Vikk asks, taking off his shoes.
“She um, she went home” I scratch the back of my neck, “I think we need to talk though”
“And what would that be about?” Jide questions, clearly not amused.
“I think I’ve sort of been neglecting you guys recently. I’ve been spending far too much time focused on (y/n) and I shouldn’t be. But believe me, its not her fault at all, in fact, she left because of how I was acting” I explain, “And it made me realise that maybe she was right”
“You’re serious?” Josh raises his brows.
“Yes I’m serious” I sigh, “So I thought maybe we could film something? Get back into the swing of things”
“Sounds good, as long as it involves plenty of eggs landing on your head" JJ grins, hitting me over the head.
“Piss off!” I grumble, chuckling all the same
And I think that just proved, that maybe I could share my priorities. Even if (y/n) would always be on top.

Personal Bully (Part 2)

The Maze Runner Imagine (Gally)

Part 1

Requested: yes!

Note: Oh my god guys I’m so sorry for being so unactive the last two weeks or so but I got some things to get done for school and I discovered the serie Once Upon A Time. I watched four seasons in two weeks but anyway… I’m back now and I’m back to writing imagines and I missed you and I’m so sorry. Blame it on Hook and Peter Pan

After some quick goodbyes and a kiss on the cheek from Fry I headed off to my room. I was accompanied by the protesting cries of Gally. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to see him again in a week. “Get ready,” I thought slightly grinning. “The tables are going to turn.”


“Get the shuck up! Duty calls!” Stomping, clapping, screaming and laughing I entered Gally’s room in the early morning hours. Being the keeper of the builders had its advantages. 

My never lying gut feeling told me it was about four o’clock in the morning. Perfect time to get out of bed and get some things done like making me breakfast. 

“Do I have to say it again?” I grabbed the thin fabric of his blanket which he clutched onto like his life depended on it. “No.” 

“Good,” one quick move and it hung over my shoulder. “Then raise your fat ass and follow me.” “No.” 

“No? Oh, that’s a shame because when I told you to shut up and leave, you didn’t fulfil my wish and now I’m not going to do that either.” “I know what you’re seeking after,” he grumbled. His voice sounded muffled because of his pillow. “I’m listening.” 

He shifted cumbersomely to be able to see my face. Our gazes locked. “Revenge.” “Don’t be ridiculous. Do I look like someone who is satisfied with something like revenge?” “You look like someone who would enjoy a short trip to the slammer,” he replied and brought himself into a straight position. “And now give me back my blanket before I carry you there on my own.” 

“Nothing but hot air,” smiling triumphantly I backed away from his bed. “See you later, Gal.”


Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day and another good opportunity to give Gally the payback he shucking deserved. What a waste of eggs and ham. 

“Wouldn’t it be better if you would eat your food instead of throwing it at him?” Newt suggested carefully while taking another strip of bacon from my hand. “It doesn’t seem like it bothers him very much.” “Surely it bothers him. Everything I do bothers him,” I hissed through gritted teeth and let go of my egg. It hit his forehead. My best toss yet. 

“That’s enough,” he pushed back his chair. “Oh, giving up already? You’re weak, Gally. I made it much longer.” “Shut up,” he snapped pushing his way past me. “I’m disappointed.” “Couldn’t care less.” “Payback’s a bitch!” I screamed after him making Newt and Zart chuckle. 

“If you’re still alive by the end of this week, he really must like you,” Newt let out his breath. “What?” Zart winked. “You’ll see soon enough.” Okay. Should I be afraid or concerned about my life?


Well, until now I gave Gally a tit-for-tat response for everything he did to me in the past week. Just one thing was missing. The scene he caused me at the bonfire. Unfortunately there wasn’t one this week or for the next two. But that didn’t matter. My clever little mind had another idea and it could be possible that Minho played an important role in it. But we got to that part later. 

At the moment I had to concentrate on braiding my hair. Of course I wanted to look good for Gally… uhm I meant Minho. I studied myself in the mirror. Something was missing, but what? Oh, got it. A flower. To be exact a whole crown. Yes, my life was quite boring some days. I also made one for Chuck but he refused to wear it. I rolled my eyes at the thought of him. Boys. Good keyword. 

A knock on my door caught my attention. Minho was here. I smoothed down my dress the creators sent up a few days ago. Like they knew I had something planed. 

“Ready for our dinner, lady?” Minho held out his arm. “You mean ready for the worst prank ever? Yes, I am ready,” smiling I linked our arms. “Then what are we waiting for?” “Nothing.” My stomach was prickling like I ate some caterpillars. The thought made me cringe. Gross. 

“Everything’s okay?” Minho eyed me suspicious. “I’m fine. Don’t stop moving.“ “Aye, aye captain.” I shook my head laughing. “Don’t call me that.” “Why not?” “Because, ugh you know.” 

A grin appeared on his lips. “Is it what I think it is? You’re blushing.” Automatically my hands shot to my cheeks. “Liar.” “For a moment you believed it.” “Never in your wildest dreams.” 

There wasn’t more time for him to shoot back a comment because we reached Frypan’s kitchen and thus our well-laid table. Fry really did his best. 

“How lovely,” I raved as I inspected the wonderful smelling candle. Its little flame lighted up the inner circle of the table. The gentleman he was, Minho moved the chair for me. “Thank you.” “We want it to look real, don’t we?” “Sure.” 

It may look real but it surely didn’t feel like it. Minho was like my older brother. To be honest, it felt really weird looking him in the eyes like I adored him. We were just playing, acting, to hopefully earn Gally’s attention so the main part of my prank would work. 

“Are you nervous?” “No it’s limited.” My short answer betrayed my lie. I was nervous as hell. Everything could go wrong. 

Minho grabbed my hand from across the table. “It’s going to be alright. You can do it.” As if on cue Fry hit his pot with his knife. Our secret signal. Gally was on his way. 

“Okay, stay cool,” I warned the dark haired boy. “Shouldn’t I be the one giving you this instruction?” He mocked me. The grip around his fingers tightened until his knuckles turned white but he kept a straight face. “Slinthead,” I muttered. 

“Wait,” Fry turned back into our direction. “False alarm.” “God, don’t do that again,” I let out the breath I was holding unconsciously for the last few seconds. 

“Did he look over?” Minho wanted to know. The cook nodded. “Yes and he didn’t look delightful.”


Time flew by. Hour after hour passed and before we knew it the stars started to shine one by one. 

“It’s time to go. Not much longer and the doors will close.” “That’s exactly what they should do,” an evilly grin divided my lips. “I don’t want to side with him but that’s probably the worst prank you could play on him.” 

I shrugged my shoulders “Too late. Chuck and Jeff invested a lot of time into making that bloody puppet. Now we’re also going to use it.” “You’re the boss. Just tell me what to do.” 

“I already told you a hundredth of times but alright, one last time. You’ll go and talk to Gally while I put the puppet in place.” “At the entrance of the maze?” “Yes and when the doors start to close you’ll call attention to it. Understood?” He nodded. “Gally won’t have enough time to ‘save me’ and that’s it. He’ll be crashed right in front of our eyes. Right in front of my eyes.” 

“You’re cruel. But if he starts crying don’t dare to pin the whole thing on me,” Minho rose his forefinger. “I just helped you.” “You’re in as deep as I am. And now let’s go.”


I sneaked into my room, grabbed my lookalike and ran, after ten gazes to every side of the Glade, to the maze doors. They already had begun to rumble. 

In the distance I could spot the two dark silhouettes of Gally and Minho. The rumble sounds gained volume. Wind blew through my hair. The time had come. Hidden behind a nearby tree I watched the metres disappear. 

Twenty. Eighteen. Fifteen. 

Calls echoed through the Glade. Boys sprinted towards the doors. 

Ten metres. 

Among them were Gally and Minho. The latter looked out for me but he couldn’t spot me in the crowed. Well, probably because I was currently lying on the ground in the maze waiting for my sure end to come. 

Gally pushed his way forward. “Move!” Everyone obeyed. 

Three metres. 

Even if he wanted to save me, he would never break one of the three golden rules. 

Two metres. 

“No! (Y/N)!” 

Two and a half. 

My eyes widened as he took a determining step forward. 


The doors closed in front of his face and crushed ‘my body’. Silence fell over the Gladers as they stared at the stone walls until Gally’s booming voice wrecked it. “No, no! (Y/N), shuck!” “Oh my god,” Newt whispered. He was, of course, initiated. Chuck and Jeff shared a glance. Both of them bit back a laugh. 

Suddenly there was a hand on my mouth dragging me back to the ground. “Hush, it’s just me.” “Minho! You idiot scared the clunk out of me,” I hissed more than relieved. “No,” Gally repeated for the fourth time already. “Seems like he can’t believe it,” the runner rolled his eyes. “Maybe I should send everybody to bed so you can tell him the truth.” “Just a few more minutes. I like to hear his desperate voice.” “(Y/N).” “All right, all right. I’m on my way.” 

“Boys. Bedtime,” Minho stepped into the middle of the crowd. “Leave this poor guy some time alone. I assume that he has quite some stuff to think about,” he patted Gally’s trembling shoulder. “Night man.” “Oh god, what have I done?” Gally rested his head in his hands. 

In thoughts I counted to ten till I decided to leave my hiding place and answer his question. “A lot. You did a lot.” Startled he jumped up. His face was pale like he just saw a ghost. Oh… 

“(Y/N), but…” Blankly he pointed at the closed doors first and then at me. “Why are you here? You should be…” “Crashed by gigantic stone walls?” “I wanted to say dead but you hit it pretty good.” 

It seemed like he had overcome the first shock. “Why the shuck did you do that?” “To score you off,” I admitted feeling slightly guilty. “I didn’t expect that it’ll affect you that deeply.” “Sure it would affect me that deeply!” He almost shouted. 

“And why is that? You really must hate me. I mean you pulled one prank and one tease after another the last few weeks.” “Does it matter? You’re with Minho anyway.” It had worked. “Minho and I aren’t a thing, it was just part of the plan and yes, it does matter.” 

“Well, guess I’m not good at expressing my feelings then,” he shrugged it off like Frypan had just told him the daily meal. “Your feelings? For me?” “No, for Newt you dumbass.” “Sorry if it’s hard to conceive,” I rolled my eyes. 

And then I took the deepest breath I’ve ever taken to arm myself for the worst preachment he’ll ever get in his life. “You are the biggest shucking shuck-face I’ve…” I didn’t make it far. His lips suddenly crashing on mine interrupted me. 

Not that I’d care that much. It was definitely the better way to get out of breath and yelling never helped on Gally anyway. The gross caterpillars in my stomach returned. They made me smile. 

“What?” Gally’s voice was barely more than a whisper as he leaned his forehead against mine, breathing heavily. “Just thinking about your stupidity. You could have told me earlier,” my smile turned into a grin. 

“Oh, are we getting cheeky now?” “Yes.” “Well, then I think I have to banish you.” “For getting cheeky?” My mouth dropped open indignantly. “For making me fall in love with you and for playing that nasty trick on me. You’re staying the night in the slammer.” “But, Gal…” 

He shook his head. “What goes around, comes around, love. Now it’s your turn.” “I shucking hate you.” “I hate you too.”

Daryl Jr. 2

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Imagine : your now in your fourth month of pregnancy and your worries of having a child have faded , only to be replaced with the very most adorable worry that is ’ Daddy Daryl ’

You huffed as Maggie and yourself pushed a crib into the corner of the spare bedroom , the wall making a over dramatic ’ thud ’ as it set in place . Maggie whiped her for head with the utter most dramatics herself , but threw a smile your way . “ Thanks for helping me with this , Daryl won’t let me do anything while he’s here and I was starting to consider locking him out ” you smirked at your best friend .

She laughed at you and the possible thought of locking him out “ I’ve noticed , good thing he won’t be back for awhile so we can finish - ” She was cut off by a slam of a door , clearly making Daryl’s early home coming known . You both looked at each other with wide eyes as if he was catching you in the act of murder itself . Maggie pointed to your over alls that clearly had paint all over it , which would be the biggest give away that you had in fact went against his wishes .

She ran down stairs to buy you some time , that you knew with Daryl’s patience wouldnt be much , and you hurried to you twos bedroom for some fresh clothes . You yanked a long sleeved shirt from the dresser you two shared and a pare of jeans before stripping down the paint stained almost clown suit now .
You heard Daryl’s feet stomping up the stairs and as if Maggie was a bird she started screeching . You rolled your eyes playfully at her warning call and slipped your clothes on just in time for Daryl to open the door . You smiled at him , carefully standing in front of the pile behind you “ Hi ” . He smiled back at you only to close the space between the two of you and place a kiss on your lips .

“ Hey gorgeous ” he rasped , his arms slowly wrapping around you . You blushed lightly as he stopped to rub your bump and then to continue to wrap his arms around . “ How’s my two girls doin’ huh ? ” he cheesily smirked . Ever since Rick said that he thought you were going to have a girl because of how high your bump rested , Daryl has been cooing at the idea of a baby girl .

“ We’re good ” You smiled . He kissed your cheek “ Well I’m starvin’ darlin’ , ima’ go get somethin’ to eat alrigh’ ? ” . He turned on his heels without a awnser from you which in result caused him to get jerked back by your hand . “ Easy mama bear ” he joked and you smiled proudly “ Deanna’s throwing a party in half a hour , which means no eating ” .

He groaned , the dis taste of going to parties and acting normal very clear in his face , but he nodded anyways “ Fine , at least I can show you off ” . With that he kissed your cheek lightly and left down stairs to probably eat anyways .

You smirked at the thought before proceeding to yell his name and scold him .

“ Easy ” Daryl spoke from behind you as you stepped up the stairs of Deanna’s porch , placing his hand on your back . You scoffed “ I know how to walk by myself Daryl ” . He ignored your irritated tone and opened the door for you “ After you ” .

You crossed your arms over your chest and walked in . You greeted the warm smiles that were through your way with your own and even waved somewhat at the more familiar people . Though Daryl uncomfortably shifted next to you and avoided any smiles he could .

You didn’t mind though you knew it was just his way of being and you didn’t want to force him to talk or smile or even be polite if it made him uncomfortable . That’s one of the reasons Daryl always liked you , he never had to be anybody but himself around you . Whenever he’d get mad and lash out at someone you never stared at him like he was a car crash .

Or even when he just wanted alone time and you decided to join him , it never bothered him. It made him realize how much he actually liked you . How much being by himself actually bothered him . You took Daryl’s hand as you saw he was about to nervously bite them “ Relax ok ? Just relax ” .

He took a deep breath through his nose and relaxed his stiff body . He than kissed your cheek “ I’m gonna go get us some drinks alrigh’ ? Find someone ta’ sit down , I don’t want ya’ standin’ up tha’ whole time ”. He didn’t leave any room for argument as he turned around as soon as he was done talking .

You smiled and placed a hand on your baby bump , he really was going to be a really great dad .

It was later that night where you found yourself with Glenn and Maggie on a small couch upstairs . You were listening to some ridiculous story of Glenn’s adventures in pizza delivery , when you all of the sudden a man who you never really knew the name of stumbled himself into the room , clearly drunk off his ass he slammed himself into the chair across from the three of you .

Glenn , already not liking the looks of him , looked to Maggie and yourself and suggested going back downstairs . Before the two of you could agree though , the man slurred “ Wh-where y'all t-think you’re go-in ” . You grimaced with distaste as you could practically taste the alcohol radiating from him like strong cologne .

“ It-its rude to just wa-walk away when I just sat down ” He spit out before taking another sip from a bottle . You had already had enough of his drunken state and had no plans of putting you or your baby in such a position , and stood up “ Well I don’t really care if its rude or not , I don’t plan on staying around a drunk man with no merits to keep his own pants up ”.

He looked down to see his belt done and his pants slightly lowered then any one with eyes would like and angrily looked back up to you . You turned around and on trying to leave the man behind , he staggered behind you and grabbed your elebow “ You got some kind of nerve la-lady ” .

You turned around so quick that the man stumbled back . Glenn automatically stood up along with Maggie. “ Y/N go down stairs now ” Glenn said to you as the man recovered from his recent stumble . Every fiber in you wanted to deck the drunk man , you were never the one to stand for drunks who over stepped their boundaries , but you spinned around just in time to hear a crash and once again you were turned back around .

And there you saw Glenn had tried to get him to sit down when the man pushed him away and Glenn fell into the glass coffee table , sending glass everywhere and definitely into Glenn . Your anger boiled to no end and you lost it . Maggie hadn’t paid attention to anything but Glenn at the moment so you took the chance and pulled the man by his collar . “ You worthless drunken piece of shit ! ” You screamed .

The party down stairs seemed to cease at the sound of your tone and there was shuffling of footsteps coming up the stairs , but you didn’t care . Glenn was family and someone had to pay for hurting him . You threw him against the wall easily . Already crooked paintings rattling into a even more crooked pose and you stepped towards him and raised your arm , but you felt a familiar hand pulling you back .

“ What the hell ! ” Daryl yelled as he pulled you behind him . He looked to Glenn and the man still on the ground and put two and two together . “ Daryl he grabbed Y/N and Glenn tried to make him sit down - ” Maggie started as she helped Glenn up , but stopped short when Daryl himself picked the man up . “ You touched Y/N! My Y/N ?! ” he yelled and now everyone was crowding the room .

“ I-I only grabbed her elebow ” He said now very aware of the situation . “ Nah no one touches my girl ” and with that you knew that man was gonna regret ever touching a liquor bottle .

“ Y/N ? ” Daryl whispered as you two laid in the bed you shared . You were laying on your side , hands caressing your stomach “ Yeah ? ” . He took a deep breath “ You’re not scared of me are ya ? ” . Your eyebrows furrowed together and you rolled over “ No why would I be ? ” . He sighed and motioned you to let him hold you . You scooted closer and he ran his fingers over your cheek “ You haven’t been talking ta’ me much after what happened ” .

You nodded “ I was just thinking ” . His eyes searched your own “ About wha’ ” . You looked down at your stomach “ I lost my temper tonight and I put this baby in danger . It could’ve been me thrown into the table and glass put into me . What if I would’ve fallen on my stomach ? ” . He shook his head and lifted your chin up so he could see your eyes “ Baby he put you two in danger and you were protecting our Lil’ girl ” .

You nodded “ I just lost it when I saw what happened to Glenn . remember when he came back from what the governor did? How bad I wanted to just .. ” . Daryl nodded “ It took me and rick to hold you back ” . Daryl laughed at the memory “ You’re pretty strong for a tiny thing ” . You couldn’t help but laugh along with him .

Once you two quieted down Daryl rubbed your cheek again “ When I heard he even touched you Y/N … I couldn’t stop . Rick said I coulda’ killed ‘em ” . You only laid your head on his chest “ I know hun’ ” . He held you close “ I want lyin when I found out you were pregnant . I’ll kill anyone who dares to look at you wrong ” .He then kissed your head “ That asshole better watch his back from now on ” .

You smiled “ He should fear the wrath of daddy Daryl ”.