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A Theory on Moiraillegiance

It’s already been stated that Eridan and Nepeta wear their moirails colors

Eridan’s rings (back when he and fef were moirails)

and nepeta’s hat, tail and shoes

Now the question is why? Why do these two wear their partners colors, while Feferi and Equius do not? What Nepeta and Eridan have in common is both Eridan and Nepeta are lower on the Hemo-spectrum than Equius and Feferi.

Here is my theory. The moirail with lower blood will wear the highblood’s color, not out of devotion, but for protection.

We all know Alternia is a pretty violent place, and there is no consequence for a highblood killing a lowblood. We also know that moiraillegiance serves as a means for soothing and controlling highbloods who would otherwise be dangerous. AND we know that moirails can be extremely vengeful when their parnter is killed.

So in order to prevent accidentally killing a highblood’s moirail and setting them off on a murderous rampage, the lowblood wears the highblood’s color to show they are “taken”. 

Eridan doesnt wear as much pink. He is a seadweller, and immune to most hemo-spectrum related killings. However, his moirail is the Heiress, and pretty damn important, so it thus marks his importance as her moirail. It also warns his potential killer that they have the wrath of the heiress on them if they were to actually kill him.

Nepeta on the other hand, wears a whole lot of blue. Since she is practically a lowblood, she needs to make it pretty clear that she’s under the protection of a blue-blood.

So basically, wearing your moirail’s color is a warning sign. Equius and Feferi allow Eridan and Nepeta to wear their blood colors as a “bitch step off this is mine” sign to people who might want to hurt them.

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Can I ask for oikage headcanons if your not busy? <3

Yea sure!! Definitley, i don’t really get to do much Oikage!! here you go anon:

-kageyama is kinda weirded out by Oikawa’s thing with aliens but doesn’t say anything about it and starts to think its sort of cute.

-everything for them is a little competition; who can stay up latest, who can get ready the fastest, who can clean the most etc.

-kageyama likes to watch Oikawa do his hair in the mornings.

-Kagyama takes the longest showers.

-kageyama would totally be the one to say ‘you’re super pretty,’ and when oikawa asked him what he said he’d yell, ‘I said- YOU’RE SUPER SHITTY!’

-When they spend the night Oikawa always wants to watch a scary movie and Kags acts like the movie doesn’t bother him but he totally ends up clinging to oikawa for dear life.

-Oikawa claims that he doesn’t want to go to Kageyama’s games because he’s the enemy etc. but totally shows up anyways.

-Oikawa is a lil insecure and needs constant reassurance. 

- Even though Kageyama hates it, Oikawa always adds chan to the end of ihs name, even in sex ;))

-When Oikawa want’s attention he just stares at Kageyama intensely without blinking until Kags notices him.

-Oikawa is a definite full body blusher

-Oikawa is a huge fan of cheesy romance stuff.

-Kageyma has a secret love of Oikawa’s thighs and stares 24/7

-Oikawa pretends not to notice but inconspicuously teases him all the time.

requests are always open!

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Lapis, if you and Claire got married, what kind of wedding do you think you'd have?

Send my muse anons about their relationships @dulcetxdreams becuase i cry

     “I think I’d be okay with whatever she wanted just since she said yes.” He’s just very <3 <3 <3 when he’s thinking about this.

     “If I had to choose though, I’d personally like something private with just the two of us, maybe even eloping. We could always have like a reception or something later with friends and family and stuff. I think it would be really romantic to do it in Fiji since it’s the first place we traveled to together. We could do it on the beach, maybe on Vomo or Kadavu, probably at sunset or something, and we could both have our hair up in braided crowns with flowers. I don’t know, the little details don’t really matter much and I’d do whatever she wanted even if it was a huge wedding.” He’s more than happy to let it be the bride’s special day more than it is his since he would just be glad that it’s happening.

     “… I do really want one of those geode cakes though.”