its really nice cause you kinda get to see what they experienced while they were there

“Wow, Alex,” Jack said, trying to keep his eyes from popping out of his head. “You really, uh…you really grew up after you left for college!”

He hadn’t seen his childhood friend in years, and he was already kicking himself for being so tongue tied around her, but he couldn’t help it. She was gorgeous. Her breasts were gargantuan, and her tummy and thighs were so big and soft. And her ass…well, all he wanted to do was fall to his knees and kiss that perfect ass. But Alex had always been a scrawny kid. The two of them used to joke that the puberty bus left her at the station as they played in empty fields and snuck out at night to try and crash parties thrown by the more popular kids whose parents were never home.

This girl…no, this woman in front of him, was anything but scrawny. He couldn’t fathom how she had become so…so…BIG!

And it wasn’t just her voluptuousness that was currently driving him crazy…it was the fact that tiny little Alex Storm, the girl he used to pat on the head whenever she would make fun of him simply because he knew it drove her crazy, was now looking down on him, her eyes easily six inches above his own.

“You like?” she asked with a smirk. “I finally boarded the puberty bus and it was the express, Jackie.”

Jack scowled slightly. He hated that nickname. But he had to admit he was more likely to endure it coming from this goddess standing before him. Still, something was bothering him. “Alex,” he began slowly. “How long has it been?”

She scrunched her face up. “Oh, I dunno. Four or five years maybe?”

Was that enough time for all of this growth? He supposed it must have been. But he’d also kept up with her on social media, and he knew that as recently as nine months ago she’d looked just the same. There were no photos of her in her current…state, so he had no idea when these changes had actually occurred.

“Alex, I’m just going to come out and ask it…how in the hell?”

She grinned. He knew that look. “Oh, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, looking much like a cat toying with a mouse.

“Uh-huh,” Jack said wryly. “You’re enormous and you have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Alex punched Jack in the arm, causing him to physically take a couple steps back. Wow. That had actually hurt. Despite how soft her body appeared, she was clearly packing some legitimate muscle and power.

“It’s not nice to call a woman enormous, Jack. Apparently you didn’t learn any manners since I last saw you.”

Still rubbing his arm, Jack rolled his eyes. “Oh, please. Look at you - you’re a giant! All of this…Alex, puberty didn’t do this and I know it.”

She wagged her finger at him and tsk’d him, not unlike a mother scolding a child. “See, that’s where you’re wrong, Jackie. Puberty did cause this…sort of.”

Jack sighed, moving to sit on her sofa. This was a really nice apartment she was living in. He dimly wondered how she could afford it. “Well,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I guess I’d love to hear more about your “sort of” puberty, then, because I’m totally lost.”

Alex shrugged. “I mean, there’s not much to tell. I kind of fell in with this genius smarty pants at college. He was super into me. You’d like him, Jack, he’s a hopeless nerd just like you.”

“Blah blah,” Jack retorted.

“Anyway,” Alex continued, glaring. “We were dating. He was nice. Then I found his porn stash and discovered he was into women the exact fucking opposite of me - curvy and thick and…just big, Jack. Really big.”

Jack’s look softened as he saw how much this had clearly hurt her. “Hey,” he began. “It’s-”

“I was upset at first, but then he started talking about the stuff he was working on. A machine that actually triggers puberty. Or…I guess a sort of artificial puberty. I’m not 100% sure how it works, honestly. All I know is you start out as you, and whenever it’s done doing its thing, you’re just…even more you. Kinda like…enhanced.”

“Wow,” Jack said. If anybody else had told him that story he wouldn’t have believed it, but seeing the new Alex in front of him, there was no denying that what she was saying was the truth. “This guy is going to be a billionaire.”

Alex shrugged again. “I mean, money isn’t everything,” she paused, looking around her spacious and well-furnished apartment and smirking. “Although I guess it is a little useful.”

“So one use of that machine turned you into-”

“No, no, it’s not that big of a miracle,” Alex said, holding up her hands. “I, uh…may have gotten a little carried away, helping him test it. It’s just…” she trailed off.


Alex sighed, her hands running over her body. “It’s just that it feels so good,” she said excitedly. “That’s what I never told him. The size, the increased mass, the growing…it feels amazing. I cum every single time I use that machine. Multiple times.”

His mouth dropped open but no words came out.

Alex stood from her chair, continuing to run her hands over her body. “I’m not going to lie to you, little Jackie,” she said, her face once again a smirk. “I got a little addicted. My boyfriend broke up with me, said I was abusing his pet project. He tried to restrict my access, get me out of there.”

Alex’s cell phone on the coffee table began buzzing. Glancing down, Jack saw a photo of a smiling man in a lab coat and the name “Sweetie Pie” flash. Alex didn’t bother picking it up.

“He was an idiot if he thought I was going to give that machine up,” she continued, happily touching herself. She pulled one side of her little black dress up, just high enough that he could see the start of her panties. His eyes went wide and he could feel himself hardening in his pants even as Alex’s phone once again began buzzing like crazy, this time with text notifications, every one in all caps and featuring the angriest emojis:

“Alex, are you fucking crazy?!”

“You destroyed it!”

“All my research! How high did you turn up the power this time??!”

“It’s dangerous! I don’t even know what it will do!”

“At that dosage, the radiation will seep right into your bones!”

“Alex answer your phone!!!!!”

Jack gaped, looking up at Alex, who was biting her lip and slowly swiveling her hips while staring at him. She moaned, and he could swear she was suddenly surrounded by the faintest sort of glow, just before he saw her head inch a bit higher, her dress tightening all across her body as her breasts bulged out of it even more.

“Jaaacckkiieee,” she giggled in a sing-song voice, and her head rose up a solid foot, causing Jack to begin scrambling backwards with a startled yell, right up the couch’s back, flipping over it and pratfalling onto the floor. Alex laughed, a loud, tinkling noise that seemed to reverberate up his spine. He looked up from behind the couch slowly, eyes wide, and quickly ducked behind it when he saw her head brushing the ceiling.

The reprieve was short lived, as she moved the sofa out of the way with one hand, smiling down at him. “Hi,” she said happily, and Jack tried not to stare directly at her breasts, which had already exploded out of her dress and bra and hung tantalizingly above him. Her panties looked to be next.

“H-hi,” Jack said meekly, slowly trying to scoot back away from his friend.

“Don’t you like this, Jackie?” Alex asked, her eyes menacing. “Doesn’t everybody want me to have a body like this?”

“Oh, s-sure,” Jack said, his teeth chattering in fear as her head finally cracked against the ceiling, raining plaster over all of them. The blow didn’t appear to hurt Alex at all. If anything she looked even more exhilarated by it, and Jack briefly reflected that with these elevated ceilings, she had to be over ten feet tall.

“I’m just giving eeeeverybody what they want,” Jack’s friend said, her voice angry. “Nobody wants scrawny little pre-pubescent looking Alex…they want-”

Suddenly, she experienced another growth spurt, her shoulders widening the hole that her head just made in the ceiling. Light from the second floor came streaming in and Jack heard screams.


Her hips widened as her body pushed taller, her ass a sight to behold as it pushed the remaining living room furniture out of the way before her breasts began pushing into the second story. Jack could already tell her head was pressing against the next ceiling.


More plaster came down and Jack’s brain switched to auto pilot as he scrambled to get out of the building. He turned around only once before leaving Alex’s apartment to see that only her leg up to mid thigh remained in the room. Crashing sounds from above could be heard as he sprinted away.

HUGE ALEX!” his friend called, her head finally plowing through the roof of the building, causing it to slowly collapse around her.

Jack’s eyes were wide as he saw his best friend suddenly begin fingering herself out in the open, unable to resist how turned on the process had made her. He felt a buzzing in his hand and looked down, startled. He had picked up Alex’s phone before he ran out. Without thinking, he answered.

“Alex??!” a voice screamed in his ear, causing him to move it away. “What the hell have you done?!”

“Alex can’t come to the phone right now,” Jack murmured into the receiver. “She’s, uh…too big.”

“Who is this?” the voice demanded. “Wait…is this Jack? Are you her friend?”

Jack answered in the affirmative, and he sighed. “I’m going to text you directions to my lab. You need to come right now. She did a really shitty job of breaking my machine so I’m almost done fixing it. I may…god, I know I’m going to regret this…I may need your help to stop her.”

Jack shook his head, then realized he couldn’t see the motion. “No way! This is crazy! Why don’t you use the machine yourself??”

He sighed again. “You don’t send the only scientist who knows how to potentially reverse this mess into the…the thick of battle, you moron. Listen, just…get down here while she’s distracted by her masturbating. This machine causes the brain to release a lot of pleasurable chemicals, so I’m certain she’s a little…you know, busy.”

Jack stared at the enormous Alex, reclining on the rubble of her old apartment and hefting one of her gigantic breasts up to her mouth, sucking on the nipple. “I…I don’t know,” he uttered.

“Jack,” the voice said calmly. “I’m making some improvements while I fix this. I’ll have much better control. The only way we’re going to stop this is if you’re at least as big as she is…preferably bigger.”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly imagined looming over Alex, bending her over a building as her enormous ass jiggled against his significantly larger body with every thrust of his mammoth cock into her folds. He pictured her attempting to sit up only to feel his gigantic hand pressing her upper body back down and holding her still so he could continue fucking her with an earth rumbling moan.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he said, and hung up.

A date with Eric #1

((Lol, no one asked me to do this. I don’t care. Did it anyways. Fuck you all. Enjoy Eric Harris fluff. Fuck.

“REB, YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!” I yelled and snatched the whisk out of Eric’s hands.
“They’re just fucking brownies, y/n, what does it matter?” Eric shrugged.
I frowned, my lip quivered, “just brownies…” I sniffed and widened my eyes, “JUST brownies. No Eric, these are our brownies and we’re going to make them right!”
“Well shit. I can’t believe I agreed to do this with you.” He said angrily as I tightened the knot of his pink apron, which has roses painted on the front.
I giggled, “Sucks to be you.”

I took the bowl off him and instruct him to tip the caster sugar and butter in. He reluctantly did so. Eric had always had a soft spot for me, which is why he asked me on a date, probably. We had always been friends, ever since the 7th grade when he first moved to Littleton, We were always close: me, him, and Dylan. Eric asked me out in school, leaving a little note in my locker which read:
Dear, y/n,
I know we’ve been friends for-fucking-ever but I kinda wanna hang out alone… more than friends? I’ve had a crush on you for a while now and I just thought it would be okay to ask. If you don’t want to, then just ignore this and just act like you never read it, but if you do then come talk to me and we’ll arrange something.
Love, Reb
I had never read something so precious in my life, and truth be told I had a crush on him too, so I accepted his proposal, and we decided that we’d just hang at my place.

“Okay, the recipe says beat the sugar and butter together.” Eric sighed in disbelief that he was actually being forced to make brownies.
I nod in his direction and mix the two ingredients together until they formed a fluffy, yellow mush, “What’s next?” I turned to him.
He leaned against the counter, his mind somewhere else, my words caused him to regain focus, “Says here,” he paused to find where he was up to in the cook book, “add the eggs.”
“Pass the eggs then, dip shit.” I rolled my eyes.
“You get them.” He insisted.
“Stop being a douche and pass the eggs.”
“Use the magic word.”
“NO! Reb pass the fucking eggs!” There was an adamant tone to my voice.
“Magic word, y/n.”
“Ugh,” I groaned, “Fine. Pass the eggs, Reb, please.”
“Good girl.” He smirked and slid the eggs to me across the counter.

I cracked the eggs and plopped them into the mixture and whisked them in, it changed into a slimy, yellow goop. I made sure to follow Reb’s instructions carefully, listening to each word. After beating in the vanilla essence,I spooned melted chocolate into the mixture and mixed it in thoroughly. Me and Eric took turns after one of our arms got tired. He tipped the flour and cocoa powder onto the mixture and gently stirred it in.
“ERIC HARRIS!” I yelled.
“Whoa, whoa, what?!”
“You’re doing it wrong,” I rubbed my temples as I became rather infuriated, “You’re supposed to sift the flower, now its going to have flour lumps and it’s going to take forever to stir!!!”
“So-fucking-what. It’s just brownies.” he sighed.
“It’s not just brownies Eric it’s-”
“Yeah, I know, I know,” He place his hand gently on my cheek and looked me in the eyes, “they’re our brownies.” I don’t know why but the way his eyes pierced mine made my stomach do a flip, and the way he caressed my face so gently made me shiver.

“Nice job, Reb.” I patted him on the back.
“My brownies are gonna be godlike as fuck, man.” He grinned.
I smiled at the goofy smile sprawled across his face, “Yeah, they are.”

He had chocolate splattered across his cheek and flower all over his pretty apron but he still managed to look pretty adorable. He tipped the mixture into the brownie tin and look pretty pleased with himself, now all we have to do is put them in the oven. I ran my thumb across the warm chocolate that was on his cheek, removing the mark from his face, and inserted it into my mouth. The sweet taste of dark chocolate danced across my tongue, it was bitter but sweet at the same time, just like Eric.
“Let’s put this in the oven, shall we?” Eric said excitedly.
I enjoyed his enthusiasm, because I didn’t see it very much, “Yeah, lets!”
Eric carefully placed the tin into the oven and closed the door. He set a timer for 25 minutes. “NBK?” He asked.
“NBK.” I smiled back at him.

He bounced onto the couch in my living room while I popped the video tape labelled “Natural Born Killers” into the VCR. I threw myself down next to him and began watching the movie.

Things were never usually this awkward between me and him. We hung out all the time, but the thought of it being labelled a date hung over us like a big, grey cloud. We were nervous because neither of us had ever really been on many dates before, and we didn’t want to ruin a really good friendship also. 15 minutes had passed and we were invested in the movie. I had found my focus shifted from the movie to Eric’s face. His lips especially. His lips were a pale pink, like a rose bud. I stared at them when he bit them in anticipation created by the movie, or when he’d take a drink from a pop can. They looked so puffy and so soft. I wanted to push them against mine to badly but I was too nervous. I feel a blush form on my face and force my concentration back on the movie. Little did I know Eric was experiencing the same problems.  He was trying to find away to get my attention, without making the awkwardness worse. Eventually, he got the courage to proceed further. He placed his hand on my knee. I didn’t complain, I just was shocked, I never thought my BEST FRIEND Reb would be touching me. But in that moment he was and I was enjoying it. He slowly etched the hand up my leg, making circles with his thumbs on my inner thighs.
“E-Eric.” I stuttered out, feeling slightly nervous as his hand was only a few inches away from my womanhood.
His hand froze instantly, he looked embarrassed, as if I had just rejected him. He was about to pull his hand way, but I held it there, not wanting him to stop.
“Y/n?” Eric murmured.
“C-Can I kiss you?” The words that escaped his lips surprised me. They were shaky, I could tell he was nervous by the tone of his voice. I looked at his lips again, still pink, still plump and soft looking, still as kissable as ever. It took all my strength not to grab him and slam my lips into his right then and there.
“Yeah.” I tried to hide back the smile that began growing on my face as he leaned in.

He placed his forehead on mine, our hot breath mingled together for a few moments. I waited, excited, for him to finally press the lips I had been wanting to taste for a long time against mine, and satisfy the deep hunger I had for him. They were almost touching. So, so close. Not even an inch away when he stopped.
“Um,” he quickly pulled away, “y/n, can you smell burning?”
I sniffed the air, and looked towards the kitchen. Fuck. I spotted a thick cloud of smoke followed by the sound of a fire alarm, “Shit.”

I leaped up and ran to the oven and flung it open. I grabbed a dish cloth to cover my hand as I grabbed the hot metal tray and threw the burnt brownies onto the counter. I frown, looking at my burnt brownies when I suddenly feel two hands slither around my waist. Eric nuzzled his chin into the nape of my neck.
“This is all your fault.” I whimpered
“How?” He had a harshness to his voice.
“Because you didn’t sift the fucking flower.”
He laughed at my remark, “you’re so cute.” He planted a kiss on my cheek.
“You too, Reb.” I said, with the fire alarm still beeping loudly throughout the house.

G dragon Scenario #52 “Just a little smile… that’s all it takes” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“Are you ok?” Taeyang asked Ji yong. They were at the kitchen with the others, just chilling after dinner. “Huh?” he says grabbing an apple.

“You have had the same stupid expression all night” Seungri said suddenly. “What happened today?” Taeyang was really curious.

“Mmnothing” Ji yong said, biting the apple.

“Yeah! Right!” Taeyang rolled his eyes. “You met someone… don’t you?” Daesung was sitting next to TOP. Ji yong just laughed, and kept eating his fruit.

“What’s her name?” Taeyang pushes him playfully. “Name?! Really? The important question is…” Seungri approaches to Ji yong putting his arm over his shoulders “… is she pretty?”

The sad part of that, is that he was asking seriously.

“The girl from the session?” TOP voice caught everyone’s attention, and Ji yong just smiled as an answer.

“The photoshoot from today?” Taeyang crossed his arms, looking at Ji yong, who was enjoying all this sudden attention.

“Aren’t you gonna tell us? For real?” Seungri said.

“There’s nothing to say to be honest…”

“Still… I want to hear it!” Seungri made a little back jump and sat on the table. “Really there’s no much to say…” Ji yong he felt everyone’s gaze over him, judging him, and he sighed “… fine”

He took a chair and sits on it beside Daesung “I went to a photoshoot today…

“Hello! Nice to meet you” a small man said, greeting Ji yong. “The pleasure its mine” he answered politely and a little bit awkward, like always when he met new people. 

Despite the fact that he was one of the most important figures in Korea he was a very shy guy, who finds really hard to get to know people, because of his fame.

“Shall we start now?” he asked, smiling. “Sure” he nods. Ji yong was already done, with his makeup and his clothing on point. “Awesome!” the photographer took Ji yong’s arm and walked with him. 

It was a small roof, with beautiful decorations, mainly pink and blue flowers. It looks nice, regardless the small space they had to work in.

“Oh! Beauty you look fantastic!”

Ji yong was looking in other direction but when the photographer said that his eyes went directly towards him, to see who he was talking to. As soon as he saw you, he was amazed. Amazed by how beautiful you are, for your eyes and the way they slightly wrinkled when you smiled… that beautiful smile.

“How was she? Is she tall? Is she pretty? I mean her face, and what about her body?” Seungri’s voice broke the atmosphere. “Shhh!” Taeyang hushed him. 

“Ok ok I get it… I’ll shut up” Seungri says, lifting his palms.

Ji yong smiled, and then he continues with his story…

“Let me introduce you guys” the guy said, taking you by the arm and pulling you towards where Ji yong was. You knew him already, I mean who doesn’t know him?.

He was good looking, not so tall, just like you were expecting, and he definitely looks more imposing on stage and on camera than face to face. In person he was just a normal guy. A handsome one, but a normal human being.

“Hello, nice to meet you” he says, smiling and bowing a little bit.

That smile thought. His smile it was even more beautiful and stunning in real life.

“Nice to meet you too” you said, smiling back, just a little bit more awkward than him. His smile got bigger and prettier, you were wondering how was that even possible. Then the three of you walked together, you were walking towards the first set, which was placed in the middle of the roof, in front of a beautiful floral background, and with the beautiful view of the city.

“Ok I need you to act cold, I don’t want you to show any kind of emotions, ok?” the guy said.

Acting cold… sadly that was easy for you, because normally you have a resting bitch face all the time.

“Ji yong can you look over there, Y/N you look over there” he said, pointing different directions for both of you. “Remember… no emotions” he started to take a few pictures with his huge camera, which was in its tripod. Then he started to take a few more but this time with the camera that was hanging on his neck. 

“Perfect, just like that!” he was too much into it. “Ji yong can you look over here now? Turn over here…”

“… yeah! AWESOME! BEAUTIFUL!!!” he was way too into it. It was getting ridiculous.

Thanks god this wasn’t your first time working with him, cause the first time you did, you couldn’t hold back your laugh. He was a totally different person once he was working. It was funny to see him.

“Ji yong can you act more…” he says, still taking pictures from different angles “… cold. Just don’t laugh” he says, smiling.

“Sorry” Ji yong apologized, hiding his smile. Unfortunately for him, this was his first time with this guy.

“Ok now I need you to look to the floor… both of you”

“Woooow… PERFECT! Dont move! Keep still”

After a few minutes and a change of outfits, you were ready for the next session.

“Wow! You two look really good…” the guy mouth was wide open as you two walked towards him with that new outfit “… this concept looks amazing on you”

“Tell me that you two shared room to switch your outfits”

Taeyang’s hand went directly to Seungri’s mouth. “Please keep going” Taeyang says to Ji yong.

“Now guys, we are going to try something different ok?” the photographer said, adjusting something in his camera.

“Something different?” it wasn’t Seungri who interrupts this time. It was Daesung. “He wanted a couple concept this time” Ji yong explained. Suddenly everyone got curious.

“Just a little bit more close please…” the man said, and you moved a little closer to Ji yong who was sitting a few inches away from you “… there you go”

He started to took the pictures, this time switching between the camera on the tripod and his, a lot more often than in the first session.

“Y/N can you put your hand on his shoulder and rest your head on it?”

You didn’t notice it but Ji yong got really nervous with your touch. His heart was beating really hard. But he try his best to look calm like nothing was happening, like if he wasn’t dying inside.

“GOOD! Don’t move!”

“And that was it!” Ji yong says, sighing. “WHAT?!” Seungri was so disappointed.

“You didn’t talk to her after that?” Daesung asked kinda disappointed too, just like everyone else. “Well…” he seems to remember something “… at some point when we were looking at all the pictures of both sessions I told her that we look good together”

“AND?! What did she say?!” Seungri was all excited, more than the others. Ji yong looked down, like if he was thinking or remembering something, and after a few seconds of him just smiling, staring at the floor like a fool he just looked at Seungri with the biggest stupid smile in the world “Nothing” he shook his head.

Seungri was speechless, with the mouth open. “Nothing?!” Daesung repeats Ji yong’s words. Ji yong just nods with the same happy expression.

“What do you mean by nothing?” Taeyang was laughing as he hits his friend in the arm.

“She didn’t say anything, she just smiled at me… she is shy” Ji yong said.

The guys were not sure of what to do or say, they don’t know if laugh or to hit him in the face.

“She didn’t say anything?! You guys never actually talked?!” Seungri was so confused.

Ji yong was a about to answered him but then TOP speaks “Sometimes words aren’t necessary”

Seungri looked even more confused after that, making Daesung laugh at him. Ji yong just kept smiling, he couldn’t help it, he was in his own perfect little world now, enjoying their attention and thinking of you. “Is too complicated for you to understand and I’m too lazy to explain it to you” TOP says looking at Seungri an taking a sip of his drink. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny idiot! I DO understand, she’s pretty, I get that, he liked her right away but what I don’t get it’s how he is acting like this…” he points at Ji yong “… when they didn’t even talked”

TOP shook his head, slightly smiling at his friend. In a way he was saying how can you be so stupid?. “You don’t understand, nothing… nothing at all”

Everybody burst laughing except for Seungri, who was getting mad.

“Hey man! Don’t be so hard on him… he haven’t experienced that” Taeyang was covering his mouth with his hand cause he was laughing, while Daesung hits gently Seungri’s back a couple of times, hiding his smile by a shook of his head. “Experience what?!” he was losing the last bit of patience he has left.

“Love at first sight” Taeyang says in an exaggerated romantic tone.

Seungri looked at him, and it took him just a second to burst laughing at what he just said “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” he was laughing so hard. While everyone was staring at him, just smiling.

Eventually and since no one else was laughing along with him his laughed was slowly fading away “Love at first sight… that was a good one” he said, wiping the tears of his eyes.

“I feel so bad for you” TOP took another sip, smiling and walking away, while Seungri just watched him leave. “He wasn’t serious, right?” he asked Ji yong.

Ji yong grabbed Seungri’s shoulders, speaking really close to his face “One day you will find out that sometimes a smile it’s just enough…” he rested his forehead against his, and smiling says “… sometimes that’s all it takes”. Ji yong then, let him go, and starts to walk away in the same direction TOP did.

Seungri just stood there, confused, while Daesung and Taeyang also leaves, smiling and shooking their heads.

“I bet you that he is still there! With that stupid expression on his face” TOP was laughing, thinking of Seungri. 

Ji yong was with him in his room, just looking at his phone and lying on his bed. “I was being honest tho” he says and TOP looks at him. “Do you?”

A second later Ji yong smiled and looks at him “No” and both started to laugh.

The truth was that, indeed, it was the first time in his life he experience that feeling. He wouldn’t necessary use the word love for that, but you definitely moved something inside him, in a way that nobody else have done it before.

And also he didn’t mention what happened at the end of the photoshoot…

“Thank you all for your work” a girl of the team said, and everyone claps. Everyone including you and Ji yong. “Thank you!” he says, smiling.

As you two walked in the building again, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from you. “Thank you too, it was nice to work with you” again he was trying his best to not show how embarrassed he really was in that moment.

“The same goes for you” you said, smiling shyly. He just looked at you for a while. More than you would like.

“Could I have your number?” his gaze stole the breath from your lungs. “My number?” you said kinda shocked, and he just smile.

“Nice work guys!” a guy said at his back, walking really fast. “Thank you” both of you answered at the same time and in the same tone, as that guy disappeared through a door. After that you look into each other’s eyes and starting to laugh for no particular reason.

“I really want your number” he says. He was so direct, it was making you uncomfortable but not in a bad or weird way… you liked it.

Ji yong keeps staring at his phone, smiling like an idiot. The exact same look he has had since the photoshoot ended… what’s on the screen it’s his contact list and your name on it.

A little bit of games

Summary: Phil needs to clear his head before a football match and he’s more than glad to have Dan help him on calming him over his anxiety.

Genre: fluffy smut

Warning: smut-shalalala and swearing 

Words: 1,184 words nice

A/N: ah yes. The art of procrastination in which you write stories then you post in online and then you receive a request then you procrastinate about it. Literally, I am procrastinating about my procrastination. Nice. Help I cant stop saying nice what is thisisis

Tonight’s a Friday night.

There’s a game for the football team that requires students’ attendance.

And there’s nothing that drove Phil crazy except when it’s like this: big matches.

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I’m The Princess.

Titled: ‘I’m The Princess’ 

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,035

Warnings: Nothing to warn you about this is just pure fluff!

A/N: This is my entry for Week 13 of the Supernatural Hiatus Challenge!! I am like continuing ‘Back And Forth’ 

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The weekend after your wisdom teeth you spent most of your time resting. Sam and Dean told you were not going to lift a finger until you were fully recovered. You had a follow up appointment with your dentist that upcoming Tuesday and until then Sam and Dean had nothing going on and dedicating that time all to you. 

You didn’t mind but you told your brothers that you hoped that you weren’t causing them too much and trouble and being a nuisance on their part while they are taking care of you. Sam and Dean both looked at you and told you that were the opposite of that and they reminded that you would never be a nuisance to them and that they do not mind because its their job to take care of you. 

And they also like a little break every once and awhile from the demanding life of being a Winchester. You will never know how lucky you had it with Sam and Dean. The day after your surgery you mostly slept just like the day before. The medicine made you sleepy and kinda of sick to your stomach so you weren’t really eating. 

But you would join Sam and Dean at the table if they sat up to eat and you felt up to it. They told you that they wished you would eat but you said that your stomach hurt. Sam and Dean sighed and just continued eating. Then not long after that you excused yourself to use the bathroom and when  you got in there you realized that your friend had come to pay you a visit for the month. 

“DAMMIT! Really! Right now!!!” You roared extremely pissed. Sam and Dean knew that wasn’t a good sign. It explains why you were experiencing cramps in the bed and the headaches but you just assumed that was from the medicine. 

There wasn’t much blood and it appeared it just started and you caught it in enough time before things could have gotten out of hand. You slapped a pad down in your under garments and you exited the bathroom madder than ever. 

You sat back up at the table with your arms folded over your chest. “Let me guess. Your period started didn’t it?” Dean said just being able to tell from the discomfort you were having sitting in your chair. “Yes, it did.” You said lowering your head down. You pushed your chair out from the table and you brought your knees up to your chest and hugged them. 

You were having really bad cramps at the moment. Sam and Dean both put down their food and asked what was wrong with you. “The-the cramps are really bad right now.” You said on the brim of tears. You never got cramps this bad before. Most of the time you didn’t feel the pain but right now you were biting your tongue. 

“Do you want to take something? I could get you an advil or something?” Dean said offertory. “Yes, please.” You said shutting your eyes tightly hoping the pain would go away soon somehow. “One problem.” Sam said before Dean could get up and help you. “What?” You and Dean asked at the same time. 

“Y/N, you can’t mix over the counter stuff with the drugs you are taking for your teeth..” Sam said knowing this would make you upset. “Dammit!” You and Dean exclaimed frustrated. Dean picked up his slice of pizza again and shook his head. 

“I wish there was something I could do for ya, sis but I can’t and I am sorry.” Dean said meaningfully. “It’s not your fault Dean and thank you.” You said bring your knees down and rubbing the part where the pain was coming from. 

“Do you wanna go try lying down, Y/N?” Dean suggested thinking that would help with the pain. “Yeah I guess I could try.” You said getting up and pushing your seat in. “I’ll be back there with you in a minute, okay kiddo?” Dean said calling after you. 

“Okay.” You said weakly traveling down the hallway. Dean was tapping the table with his finger nails trying to think of something, anything for his baby sister. “Sam, google online stuff that helps period cramps.” Dean said ordering Sam. 

“I’m on it Dean.” Sam said getting up and retrieving his laptop. He quickly typed it in and he looked at the search results and most said take medication but then Sam scrolled down some more and found something. “Dean! Let’s find Y/N a heating pad!! They said that helps!!” Sam cried out loud and he was glad he had some success in his search. 

Dean was on the move by that point and he first went to Sam’s room, knowing in the back of his mind he had one in there. In no time Dean did find one and he made sure it worked by plugging it in and then he went straight to your room and to found you watching Netflix. 

“Are you…watching a Disney movie?” Dean asked in one question looking at the screen and seeing the dashing Flynn Rider. “Yes, Dean and I am not ashamed of it. And hey what do you got there?” You asked with curiously. 

“A heating pad! Let me get you set up and you can count me in any movie you are watching.” Dean said very sweetly to you. “Aww Dean thank you!!” You said appreciatively. Dean was just too good to you sometimes. Dean set you up with the heating pad on a nice and toasty setting and got in your bed with you. 

You were starting to feel sleepy from the warmth from the pad and your older brother and the drugs taking were starting to take effect and you looked up to Dean right before you drifted off and you told him that you were best friend and you loved him very much and that he was the best brother and that you were his favorite brother. 

And the more you rambled on Dean knew that was just the drugs talking and he told you to just close your eyes and go to sleep.

And you did with the thought of Dean being right there with you.  

The End!