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Im sobbing in every language known  to man


(long post sorry) here it is, my finished ap art concentration!! i focused on toys and souvenirs and the memories connected to them/significance of them. overall im super happy how it all turned out!


BOYCOTT THE DRAMA MAN WHO DIES TO LIVE. It is racist and discriminatory towards Muslims, portraying Islam negatively and extremely false. I’m posting it on this blog bc I have alot of korea loving followers, so please reblog and share this 

^^^ ??????? 

I feel really bad for Muslims in Korea. I mean, its a homogeneous country, and some Koreans don’t even care about the world around them, so it literally makes no sense that they make a show about a RELIGION and CULTURE they know absolutely nothing about.  Just being ignorant and idiotic. I hope no kpop idols spread positivity about the show; but meanwhile, any kdrama watchers, don’t watch it. I bet it’s not even a good show. I mean, who wears a hijab with bikins????? who thought of that??? these Koreans are literally so clueless about other cultures and languages. I’m not saying all of course, but so many Koreans in Vancouver have no idea how to communicate with people who aren’t Korean or anything about Canadian culture, which is not good for them because some things that  they do are considered rude here. And so, they’ve gotten a reputation where people in Vancouver describe Asians as rude. Anyways, ik not all Koreans are like this ofc. It’s just annoying that people who don’t know anything about things that aren’t Korean are so stupid that they make a show about those things. For more, go to @ mayssemgh on twitter and it’s her pinned tweet

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Hello! I was wondering if you knew how expensive clothes are in Korea? My mom said that it's really expensive and so did one of my friends who studied abroad in Korea. Thank you!!

noooo korea’s super cheap???? you can get shirts for $5 and bottoms for $10!!! your mom and friend probably went to brand name stores like stylenanda, chuu, a-land, etc. or those big malls or myeongdong or hongdae…. don’t ever go to super touristy places if you want to save $$$ bc they’ll purposefully jack up the price 1.5/2 times than underground shopping centers like express bus terminal, gangnam terminal, yeongdeungpo, etc. for the exact same items!!!!

college!au ten

pls excuse this mess i’m in highschool so the only knowledge i have of college is from when i go to my sister’s campus,,, ANYWAY

  • major: dance
  • minor: asian languages and cultures
  • sports? nah he’s busy enough with dancing
  • since he moved to korea to achieve his dream, he’s really interested in studying about korea and its language so he can communicate better with locals and his friends on campus
  • and because he’s from thailand he thought why not just study about all the cultures and people around korea & thailand??
  • has a big space in his dorm in front of his bed for late night practice if he gets kicked out of the gym/dance room much to taeyong’s annoyance (but it’s ok taeyong secretly likes it)
  • dorms with taeyong who clings to ten like a puppy
  • sometimes ten goes off to cook with johnny and if johnny isn’t watching ten then he might put the noodles in the pot 2 early lol
  • usually goes to cafes with johnny and mark during the free time he has 
  • for his last birthday winwin and yuta bought him a cake with the girl from the ring on it and he ran off campus

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Jealousy!Jeonghan (Feat. Jihoon)

Prompt: Jeonghan gets jealous when you meet up with your long time best friend
Requested by: Hina
Word count: 2,091
Genre: Fluff with slight angst
Warnings: None!

A/N: Hey all! So sorry for being on hiatus the past god knows how many months, all the other admins and I are really busy with work and the time we have dedicated to write is really limited. Nevertheless, i hope ya’ll like this Jeonghan drabble, thanks also to admin Jihooned and Wooed as well for providing some ideas :) Cheers!

- Scooped ✌️

Pulling down the hems of your shirt to your waist, and turning around once more to look at yourself in the mirror - you were perfectly ready for a date with your boyfriend, Jeonghan.

“Unknown Number” your phone screen read.



“Hello…” No reply.

Just as you were about to hang up, thinking of the call as a prank, the other side of the line, a male with a shy, timid voice, finally spoke up.

“Do you remember me?”

Nostalgia kicked in as you remember where that voice came from. He had many firsts with you - not in a romantic way, but he was your bestest friend ever. The both of you would hang out literally all the time. Straight after school everyday without fail, the both of you would get hamburgers and fries, then you’d spend the afternoon playing sports or just hanging out at each other’s homes. Only positive memories, you recall, until that fateful day when he left for America, to pursue his studies and his dream for becoming a music producer.


“Hey! Long time no see!”

“ITS REALLY YOU!!! JIHOON AH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? ARE YOU BACK IN KOREA…” you were so, so, so happy that you ended up bombarding him with countless questions, and immediately after you found out he was back in Korea, you invited him over so that the two of you could catch up.

Feeling satisfied after the phone call, you immediately left your home to the grocery store with the intention of cooking a welcome home meal for jihoon, and that’s when you remembered about your date with Jeonghan.

As you were about to call Jeonghan to cancel your date, your phone lit up to reveal a text from him.

Jeonghan: “Hey babe, I’m outside. Open up. 

Y/N: “Babe, I’m so sorry, I kind of forgot about our date. Can you meet me at the mart nearby my house? I promise i’ll explain everything. I’m so sorryyyyy :( :*“

A few minutes later, you felt an arm around your shoulder. You turned around and immediately put your shopping basket down, giving the tall, slim stature behind you a big, tight hug.

“Hey babe, what’s this all this about?” Jeonghan chuckled, as he looked over to see your almost-full shopping basket.

“Jeonghan, there’s someone I want you to meet today!” you smiled, pulling away from the hug.

“Who is it? Do I know him or her?” Jeonghan said, walking past you to help you carry your shopping basket.

You looped your arms with his, explaining about Jihoon. You talked about how he was the one who you had so much fun with as teenagers, playing badminton everyday with each other, cafe hopping together, and even how he lent a shoulder to you during difficult times.

Jeonghan just smiled, looking at how happy you were. He definitely didn’t feel 100% good about it, about you being close to another guy other than himself. Afterall, he knows that you never had any guy whom you considered close to, since you were with him all the time after the both of you got together.

As he helped you unpack your just bought groceries, you started to prepare your speciality and also Jihoon’s favourite - Mushroom Cream Spaghetti. Well, hopefully it still is, since you’ve not seen him for almost 2 years.

Chopping up the onions in a flash, Jeonghan stared at you in awe as he observed you cooking.

“So, this is the behind-the-scenes of your famous cream spaghetti,” Jeonghan said, as you placed the uncooked noodles into the boiling pot over the stove.

“Yep, I hope you’re not sick of it yet!” you chuckled, turning back over to see Jeonghan leaving his seat, walking towards you. You stared at him - he was the perfect height. His fringe fell perfectly over his forehead, and he looked so huggable wearing the casual tracksuit he had on.

You didn’t realise that he was already by your side, arms circling around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder.

“I know I’m not sick of you,” Jeonghan whispered into your ear, placing a kiss on your temple. You smiled, enjoying the skinship that Jeonghan is giving. Turning off the stove and placing the just-cooked spaghetti noodles in a bowl next to you, you turned around, facing him.

His lips were already, dangerously close to yours.

You looked up to meet his eyes, having feeling his breaths becoming slightly faster, and leaned in for a passiona-


You pulled away at the doorbell, just before the both of your lips touched, to see only Jeonghan’s slightly irritated gaze. You chuckle at his reaction, but tiptoed to give him a peck before pulling away from his hug to get the door. Meanwhile, Jeonghan dragged his feet and slumped back into his seat.

Opening the door, you were excited to see your old friend. “Jihoon ah! Long time no see!” you said, giving him a big hug at the same time.

“(Y/N)! You’ve grown!” said Jihoon with a wide grin on his small face.

“And you… haven’t gotten any taller!” you chuckled, teasing to break the ice, “Come on in!”

You walked Jihoon to the kitchen and introduced the two boys to each other. Afterall, they were two of the most important people in your life, so you hoped that they’ll get along.

“Babe, this is Jihoon! My best friend from school, and Jihoon, this is my boyfriend, Jeonghan,” you smiled, however only sensing a negative vibe from Jeonghan.

“Hi! I’m Jihoon, nice to meet you!” Jihoon said, as he reaches out his hand to shake with Jeonghan’s.

“Yeah, hi,” Jeonghan said cooly, ignoring the handshake, not minding about anything else other than his fingernails. You see Jihoon fold back his fingers, feeling intimidated.

“Haha, em, well, Jihoon, please take a seat! The food’s almost ready,” you said to break the tension that was forming.

You cooked the spaghetti quickly, minding the awkward silence behind you. Occasionally you tried to make small talk for the both of them, mentioning similar hobbies since the both of them loved to sing, however it was always cut off by Jeonghan’s one word replies and slightly rude answers.

“Jihoon went to the states to learn more about producing music,” you said, placing a plate of spaghetti in front of each of them. “Isn’t that cool, Jeonghan?”

“Well if it was that cool, why did he have to come back?” Jeonghan snickered, picking up his fork to dig in.

“Well, what about you, Jihoon? How was your learning experience?” you asked, not minding Jeonghan’s attitude.

“Oh, I had such a good time, I’ve met and learned from so many amazing people there,” Jihoon explained.

He told you and Jeonghan his adventures, how he met so many producers that taught him many things, giving him tips on how to produce quality music, and all the amazing takeaways he had from the 2 years.

You were so engrossed into his stories that you didn’t realise that you stained the corners of your mouth with cream, and upon seeing this, Jihoon picked up the piece of tissue and held it up, reaching forward to wipe it for you.

“You’re still messy as ever,” Jihoon chuckled as he wiped off the creamy sauce on your mouth.

Jeonghan suddenly stood up, gave you and Jihoon a stare, and marched out while saying, “Have fun, lovebirds, I’m going upstairs.”

Jihoon stared at the door that Jeonghan just exited, and then looked over to you,”I think I may have done something wrong… I’m so sorry…”

“No, it’s fine, i’m sure he’s just not in a good mood today, it’s not you, i promise!” you said, trying to keep the mood up, “I’m sure he’s just tired from work, you know how work can be..”

“No,” Jihoon cut you off, “It’s alright, we can always meet another time, go talk to him,” Jihoon said with the kindest smile ever, as he stood up to leave.

“Sorry about that… and yes, let’s definitely meet up again soon, maybe next week? Ddeobokki?” you asked Jihoon, “the one that we always had.”

“It’s a deal,” Jihoon said, as you sent him off.

You went up to your room’s door, taking a deep breath. You knew the reason why Jeonghan has been acting like this the whole day, but you didn’t know that it would take such a big toll on him.

Jeonghan was jealous.

It was the first time; you’ve never seen him jealous before, and that’s when you realised, there was probably no chance for him to get jealous anyway, since the only guy whom you were close with was him.

You realised that you’ve most probably crossed the line with him when you allowed for such intimate interaction with Jihoon, and the latter probably didn’t realise it too as his amiable gestures, despite the long time he had spent away from you, came as practically second nature to him. It was not Jihoon’s fault at all, and you felt guilty for not telling Jeonghan about his existence earlier.

You twisted the doorknob, and carefully opened it, revealing Jeonghan. He was sitting at the corner of your bed, leaning against the headboard. His eyes were closed and his earpiece was plugged in. The sunlight from the window, shining on his face, gave it away that he had a few tears roll down his cheeks.

You got flustered, really flustered. This is the first time, Jeonghan has ever shown that he’s upset, and it shocked you, since he had always been the kind, and patient, amazing boyfriend that you’ve never had in the past.

You too were also really confused with your feelings.

You were angry - he mocked you, and he was really, really rude to your long time best friend. Over jealousy? That was really childish. But at the same time, you were also scared - so many what if’s were appearing in your head. What if he was only this way because he’s tired? What if you misunderstood him? What if he decides to leave you?

Countless thoughts were running through your head as you approached the lean figure, and before you knew it, tears ran down your cheeks. You had a taste of the salty tear when it reached the corner of your mouth, and at the same time you sat down in front of Jeonghan, cupping his cheeks, attempting to wipe away the teary residue on his face.

Jeonghan’s eyes shot open at your touch, and immediately, he took your hand away from his face and he gave you a big, warm, hug. You were surprised, of course, you didn’t expect this reaction from Jeonghan, you thought he’d be upset and hurt, you thought he wouldn’t want to talk to you.

Overwhelmed by the surge of emotions from his touch, you began to sob. Really badly. You hugged him harder, tightening your arms around his waist and burying your swollen face into his neck. You felt comforted when he tightened his grip around your waist as well.

“I love you,” Jeonghan said, voice evident that he too, was a mess, “and I don’t want that to change.”

You sniffed your nose as you pulled away from him, looking into his eyes as you started speaking,”I was so afraid that you didn’t want me anymore.”

“Pabo, I was afraid that you were going to hate me for being such an ass,” Jeonghan mumbled, smiling slightly as he looked into your eyes.

“You’re the pabo!” you chuckled, finally smiling and cleaning up the tears from your face.

You felt much better, all the both of you needed was some assurance, and some comforting.

“I’m sorry babe, i’m sorry for my childishness, will you forgive me?” Jeonghan said, twirling a bunch of hair on your head.

“No, I’m the one who’s sorry, sorry for not taking your feelings in consideration,” you sighed, looking into his teary eyes.

Sometimes in a relationship, jealousy is bound to happen one way or another. The feeling is indeed unpleasant, and it may happen unknowingly to the both of you. It always will seem as though you’re losing trust in your partner.

In this case, Jeonghan getting jealous this time round was in a way a good thing, the both of you found out how much you meant to each other, but more importantly, the fact that Jeonghan loves you as much as you love him, overwrites all the obstacles that the both of you have to face.

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Hi!! I always admired your art skills. If it's not too much trouble can you draw South Korea if you haven't yet? I always wanted to see him in actual studio deen style and lately I was feeling depressed so it'll make my day!

Don’t be depressed! Here you go, have some South Korea offering you a flower :’3
The idea is (obviously) based on the many many ‘offering you a flower’-chibis because they are so cute //shot
((By the way it’s transparent so you can use it if you want to ^u^))

Little stuff from Exordium day 4


And they’re back at it again with the teasing. I’m sure Chanyeol just did this so it would cover up how adorable he thought Baekhyun was

Blurry picture, but you can see the eye contact right?


Here we have a beautiful park channel with his beautiful flower crown but then suddenly!

He takes it off and puts it on Baekhyun’s head. After he did that he ran off as if he had done nothing.

And now look at how pretty Baek looks ;-; Chanyeol gave up his beauty so his love Baekhyun could look pretty~

I swear, can we just call them the flower couple?

First the white rose, then the red one, then Chanyeol putting a bouquet of flowers in Baek’s butt pocket, and now this.

I think I have given Chanyeol too many nicknames

Oh well add this one to the list~