its really frustrating

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Hey! I have the world's kinkiest hair and its really frustrating because I feel like I can't see it's full length without using heat. What's the best way to stretch really kinky hair? I'm tired of looking bald when I have shoulder length hair! :(

Hi! :-)

You don’t have to resort to heat to stretch your hair. Excessive use of heat is very damaging to the hair. The easiest and safest ways is to try stretching your hair in small or large sections, and twisting or plaiting (braiding) the hair. You can never go wrong with those methods. You could also try the banding method (example/tutorial of that here). 

I hope that helps! 

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Howdoyoueven-- drawing like this would take me months ;A; It's so beautifullll 。・°°・>(TДT)<・°°・。

LOL thank you so much but i promise u i Do take months

that mothers day fe13 pic was also a project revived from over a year ago (i started it the year fe13 came out)

i mean a lot of it is because im easily distracted and get swamped by schoolwork a lot but yeah.. most drawings im actually somewhat satisfied with do take me a long time (ノω`)・゜・。 and a lot of wips just end up getting dropped.

so dont be like me.. dont u ever give up…. itll be worth it (flexing arm emoji)

the fact that even after all that shit ppl STILL dont get why some of us are upset, ASTOUNDS me. it has nothing to do with the other boys or pitting them against each other or who is more ~popular or whatever else certain stans think, its about niall getting shown and recognized in his OWN DAMN FANDOM for the accomplishments hes had, not only over the course of his career in 1d but all during the break as well. 

we, as niall stans, have sat by for YEARS and let it go bc well, we pride ourselves in not taking shit so seriously and not being extra as fuck, but its 2016 and we are STILL seeing the same old shit day after day. its SO easy for someone else to say “oh lets not worry about the amount of attention each of the boys get lol” like thats literally NOT what its about? we dont care about twitter followers or the amount of articles written about him, its about the fact that we as fans have literally had to sit back and watch niall constantly get over looked and swept aside within this fandom bc for some goddamn reason, whatever he does is literally NOT enough to be consider an achievement. its never enough (haha no pun intended).

hes constantly dumbed down by everyone, besides his own stans, to be nothing more than a beer drinker who loves sports. like its 2016 for crying out loud, when will this stereotype of him end?

yoo does anyone know how to fix the stabilizer thing in SAI becos the settings from 0 - S-7 makes the lines all look the same. I even tried playing with the pen’s stroke stabilizer but nothing happens :/ Oh yeah the pressure feature also doesn’t work so I’m stuck with these chunky lines aaa

Already tried re- installing SAI 3 times too