its really dramatic

I love Tyler's mind
  • Interviewer : Why did you shave your hair Tyler ?
  • Tyler : I don't know. I like it. It's not really about what it looks like though. I like the idea of getting rid of something that's been on you for a long time. And you wake up on the next day and you're like " it's not there" and it's a refreshing take on your life after that... it was the deeper emotional connection that I had with my hair that I liked getting rid of.
  • Josh : Everything he does is dramatic.There's nothing that he randomly does.

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher


This ended up being way more dramatic that what it was meant to be lmao ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

Anyways, here’s some bts from the new bts gayo

“You light up my life like no one else could.”

Back with the crackship that I fucking adore~

This is a doodle that got out of hand, to be honest! After Holly and Jasper’s first “date” (which is a concept I’ll probably revisit later) while they’re out under the night sky enjoying Earth’s beauty, they finally confess their true feelings to one another and every day just keeps getting better from then.

i’m actually in shock that a fandom that claims to be so fucking feminist would not only praise a song that references sex with underage girls and the consequences (and could also be referencing paying for sex) but actively campaign for it to become a single. it’s a level of fuckery i never thought i’d encounter.

anonymous asked:

Hey, you posted a post that says something like 'Kim who made sure he didn't know a Zhang yixing for 2 years jongdae.' I became an exo-l a little late so I was wondering if you knew what that was about? I'm not trying to start drama, I just don't get what that's about

ahh yes The Mysterious Xingdae Schism 

okay okay just take this with a grain of salt because this is honestly just within in the fandom being a little bit dumb and dramatic but it’s funny as hell imo ;djdfsf

so i think it was around 2015 when the apparent Schism really began? like before, we used to see xingdae attached at the hip since the time of debut. they were always so fond of each other because i mean they were a part of exo-m the truest brotherhood sm ever created and xing was always there translating for dae in china and dae was always encouraging xing in korea. they were cuddling and always hugging and just some cute ass pure shit! they worked countless hours together on making Promise (2015) and other demos and composing songs that yixing had on his flashdrive. true bros, ya know? 

anyways, the fire nation attacked and all of a sudden during the exoluxion concerts in 2015 and stuff, we noticed that jongdae was avoiding xing like the goddamn plague. like there are a couple of fancams and gifs skdjfskdjf that kinda just display xing trying to like be near jongdae and jongdae lowkey just escaping any physical contact and running the hell away to the other side of the stage. subtle shit.

then all of a sudden for jongdae’s bday in 2015, yixing posted an adorable xingdae picture on insta but captioned it with “i’m sorry and thank you” LIKE WHAT KIND OF CRYPTIC??? so we learned later on that yixing lost his flashdrive with like 99 self made songs that he worked hard on (presumedly with chenchen) and we think that’s where the schism began! jongdae was probably pissed and then abandoned his bro xingxing for his other exo-m bro minseok and those two eloped and refused to invite xing to the wedding.

okay and there was also The Great Rise of BaekXing in 2015 that literally killed and buried xingdae SOOO.. skfdjksjdlf RIP

xingdae was literally found dead in a ditch for goddamn 2 years it felt like. did jongdae even know who xing was???? 

BUT HAVE NO FEAR! when ex’act era came around, we saw xingdae were starting to get closer like they actually stood next to each other in a family photo! THRILLING SHIT Y’ALL! 

and now we have The Great Revival of EXO-M in 2017 where jongdae is the one saying that he just hung out with xingxing in august or july and then jongdae very distinctly mentioning the existence of 9!! COUNT EM! NINE (9)!!!! members of exo!!!! 

ive been meaning to redraw this for quite awhile… one of my first drawings I posted, and still one of my most popular. Its been a massive change since then, obviously… wonder if it was for better or worse… new style doesnt like gif rendering tho OTZ so jagged 

deprivation (2/3?)

Ahahahahaha when your two-part fic expands into at least three because the second part was many times longer than the first.

To all of you who read the first part, thank you all so much for your lovely feedback! I’m blown away by how much people seem to be enjoying this – it’s my first work in this fandom, wasn’t sure how well it was gonna go.

Available on AO3 here under Flora_Obsidian

Word Count: 1185
Warnings: mild cursing on Virgil’s part

Part One | Part Three

The way it happened was like this:

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