its really dramatic

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher

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Even though Harry is my favorite actor from the cast, I think his acting is a little over the top in the sneak peek from next episode. I mean I know Magnus is dramatic, but he is sort of coming across as a caricature of who Magnus actually is in that scene.

You know, it’s interesting you point this out because I personally don’t believe this is a misstep on Harry’s part; I think this is a deliberate choice in terms of how Magnus behaves with various people. The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed it’s been a very consistent trait Harry has given Magnus when he’s around those he doesn’t fully trust or know.

I think in S1 and throughout most of 2x01, we see him largely around Alec, someone he’s willing to be more genuine with (Clary, too). But watch him in 1x04 (with Elias where he twirls like 3x in the scene, but also when he’s flirting with Alec while Jace is watching – when he flips that table with his foot, please), 1x07 where Jace and Luke are both present (Jace’s presence is usually the main factor because Magnus isn’t especially fond of Jace), 1x12 during the Institute meeting and when they’re going to find Ragnor (again, Jace (and Hodge) are present). Even the way he approaches Jace and Clary in 1x12 after the kiss is over, there’s a swagger you don’t see when his focus had been Alec.

You’re right, it’s an exaggeration and it’s not representative of who Magnus actually is. But I think that’s the point: it’s a deliberate front he puts up, a way of deflecting people from seeing the real him. Magnus does not like to be seen as who he really is. He’s an extremely guarded individual, and the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the gestures, even his speech patterns – that’s all there to shield him. The real Magnus is a privilege reserved for the rare few who have managed to sneak their way into his heart. At the time of that scene, Simon isn’t one of those people.

The place I want to go to

I wish that somehow by listening to Yoongi’s mixtape over and over again, I can take away his pain. All of it. His loneliness, his depression, his anxiety, his phobia. I want him to be happy, I want him to feel loved, I want him to feel better than he’s ever felt in his life.

That part during Think of Me when the camera travels with the sound of Christines voice though the venting, cracks and openings from the bright golden alive hall  down into the cold and damp cellars where we get a first glimpse of a masked and cloaked creature which stops in it’s way to listen is still one of my favorite scenes! 

“Isn’t going stag to Winter Screw a thing?” Dex asks. “Like in high school prom or whatever.”

“But it’s not high school prom,” Nursey says. “You can’t screw if you’re going stag. Or I mean technically you can, but that’s called mas—”

“Nursey, you disgust—”

“Alright, enough,” Bitty interjects. “There’s nothing wrong with going by yourself.”

“But it’s never been done before,” Holster wails from the computer screen. In the other Skype window, Ransom also looks somewhat distressed. “Bitty, we may have graduated, but we will find you a date. Even if our mortal bodies are not at Samwell, the power of Google spreadsheets transcend physical limitations.”  

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“Aoba, are you angry?” Koujaku asks after the dance ceremony of the maidens finished. Aoba continue stomping his way and went down the garden. Unmindful of his dirtied robe. “Tonight’s event is to celebrate your success over the enemy camp. I need to do my divination, leave me.” But suddenly he felt strong arms embrace him from behind, “Aoba, I’m sorry I made you feel lonely in there.” he hugs tighter. “and… thank you for the Mamori charm. It really protected me at the battlefield. Thank you.”

Aoba sighs softly “Don’t mention it…and welcome back, Koujaku.” as Aoba closes his eyes and accepting Koujaku’s embrace. “It’s good to be back.” Koujaku hugs him tighter. “After you’re done with your prayer, please get some rest, you must be really tired.” Confused, he looks at Koujaku “Huh? What do you mean?” Isn’t it him who needs to rest anyway? “Well, you must be tired because this morning you gave me en-musubi omamori (love charm) instead of the battle protection one.” Feeling the heat rising to his head, Aoba releases himself from his lover’s embrace. “It-It was just a mixed up!! I made it for a villager who asked me yesterday! I gave you the right one afterwards, didn’t I?!” Seeing the shrine priest getting redder, makes Koujaku eager to continue teasing him. 

“But you know, that love charm, can you also make one for me? For us, i mean.” Aoba gives him a disapproval look and begins to stammer “N-NO! Why would we need that anyway?!” He doesn’t understand where this conversation is heading to and after a short silence, Koujaku walks closer to him and cups the smaller man’s face “Oh? We don’t need it? So you love me that much that we don’t need the love charm. I’m so happy Aoba.” His face is totally red now as Koujaku gives him a big smile “I-I’M LEAVING!”


Credits to Summer anon who sent me this. I added a little afterscene because i REALLY love this headcanon. Your HCS are always perfect and you have no idea how much i love them THANK YOU. 


tbh i got pressured into choosing my name by one of my therapists and a gf at the time - I don’t think they understood why I couldn’t just pick a name or stick with Casey, which honestly I was also pressured into picking, ik. I couldn’t come up with anything i was rlly comfortable with (all the baby trans kids out there don’t let any one pressure u into making a decision about ur identity that ur not ready to make, you’ll regret it.) every session it was the first thing my therapist would ask until eventually I came across the name lily. I didn’t even like it at first like it just seemed super tacky lol. but when I finally spoke it out loud, all I could think of was how soft it sounded . like
some quiet loosening of a rain that had just stretched
for far too long - or ripples of a pond being bathed in moonlight
for their very first time. It was just the softest thing I could think of. the same kind of softness that has always been there but I had spent so many years confused about
repressing and repressing and hating and repressing
by my family by my parents by my culture by my religion by my community
by so many different things I didn’t understand ,

i wish i had just listened to myself.
anyways the name really pulled me back
Since then lily has been the only thing that’s made sense to me