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Specifically, how would Danse react if his and Sole's roles were reversed during Blind Betrayal? Would he even hesitate to kill Sole or be too focused on following orders?

“Paladin Danse, I’ve ordered you to kill the knight, now go and do so.. Stop standing around.”

Danse breathed in heavily as he turned to walk out of the Prydwen’s command deck. He couldn’t believe that Sole was a Synth, all this time. He really should’ve known.
Reaching out to open the handle of the door, a knight tried to start a conversation with Danse before just being told to keep quiet. He stepped out into the cold night’s air and began to walk towards a vertibird. Danse knew exactly where Sole would be hiding, Sanctuary Hills.

All of the missions they completed, the loyalty they showed to Elder Maxson and their eagerness to adopt the rules of The Brotherhood was enough to show that Sole was human. But despite all of this, one fact remained, Sole was a Synth and they needed to be shut down.
Danse pushed his way through settlers, marching straight towards Sole’s location - a small pistol in his hand. If Sole really had to be killed, he wanted it to be done in the quickest and least painful way.

“Danse… I know you’re there. Just come in” Sole’s voice called out from inside a small room. They were stood near Shaun’s old crib, spinning the mobile and staring into the emptiness. Not even they knew they were a Synth. All of their life, Pre-War, that was all just programmed - their spouse wasn’t even real.
Danse wandered into the room and looked on at Sole, silent and calm, showing no signs of being scared of their fate. He opened his mouth to speak before being silenced when Sole turned to face him.
“Go ahead and just kill me…” They muttered, tears rolling their solemn face. “I can’t live in this world anymore, it’s… It’s all just a web of lies and betrayal.”
The Paladin could feel his throat closing up and his chest getting much tighter and he struggled to find the correct words to say. He gulped and took a few steps towards them.
“How come you never told me, that you were a Synth?” Danse asked, keeping his pistol by his side.
Sole spat out a laugh and looked away.
“Don’t you get it Danse? I had no idea I was a Synth. All of my past, before the war, the Cryo pod, my spouse, was all fake. At least the life you have and have had was something real. Something tangible.”

Danse couldn’t argue with that. He couldn’t begin to imagine what they were going through right now. Their whole world was being torn apart - and everybody was against them.

“Sole… I…” Danse began, before sighing, “I’ve got to follow Elder Maxson’s orders.”

Sole nodded and turned around to spin the mobile once more, humming the tune as they watched it turn around. They looked over their shoulder at Danse before hesitantly whispering, “Just make it quick.”

Shaking slightly, Danse raised his pistol and aimed straight for Sole’s head. He couldn’t keep his aim steady, as his mind raced with thoughts. He could still remember the first time they turned up at the Police Station, as soon as they saved both him and his soldiers he knew that they would be Brotherhood material. He could still remember how proud he was of them when they were promoted to Knight. He could still remember how much he trusted them and how much they trusted him.

Danse closed his eyes and looked away, his hand trembling, trying to pull the trigger.

“I’m sorry Sole…”


Danse remained quiet. Looking down at Sole’s body. Sanctuary Hills grew silent, the whole world standing still. They heard the gun shot and immediately they knew that their time was up. Kneeling by their side, Danse looked around in their pockets for their Holotag. He found it and took it from them, holding it in his hands.
“You Brotherhood bastards…” a voice spat from near the door frame. It was Preston.
“I did what had to be done, Minuteman…” Danse mumbled, staring down at the Holotag still.
“I knew how close you two were. How could you even think of doing such a thing…”
Pausing, Danse’s eyes flickered back to Sole’s dead body, being reminded of his friend - Cutler. They also were close, met in Rivet City, both joined The Brotherhood, hoping to make something of their lives. And just like Sole, Danse put Cutler down. Not being able to live with the fact that they were ultimately something different and something frowned upon. Danse quickly snapped out of his daydream and stood back up. He needed to report back to Elder Maxson.

But Preston was right, how could he do such a thing?

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Could you please write "Angel/Human - Please stop kicking at the gates of heaven you’re dead and that’s that." for AoKaga? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

Ohoho. I certainly did not expect someone to request AoKa from me ever again.

I tried. You don’t even have to guess who’s the angel. Because who’s a better angel than our baby tiger fluffy ball of sunshine? Oh gosh, I miss him.

Aomine opened his eyes and with a strangled yell grasped at the front of his shirt, squeezing the fabric in his trembling fingers. Patting frantically his chest, he sighed with relief when he realized that there actually was no bullet wound nastily bleeding. It was just a nightmare, he kept musing over and over trying to calm his hammering heart.

Blinking rapidly, he tried to focus and took in his surroundings. The sunset was so beautiful and the sun, the clouds were so enormous, like he was somewhere up in the skies-

Wait a second. The fluffy thing he sat on. White and soft, and so easy to grasp and rip off? He took a handful of the white mess and squeezed. What the hell.

He stood up and took a better look around. There were no other things in his field of view besides more clouds and a big, fancy golden gate. Instinctively, he thought that must be the exit out of whatever place he was in.

The nearer he got to the gate the more grand it became. He was kind of lost and doubted he will be able to open the thing due to its size. However, Aomine Daiki was no loser. He had at least to try.

Grasping at the gate, he pushed it with all his might, but it didn’t move even for a millimeter. If pushing doesn’t work, then how about pulling? He pulled at the gate, putting into it every drop of strength. The gate didn’t open. It felt like he was being mocked, and Aomine Daiki was never mocked by anyone or anything.

“Fuck you.“ He spat and kicked at the gate as hard as he could. “Let me out, piece of golden crap.“ He cursed while continuing to kick at it. “I’ve got to arrest those assholes and write my report, I don’t have the whole fucking day-!“

“Hey, you!“ Aomine heard a voice and turned around. “Up there.“ It said and he looked up into a pair of crimson eyes. “What do you think you are doing?“ The man asked, a deep scowl on his handsome face.

Aomine gulped. The dude was sitting on the same “piece of golden crap“ he’d been trying to open for the last five minutes. And… were those wings by any chance? Aomine shook his head. He had no intention, and more importantly - no time to deal with some guy cosplaying angels.

“What, what.“ Aomine grumbled under his breath, giving the gate another kick “Trying to open this shit and get out.“

The redhead’s eyes widened and he burst out into a wild laughter, clutching at his sides. It was dangerous - the way his body shook - and Aomine didn’t want to deal with some dead guy cosplaying angels.

“Hey, you, watch out-“ He tried to warn, but the dude jumped off the gate and Aomine’s breath stopped.

There was a childish grin on that face as the guy fucking descended and didn’t fall face first onto, whatever was under Aomine’s feet.

The wings majestically flapped behind the handsome redhead as that came face to face with a gaping Aomine.

“W-who are- how the heck-“ Aomine babbled helplessly. He was still sleeping, wasn’t he?

“Kagami.“ The redhead said and smiled toothily at him. “Angels are supposed to fly, aren’t they?” He added, helping the shocked human to close his gaping mouth.

“Angel…“ Aomine repeated and raised an eyebrow “Seriously?“

“Yes,“ Kagami said patiently “and I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re dead and positively in heaven now.“

Aomine groaned, rubbing at his temples. There’s no way this was happening to him, right? Right?

Fuck Wakamatsu and his shitty cover. He let Aomine fucking die and now, he was trapped in this place with fluffy clouds, beautiful skies and this annoyingly handsome dude?

In fact…

Thank you, Wakamatsu. And now, write the fucking report alone, because Aomine’s gonna have a good rest in a good company.

oh right i thought of an ii au last night that i was planning to share :0

so its called staged insanity and its basically where inanimate insanity is actually a show they put on and the objects are actually actors (i hope that made sense -w-;;) 

like actor paintbrush is actually pretty timid and accidentally breaks character when they’re supposed to be mad but when other people act hurt they break and have to do the scene again, or taco is actually really peppy and all over the place or stuff like that

idk i didn’t have too many ideas…

Week #13 - Favourite Headcanon Alternate Universe (Merthur AU)

What is your favourite headcanon from an AU setting? (Asexual Merlin & supporting boyfriend Arthur)


Skywalker sketches!

I’ve been trying to practice drawing traditionally this year (seriously how do you pencils??) and of course, started off with an excuse to draw more star wars work on profile studies for different characters… ;) *inserts instagram filters to hide mess*


Requested: Can you make a fight imagine?

I’m really sorry this one isn’t so good. I know I haven’t been posting alot lately but I’ve been so distracted. I have like 4 exams in the next week and have been studying like crazy. I’m just really distracted so bare with me, the imagines will eventually get better again.

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“I’m not bashing on you, Justin.” You rolled your eyes.

He sighed loudly, running a hand through his buzz cut. Justin and yourself have been best friends since you both where 8 and are even shipped by his beliebers. Ever since your parents died and you went to go live with your grandmother in Canada - which is where you met Justin - you’ve been by each others side ever since. You’re so close to Justin that you classify him as a blood related brother and in the amount of fights you’ve ever had, this one was probably the worst by far.

“Your just like everyone else.” He growled. “All my beliebers are bashing me for dating Sophia and now you are too. Your supposed to be my best friend, not against me.”

“I’m not against you Justin. I just think Sophia has really changed you and I don’t like it!” I stated.

“She isn’t changing me.”

“Justin, you threatened to delete your Instagram just for this girl. It’s not fair to your beliebers that there trying to be protective and your pushing them away. So what if this girls getting hated on? She should of saw this coming and dealt with it instead of letting you do it for her so you can get more hate. You would never do that for any other girl, not even me!”

“You sound exactly like everyone else!” He whined. I sighed and watched as he stomped through the living room, towards the kitchen.

“Don’t walk away from me Justin.” I growled, running after him. He was sitting on the kitchen stool, phone in hand. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Calling Sophia.” He shrugged rudely.

I scoffed. “Seriously?”

He nodded.

“Your picking your girlfriend of which you met 2 months ago over your Bestfriend who’s been there through everything since you were 8.” I laughed sarcastically. Was he serious?

But he didn’t seem to have cared about my mini speech since he ignored everything I had just said to reply to Sophia. “Hey….yeah.”

I rolled my eyes, crossed my arms over my chest and shifted my weight onto the opposite foot as I watched him.

“I don’t know? Are you?….. Nah I’m not doing anything important.”

I scoffed loudly but he didn’t even bother to spare me a glance.

“Nah, nah come over… Yeah Im sure. It’s fine. Ok bye baby.”

He hung up, but didn’t put down his phone, just began typing away on the screen.

“Y-You done?” I rudely asked. “Are you done being rude or…?”

He shrugged. “Don’t know. depends if your going to be down here when Sophia’s here.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll take that as a no. I’m going to my room.”

I began walking out the kitchen and towards the stairs until a thought popped in my head. I stopped and looked behind me at Justin who was still typing away on his phone. “Now I understand why so many supported Selena on the Instagram fight. Your beliebers don’t deserve the shit there getting from you right now. Without them you wouldn’t even know Sophia. Without them you wouldn’t be here. But there’s one thing that you don’t realise. Even if you had the beliebers or not. Even if you were famous or not, I would still be here. I’ve always been here but right now, in really considering not being here for you.”

That’s when I left, and began stomping my way up the stairs.

Im sorry its really short and crappy. I had writers block for this imagine. :/

Happy Father's Day

This message will be shorter than the mother’s day one, but Happy Father’s Day to those dads who are proud of their kids, and that support them no matter what they choose to do with their lives. Happy father’s day to those dads who may have messed up a bit because we’re all humans, but have made an effort to make things right with their kids. Happy fathers day to those moms who are both moms and dads to their kids and take care of all their needs. Hope you all have a good day, and for the people that have lost their dads but hold them close in their hearts, may you have a good day, too. To those dads-to-be, happy day! And to those awesome grandpas, happy day! And to those who didnt have their own kids but have practically raised some, you’re dads, too!

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