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Steven’s Physical Form

You know how in “Too Many Birthdays” it was established that how old his physical body seems is tied in with his emotional state/how old he feels?

Why haven’t that been brought up again? I mean, in Steven’s Birthday, that was more about Steven not really growing up physically and the side effects of stretching himself out for too long. Steven does get like one facial hair but that was never really acknowledged in later episodes.

With all that has happened to him since that point, you’d think that he would at least feel older, you know? Which would mean that his physical form would look older, right?

But I guess not *shrugs*

(Instead he’s been shrinking…)

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Prompt:Phil has been awake nights due to work. When Phil faints in a holiday, Phil goes to the hospital and Dan gets really worried.(Songfic and based off Troye Sivan’s ease and the way he created this song)
Author’s note: Hey!This phanfic was made a while ago, but Tumblr was not working on my laptop :(. So, I am posting it today. I AM TAKING PROMPTS!JUST MESSAGE ME, DONT BE SHY.Yeah, have fun reading!

Ps:Congrats to Dan and Phil for their book, I don’t have mine yet, but I can’t wait to read it!

Phil’s POV
I started to work on the new videos we were going to upload before leaving for a holiday with some friends.
“I can’t wait for us to go on a holiday with all of our friends!”-Dan said excited while I just smiled
“You look like a little boy”I said while looking at the screen
“Well, I am really excited! Just us with our friends having fun at parties and stuff…I can’t wait!”
“Yeah, but I really need to hurry up with the videos and write for the book if you really want us to go!”I said while writing on the keyboard
“Yes, promise.”Dan jumped excitedly.
“Okay then, go write for the book and then I will go upstairs with you alright?”-I smiled
“Yeah, just don’t take too much, last time you went up at 3 am!”
“And what time is it?”I asked
“its 11 pm!”-Dan said while leaving the room
“Fine, I won’t take that much babe!”I said a little tired. I have been awake since 4 am, and I haven’t stopped working since then. We have merch, vids, book, liveshows, meetings and we decided to go on the holiday because Dan said we needed a little rest from all the work we have done. Dan suggested cuddles while ago, but I was really stressed out for cuddles.
I decided to go upstairs. While going up the stairs, I saw the time. I started editing at 6 and its 2 am.
“Holy crap, I hope Dan is not asleep yet.”- I said
I went up to see Dan still awake, so I sat with him and we wrote. During that time, I drank some coffee to not be tired. I offered Dan some but he said no. Because of that, Dan was trying not to fall asleep constantly. As soon as Dan’s eyes started drooping, his head would fall to the side, most of the time resting on my shoulder.
“Dan, you alright there?”-I asked him, looking at his tired eyes
“Yeah, just a little tired”
“Why don’t you go to bed? I can finish it by myself”
“Ya sure?”Dan said tiredly while rubbing his eyes
“Yeah.All that excitement made you tired didn’t it?”-I said while giving him a kiss on the forehead
“Yeah, I think so. Are you sure? I don’t want to make you finish all by yourself”
“You look exhausted. Go to bed sweetheart”-I smiled
“When are you going to bed?”-Dan asked tiredly
“Sometime later” I said while clicking some stuff on the computer
“I wanna *yawns* be with you Philly”Dan insisted
“But you look so tired”
“Can….I stay at the….couch and give you some *yawns* ideas?”He asked. He looked so cute when he was tired.
“Sure, just don’t fall asleep on me.”-I said. I already knew that he was going to fall asleep but I just wanted to work to be free at the holiday, so he could have fun.
“Mmmm”-Dan said while closing his eyes slowly
“Any ideas?”-I asked
“Mmmm….some….whisker stuff”-Dan said
“Ok, what else?”- I asked
Too late. Dan already passed out on the couch, using the giant teddy bear I gave him for our anniversary as a pillow.
“Aww”-I said in a low voice tone. Gently, I draped the blanket over Dan, not wanting to disturb his slumber; after all, he looked adorable. “Love you”I whispered, kissing Dan softly on the cheek. Dan did not so much as stir, and he kept on sleeping soundly.

I continued with the book and then I looked at the designs for the new merch. When I finished it was 6:30 am. It was exhausting, but I did it for Dan. I tried to sleep with Dan. But first, Dan was moving a lot and making noises in his sleep which didn’t help at all. Then, at 7:40 the birds were making too much noise for me to sleep. So I got up, turned on the computer again and I started editing the last things to upload the video and then I went downstairs to get ready for the day. Today, we had a meeting and then we were going to pack our stuff for the holiday.
I took a shower and I did some pancakes for both of us.

“Hey…”-Dan said tiredly while coming into the room
“Hello sleeping prince”-I said while walking to him and before giving Dan a kiss.
“Did we fall asleep last night?”- Dan asked
“Yeah”-I lied. I just didn’t want Dan to worry about last night. It’s just a night. And other night.
“You still look tired”Dan said before I giggled
“I’m fine sweetie, it’s just that I woke up a few minutes ago”
“Yeah right. I’ll go to the meetings. You stay here and rest.“
“It’s alright Dan”- I said
“No. It’s not alright. I feel bad because I fell asleep last night without helping you. So, you are going to stay here okay?”
“I really need to go to the meetings. I’ll take a nap later okay?”-I thought
“But we are leaving tonight remember?”- Dan asked
“What?!”-I got shocked
“Yeah. Joe, Caspar, Louise, Zoë and Marcus told me to be at the airport tonight so we get to the U.S.”-Dan said
“Well, I will sleep at the plane then, but I am going to the meetings.”
“You can always go to one and I can go to the other 2” Dan said,
at this time, I thought of the final touches of the videos.
“I think you are right.”-I lied.
“Okay, I’m going to the second and the third one. You just go to the first one and just come back home”- Dan
“Okay”- I said before giving me a sweet kiss.
Dan’s POV
We got to the 1st meeting, it was for the projects that we were doing. I was paying attention and then I turned to see Phil like a kid at school trying not to fall asleep, while yawning a bunch of times too. This happened like 7 times or 9. When we got out, I convinced Phil to go home and I continued with the 2 meetings.

Phil’s POV
When I got home I decided to pack some other stuff that we needed. I started to feel a light headache, but I took some pills and energy drinks to stay awake and continue, then, I phoned Louise to see at what time we were leaving.

The plan was to be at a small house for a week, which sounds fun. It was going to be at the U.S., since all of us wanted to go. We were leaving tonight at 1am, to get there at the morning.

Since we were going to be at the plane for more than 14 hours, I thought of uploading the videos during the flight and then talk with Dan during the flight, we always look out for the shapes at the clouds and Dan always falls asleep, I think that’s the things I love about Dan, he talks to me and cuddles me, even though he is exhausted.

Then I decided to tweet that I was going to be on a holiday with:
•Dan(of course)
•Louise and Darcy
•Tyler and Troye
•Joe and Caspar
•Joey and Daniel
•Ingrid and Hannah

I got some replies but the pill was taking effect on me, so I tried to sleep, but I failed. I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why, but I took energy drinks again. Dan was coming and I was not asleep. What was I supposed to say? When I opened the door to Dan I acted like a “sleepy human being, telling him "I just woke up” lying” even though I was just taking more and more energy drinks and I looked like a zombie. We got ready, we got the stuff and we got to the airport, where all of our pals were.

“Hi”Said while hugging me
“Hello Phil!”Marcus said with a smile
"Philly!Danny!"Darcy said while running to Dan and I.
“Are we all ready?”Asked Joe
“I think so, anybody missing?”Caspar asked
“Nope”-Zoe answered back
“Okay let’s go then”-Louise said while carrying Darcy on her arms.
We all got into the plane and Dan and I started to watch a movie while we were checking on some tweets. I tried to sleep a little, but it was hard.
Since I wasn’t very sleepy yet, I grabbed my laptop. I made sure to lower the brightness to not disturb the other youtubers around me. I put some headphones in so I could check on the videos, and then watch a couple of stuff, and then I moved on to Tumblr. Later to Facebook, followed by Twitter, and then back to Tumblr and the endless circle began. From one website to another, time was passing by and I wasn’t getting tired. AT ALL. Dan seemed to have stopped moving so I guessed he eventually fell asleep.
After a few hours, everyone was asleep but me, I felt wide awake and I was not going to get any sleep at the moment.
I turned off the laptop to see Dan sprawled out on the airplane seat.After a few minutes, Dan stirred.
“Hello sleepyhead”-I said as Dan woke up
“Hey”-Dan said tiredly
“How much til we land?”-He asked
“A few hours”-I yawned
“Try to sleep sweetie, the jetlag is going to be hard for you if you don’t go to sleep now”-Dan said between yawns.
I gave him a small kiss on the forehead and I tried to sleep. It took me AGES to fall asleep, since Dan was moving and laughing and talking through the phone and also waking me up when I was about to fall asleep. When I finally fell asleep, Dan woke me up
“Phil? Wake up love, we’re here"said Dan
I opened my eyes slowly.
“Hey, how long I slept?”I asked while rubbing my eyes
“Like 10 minutes"Dan said, giving me a kiss on the forehead
I closed my eyes again.
“Come on Phil, Tyler, Daniel and Joey are waiting for us”-Dan smiled
“No….”-I said covering myself with a blanket I brought.
The plane completely stopped and I got up from my seat.
When we all got out of the plane, Tyler, Joey and Daniel were already out with a paper that said:
“Come here you lil shits”
Everyone laughed at the paper while I was just too tired to laugh, so I just smiled at it. Fortunately, Darcy was asleep, because if then, she would’ve said that it was a bad word. I actually was a bit jealous she could sleep. Damn.
We saw some fans and then we went to the house that we all rented. A time later we all decided to have lunch and then we started to set our stuff on our rooms.
“Phil, do you want to nap? You look really tired babe”-Dan said
“No, you know I can’t nap. Dan, I just said that’s not allowed!”-I said while he was insisting me to sleep.I wanted to, but I just got the wifi password to upload the videos.
"Okay I was just asking jeez…”

Dan left after a while and I turned on the laptop to edit other videos. I took some coffee to be awake. And then energy drinks and the day went by like that.

I chose energy drinks over sleeping again. Why? I don’t have time to sleep actually, after 30 hours of no sleep, I am now at a holiday, and I have to upload the videos so we don’t miss out anything. We had a week to be here, but I had less than 24 hours to upload the video.I did that at nights, but at days, I really wanted to be with Dan.
When I decided to give my body sleep, Joe and Caspar knocked on the door.

“Hey Phil, we are going to have dinner, wanna come?”-Caspar asked
I really didn’t want to go, but before I could say a word,Dan came in and he moved me from the bed.
“Come on Phil, we are not here for sleeping”-Dan took my arm and took me out of the bed
“But you said….”-I complained
“No buts”Dan said

We went to the restaurant and Darcy was telling jokes to everyone. That made me smile for a bit. Watching Dan laugh at Darcy’s jokes. When we finished, we got up from out chairs, but when I got up from mine, I started to feel dizzy.

“You alright Phil?”-Tyler said while holding me when I was about to fall.
“Yeah, just a little clumsy, thanks Tyler”-I said smiling

The girls decided to have a small tea party with Darcy and Dan,Tyler,Caspar,Oli,Troye, Joe, Joey and Daniel decided to make a liveshow. But guess who Dan wanted to invite to his liveshow? ME! The exhausted human being that has to upload a video tomorrow at the morning and hasn’t slept for more than 48 hours. Yay! Too much fun! I thought sarcastically.
I juat accepted because I wanted the phangirls to know about the vid going up tomorrow.

We started to set everything, but then, my vision went all blurry. And then, I felt my body hit the floor and I closed my eyes.
“What was that?”Said Joe
“Was that Phil?”Caspar asked
“Phil?!”Dan said worried
“Phil?!Wake up!”Tyler said before getting on his knees and starting to shake me.
“Phil!?”-Joey and Daniel said at the same time
That was all I heard on the background,then, everything turned black.

Dan’s POV
We all tried to wake up Phil, but nothing was working.

We got to the closest hospital we had and I had watched helplessly as the paramedics inserted wires and tubes into Phil’s skin. I felt like a total idiot at the moment. Some words I saw were: ‘Slow heartbeat’. ‘Dehydration.’ ‘High blood pressure.’
It was awful. One big, nightmare. He’d had these before, he knew how it went, but it was not as awful at this time

“Are you Mr. Howell?”-The doctor asked
“I’m Dan, yes that’s me, how is he? Is he alright?“
“Lester has suffered from severe exhaustion, dehydration and excessive caffeine intake,” he stated expressionlessly,
“He’s currently on an IV of fluids to rehydrate him and we’re keeping an eye on him, he is extremely lucky to be alright” the doctor emphasized pointedly.
“When we checked him, his caffeine levels were borderline fatal. He is now laying at bed; he will get up on approximately 1-2 hours. Then, you can take him home, but he needs to rest a lot since he was in a situation like this one.”-The doctor said again
“Can I see him? Please?”-I pleaded
"I just…I need to be with him, he can’t be alone.“- I said
"Sure, just do not move his body that will make him wake up”-The doctor said
I said thank you to the doctor and I got into the room.
When I got into the room, I saw Phil asleep, he looked exhausted. I moved his fringe a little and gave him a kiss on the forehead.
After 2 hours, Phil started to wake up slowly.He stirred and yawned, then,

“Hey there”-I said
“Hey…….”-Phil said while rubbing his eyes
“Feeling better?”-I asked
“About what?”-Phil asked
“Look at you”-I said
“Wha…what happened?”-Phil said as looking at all the wires he had on him
“You fainted due to exhaustion”-I said
“Again?”-Phil shocked
“Yeah, I’m so sorry I didn’t take care of you, I feel like an idiot”.-I said
“It’s not your fault, don’t worry sweetie. Here, I will tell you what truly happened. First…”-Phil
Phil got interrupted by a door knock
“I’ll tell you on the way to the house.”-Phil said
“Mr. Lester? I’m the doctor, How are you feeling?”-the doctor asked
“A lot better, thank you.”-Phil smiled
After a few questions from the doctor, the doctor gave us some medicines, he told us that Phil needed to be under supervision, and that he needed to sleep a lot since he was with exhaustion. Then he told us that we could leave then, and that he needed at least 13 hours of sleep.
I thanked the doctor again and I got out of the hospital, where Tyler and Darcy were with his car and some balloons.
“Hey, how you feelin’?”- Tyler smiled
“Much better, thanks Tyler”-Phil smiled tiredly
We got into the car and I saw Phil was already falling asleep on my shoulder and we weren’t even out of the hospital’s parking lot.
“What happened to Uncle Phil Uncle Dan?”-Darcy asked
“He was very ill Darcy, but he is much better now”-I said as I looked at Phil, he looked exhausted even if he was asleep
“Is he tired?”-Darcy asked again moving Phil’s head a little
“Yes, he needs to sleep a lot now.”-I said while looking at Phil, who was already fast asleep on my shoulder already.
“I’m happy he is fine Uncle Dan. I don’t know would happen without Uncle Phil”. -said Darcy with a smile. I smiled at the last comment; I don’t know what I would do without Phil.
We got home where everyone was worried.
We stopped and I woke up Phil
“Phil? We are here”-I smiled
“Mmhmm”-He said as he moved to the position he was when he was asleep on the car
If you don’t get up right now, I am going to tickle you
Phil didn’t say anything and he didn’t move at all
I jabbed my fingers back into Phil’s stomach, tickling his tummy. When Phil tried to move away, Dan grabbed him around the waist tightly with one arm, and wiggled his fingers against his gut. Phil bent over, giggling, and tried to escape.
“Stop, stop, stop!” Phil shrieked through his giggling, as he twisted his body, pushing against Dan’s chest, but Dan seemed a lot stronger these days. He had his arm too tight around his waist.
“Never!” Dan said, laughing loudly in Phil’s ear.
“Fine!” Phil yelled, and Dan dropped his arms.
We got out and we saw everyone
“Phil!”-Said Hannah and Louise at the same time
“How are you feeling?”-Marcus asked
“What happened?”-Ingrid asked
“He got exhaustion, but he is fine now”-Tyler
Everyone hugged Phil and then after some talking, I decided to put Phil into rest. After the situation, we decided to film some collabs that people were doing.
Troye did one with Tyler, Ingrid, Joey, Hannah and Daniel
Then Joe and I did another one
While Zoe, Caspar and Louise did another one.
And we decided to do the others tomorrow, so we could do them with Phil. It was late already and some of the group were a little drunk while others were already passed out on the couch because of the movie marathon we had. I decided to go and check on Phil. I went to the bedroom and Phil was sobbing on the bed.
use the link below:
I’m down to my skin and bone..

“Phil, what’s going on?”-I said getting closer to him and sitting on the bed
I’m so…so…sorry about *sniff* what happened, I didn’t want you to worry, it’s all my fault again. I took lots…lots of caffeine and I wanted to help…I just…*starts crying again*-Phil
I was surprised by Phil’s sudden break down, but felt as if his heart split in two at the sight of him crying. I took his head and I placed it in my lap
“There, there. It’s okay, Phil”- I said as the older boy cried into his lap.
“It’s not okay…now you…you…have to stay up to take care of me.”-Phil said before starting to cry harder and harder.
“Hey…I love taking care of you”-I said
“But…I…don’t really want to cause any problems”-Phil said crying
“It’s not a problem sweetie”-I comforted him
At that moment Phil started crying again, while tears were coming down his face.
Tell me all of the things that make you feel at Ease…

“I know you’re scared, but you’ll be fine. I’m right here with you,”-I murmured, kissing Phil on the head.
“You’re tense all over.”- I frowned, rubbing my fingers soothingly all over Phil’s arm, especially focusing on the wrist, one of Phil’s favorite spots to be massaged. I dug my thumb in a bit at the tougher parts, smiling a little every time Phil let out a relaxed sigh or little groan.
“But it’s always like this, I just can’t, I feel like you do everything and I just do nothing”.-Phil said worriedly
“Remember all the times I fall asleep on the desk when we are doing work?”-I asked
“Yeah *sniff* it’s cute”-Phil said rubbing his eyes
“Well, in that cases, you are the one that finishes everything, no matter what is it. You were the one that finished a uni project that I had to do when I fell asleep. And you write book stuff, and merch and the list could go on forever. And, I love you more than anyone in this whole planet, and no matter what or how tired you are, you do everything for me”-I said
“Thanks babe”-Phil said
Phil took a deep breath taking in a lungful of his scent and he was finally able to stop sobbing.
Tell me all of the things that make you feel at Ease…
He moved his head a little, placing it well on my leg
“See? You are getting better already”- I kept rocking him and soothing him and for a moment Phil felt somewhat calm.
“Thanks Dan, I love you”-Phil smiled
“Love you too sweetie”
I started to brush his hair with my fingers.
“Hmmm, you like the little tickles?”- I smiled
“Mmhmm… Feels nice…” Phil grumbled, giggling sleepily at the light tickles. He scooted closer to Dan, snuffling his face into the other’s neck. “Keep going…”
“Mmm, I love you, you know?”-Phil asked
He could feel Phil’s lips curve into a smile against his forehead.
“I know.” I replied quietly.
To anybody else, the scene would be almost comical. Two fully grown, six foot men cuddled up to each other with dishevelled hair and long arms that draped across their tall torsos in a way that looked awkward but secretly was incredibly comfortable.
Soon, I heard Phil’s deep breathing noting that he had fallen asleep. I sat there for a moment, running his fingers though Dan’s hair while thinking. He was basically going to make Dan stay at the apartment until he was better. Phil carefully got up, put a pillow under Dan’s head, then he looked down at Dan.
"My poor Philly…” I whispered, as he leaned over and kissed the side of Phil’s head. I watched him for a few more minutes, then left to go get a blanket to put over Dan.
After almost thirty minutes, Phil reached out, grabbing on my arm, unexpectedly.
“Phil? Are you still awake..?”- I whispered, unable to see in the darkness, moving a little closer to him.
Phil mumbled inaudible words, moving much closer to me, wrapping his arms around the my waist, nuzzling his head on my lap. I moved Phil a little to get him into a more comfortable position, when he started to snore softly.
“Aww”-I smiled at Phil who moved now with his head on my chest.
And like that, I just fell asleep, with Phil on my chest.
I woke up because of the sound of my alarm. It was about 4am and Phil didnt wake up at all. I went to get the medicine which was on Drunkish -Passed out Tyler Oakley’s hand. What was it doing in his hand?.
I just ignored that and I got a spoon for the medicine.
Phil’s POV
Not right now—I’m too tired. I felt fingers run through my hair combing it back making a small smile spread across my face. I happily moaned while the fingers continued to brush and tilted my head to lay in the hand that was doing the brushing.
“You big baby! Don’t expect me to do this for the next few days while you recover.”-Dan said with a tired voice
“Can you open your eyes? Even if it’s just for a second?”- he asked.
I forced my heavy eyelids open and while I didn’t give them enough time to focus before closing them, I was glad to see the blurred image of Dan sitting right .
“How are you feeling, babe?” he questioned using his hand that wasn’t trapped under my cheek to play with my hair.
“Okay,” I croaked
“I need you to take the…medicine"Dan smiled
"But I’m too *yawns* tired”-I yawned.After the restless sleep an the jetlag, the tiredness got me.
“Believe me, it will make you a lot tired than you actually are, and you could sleep better, alright?”-Dan smiled before giving me a kiss
“Yeah…”-I said closing my eyes again
“Don’t make me tickle you again…..”-Dan smiled
I opened my eyes and I got to take the medicine.
Dan’s POV
Phil took the medicine and I gave him a little pat. Then I moved up to the bed again and Phil gave me a tired kiss before we both started drifting off.
“Love you lion”-I smiled
“Love you*yawns*too..”-Phil mumbled before he fell asleep



“It’s easy to work with James. It’s not like we need to discuss anything beforehand. If I’ve got an idea, I don’t have to warn him that I’m going to do something ‘cause I know he’ll react to it in the scene. It’s just a very responsive experience, and I think a very relaxed working relationship that we’ve got as well. We were just bummed that we didn’t have more stuff to do, really.” - Michael Fassbender