its raining dude


Several failed attempts to say “not interested” to Doc.


my neighbors are mowing their lawn and weed-eating and i start stream in half an hour i’m LITERALLY going to die

May 2017! My annual drawing challenge commences once more - the “It’s Raining Men” Daily Drawing Extravaganza Eleganza*!!

*not its actual name, but very fun to say

But what IS the It’s Raining Men Daily Drawing Challenge? It’s a month-long daily drawing spree where the goal is to draw a man/men, be they real or fictional, every day for a month. The purpose? To improve drawing skills, test limits, and have fun!

(Normally, I do this in April, but life had some major setbacks so I rolled it to May….it still works!)

Feel free to join me if you’d like, as I would love some drawing-challenge company. If you can’t draw everyday, don’t fret! Set up a system that works for you. If you do join in, please use the hashtag #itsrainingmen2017 so that I can find your artwork! Feel free to tag me/hit me up as well.