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Be able to identify any mistakes that may have been made, and allow yourself to learn from the experience. They are not degrading of our character, but are instead opportunities for growth and development.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

April 2


Waking up in Baz’s bed is too soft to describe.  Technically, I’m sure his bed is no softer than my own, but now there’s another level of soft, one that goes beyond a physical body-soft.  Soft like my entire soul is encased in cotton fluff. Heart-soft.


He doesn’t open his eyes, just smiles a little, and his sleepy smile has my heart skipping.  “Simon?”

Crowley, just hearing him say my name, and in a voice still heavy with sleep, is enough to have me swooning a little.

           “It’s April second.”

           “Yes it is.”

           “Do you still love me?”

           Baz pulls me closer and when he speaks his lips brush my forehead.  “Today, tomorrow, every day after that.”

           His shirt is my new favourite smell and I bury my nose in it.  “It’s funny, if you think about it?”


           “We both told the truth yesterday,” I muse.  “We pranked each other every day except April Fool’s Day.”

           He chuckles deep within his throat.  “We really are pathetic.”

           “Guess that makes us both April Fools, huh?”

           “Speak for yourself, love,” he laughs, and I’m so gone.


“So,” Simon murmurs after a few more moments of silent heaven, “is the game over?”

           I shrug with one shoulder.  “Who won?”


           “Really?” I raise an eyebrow.  “How?”

           “I’ve got you wrapped in my wings, Baz, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

           “I dunno,” I grin, “I think I definitely won.”

           Simon scoffs.  “As if.”

           “I’m wrapped in your wings.”

           “Well, I finally get to touch your hair.”

           “I can make you blush without even trying.”

           “I can shut you up by kissing you.”

           “Oh yeah?” I pull back far enough to meet his eye. “Care to demonstrate?”

           He’s laughing as he obliges me, kissing me gently like his lips are still sore from the seemingly endless kissing last night. I don’t remember having the strength to pull away long enough to climb back inside the room, or to change into our nightclothes, but at some point it must have happened.  Between toothpaste kisses and disbelieving grins.  I’d been a little afraid to suggest sharing a bed (I thought it might scare him away), but he’d climbed in beside me like he fit there, like the spot had been meant for him all along.  I don’t think we ever stopped kissing, just fell into place and stayed there until the dizziness turned into dreams.

           “Crowley,” I mumble against his lips, soft like rose petals.


           “Aleister Crowley.”

           He giggles.  “What, Baz?”

           “Do you still love me?”

           His eyes are a different blue every time I look at them, like the sky.  Right now they’re the horizon just after the orange leaks out of the sunrise.

           Simon kisses my forehead.  “Today…”

           Kisses my nose.  “Tomorrow…”

           Kisses my mouth, deep and long.  “Every day after that.”

           I’m so gone.

           “I’m living a charmed life.”


Imagine badboy!Woozi falling asleep during one of you guys’ study dates so you decide to wake him up by playing with his hair and lightly poking him with your pens. 

BONUS: Instead of waking up, badboy!Woozi decides to just hold on to your hand when it’s in his reach to stop you from continuing to bother him, causing you get flustered because he’s holding your hand and there’s no way for you to pull away.

Frozen stars Chapter one: uh, home, it's nice

“It’s nice to know that you can trust possums, small creatures with tiny hands, fit for picking up nice and shiny rocks from the ground and keeping them in their tiny house. Like, their small and warm, never hurting anyone- I’d feel safe if one cradled me in its arms.” Lance says as he looks toward his mami, as they’re sitting on a cloud in the middle of the ocean, looking up at the starry sky, that’s filled with- pepe?  And normal, yellow, round stars. Wait- that’s not normal, but whatever.

Lance sits quietly with his mami as he sees small shadows of unidentifiable shapes by the horizon. “Mami, What do you think of possums?” He brings up, his mami looking at him and saying, “Hijo, I know you’re scared. Scared, empty, and sad.” Lance looks at his mami, questionmarks start popping up over his head- literally. “Que mami? What are you trying to say?” His mami smiles lightly and hugs him tightly. “You can’t hide anything from me.”

His mami starts singing in a familiar and calming tune, she used to sing this song to him everytime he’d have a nightmare, or couldn’t sleep. he looks up, and suddenly the sky changes its form, and the stars look different, it almost looks like the painting; Starry sky, a masterpiece created from an amazing artist, only to die young and in pain. Lance feels the warm embrace of his mami, and he closes his eyes, only to look up at the sky again. “Wow.”

The stars shine so brightly, like small twinkles in your eyes, it’s calming to know when your mami is with you.

“It’s time to say goodnight the the moon.”

She sings in a calm voice, so soft it can make even the waves fall asleep.

“It’s time to say bye-bye to the stars.”

She gives the warmest hugs, so calming and comfortable and makes you forget about everything bad.

“It’s time to say goodnight, and then dream away.”

I miss those hugs.

Lance wakes up with a chill running from the bottom of his back, traveling throughout his spine, having a dream of his mami doesn’t really make him feel good.

“Aargh, I really need a full eight hours of sleep for once.” Lance complains trying to ignore his homesickness, and having to go eat breakfast, he really just wants to lie in bed and do nothing. “Whatever.” He says before putting on his slippers and walking out of his room, towards the kitchen.

When he arrives at the kitchen he comes across Keith, Pidge- who’s having some sort of argument- and Hunk, who’s standing in the kitchen making some sort of breakfast-goo, whilst listening to Keith’s and Pidge’s argument.

“No, no, Pidge you don’t understand, MCR needs to come back together!” Pidge snorts at Keith’s comment, even making Hunk and Lance laugh. “Guys, please listen, they’re important!”

“Oh, and for what?” Pidge fires back with a mischievous smile on her face. “I- I don’t know! but they are good.” That comment only leads to Hunk, Pidge and Lance to whisper the same thing under their breaths in sync; “No one understands me, mom.” with Keith only shouting in anger and running up to Lance, trying to start another argument.

”So how was your beauty sleep, blue paladin?” Keith asks, and Lance responds with “W-well, better without you.” only to make it sound as if Keith has slept with lance in the same bed. “Well, whatever mullet-head. I’m hungry.” Lance says blushing before going to sit down on the table, waiting for breakfast to be ready, ignoring that conversation.

After a little while of chatting and waiting for breakfast to get ready, Shiro and Slav enters the room. “Good morning!” Shiro greets. “Morning!” Lance says smiling, with Shiro looking at Lance and smiling back. “So, Shiro, what do you think about MCR?” Pidge asks before anyone could do anything else. “MCR? Theyy uhh, they’re not a band anymore right??” Shiro responds confused. “Oh goooooo odd dd, lets us not bring that back up, please?” Keith asks with an annoyed tone. “Oh, don’t worry about it, I was just teasing you!” Pidge says whilst grinning.
“Breakfast is ready!” Hunk shouts, when he soon comes with a bowl of green goo and puts it on the table. “Yaaas! Thanks, Hunk!” Lance shouts, and as he’s taking a spoonful of goo, the alarm sets off.

“Goddammit!” Lance says, as he drops the spoon and runs to get his suit.

“So, what happened now again?” Lance asks whilst sitting in his lion, Pidge, annoyed answers with; “Ugh, didn’t you listen?”, “Sorry..” Lance replies. “ouch.” Lance thinks, Pidge didn’t know was that that comment actually really hurt Lance, he’s not really good with insults. “Guys don’t fight, and Lance, pay attention now. Some village in some planet claimed that they saw a galra ship, so we’re gonna check it out.”, Lance nods, not really responding, he just feels kinda bummed out, it happens sometimes.

When they land, they’re on a watery planet, with small islands with, what it seems like, palm trees, and some type of pink trees- like cherry trees, there’s Krystal’s everywhere, and the sky is blue in some parts, pastel pink on either parts, with white clouds, Lance looks around curiously, this planet almost reminds him of home.

“GUys I’m gonNa get something I forgot in Blue,” Lance says, his voice cracking up at that sentence, and then just, walking off.

“Is he sad?” Pidge asks, looking at her teammates. “I… don’t think so? If he was sad he’d be really quiet?” Hunk says, kinda confused,  with Pidge answering with “So, he’s basically never sad lol.” The others laugh, because, they think that it was true, although they don’t really mean to hurt lance with what Pidge said.

Lance sits crouched beside Blue and takes a few breaths, well, at least he tries. “Lance stop, don’t cry, please!” Lance whimpers to himself, then he can start hearing comforting purrs from blue, almost sounding like breaths, getting louder, then lower. “Follow my breath, little kitten.” Lance does as blue says and tries to follow those breaths with his own. “Thanks, Blue.” Lance says as he calms down, taking in some air and drying his eyes, hoping the others won’t notice that he cried. “Of course hey won’t.” “Shut up.”.

Lance walks back to the others, they didn’t wait. “Of course they didn’t.”, well, at least he can see them in the distance, walking towards a small wooden bridge built across the water.

It’s a good thing that they easily could find the village, the planet was quite small and there was really just three separate villages and one which had the “leader” for the villages.

The villages looks nicer than they expected, with small wooden houses built here and there, with pretty small paths made of some sort of white crystal, leading through different parts of the villages, and the place where the leader lived was just the same as the other houses, just a little inch bigger, and there were some pretty purple and black crystals growing in some parts of the walls. “Oh my god is the leader as emo as keef!?” Lance says jokingly, pointing at the crystals. “Lance, please, no more.” Keith begs, and Lance just laughs as Shiro walks up to the door and is about to knock when- the leader opens the door. “Hello, paladins! Welcome to my humble palace!”, being sarcastic at that comment. “How did you-” Shiro tries to ask before the leader abruptly responds with, “Aah, just a hunch!”.

The leader is quite tall and wrinkly, he’s green with blue spots all over his face, leading to his back, his legs are that of a frogs, but the rest of his body is almost like a humans, just that his skin is green, he has gills on his neck instead of having a nose on his face- he’s noseless, and he’s wearing some type of suit (More like bathing shorts and a crop top). He is quite muscular, but considering of the stick he uses to stand he’s probably quite old(ish), maybe as the age of Coran if he hadn’t been frozen so many years.

“Ah yes, come on give me a hug! Everybody now!” The leader says. “Oh no.” Lance thinks, as he’s not really comfortable hugging a guy he’s just met, as everyone gladly walks in for a warm hug by frog-grandpa except- “Except you, blue paladin, you don’t have to.” he says with, quite a comforting smile whilst looking at lance, as he lets go of the others. Lance, quite relieved, but confused asks “Why?” The leader looks at him and says “Say, have you been a victim of rape?” Lance steps back. “How did he know?” he looks at him dead in the eye, with sweat already running down from his forehead and tensed up says “No, why do you ask.” and the leader replies with “Just a hunch.”, shrugs and keeps walking whilst the others just kept staring in confusion. “W.. what.” Keith suddenly says, with everybody else just looking at him and agreeing, even Lance, because he doesn’t want them to know, something that’s supposed to be secret, he doesn’t want anyone to know.

The paladins keep on going with their mission, and it turns out that a Galran escape pod was launched from a Galran ship somewhere in space. Inside of the escape pod, there were some galran children that were forced to work with the captain, turns out they didn’t like the idea of them helping to destroy planets, so they escaped.

“What? Galran children!? We should keep them captive, they may be dangerous considering where they came from!” Allura hesitantly says as Keith looks down to the ground, and before he can protest, Lance tells Allura off. “Hey, princess, their kids, and, uh, I don’t know if you heard, but they didn’t want to destroy planets?? Rather just escape?? from CHILD LABOUR, perhaps?? Oh and didn’t I say they are just children?? Plus, not every Galra is bad.” He says, kind of irritated, looking at Keith, giving off a comforting smile, as Keith smiles back, it turns out it worked. “Oh, yes, my pardon Lance, they’re just children. But what are we going to do with them, maybe there is some type of childcare center somewhere, but would they then be comfortable taking care of Galran children?” Allura responds, ignoring the Not every Galra is bad phrase. “Maybe I can take care of them!” The leader says, smiling as he brought up the idea.

“Yeah, sounds good!” Shiro says, and before the galran children walk up to the leader they ask “But, what are we gonna do with the baby?” They say pointing at the ship.

The Paladins climb into the ship, only to see a small creature that is purple, looking almost galra, but it has horns and some type of antennas that you see on butterflies, it also has galra ears. Its eyes are yellow, but has pupils that looked more like if it would be from a lizard, and its skin is scaly on some parts, especially on its face, where its chin leading down to its neck is blue-purple scaly skin and with purple coloured fur on other parts. It is wearing ragged black clothes, well, more like cloth, and the little creature, who is quivering in the tiniest corner of the escape pod, what it looked like, it was probably about 7-8 years old, and, it wasn’t galra, well, maybe half galra. The team climbs out of the escape pod, only to ask the children where the creature came from. “W- we took it before we left, it was in the prison and its mother had been tortured to death, we don’t know if it’s a he or a she, and we couldn’t just leave it, so we took it with us but we, don’t know how to take off, like, smaller children.” One of the Galran children said. “But, can’t you take care of him??” Keith asks as he looks at the leader. “Nope.” The leader answers. “Why?” Hunk asks, with the leader responding with, “Just a hunch.”

As the other paladins start to argue about what they should do with the child Lance gets tired of their complaining, and shouts, “ENOUGH! I’ll take care of him! Jesus christ, climb in there and look at him! He’s scared to death as you guys are shouting!”

Lance climbs into the ship and tries to talk with the creature. Crouching, he looks at the boy with a small smile on his face, just to try and calm him. “Hey, little fella! You understand me?” He asks quietly, moving slowly toward it. The creature nods, hugging his legs to his chest and breathing heavily, looking down to the ground. “Hey, it’s ok, I’m gonna take care of you! J-just relax.” The child looks up at Lance, looking as if there is something lost in the child’s heart, a face with no emotions, and eyes without a spark. “My mami is dead.” it says, And it hits Lance, the way it said Mami, what he calls his mother, the word that hits too close to home, and Lance, with a broken face whimpers and says, “I’m sorry hijo.” And hugs the creature, that resists at first, but then hugs back.

my dudes

don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old for stickers, glitter glue, crayons, really anything you’d find in the “kids’ craft” section

I got a few packs of Silly art supplies and honestly? I’ve had a blast finding applications for them. I firmly believe that being in an artistic rut is the perfect moment to play with anything in your “bottom of the bin” art supplies.

The majority of my experimental stuff works out so well (as far as me being pleased at least) is a result of weird textures from drying pens, blobby paint, markers that blend oddly, smudgy ballpoints… Revel in that.

I mean if you need a prime example, look at how far coloring books have come. They’ve gone from cheap, free-stock-image As Seen on TV schemes (a la Colorama) into gorgeous stencils upon which to lay your own ideas into. Stamps and shrinky-dinks are coming along similarly. It’s merely a change in marketing and price ranges when a fad comes along.

tl;dr have some shame-free friggin’ fun 

you better call Dobby with the good ears

my aesthetic

is the dream boys in their school uniforms, at school, like wowowowow damn, u an idol but u still learning n u gon’ graduate, hell yeah, u do! but im still not informed as to whether renjun and chenle are in fact finishing their education bc pls, i just want these kids to graduate

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Can you write something where Ezekiel has nightmares and ends up super sleep deprived and Eve has to mom him?

okay so I think we both know how many apologies I owe you, but let’s just get past that and get right to the fic, yeah? 

Please enjoy :)

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I’m just looking through my blogroll and it’s really unsettling how many people just randomly stopped posting months (if not years) ago without any explanation.

I really need people to at least write a quick “Adios” or something before they disappear.

ok so apparently i ordered a baker’s dozen of asiago bagels from panera bread last night and also wrote three different versions of a debate between ham and breeze, all of which are quite adept rap battles. i have no memory of any of this.


What happens when I drink. I attempt to draw @frigidloki cat au (yes I colored it with colored pencils I needed Mai’s hair colored it made me happy its so pretty and gold) and his marik incubus…… up is probably a ridiculous cartoon of random characters (but not Jounouchi because his hair is making me angry)

boho-flo  asked:

Hi Newt. Is there anything you regret about your life so far? Sorry, this is such a downhearted question. In any case, send my regards to your Niffler (he is a cutie) and all the other critters.

There are a few regrets I have yes, but I try not to dwell on them.  Worrying might mean you suffer twice, but dwelling on the past means you suffer constantly.  I would much rather look forward and move on, if I can.  

And of course, I’ll pass that along- thank you.  

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Hello! I was just wondering if preorders were limited? I dont get paid till the 16th ;-; and thats cutting it real close i guess Thanks !💕💕✨(also will it be available just for purchase after a certain date?)

Yes pre-orders are limited!!
But I am sure you will be able to grab one before its sold out~
You don’t need to worry as the ZINE ITSELF will be available for purchase again in the future, but its more about the freebies+special surprises that is only available for the pre-orders sales period.

And if you are from UK and can attend the 20th meet up at London, you do NOT have to pre-order it in my store. Just show up and buy it on the spot :D (the venue will be announced closer to the date)

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Doctor au

This was the blessed @mvjoey ’s idea so here goes:

Phichit drummed his manicured nails impatiently against the polished wood of the reception desk, watching the exchange between his friend, Yuuri and his assistant, Viktor.

“How many days have they been working together, again?” Phichit asked, taking a sip of water from the cup Christophe had provided him earlier.

“Six months, two weeks and three days.” Christophe replied, quickly scribbling down some notes into a file, reaching behind him and placing it in the stuffed cabinet.

“And they’re still not banging?” Phichit asked, turning to look at the receptionist.

“Viktor hasn’t told be anything, and he usually tells me everything.” Christophe shrugged, smiling to greet a passing woman. “Good morning Helen! How’s the husband? Still terrible in bed?”

“Still. It’s been fifteen years, can you believe it?” The woman sighed, tucking an auburn lock behind her ear.

“Such a shame, he really is handsome. I might have to steal him from you, teach him a couple things.”

“Can I join?” The woman grinned dubiously, breaking into a laugh. “I’m only joking, don’t worry.”

“Its quite alright. Just go straight through, love, Gracie’s missed you so much, bless her heart.”

“I’ll be seeing you!” The woman called, strutting down the hall.

“Were you seriously going to try steal her husband?” Phichit asked, leaning against the desk.

“Hell no.” Christophe snorted. “The man may be drop dead gorgeous but he’s straighter than the poles I dance on at the weekend.”

“I just don’t get it.” Phichit sighed, turning his attention back to Yuuri and Viktor in the corner of the room. “Their feelings are an obviously mutual, how the hell can they not see it?”

“I honestly have no idea. I’ve never seen Viktor this lovesick in my entire life maybe he’s scared of what might happen if he admits his feelings?” Christophe shrugged, stamping another sheet of paper.

“-Nice braids, Plisetsky!” Called JJ, the psychologist as he sauntered through the hall, followed by an army of small boys in hospital gowns and pyjamas waving action figures about.

“Nice toys JJ, you get them with the happy meal your mommy bought you?” The nurse shot back, the tirade of little girls pulling faces at JJ.

“THESE ARE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEMS! HOW DARE YOU!” JJ yelled from across the room, clutching a red ranger doll close to his chest.

“DON’T SHOUT AT YURA! YOU’RE A MEANIE JJ!” One of the little girls shouted, waving a pink wand at JJ.

“YURIS ANGELS ATTAAAACK!” screamed a small brunette girl.

“KNIGHTS OF KING JJ! DEFEND HIS ROYAL AWESOMENESS!” Screeched a little black haired boy, waving a cardboard sword in the air.

“Dear god not ANOTHER turf war…” Phichit groaned, leaning back on the desk.

“Looks like it is.” Christophe sighed, thumbing through a file. “Ear plugs?” He offered, holding up a small box.

“Christophe Giacometti, you are a goddamn saint.” Phichit sighed gratefully, taking the box.

“I know.”

Do you have any idea how hard Levy worked to gather intell for this mission, an’ we get here and the fighting’s over with?! I’m breaking someone’s damn legs! FUCK!!!! *Chops down half the forest with his giant blade*

*Punches the air* I feel a bit better now, whew, glad I don’t get too worked up over cartoons ~.~