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Request: Can I get a Sub Jungkook smut where their on the couch and he cums in his pants while the reader is grinding on him on his lap and dirty talks to him in his ear??? Thanks☺️☺️☺️

Word Count: 6.9k words (heh heh)

Let me ruin you goddammit

Let’s get one thing straight. You never claimed to be a good person, never did charity work, never been the perfect daughter for your parents. And you sure as hell wasn’t someone’s little girlfriend.

You did what you want, who you wanted and slipped out of their sheets before they murmur good morning in your ear. You were a ‘no strings attached’ girl, making sure that you would never become someone’s puppet. Of course, you weren’t immune to the disease called ‘love’, your innocent high school days plagued with your naive mindset of finding the ‘one’. It still haunts you, one of the reasons your night doesn’t end with a shot of whisky and half a pack of beer. The only person who was willing to put up with you was your best friend, Jungkook.

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hamilton: a summary
  • alexander hamilton: damn ham u been through some shit
  • aaron burr, sir: um excuse me can u be my friend
  • my shot: nvm i got other friends also let's go to war
  • the story of tonight: my friends and i are probs gonna die but we're okay with it
  • the schuyler sisters: feminist!angelica is canon
  • farmer refuted: @samuel seabury shut ur fuck pls
  • you'll be back: america is in an abusive relationship w king george
  • right hand man: burr gets rekt
  • a winter's ball: angelica would be ashamed of u, ham n burr
  • helpless: ham is so cute and pretty btw i married him
  • satisfied: ham is so cute and pretty btw my sis married him
  • the story of tonight-reprise: everyone is happy and no one is dead
  • wait for it: burr does nothing
  • stay alive: charles lee shit his pants
  • ten duel commandments: can u count
  • meet me inside: oooh ham's in trooouubblleee
  • that would be enough: learn to appreciate what the fuck u have ham
  • guns and ships: dam lafayette can rap fast
  • history has its eyes on you: ham is back
  • yorktown (the world turned upside down): fuckin finally we won
  • what comes next?: king george is pissy
  • dear theodosia: babies and foreshadowing
  • non-stop: shut it up ham
  • what'd i miss: jefferson is the blitz
  • cabinet battle #1: people like money too much
  • take a break: ham is emotionally unavailable for his family
  • say no to this: ham,,,,,no,,,...,,.
  • the room where is happens: burr is left out
  • schuyler defeated: burr is back
  • cabinet battle #2: the Betrayal to lafayette
  • washington on your side: senpai notice me
  • one last time: washington: i'm tired bye
  • i know him: george is still relevant ???
  • the adams administration: fat shaming isn't cool ham
  • we know: ham,,,,,..,,.,...,,...,.,,,,,.,..,.,.,
  • hurricane: they can't tell everyone if i tell everyone first ha who's the idiot now
  • the reynolds pamphlet: angelica is savage
  • burn: eliza is so good and pure
  • blow us all away: my heart
  • stay alive-reprise: my hEART
  • the election of 1800: everyone still cares about ham's opinion for some reason
  • your obedient servent: "pass the salt" just pass ham or burr i swear this is the saltiest song u will ever hear
  • best of wives and best of women: LITERALLY ELIZA DESERVES SO MUCH MORE THAN U HAM
  • the world was wide enough: burr done fucked up
  • who lives, who dies, who tells your story: eliza's fucking amazing seriously how tf did ham get her ?????

carrie fisher quoted sentence starters.

“ instant gratification takes too long. “ 
“ resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ”
“ i was street smart, but unfortunately the street was rodeo drive. ”
“ as you get older, the pickings get slimmer, but the people don’t. ”
“ i really love the internet. they say chat-rooms are the trailer park of the internet but i find it amazing. ”
“ i don’t want my life to imitate art, i want my life to be art. ”
“ if anything, my mother taught me how to sur-thrive. that’s my word for it. ”
“ people see me and they squeal like tropical birds or seals stranded on the beach. ”
“ the only thing worse than being hurt is everyone knowing that you’re hurt. “
“ if my life wasn’t funny it would just be true, and that is unacceptable. ”
“ my life is like a lone, forgotten q-tip in the second-to-last drawer. ”
“ i don’t hate hardly ever, and when i love, i love for miles and miles. ”
“ i’ve got to stop getting obsessed with human beings and fall in love with a chair. ”
“ i’m very sane about how crazy i am. ”
“ i was born into big celebrity. it could only diminish. ”
“ chairs it is. i must furnish my heart with feelings for furniture. ”
“ a love so big it should either be outlawed or it should have a capital and its own currency. ”
“ no motive is pure. no one is good or bad-but a hearty mix of both. ”
“ i shot through my twenties like a luminous thread through a dark needle. ”
“ you know what’s funny about death? i mean other than absolutely nothing at all? ”
“ you’d think we could remember finding out we weren’t immortal. ”
“ sometimes life actually gives to you by taking away. ”
“ just do it and eventually the confidence will follow. ”
“ chairs have everything human beings have to offer, and less, which is obviously what i need. ”
“ stay afraid, but do it anyway. what’s important is the action. ”
“ i got to be the only girl in an all boy fantasy, and it’s a great role for women. ”

Astro as Hogwarts Students

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Myungjun; Hufflepuff; Half-Blood

- he would literally get A’s in every subject even tho he never listens

- almost all the other Hufflepuffs come to him for help if they don’t understand something

- all his friends come to him for advice

- he’d be that one student that always reminded the professor of homework

- chaser! myungjun

- lets be honest he’d be so worried about hurting someone else but if someone hurt one of his friend he would not hesitate to beat their ass

- highkey really pumped after a match regardless of he won or lost

- such a good sport my poor heart hes so precious

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jinjin looks so hot what the fuck

JinJin; Ravenclaw; Pure Blood

- all the girls have a crush on him

- sweetest guy

- spends his free time up at the astronomy tower drawing

- hate’s being bothered

- figure’s out the door riddles in like 0.0001 seconds because damn this boi is smart

- Keeper! JinJin

- hardly ever lets the other team score

- can get rlly aggressive

- lowkey starts trash talking the other team especially if its Slytherin

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Eunwoo; Ravenclaw; Muggle Born

- high key the most beautiful person at Hogwarts

- seems like he will fight anyone and everyone but he wouldn’t hurt a fly tbh

- is head boy 

- ppl are jealous of him because wow he’s stunning

- he doesn’t play quidditch bc he’s too worried about ruining his perfect face

- all the professors love him

- he’s high key a smartass and he knows it

- doesn’t like when people don’t listen to him

- annoys JinJin 24/7

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Moonbin; Gryffindor; Half-Blood

- sassy af

- hates defense against the dark art’s class he’s just scared of snape tbfh

- This boy is very social

- he will almost always be in the great hall or the common room talking to other students

- get’s mad and offended easily

- Seeker! Moonbin

- almost always finds the golden snitch before the other team

- is late to practice because he talks too much smh

- didn’t want to try out at first but Myungjun made him

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bias time lets go im so ready

Rocky; Slytherin; Pure Blood

- so much sarcasm

- literally everything that comes from his beautiful mouth is sarcasm

- he is always ready to fight

- so many girls have crushes on him i mean how can you not look at him

- Seeker! Rocky

- soooo aggressive

- don’t get in his way he will plow you

- he’d get so angry if his team lost

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this kid istg

Sanha; Gryffindor; Muggle Born

- the most precious wizard you will ever meet

- he literally is so lost in every class

- goes to Moonbin for help when he doesn’t understand something as if binnie knows anyway

- is too smol and precious to play quidditch

- taller than everyone else, even 7th years

- stuffs his face in the great hall

- this kid literally never stops eating

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Lafayette!! Your wife is too pure for this world!! I only recently found out about her and she's so sweet and kind!! Why would you ever cheat on her? I get that it's part of "what's expected" but...Adrienne didn't deserve that, Lafayette.

“Love is…complicated. I love my wife. She is–as you have said–sweet, kind, and pure. She maintains a gentle heart to the best of her ability, even if she disagrees with me. Sometimes…sometimes perfection can be too perfect. Sometimes it can be rigid. Unbending. Retreated. Cold. I am not a good man to my wife at all times, I admit to you. Perhaps it is my ego. Perhaps it is the mischievous influences of some of my friends and family. Or perhaps it is because it is difficult to share intimacy with someone who does not share the same ambitions or beliefs. My wife is a good woman. She was raised in a convent and left its doors fervently pious and adamantly religious. Perhaps if my mother had lived closer and longer, I would have felt a connection to God as Adrienne does. But I do not. Because of this, while she seeks to stand at my side in all matters of state or politics, she will not participate in society with me. She does not play cards, she does not approve of horse racing, she is not fond of des soirées. I am not particularly fond of the latter vice either, but I suppose at times I wish I could see her more at ease. I am, perhaps, too worldly for my wife’s comfort, despite her devotion. And so, to my shame, my eye wanders.”

It should be noted that Lafayette never voiced this exact opinion. It’s something I’ve come to the conclusion of over time after reading his letters, her letters, some of their children’s letters, some of his lovers’ letters, etc. Adrienne was a deeply emotional woman who buried that emotion under decorum, piety, and gentility. Lafayette was a more adventurous sort…prone to bad decisions, vices, and poor influences like his brother-in-law, the Vicomte de Noailles. It was only after his imprisonment and their reunion behind bars that the switch seems to have flipped and he found himself actually learning about who his wife was and admiring her on a more intimate level. There are so many factors that caused his wandering eye. One of them was his *ego*. He returned a hero and any woman he fancied was ready to throw themselves at him…and he did not say no often. But on a more psychological level, I think that Adrienne guarded her heart due to the constant uncertainty of his life and he did not feel that spark with her because of it. Devoted is not the same as amorous. I think they were two very different people who learned how to love each other later in life. Adrienne was said to be greatly insecure. Lafayette was the opposite…at times, staunchly egocentric. Communication would have helped them. But both of them seemed to stand on ceremony when it came to the other until later in life. Then…ooooof. The letters he wrote about her later…I break a little every time I read them.

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Hmmmm, I get the feeling there's more to Acute's sudden change than "Lol I'm a bitch." I kinda wanna say it has something to do with love and how they love father and it's unrequited, as if Acute more of wants someone else to hurt like they do. IM JUST SPECULATING, I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG IT'S JUST MY THOUGHT

// Acute is actually really pure at heart. He’s just extremely misguided. He wanted to get Father to notice him by breaking the rules but obviously, that did not work out in his favor. He’ll step on anyone who gets in his way. Even the only people who have ever said they loved him. =‘) He had good intentions, just really bad influences. So yeah you nailed it!

gay books i would splinter my soul to see movies for:

  • the abyss surrounds us: honestly if u have ever looked at this blog or how much i love pacific rim on my main this should be super self explanatory. lesbians, pirates, sea monsters, lesbians, sharing a bed trope AND handcuffed together trope, an “oh no shes hot” moment, “i don’t just raise monsters. i AM ONE” ARE U KIDDING ME AAAAA
  • you know me well: feels good gay teen friendship in arguably the gayest city in america?? teens who were in the same class all year and never talked until they realized the other was gay and then instantly clicked (not just a platonic m/f friendship BUT theyre both gay!! what a gift) AND cute lesbian couple getting together!! pride week friendship good times!!
  • everything leads to you: CUTE LESBIAN ROMANCE…….. LITERALLY THE PURE FILM MY HEART YEARNS FOR!! no coming out or homophobic nonsense AND its about the beauty and love that goes into making a film plus gay girls like!!! i love movies and i love girls and i love feel good love shit…. its ideal
  • crush (by sr silcox): i know its probably the least well known on this list and definitely the least likely but its super cute and cheesy and its teenagers who want to save their small town festival and the new girl from out of town is cute and possibly secretly really famous but whos to say ANYWAY i loved this one its just a small town sweet teen summer romance again w no coming out/homophobic nonsense
  • s/o to under the lights, which is a sequel so it probably wouldn’t work that way but like the cheesiest gay teen hollywood movie imaginable…. also i recognize that i am just 200% biased toward this beachy romance novel even as something low budget if they followed the book it’d probably be like my favorite movie akjsfkgjhdf

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A sticker is offered out to Jackie on the tip of the little eyestalk. It shows a glittery rainbow, bright and bold. "Have a good day!"

Jackie has the wide eyes of a man who is consumed with pure joy as he accepts the sticker.  Glitter.  It has glitter.  Is the robot also gay and offering this in solidarity?  Regardless, he loves this robot and supports it in all of its endeavors in life.

“Thanks, mate, thank ya heartily from the bitty-bottom of my heart and my heart’s heart.  You’re a true and good friend.  Stay beautiful, baby.”

panic! at the disco starters - vices and virtues
  • ❛ another dollar, another day ❜
  • ❛ you're guaranteed to run this town ❜
  • ❛ cold and alone, it suits you well ❜
  • ❛ fate will play us out, with a song of pure romance ❜
  • ❛ oh, kiss me ❜
  • ❛ i may never sleep tonight ❜
  • ❛ you're such a pretty thing ❜
  • ❛ when the world gets too heavy, put it on my back ❜
  • ❛ i could kid myself, in thinking that i'm fine ❜
  • ❛ if you don't let it out, you're gonna let it eat you away ❜
  • ❛ are you saving me? ❜
  • ❛ its the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do ❜
  • ❛ my one regret is you ❜
  • ❛ i plead the fifth ❜
  • ❛ i'm just a white blood cell, fighting like hell for you ❜
  • ❛ you gave up on you, and i gave up on me ❜
  • ❛ i know in my heart, that my head is lying ❜
  • ❛ everything seems to be estranged when you're alone ❜
  • ❛ i got so sick of being on my own ❜
  • ❛ our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos ❜
  • ❛ i'm not a betting man, but this is a sure thing ❜
  • ❛ all that hate is gonna burn you up ❜

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ok i dont even K n ow what to say you must get this alot but still everytime i see your art and your tsukkiyams and your punkguchi (now your preppyshima too) and your fic stuff i kind of touch my shaky hand onto the screen gently and let out a breath because like its //so// good and //so// pure and i love it so much my heart cant take this anymore, youre just so great and thank you for all that stuff and aus i didnt even know i needed untiL I SAW IT <33


thank you so much!! it makes me so unbelievably happy every time someone tells me that they appreciate what i make for tsukkiyama…i enjoy creating things of them and it just makes my heart feel REALLY REALLY BIG to know that there are people that enjoy what i make too!! thank you, really!! i don’t really know what to say either, i just know i have a very big smile on my face!!!

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Hi i saw you recently post about skam so what is about and where can be found?

OH MY GOD, FINALLY AN EXCUSE TO GUSH ABOUT SKAM!!!  THANK YOU, YOU GLORIOUS HUMAN BEING.  Okay, Skam is a Norwegian web series that is currently in its third season and follows students at Nissen, a high school in Oslo.  The idea is to immerse you in the fictional life of whatever major character the season has chosen to focus on, so they have social media accounts (Instagram, for example) that are updated throughout the week, as well as text exchanges, until we get a new episode on Friday.

Season 1 is about Eva.  The squad™ in this season, I can’t even fucking explain it to you.  We’re plopped down in Eva’s life, which is given the impression of already being well-lived in, as she meets the friends who are going to stick.  There’s Sana, who probably has the most badass introduction of any character in fictional history (goddamn, I love her), Vilde, who’s high-maintenance and kind-hearted, Chris, who is extremely comfortable in her own skin and hilarious to be sure, and Noora, who is one of the most thoughtful and socially cognizant young characters I’ve ever seen on screen and who has one of the best first lines ever: “Girls who call other girls sluts have 90% more chance of getting chlamydia.”

It’s more real, both in terms of behavior - it digs in better to what millennials are actually like rather than the cliches of what we’re like, and in terms of losing the Hollywood-style glam - kids get zits, their thighs touch, they smudge or mismatch their make-up, etc.  They’re not professionally put together, they’re high school students.  And this show, my God, it has so far embraced creeds, sexualities, body types and races with such care and delicacy that it warms my cold, cold heart.  And most just blend into the background without mention, it’s a part of society that people are different in a myriad of different ways - bellissimo.

I think this is my favorite season just for the fact that I think it’s so, so important to see girls taking care of other girls - THE WAY THESE GIRLS CONSISTENTLY DO - and watching them build this bond between them was damn good.

Season 2 (part 1) | (part 2) is about Noora.  Noora.  Noora, Noora, Noora.  Noora is so special because she’s not inflexible and hard, she’s not portrayed as a bitch or frigid, while still getting to be - completely undeniably - a strong character, with a backbone and then some.  You rarely get to see one without the other when it comes to women but HERE SHE IS.  She has extremely solid opinions and ideas about the way the world should work but also recognizes that she doesn’t know everything, that she can be wrong and that sometimes she needs to bend.  Her interactions with Sana in this season are some of my all-time favorite interplays between any of the characters ever.

Season 3 is about Isak.  Isak has been lurking in the background of seasons 1 and 2 and by the end of season 1 we’re twigged to the fact that he’s likely gay.  Season 3 is him coming to terms with that and his realistic and emotional relationship with Even is probably some of the best romance (romance, period) that I’ve ever seen.  But honestly?  HONESTLY?  My favorite thing about this is his squad™, because at every turn they are such boys.  Horrible teenage boys who talk nonstop about hooking up and can be awkward around feelings but who are also fucking bros.  The scene of Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus sitting around a table and strategizing what Isak should say to Even?  I can live off the goodness in that sequence for years.  Dead serious.  And Isak is almost never made to feel different by them.  When he tells Jonas the person he likes isn’t a girl, Jonas doesn’t even have a visible reaction, just guesses a boy instead and when Isak tries to play ‘straight guy’ before he comes out and make fun of a gay man, Jonas shuts him down so fast and so hard that Isak nearly swallows his tongue.  Mahdi is horrified that the school might think he fought with Isak because he’s gay, that people are saying he’s a homophobe (and this is before he even knows Isak is gay).  And Magnus finally gets to meet Even and throws his arms around him because anybody that important to Isak is going to be that important to him too.  Special mentions for a moving speech given by Eskild (Isak’s out and proud roommate) and Sana this season too.

Basically: I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOW ENOUGH.  Especially as I know people in my neck of the woods are in need of this kind of pure and heart-warming goodness these days.  I promise you: it delivers.  All links are embedded in the season mentions SO GET WATCHING.

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hi there, I've never noticed just how many times Harry has said HE/HIM in regards to questions about things he looks for in a girl. I've always noticed that he says 'someone'. I don't think he's fully aware when he uses male pronouns I think he just kinda slipped and when he slips he goes back to where he's comfortable and what's natural to him, which is using HE instead of SHE. It's interesting.

I think it’s more than interesting, it’s like proof, even if I avoid using that word as much as possible, but these are pure facts so I count them as proof.

I remember once someone pointed out he already used someone during the video diaries, so he’d been using someone, they, their, them, people extremely consciously and here comes the most important and undisputed fact: whenever he *slipped* he used 


  • just like HE already owned it


  • I think just someone who’s got a good sense of humor and like, if you can hold a conversation with HIM obviously that kinda helps.
  • I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I’m near HIM
  • maybe send HIM a flower


  • all HIS little things


  • you’re not gonna go out with a dickhead are ya

It’s never the other way around. But that’s not all. He doesn’t give a single fuck anymore and he changes lines which were originally SHE. Harry Styles in 2015:

  • isn’t IT lovely, 
  • there’s nothing where HE used to lie

I don’t think it’s slipping when he says him because it’s actually what comes naturally and using they, them, someone, people is his way of staying true to himself and still describe his dream date or dream partner, and with this trick it’s like plausible deniability and it’s Harry’s way to avoid lying

I Saw Crimson Peak, or: Food Metaphors, Gothic Melodrama, and You

My favorite food is a good pasta bolognese: fettuccine al dente, with a sauce that’s been simmering for hours in red wine, every ingredient in its proper place, added at the right intervals, and stirred with true Italian vigor. I know it, I love it. This dish won’t surprise me, but that’s not what I want from pasta bolognese. What I want from pasta bolognese is the dinner time has shown me I’m wild for, prepared with skill, flair, and a love for the recipe.

Crimson Peak is THE pasta bolognese movie. It’s a lush Gothic Romance, complete with restless ghosts, fluttering ivory nightgowns, madness, slow poisoning, and a gorgeous decaying manor/metaphor house whose gables rise above the moors like snarling teeth. No movie has ever been less interested in reinventing the wheel, right down to the scene transitions: old-fashioned iris wipes. When the titled heir of a fallen family takes the hand of our unconventional heroine and leads her to the dance floor, the assembled ladies gasp. It knows, okay? It knows what it wants to be and knows that you want that too. There’s no irony, no winking, despite the fact that any audience worth its salt knows the narrative tricks inside out. That’s not what matters. What matters is that it’s bloody and frightening and twisted and mournful and achingly romantic.

I walked out of the theater effusive, a joyful little shiver in my stomach, still spooked and swooning. It was as if this movie reached out and cupped my fourteen-year-old self’s face in its hands and said, “isn’t it time you indulged in everything you ever wanted?”

Pure, undiluted gothic melodrama, masterfully made. A plate of pasta bolognese cooked by an expert chef, exactly the comfort food I crave, elevated to a thing of rare beauty. I can’t wait to have seconds.

July 31st Full Moon/Blue Moon: Release With Ease + Move Forward With Energeized Peace

You and only you know what you’re holding on to. You know the signs God, the Universe, the Great Mother has been sending you. There are thoughts, beliefs, things, relationships and activities that need to be released for your greatest good. Things that have been blocking you from embracing your full self and the reality that life is opening you up towards.

Maybe it’s time to cry. Certainly, it’s time to release and remember that we’ve always been good enough. We’ve always been capable. We’ve always been worthy. It’s time to turn down that voice in your head that’s telling you you can’t do it. It’s time to really let go of what others may think of you. It’s time to get back into our bodies. It’s time to shout, to cry, to scream, to moan, to release and to feel.

Don’t intellectualize how you feel. Feel how you feel and release that energy through movement. Dance. Turn on some music, light some candles and feel. Lose who you once were in the music and find yourself again. Cry. Cry because of all of the stuff you’ve overcome in the past 7 months. Cry because you’re realizing you’re good enough and beautiful. Live like no one is watching. Live what’s true to how you feel. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dream. Believe in your craft. Believe in love. Believe in the reality going and the reality arriving. Believe and energize the things that will come.

Full Moon Rituals: burn sage, take a cleansing bath, cry, write down the things you’re releasing on a paper and burn it, turn on music + dance without thinking, self-judgment or self-criticism - purely feel.

Things To Release this #FullMoon:

• fear of change
• searching externally for answers rather than going within
• resisting Divine Will
• releasing a job/relationship/plan and the energy attached to it
the belief that you’re not good enough
• comparing yourself to others
• fear of missing out • worrying about money
• clinging onto things
• fear of sharing
• letting go of the need for approval from others
• fear of criticism and judgement
old beliefs that are no longer serving you
• pushing, striving, manipulation, forcing

(List from:

Full Moon Affirmation: I now release all things that have served its purpose on my path. I open my self, my mind and my heart to the rich blessings offered in this present moment. I see my goals taking form. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: I have no idea which fandom to get into next because Gravity Falls is over and there are so many cartoons for me to obsess over, but at the same time I'm not ready to move on from the fandom that's consumed me up to this point. I mean, I know I'll always be part of the fandom and have it in my heart forever like the other shows that I loved that ended, but I need another show to fill the void (even if it's only been a few days). I feel like a lost little puppy left with one question... what now?

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Do you ever think about little Alec Hardison before he went to live with Nana? I know it's canon that he didn't have as rough a time in the foster system as Parker did, but think about him with a foster parent or sibling who doesn't understand his goodness and his emotional literacy, and just basically ???? Like what's wrong with this kid?? Why does he cry all the time, he's six shouldn't he have grown out of that by now??? Why does he hug everybody?

why must you hurt me this way

i had never considered this before because alec hardison is a precious cinnamon roll (too good for this world, too pure) and it causes my heart physical pain to imagine him with anything less than true happiness.

like, when i imagine a baby hardison without people who support his heart and his capacity for empathy i want to fight them.

Mr Hemmings - Luke Smut/Imagine
Part 18


Part 17 -

Part 16 -

Part 15 -

Part 14 -

Part 13 -

Part 12 -

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The sound of Luke’s snores woke you up, turning to face him. He looked sweet, hair tousled out of its normal quiff, his eyelashes fluttering a little bit. Eyes scanning down his body to the tattoos scattered on his skin so perfectly. Reaching down off the bed you grabbed his T-shirt crumpled from the night before, pulling it over your head. Snuggling it close to your body smelling him off the material causing your heart to thump just a little bit quicker. The burst of feelings forcing you to move back to the bed and throw an arm around him gently, resting your head against his chest as you felt something deep for him erupt inside you.

“Mornin babe…” He grumbled out turning his head to kiss your temple, your arms squeezing around him as he let out a small chuckle.

“Cutie..” He breathed playing with your hair.

“Your kinda cute yourself there Hemmings.”

“Cute? Babe I’m punk…” you cut him off.

“To me. Your punk rock out there and a cute little teddy bear to me.” You continued tracing patterns on his skin. Feeling him lean down, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Oh yeah was last night cute? Was i a cuddly teddy bear then huh?” He lightly whispered barely audible. You let out a sigh, bitting your lip as you thought back to last night.

“You certainly weren’t anyway babe.” He winked down at you placing a light kiss to your lips and then you remembered. Worry filling your stomach.

“Hey, hey… I was kidding babe.” Sensing the worry and changing expression on your face he sat up with you beside him, taking your face in his hands as he leaned down, rubbing your noses together.

“Luke what if…” it was his turn to cut you off.

“Don’t even go there, i swear I’m going to have to do something about that overthinking you do. Maybe we are both weird…i mean you keep going on about how I’m cute and sweet but look punk rock, maybe your cute and adorable and silly sometimes..but you have a little fight in you.” He winked again and you smile resisting the urge to punch his arm playfully incase it resulted in him teasing you more about what happened the previous night. Only he could make you feel better so easily, his heart pure and good inside as he never bared to let you worry.

“But hey you love me..” You smiled cutely at him and he let out a chuckle.

“Yeah i sure as hell do.”

“I love you too.”

“Well i hope so.” Kissing your cheek he pulled you into him.

“Hey guys!! Its…” A strong accent bounced off the walls of the hotel room as three other boys barged in.
You let out a scream as Michael moaned about Luke’s naked state and the shock turned into laughter.

“My eyes..” He moaned and your giggled continued.

“Well knock first.” Luke grumbled obviously happy before the interruption.

“What? Wait thats twice, first you two fuck in my bunk now my best makes junk is in my face!” His rhyming didn’t help your giggles and the other three joined in as you placed your head in your palms.

“What are you laughing at Tyson?” He challenged, smirking at you.


“Hey i don’t think we need security anymore, what do you think Ash..”

“Calum…” you moaned feeling embarrassed again.

“Dont worry about it Y/N seriously, least we know our Lukey is well protected.” Ashton joined which did nothing to help as they continued laughing.

“Okay, okay guys… Get dressed we have to be back on the bus in 30 mins.” Red faced you turned to Luke as they left.

“30 mins huh…” Winking at you, you caught his drift. Before you could think twice he was up and rushing to the bathroom door.

“Better make it quick.” Shutting it behind him you cursed him for teasing, hearing the shower turn on inside. Laying back against the sheets, the warmth of his body left behind making you feel cosy. Your eyes closed as you drifted off into a light sleep, thinking of the cheeky boy inside the bathroom…