its pulling you under

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

Night Walks - Part 2

Part 1 here

Summary: You like to take late night walks to de-stress, you meet a stranger named Bucky who does the same. 

Prompt(s): Okay I’m combining two: pandarosita: 93 and 94… but Reader being upset rather than Bucky? and an anon request for 64.

93.“I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
94. “I had a bad dream again.”
Bonus: 64 “Here, take my blanket.”

Warnings: angsty reader

Word Count: 2539

Author’s Note: Okaaay here you go!

Originally posted by jamesbhrnesvevo

You started meeting with Bucky in the park pretty regularly after that.

Sometimes it was light and fun, and you’d maybe meet in time to catch a drink together before the bars closed. Sometimes you’d be brave enough to lean up on your toes to kiss him, or he’d playfully pull you incredibly close, his fingers digging into your side when he discovered just how ticklish you were. Finally, he’d walk you to your door with half-hidden smiles and hushed laughter. On those nights the closeness was tentative and teasing, like a first kiss or an early not-yet-date.

Other times felt heavier. After all, the reason you were out so late, had met at all, was to escape the ghosts that haunted you both in the quiet dark, and some nights they were inescapable, even beneath his comforting gaze or for him the promise of your gentle laughter.

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76 - Daddy! (Yoongi x Reader) Drabble Challenge: 150 Prompts

Genre: smut
Word count: 813
Contains: smut, daddy kink, mild humilliation, enjoy! Send in requests and prompts!

It was one of their kinky nights. Ones where Yoongi would pull his A game, out, quite literally. He started with just kissing her, for what seemed like ages – and they’ve made out for an hour – because they could, he kissed every inch of her exposed skin, and the more she revealed, the more he’d worship. When they were both naked, he allowed a slim finger to slip into the slick, wet channel and rub oh-so-deliciously to her weak spots until she was a loud, moaning mess, allowing all her sweet moans to spill out, except for one.

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For Benjamin (Ezekiel X Benjamin (Sorta) X Reader)


Your door has been locked for days. Your room filled with the sobs and screams from your ongoing grief and pain. Feeling your heart pound to ever cry you let out, you were emotionally broken. Ezekiel has stood outside of your room, listening to the muffled cries coming from you, feeling his heart tear with ever whimper you released. He knew your love for Benjamin was strong, and he knew that your bond with him could never be broken. Ezekiel also knew that you needed time alone, but he never expected you to spend two weeks locked in your room.

He would send Jerry to bring you food, but Jerry would come back, holding a tray of food that was barely eaten. Ezekiel was becoming worried, and so was everyone else in the Kingdom. Your refusal to leave your room, and denial of eating frightened everyone, especially Ezekiel. He knew you’d take Benjamins death hard, but now you were only putting yourself in danger, and Ezekiel had enough of it.

It was a late evening, and Ezekiel had just finished telling Henry good night. Before Ezekiel stood up to leave Henry’s room, Henry grasped onto Ezekiels shirt, keeping him close. “Is (Y/N) going to be alright?” Henry asked, looking into Ezekiel’s eyes. Ezekiel released a short breath, before nodding. “Yes. I’ll make sure of it” He smiled at the young boy, before pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Wait!” Henry exclaimed before Ezekiel had a chance to leave. Henry hopped out of his bed, ripping the drawer of a nightstand open, pulling out a package of Oreos. He turned to Ezekiel, and handed him the cookies before smiling. “Ben was gonna give these to her, but he never got the chance. They’re her favorite. Just tell her it’s from both of us, please?” Henry looked up at Ezekiel, as the king released a small chuckle. “Indeed” he nodded, before Henry went back to bed, and Ezekiel left the young boy for the night.

Ezekiel walked to your room, standing outside of your door, listening to the soft whimpers. He knocked twice, waiting for a response from you. “Go away,” you cried “nobody is here”, Ezekiel frowned. “(Y/N), please open the door” Ezekiel pleaded. He could hear your soft footsteps walk towards the door, before the lock clicked, and the door opened, revealing your red puffy eyes.

Ezekiel could see the heartbreak scattered across your face. You wore the same sweater from the day of Benjamins death, his blood still stained on the long sleeves. Ezekiel opened his arms, and you threw yourself into him, breaking into loud sobs on his chest. Your arms were wrapped tightly around him, and your head was buried within the depth of his shirt, as your salty tears stained the thick fabric. Ezekiel stood with you, comforting your every sob. He began to tear up, he could feel your pain, and he hated that you were in so deep.

It wasn’t long before you were lying in your bed, with Ezekiel holding you in his lap. Ever since the apocalypse, you’ve always saw him as a huge father figure in your life, and the minute he found you, he felt the need to protect and love you as if you were his own, and he’s done exactly that. The only thing he knew he couldn’t protect you from, was this. And he absolutely hated it.

You stared at the package of Oreos sitting on your nightside table, feeling Ezekiel run his fingers through your tangled hair. “I miss him” you spoke, not taking your eyes off of the Oreos. “Everyone does. He was a good man. Well respected, heavily loved, he didn’t deserve this” Ezekiel was soft with his tone, knowing you needed to let out your pain. “I should’ve been there. I could pushed him out of the way, o-or jumped in front of him! It would- He would be alive!” You shouted, before Ezekiel shook his head.

“Do not speak like that, (Y/N). Benjamin was loyal, but if you got hurt for him, he’d never forgive himself!” Ezekiel said, as you turned to look at him. “He loves you, and I could see it with my own eyes. You two had such a bond that couldn’t be broken, even now you two are closer than ever, and I don’t think it will ever change. We cannot change the past, but we can change or future, by giving some time to it in the present” Ezekiels words caused you to shed crocodile tears. It felt almost impossible to cry, because you’ve cried everyday since Benjamins death; you didn’t have any tears left.

You sat up, and wrapped your arms around Ezekiels neck, hugging him and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, feeling his arms wrap around you, pulling you tight. “Thank you, Ezekiel” you whispered, feeling him you back, before wishing you good night and telling you he would check up on you in the morning. After he left your room, you sat in your bed, staring at the package of Oreos before you. You pulled them off of the table, and smiled, knowing how much time Benjamin spent scavenging Oreos just for you.

You pulled the tab back, opening the slick cover, but quickly noticing that it had been opened before. There weren’t any cookies missing, but there was a small note attached to the inside of the cover. You pulled it off, quickly opening it, trying your best to decipher the sloppy handwriting.

(Y/N), I know you have begged me to find Oreos for you, and I did. I’ve had them for a while, but I’ve been keeping them from you, just until I could find the right moment to present these cookies that you’ve always dreamt of eating again. I just hope you love me just as much as these Oreos that I know you’ll devour. I just hope you don’t hate me from keeping them from you, I just wanted to surprise you, because I always love seeing that big and beautiful smile you always wear, and I wish you will never take off, because you wear it perfectly.

Love Your One and Only, Benjamin.

P.S. if Henry tries to find you after dinner, asking you for some, tell him you ate them all. He’s not allowed to have sweets. Dads rules are still rules with me.

You laughed to yourself, feeling tears stream down your face. You pressed the paper against your lips, as if it were Benjamin right there, right in front of you. You folded the letter back up into its original form, placing it right under your pillow, as you pulled an Oreo out from its sleeve of other cookies, and took a huge bite. You laid back in your bed, looking up at the ceiling, closing your eyes and letting the flavor of the much missed cookie tingle your tastebuds. “Thanks for the cookies, Ben” your muffled whispers spoke, as you smiled and took another bite of the cookie, pulling another from the sleeve, and feeling your heartbreak numb, just for that moment, smiling for Benjamin, your Benjamin.


diego luna appreciation weekdecember 27 (diego + alice braga w/ surprise gael)

people that inspired in my in my journey, diego luna was special, because it was the first film i did abroad and he was such a strong actor in the sense of young, but with so much knowledge because he was an actor since he was a kid. - alice braga, interview magazine

Don’t Worry. I’ll Stay By Your Side - Taemin x Reader

mymisstina asked:

Hi! Can you a fluffy Taemin scenario where you and him have a performance and after that you almost collapse because you’re having fever, taemin takes care of you but he’s a bit angry because you didn’t tell him you’re sick, you don’t want disappoint his fans? Thank you. - First SHINee scenario :) with my bias-ruiner Taeminnie  (ʘ‿ʘ) #minhowho

Originally posted by mylittlemint

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Neptune in the Houses- The Illusionary Thrill

Neptune in the First House- Who are you? Why do you float away like a puff of smoke just when I think I’ve worked you out? You’re other worldy, a spirit without a solid form here on Earth. And you’ll never be the same person twice.

Neptune in the Second House- Why do you desire safety in wealth and possession so much yet can never seem to grasp them for long, finding any assets so insubstantial when it should be your place of safety. Maybe it’s an illusion, a mirage from the planet of disillusion.

Neptune in the Third House- Your thoughts wisp away before you can truly grasp them, setting sail on a boat to somewhere of make believe, yet your imagination is so vivid that it becomes your place of safety. Your mind is not practical, yet spiritual. 

Neptune in the Fourth House- You never found stability from the home, no barriers, no safety net, yet there is some deep attachment here, even though you feel that there were no hands to catch you should you fall. You may have grown up in extreme or odd circumstances. 

Neptune in the Fifth House- You have an idealistic view of love, where you wish for your soul to be shattered and will not stand for anything less. You idealise those you love through rose tinted glasses, yet the fall from Grace can leave your knees bloody.

Neptune in the Sixth House- You have a talent for healing, incorporating spirituality into your daily routine and small tasks. You likely meet your sense of duty with a certain other worldliness, perhaps even preferring naturopathy than anything too artificial and man made. You may be interested in the healing/knowledge giving arts.

Neptune in the Seventh House- Partnership will be met with trust, maybe even leaving you vulnerable to those that wish to take advantage. You have a need to heal those you form attachment with, and may be attracted/attract those with demons and deep wounds. Be warned, yet you will be so spellbound you likely will not care.

Neptune in the Eighth House- Death will hold its hand out and appear to greet you as a friend, maybe even leaving you with feelings that the next life needs to be experienced now. When you grasp the hand of death, it shall turn to smoke. The underworld will pull you under its mist, but one day you shall breathe clearly again. 

Neptune in the Ninth House- Your holy grail is thought to be in your mind somewhere, somewhere through higher learning and travel, something that shall enlighten you with the purpose of life. Yet you may be left traveling for this for decades before you find your answer. It is possible you may never find it, or it may greet you with a flourish well into old age, in the delirium before passing.

Neptune in the Tenth House- Your strive for an ideal that may not exist, yet your career and point of power will never be structured, but perhaps based on something more spiritual/insubstantial. A stable career isn’t in your future, but a place of transcendence is, where you may even become something of a spiritual teacher to those around you. 

Neptune in the Eleventh House- Do you feel somewhat like a ghost when in public places? Well chances are, you have this placement. Neptune here can create unstable and passing relations with those around you, especially on a larger scale when it comes to humanitarian causes. The collective conscious may be somewhat stunted and not progressive enough for your liking, and you may find that empathy is lacking.

Neptune in the Twelfth House- That place of nirvana, the drug of selflessness and a lack of identity calls to you like a sea siren. You fall in love with nothingness, a place of deep rest, and you are deeply in touch with the collective subconscious and that which is not spoken aloud.

Christmas with the Sidemen - Simon

Simon X Reader

Description: Christmas in the Sidemen house and you have decorated the house just how you had imagined. 

Requested?: lol no but I literally have given up with you guys and giving me ideas tbh lol xox

Warnings: none I don’t think

Notes: this is definitely one of the shittest things I’ve written idk. It’s also very long but. Please leave feedback and comments xox xox love you all lots 💗

Christmas was your favourite time of the year. It had been your whole life. Your childhood Christmases were filled with the smell of spicy cinnamon and Christmas trees, the cheesy or beautiful music that was played, warm, bright lights strung sporadicly around the house and - best of all - giving and (of course) receiving presents. And now that you had (partly) your own house, there was no excuse not to go to town with Christmas, just like it was when you were little.

You were sat on the floor in the middle of the lounge, the room you had decorated the most, in flannel Christmas pyjamas, a fluffy baby blue dressing gown and fox slipper socks. The television was playing old, classic Christmas films that you had enjoyed as a child and candles were lit everywhere. Fairy lights of all different colours and shades were dangled from almost every wall and shelf.

It was Christmas Eve and you were wrapping some last minute presents for your boyfriend and your friends to put in their stockings. There were 7 stockings for each one of the Sidemen (or 6 of your friends and your boyfriend) and 5 sacks for the girlfriends, each one stitched with a name. Everyone had bought little presents to put in the stockings and then one main present was given to everyone (however, all of the couples had given more than one main present to each other) Because of the vast number of them, you couldn’t hang them on the fire place, like you had hoped, so you propped them against it, next to the main presents.

You sighed a sigh of relief as you put the last presents into Simon’s stocking. You stood up and took a step back to admire all of your hard work. A rush of adrenaline raced through your body as you realised that tomorrow was Christmas Day. You looked down at the presents that were soon, in around 6 hours, to be ripped open. All of the stockings and sacks were finally full, apart from one. Yours.

You took another step back and flopped limply onto the sofa behind you. Just as you started turning the volume on the television up, you heard the sound of quick but quiet footsteps, patting on the wooden floor of the landing. The door slowly opened, and you turned around to see your boyfriend, Simon, carrying a large bin bag in one hand, and in the other rubbing his eye gently. He was wearing nothing but some Sidemen tracksuit bottoms and hoodie, unzipped, obviously not thinking he would be seeing anyone up at three in the morning.

When he saw you, his bright blue eyes widened as he tried to hide the bin bag behind his back. “Uh, Y/N, what are you doing up? I thought we were all trying to get a good, long sleep, ready to cook and stuff tomorrow” Simon said groggily with little effort put into thinking about what he was saying, putting the bag down and sitting next to you on the sofa. You nodded towards the piles of presents whilst giving out a huge yawn. He laughed lowly and pulled you in under his arm. Your hand found its way up his stomach and chest and into his favourite place for you to rest it, around one side of his neck, thumb rubbing it soothingly. His warmth radiated onto you, somehow making you realise how tired you are. “It looks amazing, Y/N.” he said kissing the top of your head. All you could do was nod before sleep overwhelmed you and your eyes fluttered shut.

A moan of exhaustion escaped from your mouth and you stretched out your legs and hit the end of the sofa. Wait… The end of the sofa?! Your eyes opened and your arms unstuck themselves from the flesh of what you assumed was your boyfriend and the leather of the sofa. You turned onto your front and looked to the side. You were first faced with your boyfriend, sat upright, a smile beaming and his dimples growing in his cheeks. You smiled back but then turned your head further to be faced with all the Sidemen and their girlfriends sat in a circle, all smiling with stockings and sacks in their laps. There were two gaps in the circle opposite each other, one with a sack with your name on and one with a stocking with Simons name on, both full up.

You sat slowly up whilst trying to readjust your hair and clothing. “Merry Christmas, guys!” you said, getting up and running to hug them all.

After getting yourself onto the floor between Freya and Kayleigh, opposite Simon, Josh and Vik, you all started to unwrap your presents, taking it in turns around the circle.

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.” said Simon pulling you into a warm embrace.

“Merry Christmas, Simon.” you said giving him a short but loving kiss. Your hands cupped his face and his hands were placed gently on the small of your back, pulling you closer. Definitely, one of the best Christmases ever.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any drarry fic recs?


UHH DO I EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I have about 30 drarry fic recs on my AO3 account which can be found here: cinnamon_skull but it’s no way inclusive of all my favorites, bc I’m generally bad about bookmarking. And the Drarry fandom has about a million, high-quality perfect stories that each deserve their own encyclopedia of praise and thanks. 

Here are some of my favorites:

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by Lettered
Summary: Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks. NC-17, 54K+ words
Commentary: This fic changed my life. I thought about it for DAYS. The writing is inspired, the dynamic wondrously deep and cutting and beautiful. IF you read any fic on this list, make it this one. Read anything by Lettered.

Like Diamonds We are Cut With Our Own Dust by raitala
Summary: Draco has borne the mark of the Dark Lord for over ten years. It is familiar to him, but he pays the price for it every day, and Harry has noticed. PG-13, 10K+ words
Commentary: This fic pulled me back into Drarry hell. It was inspired by this iconic Drarry art done by the endlessly talented @alekina; don’t let the first person POV throw you, it’s a thoughtful, powerful piece that subtly pulls you under its spell. READ IT.

Here Be Dragons by birdsofshore
Summary: Harry doesn’t want to waste his time investigating illegal dragonhide trading, whether it involves a fetish club in Knockturn Alley or visiting a remote island in Wales. Why the bloody hell does Malfoy always have to be up to something? NC-17, 21K+ words
Commentary: This is a relatively new fic (October 2016) and hits all of my favorite kinks and tropes - and there are dragons and leather. READ IT. 

Turn by Saras_Girl
Summary: One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. NC-17, 98K+
Commentary: Saras_Girl’s work is a MUST. This fic in particular was a wild ride from start to finish and made me laugh and pull out my hair, and you’ll fall in love with Frank the snake. A love story for the ages.

Azoth by zeitgeistic 
Summary: Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care. NC-17, 88K+ words
Commentary: Probably one of my favorite slow burn stories ever. I can’t even accurately express how much I love this fic – just, read it. Please. Also, anything by Zeitgeistic is HIGHLY recommended.

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes by Omi_Ohmy
Summary: Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy, NC-17, 40K+ words
Commentary: This fic is hilarious. And has Parseltongue!!!! YES.

A Private Reason for This by Femme
Summary: When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, endangering not only his case, but also his heart. NC-17, 92K+ words
Commentary: The story here is brilliant - a murder investigation that is as compelling as the drarry. I am quite taken with ALL the characters and their portrayals… Draco in particular is so well done and complicated and perfect. 

The Invisible Man by Faith Wood
Summary: Sometimes unforeseen side effects aren’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. NC-17, 48K+ words
Commentary: Probably one of my favorite portrayals of Ron Weasley ever. EVER. Goes without saying, but all of Faith Wood’s works are stunning.

Running on Air by eleventy7
Summary: Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects. PG-13, 74K+ words
Commentary: Beautiful. Just. Beautiful.


Allies reacting to s/o covered in nothing but a special object to them:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
Object you’d cover with: Bomber’s jacket.
He’d been looking for the damn thing for the better part of twenty minutes. He finally resolved to ask you.
“Hey, Babe, have you s-seen…” His eyes traveled over your barely covered body. Which was being blocked by his jacket.
“Guess l’m gonna be late.” Alfred purred as he climbed back into bed.
China/Yao Wang-
Object you’d cover with: Hello Kitty plush doll.
The hardest part was finding the perfect moment. It came around when he slipped away to change, so you did the same. You pulled the large stuffed animal from its hiding spot under the bed and began stripping. And you could tell it was over the second you saw his eyes. They were hungry and you were naked. All that was in his way was a toy.
England/Arthur Kirkland-
You wrapped yourself in the cloth and exited the bathroom.
“Dear, have you…you…” His eyes drank you in as his face bolted to red. Without a word he approached you, toying with the fabric. Although he struggled to speak he forced it, his words begging for exit.
“I…If you wanted to be under British rule all you had to do was ask, Love.” He purred more smoothly than he thought possible.
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
Object you’d cover with: Two glasses and a bottle in your lap.
You won’t be able to walk or think straight tomorrow, not that you’re complaining. (I hope)
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
Object you’d cover with: His scarf. ( you stole it while he showered)
When he first walked out he had fear on his face. He’d immidiantly noticed his prized possession missing. When he noticed it wrapped around your most supple area’s his towel dropped. If you were wrapped like a present he was damn sure going to have fun with the gift.

Prompt: “You are a criminal that has been kept hostage by an alien race. They force you to use your skill to invent advanced weaponry.On your own time you send out an sos hoping to be rescued and the alien race to be stopped from using your weapons. Enterprise is sent to help & a battle occurs. The crew is then surprised when you are willing to sacrifice yourself for them/one of them. In turn, despite your criminal record, you are invited to stay on the enterprise and find good friendship with the crew.” - @dani-fae

Word Count: 2,078

Author’s Note: The exciting conclusion from yesterday’s fic! Part 1 is here. Enjoy!

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  • Person: What are you thinking about?
  • Me:'s happened again. Someone's pulled the rug out from under you. An empire at your feet, and you've lost it all. Be honest, did you really deserve any of it? More important, what would you do to get it back? Careful, there's always a pri-
Peachy Love

I Have Loved You Since Extras: Peachy Love



You were standing in the middle of the laundry room at Harry’s home, rummaging through the basket that included a mix of yours and Harry’s dirty wears while he stood, leaning against the door frame, too stunned by the image of you to even help. With his arms crossed at his chest, a grinned pulled onto his cheeks; dimples deep and wondrous and filled with love and lust as he continued to stand and stare at how winsome your hair cascaded down your spine, stopping just a little bit above the dimples that crept at the small of your back.

He enjoyed nights where he didn’t have to worry about waking up early because he had to catch a flight or leave for a meeting. He liked nights where you stayed and didn’t have classes or exams to worry about. He liked talking to you, kissing you, and holding you. He liked the feeling of loving you and all of you. It felt normal to have you standing in the middle of his laundry room, sifting through a pile of his and yours clothes. It was his home but it was yours too. Your scent had managed to cling onto absolutely everything the day after you stepped into the house for the first time. Your soap sat perfectly and comfortably next to his on the window sill in the bathroom while your clothes buried deep into the drawers next to his. Your toothbrush had a cup of its own next to the sink, your pillow rested softly next to his on the bed made for two. Everything had a place of its own; yours being in Harry’s arms.

Harry was quick to swoop over and wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you close to his chest and pressing kisses to the nape of your neck. “Harry!” You shrieked, placing your hands over his.

“Hey, baby,” he mumbled onto your skin, making you giggle. His touch had soon grew soft and the two of you found yourselves swaying in each other’s arms, somewhat dancing to the music that wasn’t playing. His fingers laced with yours and he lightly pushed you off his chest and spun you before he pulled you back seconds after, leaving you inches away from his lips. “You smell nice.”

“Do I?” You giggled, trying to slow the urge of pushing yourself forward and kissing him right then and there. Your arms wrapped around his neck and your fingers found themselves in their usual spot under his curls.

“Yeah,” he hummed, a spark of fire running through his stomach. “You’re pretty too.”

“Have you had a bit to drink tonight, my love?”  

“Just a glass of wine,” he countered, holding you close.

“Just a glass of wine,” you repeated softly.

And with no more resistance, he let the world fall apart and his lips crash onto yours. His tongue knowing yours perfectly and following along with the movements of your swipes against his bottom lip. Your palm took in his cheek and you pulled him closer to deepen the warmth he had given by simply kissing you. His hand slid against your sides, shifting your top before he began to reach for the bottom of your thighs. With one effortless lift, you found your legs tangled around his waist, securing yourself along him while he held you close. He stumbled forward, gripping tightly onto you before he sat you down on top of the washing machine; your legs loosening and his weakening.

His lips parted from yours, a groan slipping at the loss of contact before he buried himself under your chin and pressed kind kisses against your neck. He moved slowly and it felt so good but at the same time, you wanted him to rip off your clothes and toss them aside the empty house.

He pulled back and you saw his heavenly smile stare straight into your heart. His hands reached for the hem of your shirt, pulling it over your head and leaving your bare in your bra and sweats. He paid close attention and love to your breasts, peppering each one with soft, wet kisses before his eyes flicked up and found your head thrown back, eyes rolling to the edge of the cliff, making him smirk and continue with pleasure. 

It was simple but it drove you absolutely mad.

He tugged at your sweats, pulling them to your ankles while his lips lingered along your inner thigh, showing each insecurity the love they deserved. He was always so gentle and considerate when it came to you; he was understanding with the flaws you had decided to hate but he had decided to love. He was patient when it came to waiting for you. He loved you.


Your cheeks pillowed his chest while the two of you laid on the laundry room floor, snuggling up against each other’s warmth. Your arm hooked around his waist while his finger drew circles above your forearm. The room was silent and still, it was no longer spinning from the climax Harry had brought you to and the two of you just laid there; soaking in the love that still lingered the room.

His breathing grew steady again and you shifted your head on his arm before your eyes locked with his, a wide smile pulling onto your redden cheeks.

“You’re blushing,” he mused, eyes crinkling a bit.

“You’re growing a mustache.”

The giggles tumbled out when you reached up to touch the little hairs that had grown above his lip. His toothy smile poked out before he pecked kisses against your finger and watched you drown in happiness.

“Do you like it?” Harry asked, bringing his hand over and running it over his lips to feel what you had seen.

“It’s a bit scratchy,” you teased, making him chuckle.

“Alright then,” he agreed. “I’ll shave.”

And that’s when the questioned slipped without thought. You had always seen him do it in the early mornings when you laid buried under the warm duvet or before bed after a wet shower; he’d squeeze some cream from a dark, labeled can and smear it evenly across the lower half of his face before bringing a razor across his cheeks. Sometimes you’d cringe, scared he’d cut or hurt himself but you had always itched to try it.

“You want to shave my face?” He repeated, eyebrows cocking up into place.

There was no answer needed before Harry had agreed to let you give it a go. Not only did he think it would be amusing to watch you get entertained by the simple routine of shaving but he also thought it would be something funny to look back at. You know… taking a trip to A&E in the midst of the night.


“No,” Harry shouted, pushing the can away from your hand. “That’s too much!”

“It’s fine,” you laughed, sat on top of the bathroom counter with Harry standing in between your legs. His palms rested softly on your thighs while you began to smear the cream across his face, careful not to miss any spots.

“It’s in my eye, it’s in my eye!” He bellowed, pulling his head back from your grasp, making you laugh.

“Oh c’mon, I haven’t even touched your eye,” you countered, tugging his hand and pulling him back towards you. “Don’t be such a baby, baby.” Harry chuckled before he let you continue, puckering his lips every now and then, asking for a kiss. “I’ll kiss you when you’re shaven.”

“Well, get goin’, will ya?” You rinsed your hand in the sink beside you before you reached for the damp razor and skated it along his face, leaving it smooth and hairless. You were fond of how it was coming along. You spotted Harry looking over your shoulder every once in a while, trying to catch a glimpse of how it was turning out before you scolded him and told him to remain still until you were finished. “You’re taking ages, my love.”

“I don’t want to cut you, Harry.”

“I can take it,” he grinned. “I’m a man.”

“A man-child,” you corrected, focusing strictly on the razor and its motions. You pulled away the blades, rinsing it under the running water before Harry jerked his head forward and smeared his creamed face against yours. “Harry!”

“What?” He smirked, as if he had done absolutely nothing. “You look good in white.”

You shook your head, wiping off the cream before snatching the can beside you and spraying it all over Harry’s tanned torso. “As do you,” you hummed, laughing at the sight of him. “Hey! Now I can shave your chest hair as well.”

“Absolutely not!” He warned. “Niall and I have got a game going on and he’s winning, love. You’re not going anywhere near me chest curls.”

“You’re such an idiot,” you snickered, pulling him in again. “C’mere and let me finish your mustache.”

Harry obliged and placed himself in between your legs again. He watched how your eyes turned into your ‘studying eyes’ while you went on shaving his face, careful not to inflict any cuts on him. He poked his finger on your cheeks a few times before you finished and handed him a wet towel to clean off the excess left on his skin.

He looked over your shoulders and patted his cheeks, observing his newly shaved skin before grinning and looking back at you. “It looks… fantastic,” he bubbled in between pecked kisses. “Thank you, Sugar.”

“Anytime, Salt.”


Here’s a little drabble before the night ends. Enjoy, my loves. Thank you to the anon who requested the prompt, oh my God, I’m absolutely in love. 

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Malleus Maleficarum - Part 1

Word Count: 2059

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Witches are gross 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“So you’re telling me all this Janet chick’s teeth fell out and she choked on them and the blood…and died?” You asked Sam as you were rummaging underneath the victim’s sink.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.” Sam said, rummaging under the sink with you.

“Ok. Just checking.” You shrugged. “Yahtzee.” You pulled the hex bag out from its place, stuffed up under the pipes and handed it to Sam.

“I’ll check the rest of the bathroom.” Sam said. “Go see if Dean needs help. You know he sucks at empathy.

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Con Gothic

- there is a mountain of sewing supplies beside you.  you are holding the thread, it is the wrong colour. your shoulder sleeve has a tear. the thread is the right colour.

- hot glue burns your fingertips but as the plastic molds together you sigh in relief. you can no longer feel your hands.

- the booths are overflowing with merchandise. there are pokemon plushies everywhere. no one seems to be alarmed as the tidal wave of leafeons crash over them. its beginning to pull you under as you fish out $20 from your wallet.

- you brought with you $100 dollars and you tell your friends “as if i could spend this much in one day” you laugh as sweat pools down your neck 

- there is grey paint everywhere. when did it get there? people look and shake their heads and more grey smears appear. 

- someone wants a picture of your costume. you pose and realize you are taking a photo of yourself, a nicer and much better version of yourself. you take the picture. you always take the picture.

- nobody walks past the ‘free hugs’ guy. if they do they do not slow down. they do not make eye contact and they all walk in pairs. they know the price of their freedom, free hugs guy looks on with a frozen smile. his sign is smudged slightly.

- you see a group of homestucks. you walk past them and head to another room. you see a group of homestucks. you are walking faster. you see a group of homestucks walking towards you, laughing. you look down at your hands, they are grey. you cry out in despair and it sounds like a honk honking in the distance.

- people step out into the sun, and shudder. some things should not be seen in the daylight. a joker’s wide smile begins to drip down onto the pavement and you reach to scratch an itch before becoming overwhelmed with regret

- you have become lost in artist alley, the walls of art loom over you and you are trapped within its winding trails and throngs of customers. your favorite show appears again and again and you become delirious. you buy more and more hoping desperately it will unearth the exit sign.

LOL here I go with another meta.

Ok the show starts with a showdown with the Argents & co and we find out the nogitsune led them all there on purpose. Duh, right? Anyway. We hear him tell Allison that he wanted Scott there. Why? Well, it’s because he’s been his source to feed off of ever since he took over stiles’ body. His plan was to cause strife, chaos and pain so that Scott can heal the humans and whatever and once Scott absorbs all of that he was going to feed off him like in 3x19.

Moving on, we see the nogitsune stab himself with what I assume is the last tail (correct me if I’m wrong) he releases the fireflies so that mayhem would ensue. Ok. Here’s the part that got me thinking. How and why did stiles end up in the parking lot? My theory is that the nogitsune is weak and the tail or whatever wasn’t enough to satisfy his craving. He needed more.

We see Lydia in her car and she had a specific destination in mind only her banshee GPS sends her right where they find stiles laying on the ground in a vacant parking lot. Remember guys, Lydia has some sort direct link to stiles’ subconscious.

Next we see Scott, Deaton and Lydia trying to come up with ways to help stiles. And of course Peter knows all and tells them they need get into the nogitsunes mind and drag stiles out of his own subconscious. We hear Scott ask “what if this is a trick?” and the camera pans to the nogitsune and he has a smirk on his face (keep this part in mind).

Anyway, Scott was the one that was assigned to bring stiles back, Lydia was only there as back up.

Scott and Lydia enter stiles’ mind and again teen wolf and their doors. When Scott leaves the room the door slams shut and Lydia is locked in the room, leaving her and Scott separated. We see both Scott and Lydia go into two different hallucinations but what was weird was Scott’s hallucination went completely left and his memory had absolutely nothing to do with stiles, and instead of him being greeted by the nogitsune he was greeted by Allison.

Lydia on the other hand went back to a moment that we all know is significant to not only her but stiles. Lydia going back to that moment led her directly to the nogitsune. Notice the nogitsune’s reaction to seeing Lydia. He obviously wasn’t expecting to see her.

Again, notice his face expression when he spot’s her. I would also like to point out the parallels of the enter workings of stiles’ mind. 

When the nogitsune first appears to stiles in his mind his head is bandaged and he is writing on the wall with chalk kinda like this:

Parallel this to when he first sees Lydia.

Also, when stiles is trapped in his mind he’s always in lockers. 

The nogitsune slams the lockers that were open shut. Metaphorically Lydia and Scott enter the door to stiles’ mind and the nogitsune slamming the lockers shut could be him trying to keep Lydia inside.

Anyway… Why was he so surprised? Well, it’s because Scott is the source and he knows about the connection between Scott and stiles. That’s how he was able to manipulate and feed off Scott in the first place, he figured if he couldn’t get Scott in the loft this would be the perfect plan b. Only Lydia traipsing through stiles’ mind like that revealed that Lydia was the one he wanted all along. In 3b it’s safe to say there’s definitely a connection between Stiles and Lydia… one that allows her banshee powers to hear and react to everything stiles is going through. Like when stiles was afraid the night she heard him on the radio, how terrified he was when he thought he had the same disease his mom had. It’s possible this whole entire time Lydia has been absorbing all of stiles’ pain not only because she’s a banshee but because she’s his tether. When Lydia went through stiles’ mind that’s when I think the nogitsune realized it.

Scott and Lydia find stiles and Scott does his part by roaring to get stiles’ attention, but it wasn’t until the echo of Lydia’s voice that pulled him out completely (it’s not just someone to hold you under, its someone who can pull u back). That’s exactly what Lydia did and it’s also the reason the nogitsune took her.

On to next week’s episode. As controversial as the tunnel scene is, this is all a tactic for the nogitsune to scare Lydia. Hence why he’s telling lydia stiles is dying blah blah blah. He’s playing off her fear, off of feelings I don’t think Lydia knows she has. IMO I think the nogitsune/ Lydia scenes are going to be used to shine a light on the connection and feelings she doesn’t know she has for Stiles. 

Did that make sense? LOL :p