its prosecco

One of my friends and I have a quarterly cocktails-and-conversation (and window shopping) date at Nordstrom. (They make great cocktails!)

The other day we’re there and we’ve had our couple of cocktails and I’m busy chortling about a designer dress that NO LIE was the same cut/style as the $50 eShakti dress I was wearing ONLY THIS ONE COST ALMOST 2700 DOLLARS, and just as we’re about to leave, the eager store employee, who’s been circling around us like a bird of prey spotting a kill, runs over to us and says to me, “I just need to show you this coat! It would go perfectly with your dress!”

I, smiling in that pleasant oh man I only come for the cocktails I can’t afford anything else here way, follow him to the scary side of the store where they have all the crazy designer stuff, you know, in those little nooks?

And he pulls down this pink coat. A VALENTINO pink coat, and I’m internally oh honey but externally letting him slide the coat on me.

Like, okay. It was fine? (My friend knows sewing and was absolutely HORRIFIED that this coat had finished seams but was UNLINED.) I mean. It was a coat? The fabric was nice?

But I’m like, “Oh, too bad, it doesn’t fit quite right, but you’re right, it does match this dress! Thank you for showing it to me!” (Because you gotta be nice, right? This guy’s got a thankless job.)

We leave. And then realize we didn’t even look at the price tag. (An oversight, clearly.)

Me being me, I immediately start to Googling.

And guys.


I HAD A COAT THAT RETAILS FOR $11000 USD (YES YOU’RE READING THAT RIGHT) over my three-seasons-ago eShakti sundress that has seen better days???

And I think that’s beautiful.   

Things the gang should be called
  • Gansey: pumpkin, glasses boy, tanny mcTannerson, moneybags McGee, Mr bumble, nerd, Slay-Line, Gansey Boi, jcrew
  • Blue: princess, blueberry pie, munchkin, baby Blue, amp girl, lampshade, flower power
  • Adam: honeysuckle, yer a wizard Parrish, tree hugger, cola boy, buttercup prince, lost
  • Ronan: sugar, sleepy, Adam Parrish Trash, in love, nerd no.2, dream boy, driving miss daisy
  • Noah: peachy, baby, vanishing act, pale ass motherfucker, cutie, Casper the friendly ghost, the walking dead
All I drank last weekend was prosecco and kombucha, I feel so cleansed.

white woman, in Boulder, at Whole Foods Pearl

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Hot Yami Screencaps: cagematch edition!

Furious determination is hot.

Shock is hot.

Contemplative frowning is hot.

Furious determination is really hot.

Being taken aback is hot.

Disapproval is hot.

Furious determination is really really hot.

Caged Yami is hot.

2012 Gregoletto Prosecco Il Familiare Sui Lieviti

So this is a crazy prosecco “on its lees” (you can even see the less in the bottle), which is apparently a traditional style of making prosecco in the Conegliano area of Italy. Lemon rind, old rustic bread, dough, yellow flowers, and pear on the nose. A bit simple on the palate - bread, lemon, touch of peach and flowers. Feels like it wants to be champagne, but it isn’t…

3/5 bones


Glera (Prosecco)

11% abv

Valdobbiadene (Veneto), ITALY