its probably lame

i wish there was something like pokemon showdown but for contests. or yknow, just competitive multiplayer contests in general? cause i feel like if you elaborate on it some more, make it more of a strategy game, it could really catch on.


【他来了,请闭眼】 Love me if you dare 04 - 薄靳言的沉默

“hey, take a pic of me and this cool car”

“calum, u don’t even have your license. u can’t drive”

“just take the fucking picture, it makes me look cool”

“ur taking a picture next to a car you can’t drive, you are everything but cool”

The signs as: 5SOS Songs

Aries: Unpredictable

Taurus: Close as Strangers 

Gemini: Disconnected

Cancer: Kiss Me Kiss Me

Leo: She Looks So Perfect

Virgo: Good Girls

Libra: Voodoo Doll

Scorpio: She’s Kinda Hot

Sagittarius: Mrs All American

Capricorn: Social Casualty

Aquarius: Lost Boy

Pisces: Wherever You Are