its probably just because im hi idk

EDIT 2 please for the love of god how do so many people misread a post i hate this post i hate everything i never intended for this to happen

EDIT no one will see this but im not defending the guy, i dont like him, i like making fun of him and picking on him, hes an unoriginal and unfunny asshole who doesnt even have confidence in his own jokes (see: loss parody), idk why people think im defending him or claiming hes doing any good/nothing wrong and im not saying its fair he gets to make money off stupid bullshit because its not. im saying buzzfeed sucks and their humor sucks and adam ellis sucks and its shitty but also enviable that people get money for just being dumb and stealing jokes and i hate it but also i would probably sell out if i could make money doing, again, the most low-effort inane shit possible. not emphasizing with him when i say that bc fuck him im just tryna survive like everyone else

making fun of the buzzfeed comic guy is good but also if you got paid to do the most minimal bullshit possible would you not do it. if buzzfeed offered to hire you to write their “47 funny memes” articles that are all tumblr posts and nothing original and you got paid for it would you not do it. adam tots is actually owning all of us by making money doing the most low-effort inane shit possible

Your relationship with Taeil from his POV


Taeil’s one wasn’t requested like at all lmfao and I know it probably won’t get many notes either because its Taeil like wtf do u lot have against him why don’t u like reading about him :( So I didn’t spend too long on this :( but somehow this is about 2,600 words long lol

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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(broken english alert)

but what if even is still in contact with the balloon squad? or he just recently got back in touch with them?

because : remember the end of s3? when he’s in the kitchen with isak and he recieves a text? and he looks genuinely surprised? well idk i just thought about it like 5 mins ago but what if mikael or another guy from the balloon squad texted him something like “merry christmas” or anything that would make u go “????” if it was from someone you had cut off from your life a long time ago?

idk back then i had read therories abt how this little thing meant s4 would be evens season because it was maybe someone from his past reconnecting, and now that i think about it it could totally be true but like linking even’s past to sana and her season???? do i even make sense idk???

ANYWAYS IM PROBABLY REACHING BUT i just wish it was the case and i just hope when even meets the balloon squad (oh because he will) then it won’t be “too violent” or smth?????

and now i realise its probably not true bc i just remembered the trailer and how even gets hurt sooooo idk just ignore me

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Yo not disagreeing with u but Lars is confirmed as a high school student, but with his grades (which were supposedly bad back in that one ep when he and Steven switched bodies), maybe he's been held back? Either way he's probably late teens, so idk

this isnt directed at you personally but just a few things about that

  • i was in high school because of similar grades at 19 so… yeah
  • dont hold me to this but im pretty sure the creator of the 
  • you gotta be 16 to have a job and its been like 2 years in the show so hes probably 18 at least
  • i just dont think theyre gonna go out of their way to make some weird age gap
  • also even if hes like 17 and shes 18 thats… not pedophilia…

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i know whitewashed lance is a sin but u know something else that bothers me.? when ppl make lance darker than he actually is. as a tan person it kinda sucks ?? its like theyre like.. fetishizing his skin tone... like him being tan isn't good enough or something. idk maybe its just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i think its just you dude. im not really the best person to talk abt this but you probably should look into why seeing fan artists making lance darker than he is bothers you tbh because darkening someones skin isnt the same as white washing and it never will be


Ok so Im gonna tell a story.

These pics are from a night like a year and a half ago. My bf at the time was from Boston and we lived in NYC. We had been dating a few months and he wanted me to meet his parents. SO we made the drive from NYC to Boston and we stayed at a hotel.

We were going to meet his parents at a really nice place in Boston for dinner. We stayed at this really nice place on Boylston St? I think thats what its called. 

So ANY WAYS, we had reservations at a place at 7pm and my bf had a rental we drove to Boston. He said it would take 30 minutes to get to the restruant. L’espalier I think it’s called.

So I spent like almost 2 hours doing my makeup, straightening my hair (its long). I wore a little black dress and heels, a classic look. I had neevr met his parents so I was nervous AF. 

So my bf is all we have to go so we get in the car. Seriously not like even a minute later he unzips his pants. He tells me about how he never had road head before. Like where he gets a bj when driving. And how he really wants it. At first I was like idk. I mean I spent a lot of effort to look good to meet his parents. We were going to a show after to see a DJ and I said why dont I do it then? He just put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down. At first I was suprised. I wasnt mad just like huh? But then I did what he wanted. 

If you never gave a bj in a car before its wayyyyyy harder than it should be. My seatbelt was it the way so I took it off then it was dinging so I got out of the seat kinda because thats anoying. Then like all the car stuff is in the way like the gear nob all that. But I made it work. 

So my bf starts like counting out how far away we are from the retraunt. Like You have 25 minutes Sara. 

20 minutes til we are there

15 minutes Sara.

My hair is really long so this whole time he has like all my hair like in a pony to keep it out of the way but hes like mostly letting me do what I do but sometimes like making my head move like to his pace. 

So we are like around 10 minutes away and he tells me he’s close. THEN tells me     Make sure you dont get any on my pants

Yeah duh. 

So around then I can feel him pushing me head down more. Like all the way down on him like hes trying to shove his dick through my head. lol

He came. Now if your reading this you probably no I am a pretty oral girl. Like it turns me on. I dont like the taste of cum though. I dont hate it but it can be kinda gross. Its still hot dont get me wrong. Maybe its hot because I dont like it and Im pretty submissive so its like I no Im doing it for the man not for me.

So he cums and idk if its just that this was sooo hot to him or because we didnt fool around for a couple days before, but like seriously I dont no if I ever ad a guy cum that much ever. 

So I started like swallowing right away. I didnt want to stain his clothes right before dinner with his parents. I dont gag like I dont have a gag reflex. True story like I never had one. When I was little I almost died a couple times because I would swallow food I never even chewed and I could swallow it easy but it would sometimes still get stuck in my throat and I couldnt breath. 

Thats how I felt. Like I was drowning. For real. 

So Im doing everyting to not get any of his cum on his pants and all a sudden he says Ok doll were here. Fix your makeup and hair.

Im all wait what? WTF? 

I sit up and the first thing I see is the VALET PARKING GUY STARING AT ME! No shit. I can feel some of my bfs cum is on my bottom lip!

Like 25 feet away is his dad, standing outside the door to the restraunt. My bf looks at me and said Sara fix your makeup. I need you to look perfect. The way he was staring at me was intense. Like at first before he said anything I was embarassed and pissed off. Then with him looking at me like that idk. I was still embarrased but like part of me was just like idk foggy? I actually said Im sorry! I apologized for not looking perfect after that! 

So I wiped my lips, fixed my lipstick, smoothed my hair out and asked him how I looked. 

I dont no if his dad saw me sit up off his sons lap. The valet def did. I think his dad saw it because he was like nice to meet you sara. want a mint?

After dinner we went back to the hotel before the show. Turned out the hotel was literly just like 2 blocks away from were we ate. My bf drove us around the block for a BJ. 


I apologize in advance for the amount of too far-fetched meta I’m about to dump on this post.

But I’ve noticed, really by chance, a similarity between Leviathan!Cas and Gabriel in these 2 scenes, and it kind of comforted me in my headcanon wherein Gabriel has always liked Cas the best since Cassie’s creation, and has always been bothering him and pranking him back in Heaven (but Cas never really understood why), and after spending so much time together he’s memorized some of Gabriel’s gestures.

And so although a lot more exaggeratedly (the evil guys are always so overdramatic is2c), L!Cas still mimicked one of Gabriel’s favorite expressions because the monsters that are controlling him, whose natural form we know almost nothing about, were following Cas’ “body/muscle memory”, which goes way deeper than the time he started imitating Dean. However, when Cas acts like Dean it’s controlled, it’s intellectual because it’s a choice. Whereas when he acts on instinct, when he mimics Gabriel, it’s because his oldest memories, the one deep down in his Grace (and now his vessel) go back to the time he was still a youngling in Heaven, getting unplanned/unwanted visits from his annoying big brother.

Idk, it’s just a very silly headcanon.

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not 2 rain on anyones parade but i just watched the trailer and idk where people are getting the idea that keith is really absent?? granted hes not super front & centre like usual but hes still there & has more lines than hunk or pidge (it does look like its gonna focus a lot on his angs too im just getting that Vibe) im as unhappy about that as anyone sick of this shows bs can be tho make no mistake

somebody pointed out that keith probably wasn’t focused on in the trailer because his actions are tied heavily to the plot of the season and like… awesome… another keith centric season is JUST what we need and wanted. oh im sure if there’s any keith angst to be had the writers are gonna be all over it like flies on shit. season 4 is already a complete disaster.

okay so after watching the promo for ep 14 i was thinking about this

so obviously here barbara & tabs are looking at someone, you can literally barely see who it is since its like 7 damn pixels but i’m guessing its oswald since honestly who else would it be since they show babs & oswald literally in this next pic

so im assuming like they keep oswald there hostage or something & then they plan to kill him (maybe torture him a bit before hand tbh bc i feel like they didn’t do much in terms of “breaking him” like hes always been that insane but idk maybe that’s just me) but like ed is probably the one who wants to do it since the whole revenge thing was his idea anyways, WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT

so this is the most interesting one because the rest are basically things you’d expect for the next ep so there’s not much to say about them, but this is intriguing to say the least. you’d think ed is happy or excited about killing (or whatever they’ll do though this is most likely) oswald, i mean, look at the way he was with butch & tabitha then look at this. ed is probably not gonna have the heart to go through with it or maybe he just isn’t finding it as enjoyable as he thought he would just because it’s oswald. either way hes not enjoying it anymore, im guessing now that they’re actually face to face it’s harder. when you think about it, he looks hurt. like there’s that classic ed face that physically hurts anyone who sees because hes visually hurt, this is that look.

listen, we already know os & ed are coming to an agreement, but when you realize that this happens when barbara & tabitha are there, it kinda makes you think like “how the hell are they gonna get out of this without being killed??” so that makes it even more interesting.

this probably is something that basically everyone has noticed & realized but not many people pointed it out like this so 

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if everyone in the family is a closet weaboo, who's the BIGGEST closet weeb? bonus points if you name some animes that they like

surprisingly enough, its leon

he has entire folder of his fav animu downloaded in hd, gathers lots of merch including figurines, stickers, and posters, has a dozen pins on his bag… embarrassing af

at home he doesnt even try to hide it that much but in public its just one big oh fuck

death note was ofc his first anime and he is still obsessed with it, i think he likes dark emo stuff in general? black butler maybe? knk? (because waifus) madoka? (even more waifus???) he probably has entire evangelion on dvd and pretends he understands everything about it and idk had a crush on kaworu

(dakimakura was a joke present from zero but leon still keeps it around)

this is one of those moments where i am actually kind of glad his nickname is bread. its perfect for this absolute bullshit. 

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I got over it faster than I thought, probably because Kyungsoo is my bias. But to be honest, if I found out Kyungsoo was dating someone I think I would feel hurt/betrayed. To be real, all fans really have is imagination, you know the imagination that maybe once in a life time that they'll end up with their bias. The thing is baekyun fans imagination was taking away prematurely. They weren't given enough time to just be idol and a fan. Now they're crushed. And personally, that's not right.

Yeah, but maybe we need to take a step back and look at the whole picture. we are fans. and fans only. the idols never said they would date any of us. they arent looking to do it either. they are entertainers and get paid to do so. idols are not responsible for the fans’ imagination that run wild and make them become delusional. they are there to entertain us for the time being. they have their own lives and we should have our own as well.

And everyone is acting like its impossible for baek and taeyeon to date. they are under the same company. I’m sure theyve known each other quite well after all these years. Did they even think that they actually might connect without it being a big deal? Idk..maybe its just me but i was actually happy to see him dating. because that means he that he didn’t have to wait until he was like 30 to start dating hahah. it would be quite awkward actually to date later on like that, right?

And as a kyungsoo biased fan, I probably would be hella jealous if i found out he was dating someone. Im not gonna lie hahaa. BUT I wouldn’t be mad. I don’t know this guy personally. I’m not his mom. I don’t have any right to really judge his decisions. I can see if it was something horrible and quite alarming that could affect others but this situation is just about dating. they deserve to have cute relationships. they deserve to be happy~ if you find someone you like in real life, you’ll see that you need to separate yourself from becoming personally involved in idols lives and stop worrying so much. they are adults and should be able to make their own decisions without people saying what’s wrong and what’s right to satisfy YOU.y'know? Awhh *shakes head* guise, just try not to get too involved with their lives. youre making it harder than it should be. idols are human too :/

we all know im probably gonna write a really gay mchanzo fic

and its probably gonna go something like hanzos just minding his own business and mccrees like howdy there pardner and hanzos like fuck off and mccree tries to be suave and fails miserably because he is not suave and hanzos like fuck off but inwardly charmed like mccree shot him thru the heart with gay and mccree finds bad excuses to bother hanzo and hang out with him and works his wiles and even hanzo doesnt really know hes in gay until one night theyre idk stargazing or some sappy shit like that and mccrees talking about something mundane and hanzo kisses him and maybe some sad shit happens at some point and everyones gonna be crying but its ok because true love prevails PLOT TWIST THE SAD SHIT GOT WORSE EVERYONES DYING IM LAUGHING YOURE CRYING


the epilogue is like a bandage gently laid over a widening fissure in the earth and someone hires a deep web hitman to take me out because mchanzo deserved better than the horrible pain i put them through

the fic receives 368 kudos and a gentle smattering of comments throughout each chapter

something that occurred to me just now during the ending scene of the season finale where Lydia wanted to help Parrish, I thought about his reaction and I was like ‘hes just taken back that she wants to help him ((and is touched in a way???? like thankful idk))’ and then I realized (maybe im not the only one and my brain works slower but) that Parrish is surprised and taken back because he is the one always helping, its in his nature and his job to help people and keep them safe. And for once its someone helping him. Parrish got burned alive, and still he pushed the trauma aside, the questions or what he was, to save others. And he was probably thinking he had to figure it out on his own, somehow - or if he ever would. (and he was probably scared as hell, I would be anyway) But Lydia comes along (someone who has gone through similar to what he has, someone who felt alone like him at a time like that) and wants to help him, wants to help figure out what he is, and I think its in that moment he knew he wasn’t gonna be alone through it and that’s super important and made that scene even more fucking cute so even if they don’t go in the romantic direction im brotp all the fucking way to hell. 

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Sososo I was thinking like something ralated to Bucky and reader, where she is shy and likes Bucky a lot and he reciprocates but they haven't said it, and like a swimming pool and Bucky jumping with her in his arms and fluff and Idk hahaaha

uhhhh, I hope you meant drabble because thats what I did :D 

Originally posted by sebmarshmallowstan

“Just say something to him.” Natasha said, nudging you shoulder and pointing her drink towards Bucky. “Its painfully obvious he likes you as well.” 

“I dont know Nat.” You mumbled, looking down at your bare feet. “Im like an awkward potato and I’d probably accidentally tell him he has nice abs or something.” You laughed.

“Well he does.” Wanda smirked, looking over at him.

The Avengers were gathered around the very large pool at Tonys vacation home in Miami. He flew you guys here for a small vacation, and currently everybody was lounging around the pool in their swimsuits.

“Well if you wont initiate conversation, Ill make you.” Natasha grinned, shoving you over to Bucky.

You stumbled over your feet and crashed into Bucky. He stumbled slightly, but grabbed your elbows and steadied you. You placed your hands onto his toned chest and stared at it for a short second before bringing your attention to him.

“I-um-uh, sorry.” You muttered, cheeks flushing a bright red. 

“Dont worry about it, (Y/N).” He winked. “I was just about to go for a swim?” Care to join?”

You were about to answer, but before you could, Bucky picked you up in his arms and vaulted over the edge of the pool, splashing into the cool water and bringing you with him.

“Bucky, you asshole.” You giggled, as soon as you popped up from the water.

“I hope I’m not too big of an asshole, because I’d like to take you to dinner.” He smiled, water dripping from his face.


OKAY SO from the promo, im almost positive that its mcgucket & pacifica holding hands to make the cipher wheel, along with the rest of the cast not in the frame. it would explain the glow that happens right after they hold hands, so maybe that glow is coming from whatever happens when the characters from the wheel are together? i say its pacifica because her symbol is widely believed to be the llama, and that sleeve looks just like mabel’s llama sweater. so maybe pacifica is wearing that sweater to count as her symbol in order for the wheel to work, or she’s wearing due to some other weirdmaggedon circumstance. it’s mcgucket’s hand too, you can see the bandages on his arm

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destiel first kiss, finally recognizing their feelings, and Sam saying he called it and giving them crap for it pls :)

/i’m sorry, this is probably really lacking, most because im trash oops. but idk, its cutesy so im alright w it rn. enjoy i suppose/

One single thought runs through Dean’s head the first time him and Cas kiss, just one thought of ‘why the hell didn’t we do this early’, and then he’s back to fitting his mouth easily against Cas’ like he was always been meant to do. He cups Cas’ face with one hand and pulls him closer with his other arm around Cas’ waist, revels in the feeling of Cas’ hand coming up to grasp at Dean’s forearm as Cas eagerly open his mouth to Dean’s tongue. Dean feels so stupidly happy holding Cas close.

His next coherent thought is “shit”. Sam is standing at the threshold of the kitchen with his mouth open and his eyes wide and Dean has no choice but to pull away from Cas’ mouth.

“Sam,” he says, grimacing at how rough and low his voice is. “I…uh…Cas…” Dean tries to come up with an excuse for his current situation, and sure, he’s good at talking his way out of shit, he does it for a living, but he thinks he might be a little out of his depth here.

“Cas choked and you were giving him CPR,” Sam says sarcastically, unfreezing from his spot in the doorway and moving towards the fridge. “Save it.”

It’s Dean’s turn to stare at his brother open-mouthed. His hand is still resting on Cas’ waist and the angel besides him looks just as confused. Sam pulls out the milk from the fridge and like the freak he is, he gulps it straight from the cartoon.

“It’s not like it was a secret, everyone knew except you two. It’s like being late to your own wedding,” Sam chuckles, replacing the cartoon back into the fridge. “I have to text Charlie, she owes me ten bucks.”

Sam leaves the kitchens with phone already in hand and Cas turns to Dean, eyes squinted in confusion.

“Charlie?” he asks. Dean shakes his head in disbelief, turns to him and pulls their bodies together again.

“Son of a bitch’s been betting on us,” he answers, pressing his lips to Cas’ chapped ones, heart leaping for joy.

/1 out of 11 prompts, i’ve got school starting again tomorrow so prompts definitely will be coming slower/

Dean makes sure Sam’s focused on the movie before he quickly presses a kiss to the corner of Cas’ mouth. He pulls back and checks on his brother out of the corner of his eyes before letting Cas pull him down again, crashing their mouths together. Sam’s preoccupied with the movie that’s playing on their wide screen TV and Dean and Cas are preoccupied with each other and the room’s quiet for a bit outside of the sound of the television up until Dean hears a camera shutter click and tears his lips from Cas’.

“Sam,” he growls, but his younger brother is already busy typing away on his phone. Dean has a sinking feeling he already knows who the picture is being sent to.

“Listen, if you two are going to be making out on the couch while we’re watching Inception, I have the right to use it as blackmail,” Sam says.

“If you’d like blackmail, Dean and I can do more just than kiss,” Cas says, cocking an eyebrow and making both brothers blush.

Sam slaps his thighs and stands up from his chair, pushing back his hair from his face. “On that note, I’ve got research to do,” he says, leaving the room in a manner that’s similar to an escape. Cas watches him go with a smirk on his face, completely unaware of the fact that Dean’s surprised eyes are still trained on him. When he finally turns to face Dean, he notices his shocked expression and simply shrugs.

“What?” he asks and a couple moments pass before Dean shakes his head incredulously and places his hands underneath Cas’ thighs, pulling the angel towards him until Cas is lying back against the couch with the hunter towering over him, his hips slotted between Cas’ thighs.

“C’mere, you bastard,” Dean mutters before kissing him again. 

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hey this is sort of a response to your last anon, i'm a white guy engaged to a latino guy and the reason we like the r76 ship is because it reminds us of ourselves. so the person that said fans only care if it affects their ships can suck it. keep being awesome! and to the artist thank you for being wonderful, the art helped us a lot too!

<3 <3 <3 <3 best of luck with your SO, the representation a possible in-canon ship could bring is worth every second of it. I crave more interracial gay couples. We need more of them in media. Pls and thank you.