its probably dumb


I was thinking about what it would be like if Kageyama and Hinata were co-captains their third year…………..

Sometimes when OC is really distressed his contract mark disappears, which is something we don’t often get to see due to the eye-patch.

It could be the art-style, but Yana doesn’t usually do this when she whites out the pupils.

Even in this small panel the contract eye wasn’t given a pupil to show it was different to the other one.

It don’t believe it’s been spoken about by Yana on her blogs either, despite how she typically addresses any glaring mistakes. So what gives? I don’t have a good theory for this but I’m curious.

if you think Jon is horrible enough to sleep with and manipulate Dany for an alliance then please unfollow me

I can’t believe I have to say this lol

in that Snafu set I made yesterday, root has her analogue interface box in the Machine’s footage from when she shot Denton Weeks. considering that TM has her in a red box during that part of Snafu AND had her in a red box back when she shot Weeks in Bad Code, I thought it was kind of odd. since finch’s footage seem to have the boxes from the time the footage was shot (meaning the boxes were embedded in the footage video and not the Machine tracking his image in the present time) I’m going to have to assume that TM went back and edited the analogue interface box into all previous footage of root. what sort of sappy AI nonsense….

  • <p> <b>Harry, at some point probably:</b> Ginny Weasley??? Isn't she so wonderful! She's so beautiful and good at Quidditch and— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Ginny spill out of jacket] Look! Look at her, my beautiful wife isnt she the best [gathering them up frantically, pushing then in your face] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Ginny scatter across the floor] shit fuck shes just the best person I know and she makes me so happy just listen!!<p/></p>

Gliscor from memory
I love them so much…….. so much

can you imagine if their shinies were monocrhomatic and all stone-coloured like gargoyles
Nintendo hear me out,,

I just have this very out of place idea that there is a sentence in Ritsu’s diary after the 7th Division arc that says “I thought psychic power was meant to be a tool…………..but it turns out I was the tool all along”