its probably been done before tho

In which Victor teaches seduction
  • Victor: Seduce me.
  • Yuuri: You?
  • Victor: SEDUCE ME.
  • Yuuri: What? Victor I'm not gonna--
  • Victor: S E D U C E M E
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: Okay.
  • Yuuri: *grabs Katsudon and attempts a sexy look* Hey there good lookin'. I got Katsudon--
  • Victor *smacks Yuuri with Katsudon*: I'm not one of your Katsudon tramps. I am Victor Nikiforov. I want my men full of Eros. And probably champagne. About 16 flutes or more.
  • Yuuri: What.
bs holoform headcanons bc ehehhhhh im bored as FUCK BOIIIIIIIII

Starscream’s holoform has claw rings and a fancy cape adorned with gold bc u know he’s that extra.

like look at this shit

Only the fanciest clothes will do. The more dramatic and flowy the better B) 

if he has to be casual then a business suit is aight i guess.
As for shoes, high heeled boots with a bit of gold

cant have too much gold

He has killer eyeliner and the Anakin Scar™ runnin down both his eyes, throw in a few lip scars too for self indulgence. also some sharp canines. lipstick is optional, color is red like the blood of his enemies


she’s like, middle aged lookin in terms of age. Hair in a ponytail, still rockin that eyeliner, perfect face. Her holoform clothes would be like, a police uniform imo

like something SWAT wears

and she has a riot shield bc she has to have a riot shield

or an army soldier’s outfit, but I’m not educated enough in military stuffs to know exactly which :U if i need to know

If she’s going casual, she’d probably wear a white tank top with a blue denim jacket n some jeans n a pair of regular working boots.

she isnt that showy lmao. the only thing really worth calling attention to is her biceps. and her fist that’s going to come in contact with ur face if u starin at smth else without her permission


You already know what her face would look like, so in my opinion she’d wear a kimono. 

like this ^

but tbh, if we need something she can kick ass in, she’d wear either a–[checks wikipedia]–an umanori hakama (the thing mi..m–fuck it i forgot her name but it’s what the archer chick from Inuyasha wears)


Just some regular red themed clothes and killer boots.

or she could wear a business suit 

so many possibilities



basically Soldier 76 but..taller, I guess. 

bout like, 6′5, 6′7? he’s pretty tall. Big.

His holoform would probably be like, the Country Dad aesthetic with the flannel n dirty boots n all that good stuff.

If you want something a bit more fancy, then I’d say probably military clothes or a police uniform like Chromia or somethin

My personal preference would just be Soldier 76′s origin skin but red and…he’s old. yeah. not that old tho. 

anonymous asked:

Can we have a whole post as to why you hate Broly? I personally love him but I'd also love to hear your look on him


Okay so let’s break this down into some categories for you
1.) Character
2.) Movie
3.) Motivation
4.) Design


What character is there? Honestly the dude is in the title of the damn movie and his most memorable feature is that he screams the name Kakarot repeatedly, trashes the other z warriors in, admittedly, a brutal way, most of his dialogue is just guttural screaming and grunting (props to Vic Mignong though.) and basically is just a less green MUCH less interesting hulk.

His power, while immense, has no real interest to it as it he is just all muscle and power levels (aka some of the worst things in the franchise) and while you can enjoy those things and there’s nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t make an interesting character, much less an interesting villain.


FUCK this movie. Seriously fuck it.

It’s plot, while starting off mildly interesting, drags on far too long and is honestly not interesting enough to keep you riveted.

Here’s a little summary for those who haven’t seen it.

This movie takes place roughly about the week given to prepare for the Cell Games. The movie opens up with a party (for which I can’t remember why there’s a party but it’s there)
Vegeta then just ditches his newfound home and “friends” and his CHILD (actually that’s pretty on character for him. Wait for that to be destroyed later.) and goes to this New Vegeta. Roshi, Krillin, oolong, Krillin, Gohan, and future Trunks tag along as well. Also piccolo shows up later so that’s a thing. Anyways the planet is a ploy to get Vegeta on the planet because it’s about to be destroyed by a meteor so Paragas can have some weird watered down version of revenge on his father for trying to kill him and his Gary Stue baby Broly. Then Goku shows up and Broly’s rage gets uncontrollable because OG LOOK IS KAKAROT I REMEMBER HIM FROM WHEN HE WAS A FUCKIN BABY AND HE CRIED(but I’ll get to that later)

Seriously though after that Vegeta eventually joins and Goku saves the day as always yippie

Honestly this movie wouldn’t be awful if it didn’t drag on and it didn’t look so ugly.

The color schemes of New Vegeta are dark and murky and just not very appealing. Not to mention the utter gutting of Vegeta’s character. Even against Freeza Vegeta still was willing to fight to the death (granted he thought he was a Super Saiyan but still he fought.)
Long story short it’s just an ugly, poorly paced movie


right let’s get this out of the way

Kakarot and Broly were both next to each other as babies and Kakarot kept Broly up with his crying.

That’s it. That’s his motivation. You could argue that this could have had a strenuous mental effect on Broly to cause him to hate Goku…BUT HE COULDN’T BECAUSE THEY WERE GODDAMN BABIES SO HE COULDNT POSSIBLY HAVE RECOGNIZED A BABY WHEN A) Couldn’t have retained the memory of his name much less a face to match the name because babies aren’t known for their brilliant memories. B.) HE HASNT SEEN THE MAN IN AT LEAST 30 OR 20 YEARS

So in short: His motivation ranges from weak to laughable and honestly has probably the worst motivation than any character I have seen in any movie or show.


Actually Broly’s design is one of the most appealing things about him. Well until he goes LGSS of course.

His gold jewelry and passive eyes and…loincloth??? Or robes I’m not sure. Either way it’s a very good character design for his base form. And his Super Saiyan design is honestly very interesting. Whether the blue tinge comes from the tiara controlling his rage or just from his Legendary Super Saiyan status, it definitely is a very interesting design choice and a pretty decent one at that. Plus it gives us an idea of what super saiyans with long hair like that look like!

But then there’s Legendary Super Saiyan Broly…

Oh boy…

His hair gets shorter for some reason, and an ugly shade of green yellow that honestly looks like snot.
His muscles get grotesquely huge and hulky and he becomes a goddamn giant….like that’s so dumb. And his pupils where did those go? Are they hiding with Vegeta’s character in this movie? Honestly it’s just so bad.

His energy attacks and and radar like aura is actually pretty cool and I actually enjoy the way they look. But other than that, his character design is boring and dumb.

To surmise: Broly is a character who’s base design is pleasing to look at, but gets really dumb later on. His motivation is straight up pathetic and his Gary Stue power is just annoying. The movie itself, while enjoyable to some, isn’t a good movie and probably is one of the worst movies in the franchise( YES I AM INCLUDING THE GT MOVIE AND I HATE GT THO NOT AS MUCH AS BROLY) not to mention its murky colors are just boring and ugly. He’s just violence for violence’s sake and while that’s not always bad it’s been done before and better.

Let me state this:

There is nothing wrong in liking this movie and liking Broly.

These are my personal opinions and do not prevent you from liking the movie or character.

So there’s my in depth analysis of why I despise Broly and his movie.

If you want me to give any more movie analysis please don’t be afraid to ask! I’d love to do more

House Parties Are Where the Pidgeys Are

Pairing - Vik x Y/N

Warnings - Smut smut smut and swearing and alcohol

Requested - yass fam “can you do one where you’re friends with the sidemen and go to one of their house parties and end up hooking up with vik after bonding over something dorky like pokemon go”

Notes - this is my first time writing smut so I already apologize for it being shit plz still love me tho


I was currently straightening my hair from its normal state. Sometimes I like it curled, but tonight was not one of those nights. It is 7:00 PM and I have a house party to arrive to around 8. I’ll probably get there around 8:15 because being right on time to a party isn’t my thing.

This party is being hosted by my friends the Sidemen. They’re a pretty popular group on YouTube. I knew Josh and Tobi before their YouTube days, so we’ve been friends for years.

Once my hair is done I put on eyeshadow, mascara, and Cat Eye liner. I conceal my face slightly as well. The dress I’m wearing is black - I know I’m basic as fuck - and the sleeves and shoulder parts are entirely made of lace. The rest of the dress also has lace with a black under layer. It was short and tight in the right places. Along with 4 inch black heals, I’d say I looked pretty damn hot.

As I rode a taxi to the party I jammed out to JJ’s EP “Keep Up” I find it gets me into a party mood. Honestly I was in a good mood to get drunk and possible hook up with someone. Also to catch some Pidgeys, cuz who doesn’t love a Pidgey?

The party was already getting into full swing when my taxi pulled up. I got out and walked up to the house with booming music. Inside I was greeted by none other than Josh himself.

“Y/N! You came!” He stated with excitement to me.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world you idiot.” I replied with a grin.

2 hours into the party and it was definitely questionable if I would pass a drunk driver test. I was at that perfect state where I wasn’t black out drunk, but I was definitely intoxicated. I had just left Josh and Simon on the dance floor and was currently standing in the kitchen trying to catch a pidgey. There were other people around me so I couldn’t really show how frustrated I was that my pokeball wouldn’t go where I wanted. Then I felt a breath on my neck.

“How’s that going for you Y/N?” A voice said into my ear. The person was standing very close behind me. So close that their chest was pressed against my back. I recognized that voice as the one and only Vik. We are friends, but not really close ones.

“Not very good.” I said with a pout. Just then the Pidgey got away and I whined. “I really wanted that Pidgey.” Just then an Eeevee popped up on my screen.

“AN EEVEE!” I basically screamed. I got a few weird looks and a chuckle from Vik.

“You get really excited about Pokémon, don’t you Y/N?” He asked me. I had a feeling he had a smirk on his face but I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t yet turned around to look at him considering he was basically wrapped around me.

We then talked about Pokémon for half an hour. We talked about hacks in Pokémon Go, our level in the game, favorite Pokémon and what team we are. We bonded over it for a while and it was nice.

“Hey Vik,” I asked

“Yes Y/N?”

“Do you wanna dance?” I said sweetly. He didn’t even answer as he lead me to the dance floor. It started as normal dancing like what I was doing with Josh and Simon, but it quickly turned into more than that. Soon I was grinding on Vik while his hands roamed my body. Soon I started to feel something poking into my back.

Suddenly I was being pulled up the stairs up into Viks room. Once I was in the room I was pushed up against the door as his lips met mine. The kiss was heated and needy. He licked my lip asking for entrance and I denied it. So he started to grind on me until he produced a moan from me. He took this as his chance to enter my mouth. We fought for dominance until I gave in, letting him take over.

He broke away from our make out session. “Are you okay with this?” He asked with concern, obviously hinting at what we were about to do.

“Definitely.” I said. As soon as the words left my mouth I saw the lust reappear in his eyes.

“Then I want this off.” He said with a smirk, gesturing at my dress. As I took my dress off he asks rid of his clothes, leaving us in our underwear. We stopped to admire each other until I was picked up and put on the bed. Vik wasted no time getting to where I really needed him. He pulled down my back lace underwear and ran his finger over my folds.

“So wet, all for me?” He asked, refusing to enter me and just rubbing my clit.

“Yes Vik, please do something.” I whined. With that he immediately entered two fingers into me causing me to moan out. He went slow, making me whimper because I wanted more. Vik then stopped and grabbed a condom, rolled it on and slammed into me. We both moaned and I arched my back to him.

He set a steady pace that we could both enjoy as he started kissing me again. My hands were clawing at his back from the extreme pleasure I was feeling. Suddenly he found my g-spot causing me to clench around him. It was Viks turn to moan.

“I think I found your spot Y/N.” He cheekily said to me. All I could do was moan and say his name as he hit it over and over again until we both reached our highs.

Once we were done Vik said to me “We should do that again sometime, or go Pokémon hunting together.” He said, wrapping his arms around me under the covers.

“Or we could do both.”

on the subject of gravity falls…

i have 5 lyric comics i currently wanna do, one of them’s being planned rn and i wanna get it done before weirdmaggedon III comes out, another 3 are just ones ive been wanting to do for the longest fucking time now but have yet to figure out, and then theres one more i wanna do that i just sorta found but i feel would only work once the finale premieres, its sorta really iffy rn tho
(i'm probably gonna wanna do more songs tho once everything's said and done cause this cartoon has a STORY that i can WORK WITH)

who knows how or when im gonna get those done tho cause ive also got 2 map parts to do and 2 non gf related fanzine pictures which im probably gonna get to when i get back from visiting ashley, my hand is gonna explode :D

my drawings have been far and few between for months now so i just sorta really really really want to just EXPLODE WITH ART once i get the chance to which is at this point probably going to be january/ february

hopefully visiting ash is gonna give me just the boost i need to get everything done cause my eagerness to draw is kinda diggin me into a hole ouo’’