its probably been done before tho

If you want to keep your relationship private, ramparts smooching is probably not the best way (or place) to keep it on the down low :P

I just really love how he’s all hoping to keep things private, even tho they will eventually get out (I’m lookin’ at you Jim =_= ) but then like your makeout spot is like… right in the open where there are always guards patrolling? Not super subtle there, Commander :P I mean to be fair, it could just be that my Inquisitor made out with him a LOT, like WAY too much, but… naahh, that can’t be it ^_- 


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"It's not a phase, Dad! It's who I am!"

-Kylo Ren, probably

on the subject of gravity falls…

i have 5 lyric comics i currently wanna do, one of them’s being planned rn and i wanna get it done before weirdmaggedon III comes out, another 3 are just ones ive been wanting to do for the longest fucking time now but have yet to figure out, and then theres one more i wanna do that i just sorta found but i feel would only work once the finale premieres, its sorta really iffy rn tho
(i'm probably gonna wanna do more songs tho once everything's said and done cause this cartoon has a STORY that i can WORK WITH)

who knows how or when im gonna get those done tho cause ive also got 2 map parts to do and 2 non gf related fanzine pictures which im probably gonna get to when i get back from visiting ashley, my hand is gonna explode :D

my drawings have been far and few between for months now so i just sorta really really really want to just EXPLODE WITH ART once i get the chance to which is at this point probably going to be january/ february

hopefully visiting ash is gonna give me just the boost i need to get everything done cause my eagerness to draw is kinda diggin me into a hole ouo’’