its prob how it would go

an annoyed older nico looking at his sister being all lovey dovey with thalia in the distance (to be drawn later stay tuned xoxo)

~bianca survives au~

BTS as your bffs~


  • your personal uber, he’d give you a ride anytime you needed one
  • also your personal wingman
  • always making sure you’ve eaten enough and making sure that you’re getting enough sleep
  • really cares about your health but tells you not to worry about him when you check up on him
  • leaves you on read a lot
  • but the minute you do its like the end of the world


  • your shoulder to cry on
  • would put his life on the line just to keep your snap streak alive
  • brings you coffee every morning or snacks whenever he knows your busy studying or working on something important
  • sends you music he thinks you’ll like
  • takes food off of your plate like its his own but you’re used to it
  • arguing like 5 year olds over small things but almost all the time, to amuse each other


  • traditions!!! like board games every wednesdays or movie marathons on fridays
  • always hypes you up, he’s your #1 fan
  • sends you things online or pictures he took because “this reminded me of you”
  • super playful
  • always asks for your opinion on his outfits or the way his hair looks that day he does the same for you even when you don’t ask


  • the type to stay parked outside your house after he drops you off until you go inside
  • late night drives to McDonalds to laugh about something that happened that day or parked alongside a dirt road talking about something deep
  • always wants to try to do your hair or your makeup just for the fun of it but you never let him because you know he’ll force you to go out looking however he made you look 
  • lets you have the aux cord all the time


  • has so much dirt on you that he’d get you into doing things for him
  • the best listener and probs gives the best advice 
  • points at ugly or gross characters on tv and says “hey look, its you”
  • but will kill someone if they shade you
  • you would tell each other about the dreams you had no matter how strange or ridiculous they were
  • you guys just got each other, you know each other better than you’d both like to admit
  • you have each others passwords to everything 


  • probably the one to start a snap streak with you and break it
  • is the best at cheering you up like he knows exactly what to do to make you smile whatever the problem may be
  • you both annoy each other on a whole new level 
  • would probably give you the silent treatment because you did something to him in his dream
  • “facetime me real quick, I have to show you this…”
  • squishes your face and calls you cute


  • would lock you in or out of places just for his own amusement
  • takes forever for him to text back
  • would sit next to you on the couch and immediately lay his legs on top of you just because 
  • pats the top of your head when you’re sad because he wouldnt know what to do
  • but would plan out everything right after whether it be revenge or a day out to make you feel better
  • late night phone calls because you like the sound of each others voices but neither of you will ever admit it to the other

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School!AU NCT Dream

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Anonymous said: Hello, this is probably a weird request ( you don’t have to do it) But being the only girl in dream would include??? If you do it thank you. Love your work

Anonymous said: Being the only girl in dream would include??? Thank you.

A/N: ok so this is probably not what u guys meant but gjrhgjrhgjhzjg see me and my friend were discussing this and we thought ‘,,damn i dont think s.m would rlly have a reason to randomly put a girl in nct dream’ and this is actually a v weird request BUT there’s always smth for everything rite and so i decided to make this kind of a school au??agjrhgjh it’s going to be based on the anime ouran high school host club and i rlly rlly hope u enjoy this!!!!<3

  • ok so basically
  • ur a new girl at school and it’s not j u s t a school its a school for rlly rich kids
  • and honestly u have no idea how u got into that school but apparently one of ur aunts worked there and she thought that u would like to go to that school!!!
  • she’s a rlly cool and chill aunt
  • and she even showed u around the school and gave u ur uniform for FREE bc it actually cost like probs smth around 100 dollars but lol do u think i would pay that
  • anways
  • mind u it’s a school day
  • and there r students walking around and they’re all pretty much staring at u and ur like ‘,,,haha’ bc pls 
  • so ur aunt tells u to change ur clothes in the bathroom so u can try out a day at school and if u don’t like it u won’t have to go ahjfehjhe
  • ofc u change ur clothes quickly
  • but when u leave the bathroom u see that ur aunt isn’t there anymore and ur like “shit.”
  • obviously you’ll have to look for her and it’s :”)) bc u don’t KNOW where she could be
  • suddenly tho!!
  • ping ping
  • a message from ur aunt!!
  • she texted u saying that the principal called her and she had to go back to her office and if u were done that u could just go to her office
  • problem is
  • you don’t know where the office is
  • yikes
  • so you’re there, in a huge ass school that look like a castle and somehow you’re aunt expects you to find your way to her office 
  • gr8
  • u end up knocking on each door and opening them which is kind of embarrassing sometimes seeing that there are classes :))
  • okay but there was this one door that kind of gave u weird vibes???
  • but still u knocked lmao bc why not 
  • no one answered????
  • but for some reason the door opened???
  • ofc u open it a bit more and walk in
  • probably expecting to find ur aunt b u t
  • it’s not ur aunt
  • when u open the door, instead of finding ur lovely aunt u find 7 boys and literally you’re so confused like bois dont u have class
  • ok but lbr tho
  • you’d probably stare at them for a good minute bc like
  • shit they’re all so cute????what the???
  • obviously they’re staring at u too bc like ??what’s a girl doing here??
  • ajhjghjehg there r two bois tho, jeno and jaemin and they both walk over to u and they’re like “hello there~”
  • ur still a bit shook but u say hello too
  • still highkey confused as to what the fuck’s happening
  • and u ask them who they are and they’re like “we’re a music club!!we’re the dream team ^^“
  • and their leader mark lee, presents u to all of them 
  • afhjehrjgh and basically u end up staying w these 7 bois the whole day
  • and they’re like “y/n!!!!we’re ur friends now right??”
  • ofc ur like “yes??”
  • and that’s the start to ur friendship w the dream team
  • everyone at school refers to u as ‘the girl in the dream team’
  • ahfjrhg ur not actually in the team but ur a friend of them who just hangs out w them all the time??
  • like ur not in their music team but ur still one of their best friends
  • tbh they’d always go to u for advice w girls
  • or advice on their clothing
  • if ur on ur period tho
  • do not worry
  • bc they will be so careful ajfehjfh AND they’ll buy u every food u want
  • nana and jeno would call u princess afjhefjejf
  • ur donghyuck’s n.1 target tho for pranks rip
  • and jisung and chenle’s pranks
  • basically u always get pranked
  • its ok bc renjun will scold them 
  • also u can always go to renjun when you’ve got any problems w schoolwork
  • ajhefhef mark is also always taking care of u
  • basically ur like super loved within the whole group
  • but who knows
  • maybe one of them fell in love w u
  • ;)

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The animation will be better. I hope. Like take the moment in princess fragrance where mari falls and tikki flies away. She falls on Adrien and he is like "hey you okay?" And she nearly doesn't have the time to say "yes im okay" or whatever she said because he was going away like nothing happened lmfao🐱 it made me feel so bad idk, maybe its just me xD

LMAO yeah they probably did that cuz either

-They didn’t have enough time in the ep to add anything else to that interaction

-They didn’t want to shift too much of the focus away from the situation that happened with Tikki

But really now that I think about it Adrien’s still an awkward bean and probs would do something like that anyway xD


“My friend fell. How long do I hold this??”

“lol idk so ima just go. Bye”

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emily omg i'm prob making a big deal out of nothing but i feel so bad for dan now :( like he probably feels like nobody cares about his content unless its him talking about his sexuality. like. maybe he just isnt ready for that maybe that experience w boys thing in isg seemed like a big deal to him and everyones just mad and disappointed at the video. idk i'm prob over reacting its just hes such a good boy and thinking of him being sad makes my heart hurt

dan will be fine, he’s a 25 year old man who knows how to deal with things and i doubt he’s going to take some negative comments from people on the internet to heart. i would actually be genuinely surprised if dan felt that way, even remotely. it’s no secret that dan has become very confident in himself and in the things he likes and in the things he believes in, so it’s quite a long shot to assume that he might feel as if no one cares about his content unless it addresses something personal like his sexuality. that assumption just isn’t right because so many people genuinely love the silly content he puts out like isg 

that being said, i honestly hope that nobody views dan’s content as a disappointment if it doesn’t regard his sexuality specifically, or anything else that people might have fantasies about for that matter. i highly doubt the experience with boys thing was a big deal to him because he makes offhand remarks like that quite frequently in videos nowadays, but if you’re watching dan solely because you feel entitled to take shots at his sexuality/relationship status and choose not to see him as anything more than a guessing game, you’re watching for a horrible reason. dan would never blatantly talk about his sexuality anyways, especially in a main channel video

i think, as these kind of things have become a common topic in the phandom recently, it’s important to remember that respectful discussion is always fine and good as long as you are not invading privacy, harassing anyone, or literally demanding anything personal from anyone

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hey what do you think hanzo did during the blackwatch years after he almost fratricided genji and ran away like did he live in an apartment somewhere? was he homeless? did he live in the woods and become some random towns cryptid legend

this ask is cracking me up thinkin about hanzo as a neighborhood cryptid 

id like to think that he would rotate from small apartments to woods every few months, depending on if he had a job at the time or not. we have that he’s established himself as an assassin, probably through an underground ring bc he has to get money from somewhere.

i also think that his clothes that you see in dragon and the game arent actually his normal clothes? i see them more as something that he only wore when paying his respects to genji once a year, and the rest of the year he would wear more practical and durable clothes like in the christmas comic. 

but IF he also still kept money from his families empire, i think he would say in motels/apartments more often than outdoors (hes been pampered his whole life its prob hard to get used to sleeping in the dirt on a dime esp when you have the means NOT TO lamo) bc assuming he planned his escape from his family, he wouldve taken paper money out or transferred it to another account

this is prob way longer than you were expecting i just have actually thought about this before and think its interesting like. how does a man go from criminal empire to being a recluse who lives in the woods and eats canned beans for 5 years 

also i did this bc the backwoods cryptid made me laugh

I like to imagine Rung’s segway going as fast as a small vehicle.


SO guess whose watched descendants 2 and finished with an obsession for a certain Character and has since been figured out his past with the Vks…. YEP ITS ME SO HERE WE GO

starting off with Mal as said by Dove, Mal has dated both Harry and Uma but what if she dated them at the same Time, and Mal being her Clever EVIL Self worked fucking hard to make sure they didnt find out though the didnt last long cos even back then the two were as thick as theives and So they’re pissed and (Harry especially) Heartbroken.

Harry comes up with a plan to get back at her break someone whose close to her and who does Harry choose but my dear sweet gay son Carlos, Cos he Sees him as the easist to break and The one Mal is Most Protective over.

They go out long enough for Carlos to Have like proper love feelings for Harry, which end up being SMASHED by the very same pirate, So Carlos is fucking broken hearted like whats the point kinda broken heartedness, but Carlos being Carlos isnt very emotionally open and So HE DOESNT TELL ANYONE WHAT HAPPENED.

Jay obvs notice something is up with his boy but Carlos refuses to tell him what and So he assumes that Cruella is just being more cruel than normal cos what else could it be (Carlos didnt tell the other VKs he was dating Harry)

SO Harry is pissed his plan isnt working how he wants it too and So decides he’s gonna Have to try someone else Mal is close to, and goes for Jay this time, because well Evie is hella good at reading people she would see right through him, however Jay might just not and So round 2 here we go.

But not enough Time passes in Harry and Jays relationship for Harry to be able to finish said plan (plus i have a THEORY that Harry acc kinda begins to like Jay anyway) cos Jay is off to Auradon.

And its in Auradon that Carlos Finally tells Jay what the hecky was going on with him and Jay is fucking pissed but there aint nothing the boy can do about it.

This then explains why not only Carlos looked so scared/broken when he saw Harry but also why Jay was fucking ready to fight and also explains why Jay knew to go for the Hook in the fight cos Most over people wouldnt realise how essential that Hook is to Harry and So probs wouldnt of bothered with throwing it into the sea, but Jay knew, Jay knew Harry would dive right in after it and So him and Harry had to of been close for Harry to of shared that info with him, also HARRY’S little “Seems youve lost your touch Jay” Firstly that wasnt straight secondly that plus the Once over he gave Jay plus the way he said it All Have me thinking theres more between Those two than we know.

I dont Have anything for Evie and Harry yet gonna need to rewatch the film see what i can get from the subtext, but some how ithink shes the only one without a past with Harry and most of her dislike of him is from what he did to the others.


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Some more of the Obi as mace's padawan - its adorable and its nice to see Obi put first for once. Plus, its cool to think about how Obi would have turned out, would he still meet Ani, how would the clone wars change, if Obi trains Ani then Mace would prob like his little grandpadawan or whatevs

He waited until Master Jinn is walking away with the boy to take Anakin to get some food before approaching his master. “Master Mace, there’s a situation I think you should be aware of with the boy.”

Mace raises an eyebrow at his padawan. “Very well Obi-Wan, we can speak to you about that while we go to the medical ward.”

“I…fine.” He sighs at the raised eyebrow. “But I’m not injured this time.”

“We will let a healer decide that. Now, what did you wish to speak about?”

“Qui-Gon Jinn believes he is the chosen one from the old prophecy.”


“The boy’s Midi-chlorian is over 20,000. He intends to take the boy as his padawan.”

Mace mulled over that. “He is almost ten…much older then we usually take in.”

“I believe the boy should be trained too.” Obi-Wan continued, ignoring his Master sharp look. “He’s to powerful to be let lose in the galaxy on his own to go rogue as he certainly will. There’s also another issue, we encountered a darksider on Tatooine who attacked Qui-Gon Jinn and the boy. Jinn thinks its a sith.”

“The sith have been gone for a long time…”

“I know. But the truth remains a darksider attacked a Jedi. Said darksider was powerful and wielded a lightstaff. Regardless of right or wrong, Jinn is correct that he was dangerous.” Obi-Wan sighed as they stepped into the elevator.

“…You really do not like him do you.” Mace chuckled at his padawan.

The soon to be knight grimaced. “He doesn’t listen. My opinion is second to his and his are best. Its…frustrating to work with him when all his explanation for some of his actions are ‘I listen to the Force’ or ‘it is as the Force wills’.” He huffed.

Mace chuckled some more. “…You believe the boy should be trained?”

“Yes. But not by Jinn.”

Mace raised his brows at the younger man, his prideful and cunning padawan who was going on more missions on his own now then before. “Oh?”

“The man…lives by the moment. But Anakin Skywalker needs a different hand, someone who can handle a temper brewing and guide him through the visions he is sure to have.” Obi-Wan sighed. “But the problem is to get the council to agree that he should be trained…” He looked to his master. “I know its not a practice we usually have but sometimes traditions should be broken, this boy…I sense grave danger both if we keep him or if we send him away, if he remains here under a guiding hand, at least we can keep an eye on him and nourish the side of him that grows to the light.”

“I will consider it…and speak to a few of the other council members Obi-Wan. Is there anything else?”

Obi-Wan hesitated then nodded. “His mother. She is a slave, I believe a lot of his fears may be put to rest if someone were to…free certain Tatooine slaves. I know that Mas Eda is in the area and has been doing his best to root out the slave rings, perhaps he could…I don’t know…do what he does?”

Mace rubbed his chin slowly. “Its unfortunate that Tatooine lays in Hutt territory…but I do believe Mas Eda would be willing to do such a thing. I’ll contact him, then talk to those council members I believe will be sympathetic. As for Jinn training the boy…are you certain he should not?”

“I am certain of nothing. But Jinn has the potential to ruin the boy by ignoring his visions. That is what he’s told me every time I brought his attention to one of mine. I do so hate to be dismissed.” Obi-Wan grimaced.

“He listened to nothing you said?”

“He was senior Jedi on the mission and a master, of course not. I would much have preferred to have been paired with a knight master.” Obi-Wan sighed and then yelped when Mace tugged on his braid. “Master!”

“If the Council has to put up with Qui-Gon Jinn and his maverick ways, so do you padawan.” The two stepped out of the elevator. “If not Jinn, then who?”

“Honestly Master…I’d suggest you. You’d know how to deal with a temper and visions.”

“Obi-Wan, I have you. I will not rush your training.” Mace growled quietly.

“Is it rushing if I’m ready?” Obi-Wan challenged before smiling. “Just…listen to the Force Master. I am ready. I know I am.”

Mace looked at this confidant man his padawan had become from the corner of his eyes. And then he chuckled quietly. “If you’re ready to challenge a man like Qui-Gon Jinn…perhaps you are.”

Obi-Wan gave him a fierce grin. “Give me one shot to put him down on the mats, I swear…”

Mace could no longer keep it in. He laughed as he placed his hand on the younger mans back. “Oh Obi-Wan.”

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wtf is the "Ur pretty" actually real? I looked on their updates accounts which would always have the proofs but they weren't there 🤔 idk if they did it at the same time but even if they didn't there's no way it's a coincidence, especially since they typed the exact same thing... I'm happy for all the positive stuff going on but it sucks to know that management will prob make everything worse soon

I screenshot those myself. I know they are real. And Lauren commented a day ago and Mila in the wee hours of this morning so the comments were about 12-15 hrs apart but it was how they commented that really got me. They just think too much alike. Its freaking scary. 😩😂

gosh diddly darn I love that shirt that phil wore in the youtuber’s react vid today, but it just reminds me of this guy who works at a coffee shop I go to bc he has that shirt and he wears it a lot, and every time he wears it, i want to ask him if he knows who phil lester is but I just get too nervous lol 

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where would you suggest starting if one wants to get into reading anne carson? thank you so much 🌻

my advice to anyone starting w/ anne carson for the 1st time is to go out & get ur hands on autobiography of red. every person i know who began their journey w/ carson started w/ this book. its how i was introduced to her. its how i got friends into her. i let my brother borrow my copy & didn’t see it again for a year. its probs a cliche at this point bc i think MOST ppl would tell you to start with autobiography of red but its genuinely a really good place to go.

one of the reasons being that its a somewhat familiar story. even if u don’t know who geryon is you probably know who herakles is. its a modern day loose reimagining of myth, which i think is sth that immediately jives w/ a lot of folks. its also a queer story that touches on themes of sexual abuse, love, isolation. & no one… writes like anne carson does. its a very unique experience reading a carson book. 

i think autobiography sets u up rly well where from there u can really read any one of her other collections & rly understand where she’s coming from as a poet. i think after i finished autobiography of red i read nox. which. if you ever in ur life get a chance to just even LOOK at that book, do it. if ur ever lucky enough to be in the position to own a copy…DO IT. its the most beautiful book i own. beauty of the husband is another good stepping off point after autobiography. its less verse novel than auto but it still follows its own narrative about a failed marriage. 

anne carson is a classicist who taught ancient greek for many years & so the act of translation features predominately in much of her work. nox for example is very much abt navigating the language of grief, of translation serving as some form of recovery. she also has published her own translations of works such as antigonick (another btfl book i wish i owned), if not winter (which is her sappho collection) & a really interesting translation of the oresteia (titled ‘an oresteia’ as it uses plays by different tragedians to tell one full story). all of these would be awesome to end up w/ if ur someone whose into classics. 

honestly tho….. start off w/ autobiography of red. its super easy to find a pdf online if thats ur jam & its rly gonna change ur whole game. after that? spin a wheel. ur good to go. its anne carson so ur gonna have a good time.

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hello <3 I was wondering if you could help me. I keep seeing these supper cool twitter rps and I really want to join them but I have no clu how to twitter rp. Basically I'd love it if you could explain how to twitter rp <3 ps in love with your blog right now

awh you’re adorable, tysm bby ! i’m not that great w words but i’ll try my very best for you.

setting up 

( creating and setting up your twitter account is v simple and easy to get the hang of, but the thing with twitter rps is that you have to stay on top of trends lmao. once you actually begin rping it’ll become more clearer, but there are trends for both your @ and your display name. )

your account or @ is usually just your characters name with something like gtg or yikes or sike in front etc written in all caps. an example would be GTGAMELIA or SIKECIARA. your display name, however, is usually just a famous character your muse likes, but this will probs change several times throughout the rp. examples i’ve seen floating around are OCTAVIA BLAKE or KATHERINE PIERCE or DORY ( it can lit be anyone lmao ). some people just have their character’s name and that’s totally cool too !

okay onto your icon and header, these are pretty simple but again there are trends. your icon is always just a picture of your character, and so that’s entirely up to you on how you set that up. headers are a little more complicated, the trend going around now is to have memes for your header ( this, again, is entirely up to you ) or just something cute and aesthetic. when you’re actually rping your header and icon will probs change, your icon being whatever you want but sometimes ppl might ask ‘header for header’ and then you can have headers of each other’s character etc etc.

also your description can be whatever you want, but usually i find that most people have quirky sayings or tweets. a lot of people get their descriptions from here !

following accounts + ooc

the rest comes very easy. from your new twitter account you go and follow the main, which should be linked somewhere on the tumblr main page. you also go and follow everyone the main is following, and there you can basically see the variety of display names and headers etc. dont forget you can change all your display stuff at any time. when the main says you can post ooc interactions, basically you can post your very first tweet. just remember: if you want to post something ooc you just simply put a / before what you’re going to say ( for example: / yo yo waddup ). this applies for both the timeline and your dms, seeing as everything else you post or send is all in character. 

for your first ooc tweet you should post something short and sweet abt whether you’re more into chemistry or if you want to plot with people, and feel free to add a few details abt your muse there too. if you tweet something about plotting, there is a high chance people will come to your dms or like your tweet. if they like your tweet it means you should probs go to them to plot (just head over to their dms and introduce yourself or say smth quirky). dont forget to put ‘/ ‘ while plotting ooc.

tweeting and rping

everything from here on out comes v naturally, and everything you tweet or dm is in character, so basically all you do is tweet whatever is on your characters mind and most of the time people will reply. if someone tweets something its up to you to begin interactions, just like someone would post a starter here on tumblr and you would need to reply. and just remember everything is v casual and easy, but if you want to do some more in depth writing head to the dms. you can plot things out and then para it, it’s entirely up to you and the other mun. 

dont be offended if people dont reply to your tweet. tweet something else. i swear within the first day i often have 200+ tweets, you’re supposed to tweet regularly and keep the timelie moving. if no one replies to your tweet, that’s totally fine, you’re just voicing whatever is on your characters mind. go ahead and reply to tweets though, or like things you find humorous but dont want to reply to etc. 

you also post selfies on the tl with a cute caption ( again, i’d suggest ) or with smth witty or eye catching. people will 95% of the time see it, like it and retweet it. basically if you see a selfie you do the same, you can even retweet with a meme or smth like that as your character’s reaction. pro tip: if you see a meme, save it… they come in handy. 

some people create ask.fms or tumblr muse blogs for their character, but more often than not that will just be a task for the rp ( yes there are still cute tasks and events ! ) so that’s entirely up to you. and that’s pretty much it

wow this turned out rlly long, and i feel like this is just rlly basic info ? but that should help you out bby, and the more you do it you’ll get used to it and follow the trends and whatnot. but remember its all fun and about you having a good time and getting the opportunity to play your muse. if any ppl experienced with twitter rping want me to add anything important to this post, reply to this or just shoot me an ask. hope this helps you out !

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SidLink. Enable me please 💙

to preface, i don’t know shit abt the new loz, this is going to be entirely what ive got from some talk and some searches online. okay? okay.

  • Who said “I love you” first
    • sidon, it was probably one of those “completely oblivious that they actually said it and get super embarrassed when they realize” things too.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background
    • BOTH. link has a cute selfie of them both, sidon has a really pretty candid he (somehow) descreetly took of link. its cute and gay
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror
    • link, he writes cute things bc hes cute and its gay okay
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts
    • probably both?? but link would rlly cheese it up
  • Who initiated the first kiss
    • link!
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning
    • link? or sidon? its both, they both do it, whoever wakes up first is just like *muah*
  • Who starts tickle fights
    • sidon, easy
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower
    • sidon? its to save on the water bill. shut up. thats all it is. (in all honestly its not for anything ~*sexy*~ he probs just wants to see how ripped link is lol)
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch
    • link! i love the idea that he cooks and would make lunches for sidon and friends.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date
    • sidon, bc theyd defo go friends to relationship, so i feel link would be rlly chill and into it and sidons just like fuck i cant do this hes too cute
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders
    • link. 
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk
    • sidon bc link is selective mute but i feel even then if he got super drunk hed just get all pda and they both would and itd be mushy and cute

I’ve said this before in other posts but for quite a while I have not believed Sam and Cait to be together (JMO) but that didn’t matter to me, to my ship, it didn’t make me any less of a shipper, I love the idea of them……what I don’t love is them playing with that idea for whatever means they deem necessary. They’ve used it to suit their agendas, whether that be to deflect from real relationships, promote the show, win fan awards and votes, they kept up the narrative of them as a couple for a reason. So I’m going with the latest narrative that is being sold to me at the minute that Sam is with MM because I feel this is what they want their fans to believe, this will prob change coming up to SDCC when they need to amp up promotion & interest again!!

Now riddle me this, you say you don’t live your relationship on SM….fair game….a wise choice IMO…..I would prob do the same BUT I would still live my life because its mine & why should I live it according to how fans/society see fit because that is just impossible to please everyone when the person you should be pleasing is yourself. So IMO having a relationship is a pretty big part of your life, they are your everyday partner, I get it neither Sam or Cait want to post selfies of SO’s probably to protect them and they shouldn’t have too. Now Cait kind of gets to slip easily by because if she is with Tony, he has no SM presence, she’s not as lovey to Sam on SM, still doesn’t excuse her behaviour over the past how many yrs if she is with T?? I’m still giving her major virtual side eye!!

Now Sam meets a girl who has been in the business since childhood, chasing the star dream, she moved quickly on from her ex-husband to boyfriend Billy & she didn’t hide it, they lived their lives posting selfies, having fun around the world and you know what fair fucks to her, she was living her life regardless of judgement from her fans or even Billy’s & they seemed equal, when I look at pics of them I see a partnership, a duo, I see a team, I actually see happiness.

Then she meets a guy who so fiercely wants to keep it off SM, she was sent the memo & she respects that to a degree, she doesn’t post selfies with him not like with the previous one, doesn’t post any pics of him so yeah she’s obeying the rules right?? Nope instead she posts odd one eyed innuendo laden pics geo-tagged to a tee from any place Sam Heughan so happens to be. She didn’t get the memo after all. And now Sam knows what she posts, he follows her, he sees it, he’s ok with it to some degree, he has to be…..maybe he thought ppl wouldn’t put two & two together, he’s being so private….but fans do because they are fans & it’s the digitally era where information is so readily available and well a shit storm erupts on her posts, now if this happened on 1 or 2 posts & then died down fair enough but nope EVERY single post it got worse and worse & even ones that had nothing to do with Sam she got abuse for.

Now you two are in a relationship, you are a team, a partnership, you care for one another, protective of one another….no….am I wrong…..SO’s are meant to give a fuck right….so you sit down TOGETHER as partners, one says you know what I’m not comfortable with putting out a selfie & being photographed together, retweeting your achievements and heaping praise on you & being supportive in public…the other would go fair enough….not gona lie, that would hurt me and sting a lot but whateves his choice…..but then he understands that she wants to post scenery pics and show off her adventures to everyone, live her life…..fine but you should then TOGETHER for the sake of protecting ONE ANOTHER, turn off commenting at the least or if you truly need all those positive fan comments then delete negativity, delete and block the trolls saying shit about you, shit about your man & shit about your man’s best friend/co-star, its disrespectful to yourself, to him & to his best friend. If he wants to intervene like he did before on the Christmas tree pic then fair dues, he should, if that’s his SO, protect her BUT she should do the same in return. It’s not like she is getting thousands of comments, a few hundred from the same accounts being fake and ass kissing to “fans” policing her page to trolls starting an idiotic war. But this should be a team effort, of two ppl who are in a relationship together, one of which is being trolled for it & the other judged for it, have each other’s backs, you are both accountable!!

I said yesterday on another post about Cait’s birthday pic, that I didn’t recognise Sam or Cait in it & so many times when there have been “SO’s” in attendance I haven’t recognised the easy, relaxed, fun loving, flirty duo I have come to know and love but if this is their true happiness with these SO’s, my opinion on the fact will have no impact on them.

I’ve read that Sam has finally started to block ppl, some unfairly but still at least he’s slowly starting to take much needed action in this fandom because he contributed to this shit storm, both he and Cait…… and MM and Shatner and Anti’s and shippers and trolls and unhinged “journalists” and the drivers and certain crew members and so on and on….so many are not blameless, I’m not to a degree, I bought the obsessable campaign, I bought the SamCait dating rumours, I bought into the ship and I own up to that but I won’t apologise for that. I didn’t bully, troll, spread hate, invade, data mine or cross any boundaries other than follow two actors on SM and reblog pics, gifs, quotes & info they put out there…..there’s nothing to apologise for!!

Today I’m a little less of a fan of the both of them than i was yesterday and i’m not sure if i will truly be that same fan again, but i’m tired and over it all, whatever is going on, if these are their SO’s its turned into a shit show, if they are not their SO’s it’s turned into a shit show….either way its a shit show no one can or should be proud of.