its pretty shit i know

oh wow look at those two go

upon learning that her mom was islamophobic as hell, seeing perrie parade around with her skin traveling from ivory to taupe to literally brown, learning she and her lil gal pals would welcome trump into their dumbass theresa may stanning homes, based their entire promo around a relationship that ended over a year ago and seeing how her lips were superglued any time it came to defending zayn…it becomes very very very clear how toxic his environment was and why zayn needed to leave a relationship which seems to be founded upon a filled out check-box of “biracial beauty”

i actually feel a little bit speechless right now, along with being horrified and sick to my stomach. i knew the election could be close. there was always a chance. but i did not think it would be this scary. i didn’t think i would be sitting here in australia feeling close to tears.

i’ve been planning to move to america for my acting for years, but suddenly that part of my future is looking a little bleak. i’m not sure i want to move to a country that has exposed itself to be so full of hate and ignorance. there are good people in america. there are people who deserve respect and love and equality. but it looks like they might not be loud enough today. and that’s really scary. that’s properly terrifying and i don’t know what the future looks like for any of us right now. 

ya know, sometimes when i wanna laugh i think about stan and ford in phineas and ferb like scenarios

more specifically i think of ford accidentally causing stan harm and being the most oblivious doof about it

and to be even more specific i always think of two very particular scenes from the haunted house ep and the chronicles of meap


for @envy-and-pride

Happy Birthday!


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

To people who cry very easily and often like me:

Tears are a way for the body to let go of the weight of the things you are feeling. Bad or good feelings, you cry when it becomes too much: too much sadness, too much happiness, too much amazement, too much fear, too much anger etc. So, don’t feel stupid for crying whenever you get a little passionate about something, get into an argument, etc ; your tears are proof that you feel very deeply about whatever you are doing or is happening to you when you cry. (fyi it doesn’t mean people who never cry don’t feel deeply, just that they feel differently). Really, you should be amazed to be one of the few to be able to feel and care so fiercely about the world around you and what it offers you that your body needs to release tears so often. All in all, crying a lot is nothing to be ashamed of. Other people’s opinions are irrelevant here, sure it sucks when you cry in class or at work, but in the long run and in the “grand scheme of things”, it’s not a weakness I promise you. It’s a strength.

The signs as ugly renaissance babies














what will the petals answer to me?

you ruined me

“If something were to happen to you, what would I do?”
Tsukiyama after kaneki dissappeared.

Cover Art (used with permission) by jyua!


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Destiel College!AU Text Messages

By Cami 

Exhibit One:

Castiel: this art project is angering me 

Dean: you’ll do great, babe ;}

Exhibit Two: 

Dean: you look beautiful today 

Castiel: you haven’t even seen me today 

Dean: I don’t have to <3

Exhibit Three: 

Dean: why does philosophy have to be so hard 

Castiel: is it as hard as my dick? 

Dean: c'mon im in class! *insert laughing emojis* only for me babe

Castiel: ur the one texting me, idiot 

Dean: touche, smartass <3

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