its pretty random but the song was stuck in my head

Reasons to ship Camren…

  • They have matching onesies; Lauren’s one is gray whilst Camila’s is pink.
  • They’re both Cuban.
  • They’re both from Miami, Florida.
  • Both are Latinas.
  • Lauren and Camila got the most solos in The X Factor performances.
  • They are both big fans of One Direction.
  • They both auditioned in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • They both have a younger sister.
  • They hung out with each other on December 31st, 2012 to January 1st, 2013. They then tweeted a photo of Camila making a funny face and Lauren looking awkward.
  • Spanish was both their first language.
  • They live 15 minutes away from each other.
  • They often switch places with the other girls so they can sit next to each other.
  • They both love to do accents with each other.
  • They often think the same things at the same time.
  • They both have a weakness: Lauren for beanies and Camila for bows.
  • Lauren is the only one who calls Camila Camz.
  • Camila said if Lauren got arrested for something, she would get arrested for being so sweet.
  • They sat right next to each other at a The 1975 concert.
  • They have the same music taste.
  • Lauren said Camila is her “Pink Princess”.
  • Lauren is the “mom”…and Camila is the “father”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren is a “boss of an intelligent opinion”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren “is real”.
  • Camila would switch her mind with Lauren.
  • Lauren would switch her mind with Camila.
  • Camila wanted Lauren to kiss her under the mistletoe.
  • They wear the same “merch” clothes.
  • The way Lauren looks at Camila after she says “Fall, by Ed Sheeran”.
  • Lauren is Camila’s celebrity crush. (Oh … and Camila wants to marry with her celebrity crush ..even if her family doesn’t support the relationship.)
  • Camila would be "Baby Spice” because she is Lauren’s baby.
  • Lauren is the only person who laughs at Camila’s jokes.
  • Camila loves Lern Jerg.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her banana is dead on the floor.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her microphone breaks.
  • Because Lauren ties her shoes.
  • Camila is the sun and Lauren the moon.
  • Because Lauren doesn’t know what else to say but she thinks Camila is pretty fucking Dope!
  • Because Camila has Lauren “written on her”.
  • Because Camila read Lauren’s favorite book.
  • Because Lauren knows that Camila cried reading “Fault in Our Stars”.
  • Because one day Camila and Lauren went to the bathroom together and … that’s the end of the conversation!
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren can sing and is pretty too.
  • Because they have an audience that calls them crazy! (and they call us delusional!)
  • Because both like “so many hot boys”.
  • Because Camila said: “keep the boat floating”.
  • Because Lauren said “It’s Camren, YOOO!.
  • Because Lauren wants someone to love her insecurities…and Camila do!
  • Because Lauren has “the most beautiful emerald eyes in the world”.
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren is “perfect”.
  • Camila tried salmon because Lauren loves sushi.
  • Because Lauren thinks Camila is goofy, not the bad kind goofy, the cute kind goofy.
  • Because Camila loves people from “planet green eyes”.


  • I love you. You’re one of my best friends and I feel like I’ve know you forever. You’re one of the smartest people I know and you’re stuning. I’ve learned a lot from you, just know I’ll always be here for you no matter what!” - Camila on Lauren
  • Happy 16th Birthday little one(: thank you for always being you and being one of the raddest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You’re an incredible person and I’m extremely lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being there to vent with and even though we haven’t known each other for even a year yet, I feel like you’re the sister God forgot to give me. I love you Camzi(: have a good one babe! 💙😘🎉🎈🎁💙#camren” - Lauren on Camila

  • Happy 17th Birthday to this little nugget right here. I thought this picture was cute so I decided it would suffice. Just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing beautiful person and I’m glad that you’ve been alive for 17 years and that 2 of them have been spent with the girls and I because idk you’re pretty rad and an amazing friend and fun to have around. I hope you have an amazing day and feel as special today as you deserve to feel everyday. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you and for being your wonderful self(: I LOVE YOU CAMZ” - Lauren on Camila

  • AWHHHHH YAAAY I LOVE YOU UR CUTE 🐏🐟💗🎷” - Camila on Lauren

  • The word I’d use to describe Camila is hmm I’m gonna say cutesy, like also goofy. It’s like both, like the good kind of goofy not the weird kind. Like the cutesy kinda goofy” - Lauren on Camila

  • LERN JERGI. ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE 18. THIS IS THE MOMENT YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR. IF YOU STUCK YOUR TONGUE OUT IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW YOU COULD PROBABLY TASTE THE SWEET AND PUNGENT FREEDOM OF DRAGONFLY TATTOOS, NOSE PIERCINGS, AND VOTING RIGHTS. we’ve been through thick and thin in our friendship, and through those thick and thins I’ve gotten blessed enough to experience you as a person. ive gotten to experience your bomb music taste which I am SO HAPPY YOU INTRODUCED ME TO because we have the best time at concerts bonding over bands and there are so many more to come PRAISE JESUS. i can come to you about anything and expect the pure, honest, rare truth and I’ll always be there tell you it’ll be okay when you cry on my shoulder when you feel lonely or hurt. I’ve gotten to see firsthand your incredible sense of justice, when you see that something unfair or wrong has happened, you’ll raise your voice and fight for that person with a bravery that I, and many other people (although they might not admit it) wish they had. i love how passionately you fight for what you think is right and everyone should remind you today and everyday that it’s a strength and not a weakness. i can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know someone like you will stick up for me and have my back, i hope you know i will too. i love you always” - Camila on Lauren

  • Super cute candids taken by a random stranger always make good birthday post pics. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CAMILA CABELLO. YOU’RE LEGAL NOW YAYYY!!!!!! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so thankful that I get to call you my friend. Thanks for all the laughs, for being my shoulder to cry on whenever I’ve needed a friend, for giving amazing sound advice (even though you’re just now considered an adult by the government you’ve been there mentally for a while which I greatly appreciate) I wish you many more years of amazingness and I hope you had the best day with your family. You deserve all the love and happiness the world has to offer and I wish it all upon you for many many years to come. I LOVE YOU CAMZZZZ❤️❤️❤️” - Lauren on Camila

  • HAPPY 19TH LAUREN!! i remember the day you auditioned for X factor seeing a beautiful green eyed girl belt out an Alicia keys song so perfectly i feared for my life. i remember telling my mom "that girl can sing!! and she’s gorgeous too!!” and then you walked out and i told you i loved your shirt remember? HAHAHA. it’s funny how before we even knew how important we were going to be to each other, something in us knew and something in us will always know. i love how fiercely you defend your opinion, i love your strength, your bold independence, and your desire to live life fully. i love that we crack up at each other’s jokes even when nobody else gets them- and i love those moments where we get caught up in talking about a band or a book and we get lost in the conversation like two normal girls in high school that aren’t about to go do something ridiculous like go to an awards show. i will always be there for you when you need someone to vent to, when you want to talk about the overwhelming underwhelmingness of boys that break our hearts or the overwhelming overwhelmingness of when a kiss leaves your head reeling, when i back you up and you need someone to stick up for you, or when you just need someone to understand- we’ve done that for each other in the last 3 years and we will do that for each other forevermore. i love you so much !!!! happy 19th lern jergi!!!!! camila“ - Camila on Lauren
The Habit of Planning

Prompt: During a busy day at Central Park, Lin mistakes Y/N as a paparazzi and he is not happy.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: 4,759 (brace yourselves)

A/N: I’ve been writing for this for so long, I’m glad it’s out of my head. I wrote the basis of the fic under the tags for ‘Monochrome’, and a couple of you guys happened to read it and told me I should write it! So thank you to all of you! I hope you guys enjoy!

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« Do it again »

Genre : Smut

Paring : Yoongi x Reader

Summary : Everybody fell asleep after the little party you had at the dorm. Everybody except you and your best friend, Min Yoongi.

Soundtrack : Midnight - Offonoff []

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes. Thank you ♡

« I’m going to bed… » Taehyung gets up and waves to you before going to his room. You wish him good night and huddle up to Yoongi’s arm, enjoying the warmness of your best friend’s body. You’re alone with him in the living room and it’s getting pretty late. You had a great night with your friends like always, and now everybody’s asleep. Yoongi reaches for his phone and choose a random song to play on the speakers.

« No, not this song… », you sigh.

Yoongi hisses : « Such a pain in the ass… »

You bite his arm which makes him groan. Yoongi hisses and firmly squeezes your thigh. You whine and move away to get rid of his hand but Yoongi puts his arm around your folded leg which gives him better balance as he searches for another song. You don’t have the energy to fight him so you let it go, putting your head on his shoulder and watching his phone’ screen. You smile when Yoongi puts Offonoff’s new album and you squeeze his arm, whispering « My favorite… ». Yoongi’s head leans back on the sofa as he whispers back « I know… » and he smiles when he hears your little laugh. You watch him close his eyes, his lips moving with the lyrics, his hand nonchalantly releasing the pressure on your leg.

Your eyes slowly goes down. You can see the beat of his heart pulsing on his neck. His pale skin looks really smooth down here. As you gulp, you lost yourself in the contemplation of your best friend’s beauty, your heart beating faster than usual. You want to look away, you try to look away, but your eyes are stuck. You stare at his neck, feeling a strange heat growing between your thighs.

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Basically, artists and songs that I enjoy listening to in my French-learning endeavor. As any playlist, it’s completely subjective, as well as a tad bit messy (since I’m not very systematic when music is concerned so expect time eras to overlap freely), but I hope you will like it anyway!

Also in this series: Random Music in Spanish | Italian

  • Édith Piaf – no surprises here, she really is a classic (and understandably so). I also love older music, so it wasn’t long before I was obsessed with a couple of songs. Personal favorites are Les Mômes de la clôche [x] (this one is reeeally old, it dates back to 1936!), L’Accordéoniste [x], Sous le Ciel de Paris [x] and the universally known Non, je ne regrette rien [x].
  • Zaz – definitely a more recent one, even though she has covered many classic pieces; I’m mostly in love with her jazzy voice and vocalizing. The first song I listened to was Je Veux [x], but I would also recommend On Ira [x], Gamine [x] and her wonderful cover of Dans Ma Rue [x] (be ready to bawl your eyes out). 
  • Michel Sardou – whatever your opinion on the movie La Famille Bélier, it’s difficult to deny that its musical side was pretty cool. Listen to Je Vole [x] (here goes also Louane’s version [x]), En Chantant [x], and, if you are a les Mis fan, enjoy him Enjolras-ing in the Original French Concept album [x]!
  • Stromae – I’m well aware he’s actually Belgian, but I shall use the term French to designate the language here. There’s probably no further need to recommend him as I’m sure he’s pretty well known, but I like him so much that I’ll do it anyway, haha. Personally, I enjoy his original take on Bizet’s Carmen [x], Tous Les Mêmes [x], and of course Papaoutai [x].
  • Georges Brassens – a singer-songwriter that inspired many (and among those Fabrizio De André), his witty lyrics and rich voice are timeless. Listen to La Mauvaise Réputation [x], Mourir Pour Des Idées [x], and Les Passantes [x].
  • Joe Dassin – I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t have extensive knowledge of his discography, but I do know Les Champs Élysées [x] and truthfully it such a fun song to sing along to that I just had to include it in this list.
  • Les Choristes – actually a movie and not an artist; I first saw it in my last year of primary school and had its soundtrack stuck in my head for weeks. If you like choirs, these songs should be a good fit: Vois Sur Ton Chemin [x], La Nuit [x] and Caresse Sur L’Océan [x].
  • MIKA – kinda sure you’ve heard of this guy ;) There’s not much more to say other than his songs are extremely catchy in any language. The only ones I know well are Boum Boum Boum [x] and Elle Me Dit [x], but I’ll gladly listen to more if I find them!
  • Dalida – the Egyptian-born Italian-French singer (!), who tragically committed suicide in 1987, sang both in French and Italian. Personally, and for obvious reasons, I am more versed in her Italian production, but I can say that T’Aimer Follement [x] is a huuuge earworm for me, just like the French version of Ciao, Amore, Ciao [x] (I’ve got to warn you, though, if you aim for a native-like pronunciation don’t imitate her, for as far as I can tell she has a discernible Italian accent).

anonymous asked:

BIRD BIRD BIRD I JUST THOUGHT OF AN AU IDEA ok ok mind reader michael. jeremy is in class one day, thinkin dirty thoughts as per the usual, and he suddenly gets paranoid like we all do when we do that shit and he thinks "if anyone in here is a mind reader, cough if you can hear me." and he. he hears a cough. and jeremy freezes and turns around to face michael mell, this kid he's had a crush on for a while but never talked to, and he thinks "cough if you can hear me," again. (cont)

EDIT: anon is @transtarks!!!! this au baby was created first and foremost in his wonderful brain

oh my GOD!!! wow so im very in love with mind reader!michael. before tackling that hilarious scenario, theres like. so much to explore here

  • MICHAEL who can READ MINDS. in ur sitch, you imply that he cant talk back into minds, which is just so lonely, i think. he’ll learn pretty early that what he’s got isn’t Normal after many instances of him answering questions that werent asked or him knowing things he shouldnt. his mom needs to sit him down and tell him that they’re a little different. not bad. just different. but that other people dont like this and you have to be quiet about it.
  • which michael find endlessly unfair. he has to be the quiet one when he has to deal with the constant chatter of minds all around him that never stops? it sucks, but he’s read enough xmen to understand why.
  • but it is NOISY. his headphones are godsend and music does a lot to help, but those can only go so far in drowning out the noise.
  • some thoughts are quiet and michael needs to strain to hear the words past the soft murmurs. things like his mom making a grocery list in her head or some kid he passed by on the sidewalk counting red cars as they drove by. mundane things are quiet, but the more emotional they get, the louder they become. happy thoughts are loud thoughts, but so are angry ones and terrified ones.
  • and it doesnt just equate to sound. to a certain degree, michael can feel thoughts, if they are strong enough. which is pretty much hell on michael’s senses. happy thoughts feel nice, but too much is overwhelming. dont even get him started on negative thoughts. those feel like bile and nails against a chalkboard.
  • against all odds, michael gets used to it. he finds his own ways to cope with the side effects of being plugged in to everybody else’s mind, but the one thing he couldnt deal with was the loneliness.
  • constantly, he feels like he’s intruding. while mind reading comes with so many cons, michael sees himself at an unfair advantage concerning everybody else. after all, he knows things about people before they say it. sometimes he knows things about people that they maybe didnt want anybody to know. it’s hard to make friends in that kind of situation.
  • and it’s really hard not being able to tell anybody at all.


  • oh boy okay so. michael probably knows jeremy. not knows-him-as-a-friend, but he’s heard his mind before. jeremy’s head is…a bit of a mess.
  • (see, michael has come across a lot of minds in his life. some minds are more organized than others. some are bustling with energy while others a bit more subdued. some are bright and others are so dark michael has to stop himself from crying in public. often, he wonders what his mind looks like, but he cant really trust his mom when she only says nice things because she’s his mom. )
  • anyway, jeremy’s mind is like being inside a washing machine. things tumbling everywhere. jeremy’s head does not shut up. ever. the kid is always thinking about stuff like “oh, im walking pretty weird, i gotta fix that” or “she’s looking at me. what did i do? is there something on my face? is it my face?” or, and this one pops up a lot it makes michael’s heart hurt, “i wish i wasnt like this”
  • (so many times, michael almost speaks to jeremy out of nowhere to just. compliment the guy. he’s really not as bad as he thinks himself out to be. jeremy’s head might be self destructing 24/7, but he’s a good person. and he’s cute too WHATEVER. but michael is pretty sure that if he tells jeremy that his hair is nice, jeremy will spiral into paranoia where he’ll think michael is fucking with him. so michael doesnt say anything. he just silently hopes that maybe jeremy gets a day or two where his mind can stop beating himself up over every tiny thing)
  • michael gets to know jeremy’s anxiety before he gets to know jeremy, and thats mostly because in addition to never shutting up, jeremy’s brain is also very loud. maybe it has something to do with how jeremy is always on edge, but michael doesnt know. what he does know is that jeremy heere, professional anxious teenager, decides to spend this math class just thinking about sex. LOUDLY.
  • it starts with a stray thought about the porn jeremy watched last night then it spirals into various random fantasies and michael wants to jump out the window. not because any of it is weird!!! but just because this is WAY TOO PERSONAL. michael tries his best to concentrate on parabolas, but jeremy throws up an image of GAHHH!! he tries to concentrate on trisha in the front row who’s got a bad case of song-stuck-in-head, which is the next best thing to real music but then jeremy goddamn heere derails him with LOUD MOANING. (which might??? be his????)
  • record scratch. jeremy’s head goes eerily quiet. then, very deliberately, he thinks “ if anyone in here is a mind reader, cough if you can hear me.”
  • it’s RIDICULOUS but it’s also the first time he’s ever been addressed in this way. it’s kind of incredible, and all the “dont tell anybody” momentarily disappears in the face of jeremy “sex thoughts” heere talking to him using his head.
  • so he coughs. and jeremy turns his head. they make eye contact and michael very deliberately starts coughing.
  • jeremy’s head is quiet for a tense few seconds
  • then jeremy thinks, “well fuck”

and thus starts the very awkward beginning of michael and jeremy’s friendship. the possibilities for this are endless but this answer is already too long khfkjdfh

Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Seven

Originally posted by katherine8595

Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || Next Part

Word Count: 5.4K

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

A/N: Idk how i feel about this part, but I hope you like it. Expect mostly backstories and flashbacks in the coming parts. :)

{Update days: Tuesdays, Thursday or Saturdays}

I strolled into the office of my photography company. I was expecting to see Jang Mi there as always, seeing as I was running late. My mind was all over the place as I tried to set my head straight. Today was our last day working with EXO Inc. This project that has stretched over a span of weeks has finally come to an end.

It’s only been 2 months since Sehun marked me, and I’m already sensing a difference between us. It’s a good one, honestly. We’ve grown closer as friends. It feels like I’m actually having a friendship with Sehun.

He really doesn’t hold back anymore. The random PDA in the office still shocks the employees. They are so used to seeing a stuffy, stiff-faced Mr. Oh. I wasn’t used to how open he was now being, but it wasn’t bothering me either. It’s not too much PDA. He would hold my hand, whisper something in my ear or put an arm around my waist.

Some would say it’s not appropriate for a work setting, but Sehun didn’t care much.

I strolled into the office, staring down at my phone as I stomped towards my desk. My movements came to a stop when I noticed something out the corner of my eyes. I finally looked up from my cell phone screen to see a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a glass vase. My phone nearly dropped out my hand as I stared in awe.

“Pretty right?” Jang Mi muttered from her desk, breaking my attention from the flowers. All I could do was stare back at her with a vacant look.

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Bad Girl Ch 6: Playing Gangster

“I’m done with this Yongguk oppa, we set the price and the date together, there is no reason the shipment shouldn’t be here yet,” I remind the elder.

He chuckles nervously and runs his hand through his hair, “Jooyoung-ah don’t be so cruel with your oppas, you know we would never wrong you in anyway. There was just an issue with the ships, just give us one more day and we will have it for you.”

I nod, “I have no issue with waiting, my issue is handing over the money. I don’t pay until I have what I want.”

“You don’t trust me?” He snaps.

Jiho takes a step forward but I hold my hand out to stop him. I cross my arms over my chest and scan the faces of the five men in front me, noting that their youngest member is missing. “I don’t trust anyone that isn’t part of my gang. This matter isn’t up for debate Oppa, I’ll give you your money when I receive my product like we have done a dozen times before, don’t make this difficult. Why are you in such dire need of this money?” My group behind me seems to come closer, preparing for some kind of out break.

Yongguk groans and combs his fingers through his hair again, “These little bastards, some new gang that is trying to get a hold of our territory, took Zelo. They sent us notes about a ransomed either 100,000 dollars for his head or our territory.”

“I know you guys have that much, what is the problem?”

“We are short 10,000 due to some issues but we need that money to get him back tonight, so please Jooyoung-ah, do this for us this once,” I surprised when the prideful man drops to his knees and bows his head.

“This is not our problem,” Jiho warns me but I ignore him and look behind me, past him, to Hanbin who is watching intensely.

“Hanbin oppa, go find the kid,” I command.

“Jooyoung,” Jiho snaps.

“I’m not paying the ransom for them, just go bust in and get the kid. This new gang could cause some problems for us if they are already starting trouble with people as powerful as BAP. Plus I’m not just doing it out of the kindness of my heart, we will be receiving a very good deal when the next few shipments come in, right Yongguk oppa?” I smile bitter-sweetly at the older man.

He nods eagerly, revealing his gummy smile, “Thank you so much white dragon.” The other five quickly drop to their knees along side him and bow so their foreheads rest on the dirty ground of the warehouse we are occupying.

I click my tongue and nudge them with my heel, “None of that, I will see you tomorrow for the shipment, all of you, so rest easy night. But just a little reminder, if something like this ever happens again while my beloved back dragon is here this won’t end so nicely, got it?” Turning on my heel I face the eight men that usually accompany me on my business adventures. They follow me, well Jiho is actually leading, to the SUV that is waiting out side the warehouse. Jiho opens the back door for me to slide in the middle while the others go around to climb in the back or sit on my other side. Bobby is on my left while Junhoe is on my right, Hanbin takes the front, which means the other three were forced in the back. The minute Jiho gets into the drivers seat we lock eyes in the review mirror.

“You have to stop being so nice,” He scolds me.

“I wasn’t that nice, I gave him a pretty good threat at the end, right Junhoe-ya?” I elbow the younger.

He nods quickly, “Of course, you were terrifying; had me shaking in my boots.”

“Don’t feed into her delusion,” Hanbin glares at the poor boy.

“You’re just mad that you can’t go out tonight now,” I lean forward and poke Hanbin’s cheek teasingly. He tries to bite my finger, earning a flick on the forehead from Jiho.

“I know she’s being a little mouthy but you bite her, I’ll beat you,” Jiho threatens.

“Calm down guard dog,” I pat him on his head, “How about some lunch? I’m starving.”

“We actually have to go get ready for tonight,” Bobby reminds us, “So if you could drop us off near head quarters that would be great.”

Jiho nods, “Sure thing, pretty bird you actually have plans so you wouldn’t have been able to anyway.”

I lean forward and rest my elbows on the center console, “Oh really, with whom?”

He flicks my forehead while the others pull me back and secure my seat belt, “The boss man of course.”

The drive to head quarters in aggressively playful, Hanbin tries not to smile as I tease his men and harass Bobby to the extreme. By the time we get there Hanbin, Chanwoo and Jinhwan are dying of laughter while the others about fling themselves out of the still moving car to get away from me. The minute the car stops Bobby and Junhoe basically fall out of the car but quickly try to recover by brushing the dirt off their suits. The others quickly follow, bowing before heading into the tall building. I climb into the front seat, ignoring Jiho’s whining about how I should have got out and walked around.

I straighten my clothes and flash him a smile, “So where is my beloved?”

“At home, he said he was going to cook you lunch,” Jiho answers as he rolls his eyes and pulls back into traffic. I stare absentmindedly out the window when he starts humming my favorite song.

“What song is that?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I heard it a long time ago and I just kind of stuck. Why, does it sound familiar or something?”

I shake my head, “You just hum it all the time and I really love it. I find it comforting.”

He chuckles, “Really?”

“Yep, because it makes me think of you and you always make me feel safe. I know I don’t tell you this enough Jiho oppa but I love you, like a brother of course but I want you to know that I love and appreciate everything you do for me.” I lean across the console to peck his cheek.

“Where is all of this coming from?”

“Zelo’s situation made me think about when I was kidnapped and how you saved me.”

Again he chuckles, but this time there is an edge to it, “I let you get kidnapped.”

“No, you protected me. Because of you, I made it out of there alive and I’m eternally grateful.”

He is silent for a minute and stares back at me until the light turns green, “Stop with all of this emotional stuff, you’re hurting my heart.”

“Come on Oppa, say it back,” I pout playfully as I take his hand, “You are the best big brother a girl could ask for, I love you.”

“Stop confessing to me,” He pulls his hand away and flicks me, “I would prefer to not loose my job.”

I sigh and accept defeat, already knowing his brotherly love for me. He pulls into the underground parking lot and parks the car in its spot before hopping out of the car. I walk around the car, distracted by my nails, I don’t see Jiho stopping in front of me. He turns around and pulls me into a tight hug, I find myself thinking back to when we first met on the street and smile, look how far we’ve come.

“I love you little sister,” He mumbles softly and kisses the top of my head. He releases me and leads me to the elevator like usual. We don’t talk the whole ride up but it’s a comfortable silence that makes a smile form on my face. He drops me off at my floor first before going down to his own. I step off the elevator and am automatically welcomed by our two guard dogs.

“Hello Leo, hello Ken,” I coo at the two dogs happily.

“How come the pets get greeted before me?” Jiyong whines as he comes out of the kitchen to give me a hug.

“Because they came to the door first, you have to be quick.” I sniff the air and pout, “You haven’t started lunch yet?”

He shakes his head, “Someone else called and left a very lovely voice message about how she needs to see you to apologize about what happened a few days ago.”

“You should just ignore her,” I whine, I really want to spend time with him today, as much as love Haneul I miss Jiyong.

“Too late, I already told her I was bring you over after you got back, speaking of which can I get a full view of this beautiful outfit,” He gives me a big smile as he steps back to check me out. I can’t hold in my laugh as he full on checks me out, going around in circles and everything. I strike a few poses for him, I’m wearing a fitting pin stripped suit, something Jiyong had costumed made for me. “You look like a real gangster,” He pecks my lips.

“Well I have to look the part if I’m playing gangster for the day.”

“Do you want to change before you go?” He wonders.

I groan, “Oppa, I don’t want to go, I want to take off my pants and lay in bed with you for the rest of the day.”

“Well after lunch we still have the rest of the day so don’t worry.”

“No, I want to have lunch with you.”

He chuckles, “You are so stubborn.”

I scoff, “Look who is talking, why are you trying so hard to get rid of me? Huh?”

“I just want you to enjoy your last bits of freedom.”

“Last bits of freedom?”

He nods, “Because in one month, we will be standing on the beach on some random tropical island with at most ten people saying our vows. After that we will not be leaving our villa for a whole month,” He nibbles on my neck playfully. “And then after that we will be traveling the world together for awhile, who knows when we will be back! Could be forever! I might just try to keep you all to myself for the rest of time.”

“Are you sure you want me to go?”

“I want you to have fun with your friends, you will see me tonight, and the next night and for the rest of time, you will be stuck with me. So as I said, enjoy your freedom while you can.”

A massive smile spreads across my face, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We kiss lightly, I get ready to deepen the kiss when he pulls away and begins pulling me down the hall eagerly. “I almost forgot! I have a present for you!” I follow him without much choice, giggling at his childish happiness. He stops outside of our office doors, my old bedroom doors, and places his hands on the handle, ready for an exciting revel. “Okay, so I know that you were really upset about how you had to stop talking to Jihyo because you decided to step into my life so I wanted to give you a little something to remember her by.”

With that he throws the door open, I step inside and automatically get ready to bust into tears. Hanging above my desk is mine and Jihyo’s mug shots from years ago. Jiyong is behind me, his arms wrap around my waist, and his chin rests on my shoulder.

“Do you like it?” He hums.

I turn around in his embrace and return his hug, “Thank you so much,” I cry into his button up. Jiyong and I had talked about how I wanted to handle stuff with my family and friends when I first moved in. He recommended writing them letters and telling them I running away so that they wouldn’t get pulled into the drama and at first I was against it. But after really thinking it through I realized how right he was and agreed. It was one of the hardest moment in my life explaining to Jihyo in that letter about how much I’ll miss her and that she shouldn’t look for me.

“Please no crying, you’re breaking my heart love.”

I sniffle and wipe away my tears, “I’m sorry but Jihyo has the same set up above her bed at home it just made me miss her a bit.”

He kisses the top of my head, “One day you will be able to talk to her again, I promise, when things aren’t so crazy in our world we can go back to visit the real world.”

“Thank you.”

“You guys are annoyingly cute, you know that?” Haneul gages once again after she closes the front door and leads me into her house. We leave the entry way and head into the kitchen where she is cooking a delicious smelling lunch.

“I’m sorry that we don’t enjoy the same pet names as you and your princess,” I tease as I kick off my shoes and leap on to the counter.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m the king in our relationship,” She playfully snaps with a spatula pointed at me.

“Speaking of which I’m still waiting on your love story.”

“And I’m waiting on yours,” She eyes me, “that is another story for another time when we both feel comfortable sharing how we got to where we are.”

I nod, “Where is your Princess anyway?”

She sighs, “With his depressing cousins, he has been trying so hard to get them to leave that god damn house. He barely got them out the night of the party but the moment he mentioned that Jiyong would be there five of them seemed all for it. The other seven have sticks up their asses. I’m so sorry about what happened a couple of days ago, if it makes you feel any better Taemin got a beating when we got home.”

“What you guys do in the bedroom is none of my business,” I click my tongues at her.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and make yourself useful, can you make three settings on the dining room table?” She swats at me with a rag.

“Three?” I hop off the counter and wander over to where the dishes are.

“Tae should be back and if not we can eat his portion,” She gives me an evil grin as she stirs the beef soup, one of Taemin’s favorite foods. I shake my head and head into the dining room with all the needed dishes, even grabbing some of the sides that she already dished up. As I’m setting up the long dining table I hear the front door open and almost rush to greet, or actually tease, Taemin when I hear other voices.

Oh no.

“Jagiya, I brought my cousins over for lunch, I hope that’s okay!” Taemin yells as he walks closer. I panic and quickly scramble under the table. This can’t be happening again.

“Princess!” Haneul snarls, “I told you Jooyoung was coming over, I doubt she wants to see them after what she saw at the party.”

“Aw, did we scare your friend that night?” Baekhyun muses.

“We don’t want to frighten her, in fact we want to apologize,” Chanyeol plays along, what the hell are they up to though?

“They were really eager to come when I mentioned her being here so I thought maybe they could be friends?” Tae suggests innocently, hoping he’ll be able to avoid whatever punishment Haneul is already thinking of.

Hanuel scoffs, “Jiyong would rather get skinned alive than let these guys near her. I’m going to take her upstairs, you guys can have the dinning room.” I hear her shuffling around, her slippers come into view when she comes into the dining room and just as I’m about to climb out of my hiding spot six pairs of boots quickly follow her. “Jooyoung-ah? Where did you go?” She calls for me but I can’t get myself to respond.

“Jooyoung-ah, oh Jooyoung-ah,” Baekhyun sing songs.

“I want to see this pretty little thing I’ve heard so much about,” Tao hums behind him, not sounding as playful as Baekhyun, he almost sounds desperate.

“Come on out,” Chanyeol joins in, he even whistles making me glare at his boots.

“She isn’t a fucking dog,” Haneul spits.

“Little one,” A sweet voice calls and my heart drops. “Come here little one.”

I should have stayed home.

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.04


Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut and a little angst

Word Count: 4,756

~ A bit on the shorter side but its all for good reasoning. Next chapter should be a good one! Enjoy ♡

Three weeks had gone by since my friends and I arrived at our summer home. We had grown close to the boys next door and to each other. I’ve tried to enjoy the times and memories we’re making. It was painful to think how quick the summer was going and if our friendships would last any longer.
Jungkook seemed to be the least one I’ve bonded with, oddly enough. It was ironic but it made sense; we still snuck around behind everyone’s back. When we greeted each other with a quick hug, his hand would wander just a bit too low. He occasionally brushed against my lower back when walking by.  He would text me from across the room at random times to let me know how much he wanted me. And the times his hand snuck up my thigh, rubbing at it when he thought no one was watching during dinner or a movie. But we never actually sat down and talked between the two of us.

I felt closer to Taehyung; who I ran into crying one night I was looking for Jungkook. Even though he tried to play off the ‘I’m fine’ card, my neutering instincts kicked in immediately. He found comfort in my way of speaking and understanding, sooner than expected, he opened up to me about what was bothering him. We sat there and talked for a couple of hours before Jungkook came into the room, after falling having been asleep on the couch.
I enjoyed Jungkook’s company but anytime it became more than flirting, I was the one to cut it off. It bothered him to a certain point, usually just shaking it off, but he never said anything on the contrary. He never questioned me why and that’s the way I wanted it to be.

It was early in the morning, the sun was nowhere near up, and I was tossing and turning in my bed. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t hungry, and I could not fall asleep. Kicking the covers to the foot of my bed, I walked quietly into the kitchen. My feet were cold against the tile floor and my eyes adjusted to the fluorescent lights. I picked at the bread on the counter while looking at the clock over the stove.


I was definitely not getting any sleep; If I went back to bed now my sleeping schedule would be messed up for the summer. I turned off the light of the kitchen and walked to the back door. On the patio, I kicked off my sandals and grabbed a blanket by the fire pit, and walking down the steps to reach the sand of the beach. The moon was almost full and displayed high in the sky; the tides were coming in strong but at a steady pace.

I took a seat just before where the water came to its highest, with the blanket laid underneath me. The sound of the waves was relaxing and the water looked so pretty shining under the illuminating moon. The breeze carried the smell of the salt water throughout the shoreline and brought a small chill over my arms. I had my phone face down playing slow and gentle songs at my side. The tides came up and the water tickled my toes as I sat with my knees together and hands resting back. I was only wearing a thin sweater and some shorts because the night wasn’t cold but the wind was constant.

   “(Y/n)?” My heart stopped at the unexpected call of my name. I moved off my hands and turned behind me; a figure made itself towards me. Despite the darkness, I could make Jungkook’s figure walking over to me. He had a way of walking I could recognize and when he stepped close enough for me to see his face; he looked dream-like under the moonlight.

It was not until he stood next to me when I realized I was staring at him without saying a word. He was wearing a dark tee shirt and light colored joggers, barefoot with his hands in both pockets. I licked my lips and looked away back to the water that washed up.

   “What are you doing up? It’s like two in the morning…” I mumbled at him. Jungkook took a deep breath, sounding like he was stretching, and sighed.

   “Actually, it’s three already.” He said cheerfully, plopping down next to me on the blanket. He sat crossed legged beside me; his knee was brushing against my outer thigh as I stretched my legs down into the sand.

I solely replied with a slight hum while I leaned in and rubbed at my cool legs. With my legs stretched out, the water washed over them and made it almost to my ankle. I stare at my wet feet as the tide went back down and caught a glimpse of Jungkook looking as well. I dug my toes into the soggy sand, watching its compact structure crumble from my feet.

   “It’s a nice night,” Jungkook spoke again. I ran my hand up to my knee, flicking off the spots of sand stuck to my skin. “It’s usually a lot colder during this time.”

   “You come out here often?” I brought my knees back to my chest and laid my head sideways on them to look at him. He was playing with something in his hands, looked like he was picking it apart, before meeting my gaze.

   “Sometimes.” He shrugged, tossing away whatever it was he had in his fingertips. “I have trouble sleeping from time to time.”

The lack of conversation between us wasn’t awkward but it wasn’t very pleasant either. He wanted to talk but my strange insecurities and paranoia were beginning to scratch at the back of my head. Jungkook was hesitating; he wanted to see what I would do in response. I watched him lick his lips repeatedly, as he did when he was nervous, and his lips parted slightly every couple of seconds as if to speak.

   “I should probably go inside.” The words just left my mouth in a rush and I was up on my feet before I even had time to process them. Jungkook sighed at my words but didn’t make any movements to look at me on my feet. I was going to wait for a minute to see if he would but my anxiety decided against it. I bit my thumb and took a step to leave but Jungkook was quick to grab my arm and stop me. He held onto my wrist and looked up at me; he wore a stoical look on his face.

     “Stay with me.” My face felt warm and my arm tensed in his soft grip. “I wanna talk with you for once.”

He smiled at me slightly and with a cute pleading look in his dark eyes. I pressed my lips together and removed myself from his hold. He stayed seated, giving me space so that I could make a choice.

     “You won’t get much out of me Jungkook,” I warned him. He was willing to take anything he could from me so he nodded vigorously and excited. I was worried of what he wanted to talk about; what he would ask and what I would respond with.

    “I’ll make it easy for you,” He said turning himself to sit facing me, still with his legs crossed. “I’ll only ask you five questions.” 

   “Three.” He pouted and I crossed my arms at him. He squinted his eyes seeing if there was anything he could come up with.

    “Four.” He tried once again. He wanted me to agree to something and I was too tired to fight him on fewer questions.

    “Fine four but I have the right to refuse to respond to any of the questions,” I said and he agreed, as long as I answered four questions before sunrise. “And you have to answer your own questions too.”

I sat down beside him once again, facing him like he was me, with our legs crossed and a bit of space between us. I ran my hands over the goosebumps on my arms and watched as Jungkook thought for his first question. His eyes quickly lit up and he looked back over to me with a smile on his face.

   “What type of alcohol do you like to drink?” I laughed a bit and shook my head. That was a random question and not the kind I expected.

   “Well, I drink on really rare occasions…” I started biting my lip while thinking back to the few times I have drunk any liquor. “I never drink anything without mixing it; I guess whiskey and coke.”

   “Jack Daniels?” Jungkook asked and I simply nodded. He smiled a bit shyly as if he approve my answer. “I’m more of a gin type of drinker… Japanese gin is really good.”

I knew close to nothing about Jungkook. All of his friends were very different from each other and I didn’t know where he fit; he could be a straight A student or a complete blow off from school. He was difficult for me to read because he was like many people all at once. Every time I expect him to do one thing, he did the other.

   “That’s one,” I said keeping count. He looked around us, towards the house, and back at me with the next question.

   “In your last relationship, did y-”

“No.” I cut him off admittedly after hearing that first line. “Nothing about past relationships; I won’t answer those.”

He was a bit surprised by how serious my tone had changed. He stared me in the eyes, trying to see why I was so against it but he would get no answers.

   “Okay. How about this?” He accepted but was to reword his question to fit my new rule. “How many people have you slept with, not including me?”

I hesitated to answer this question simply because it was a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable. Though, the idea of Jungkook answering it as well had me curious. “Not counting you: two.”

   “Wow. Really?” I nodded and shifted uneasily. He stared at me like he didn’t believe me and I grew angry at the flustering I felt build on my cheeks.

   “What?!” I bit at him when he wouldn’t quit eyeing me like an idiot.

   “No, nothing.” He said quickly and chuckled. “I just thought the number would be larger.”

“Are you calling me a slut?!”

   “No! No!” Jungkook put his hands up in defense. “It just seems like you’ve had a lot of experience. You’re really good in bed (Y/n)….”

He scratched the back of his neck and ruffled his hair awkwardly. My face was surely a shade of bright pink but thank god it was still too dark to fully notice.

   “What about you?” I took in a deep breath, still refusing to make full eye contact with him. He grew a bit blushful as well, though I couldn’t see the color, I could tell by the way he looked down at the blanket and smiled away.

  “Um…not including you,” Jungkook licked his lips and threw a glance my way. “Maybe 4 or 5 girls.”

I actually expected the number to be larger as well. Though this was the number of partners and not the number of times having sex. Regardless I hated this question and was glad it was done with.


“Would you sleep with any of my friends if you weren’t with me already?” Jungkook didn’t even take the time to come up with this one, and also seemed strangely serious while asking.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. Of course, I would never do it but I did have a surprising dream about Jimin a couple nights back. But it was only because Bitsy had got into painfully great detail about his skills in bed. The rest of the boys were handsome but Jungkook was the only one I could see myself sleeping with at the end of the day. Jungkook would have to answer the same question about my friends. How would it look for me to no and for him to say yes?

  “I mean, I wouldn’t cause of you but, they all are pretty good looking,” I said casually, hoping to not come off clingy to only him. I knew me saying no would do wonders to his ego regardless.

   “Would you, though, if I weren’t here?” His voice had grown a bit lower and still weighty. “If I chose to not come with them this summer and you never met me?”

   “Is that your fourth question?” I furrowed my eyebrows at him, he was obviously upset but why? He was pressing on his question for a full answer. “What are you really trying to ask me Jungkook?”

He looked away from me and his hands tensed up on his lap. I could see him gulp at his throat and things began to make sense.

“You want to know if I would do this with anyone else?” He wanted to know if he was different to me. If there was something more than just fucking for us. That was exactly what I wanted to stay away from.

I pushed myself off the ground and he followed. Jungkook looked angry like he was going to lunge at me. I turned away and he grabbed my arm keeping me in place.

  “Where are you going?” He said holding me tightly.

  “You’re out of questions.” I shook my arm from his grip and continued to walk away again.

Though, he grabbed my arm again, this time actually pulling me back.

   “You didn’t answer.” He said through his teeth. He was holding me close and managed to put his other hand on me. “I have one more left.”

  “Let go of me.” I hissed under my breath since he was so close to me now. Jungkook looked me straight in the eyes, the moon was hitting the side of his face making his eyes shine.

   “Why are so scared to get so close to me?” I tried to release myself from his grip but he wouldn’t budge. His restraints made me irritated and weak in his arms.

   “Who said I was scared?” His hands moved from my arms to my waist.

“Your body is,” Jungkook bit his lip, eyes studying down my body. “look how you squirm in my hands.”

My breath hitched in my throat, as he moved his face closer to me and smirked. His entire nature changed when he wanted it from me. His aura affected me deeply and made me become someone I didn’t recognize; someone needy, weak, and submissive. My heart started beating harder as his fingers dug into my waist. Jungkook’s eyes shuffled from my eyes down to my lips, wondering if he should dare close the gap between us. I wanted to kiss him so badly; I wanted him to kiss me like he did when he wanted to eat me up.

Before I opened my mouth to provoked him any further, he shut my lips with his. I shut my eyes tightly, hating to admit that his mouth captivated me to the point in which I could not break away from. His lips kissed me passionately and tasted of longing lust. His warm large hand cupped my cheek and the hand on my waist pulled me with him as we stepped back onto the blanket.

My music was still playing in my side pocket of my shorts. A Lonely Night by The Weeknd was playing softly in the background, along with the waves of the water and our panting breaths.

    “I want you (Y/n).” Jungkook pulled my thighs on either side of his hips. He lowered himself onto the blanket with me straddling his lap. I gave in because I wanted to forget our previous conversation. So I quickly nodded and pulled his shirt over his head. I attached myself to his neck, running my tongue over the spots that made him groan. His hand was eager to slip into the front of my shorts; through the thin material of my underwear, he rubbed my core. His hand made me shudder as I pulled away from his neck to remove my sweater with no top under. The hand that wasn’t between my thighs ran up the back my leg to cup my ass and bring me closer to his crotch. He was quickly growing hard from under me and that stiffness was driving him crazy. The friction between our bodies was creating a lusting heat that ran through our blood and kept our hands on each other. Jungkook leaned me back to give himself more room to mess around with my clit. His two fingers dug into my folds and toyed with my sensitive skin to build up the wetness at my entrance. I moaned his name in a whiny tone as I fondled my own breasts through my bra. My nipples had gotten hard and sensitive while they brushed against the supporting cups. I could barely function with Jungkook touching me like this.

Though, I was becoming just as impatient as always. My hand ran down between us so that I could find the bulge growing in his joggers. I stroked him and felt him become hard as could be in my hand. I could feel the tip of his cock through the thin fabric and he wasn’t wearing any boxers. Jungkook struggled to move his fingers while I grabbed him; he grabbed my hand and brought it away from his crotch. I smirked at him but he covered it up by kissing me once again. I began to pant and whine against his lips as his fingers rubbed me at an incredible pace. My core began to miss the feeling of his skin rammed against mine. I bit his lips to stop the kiss and he opened his eyes at me; I begged him to hurry up before I lost my sanity. He grabbed my hands by the wrists and suddenly had me falling back onto the blanket. My hands were pinned above my head while Jungkook trailed wet kiss throughout my neck; his hips were grinding into my core making me lose my breath.

   “Stop rushing into it.” Jungkook’s voice was breathy and deep and he continued to suck on the thin skin of my throat. His hips rocked into mine at an almost musical rhythm and made me groan each time I felt his dick pressing against my folds. “Let me be good to you.”

I whined because I could feel his hardness through our clothes and I swear I was dripping through my panties already. Jungkook moved up, giving me a small warning before letting go of my hands. He took his lips in mine and allowed his hands to roam the upper half of my body. The straps of my bra were pulled off my shoulders by his hands, slowly exploring the skin it landed over. His hot tongue brushed against mine in a calm manner, he wasn’t trying to dominate or challenge me. His soft hands ran up my sides and cupped my breasts through the bra he didn’t feel the need to take off just yet. I found myself giving in to his wishes and taking it at a slower pace. I let him warm up my body while I played with his hair like he loved so much. The dark locks were thin and soft in my touch and I gently dug my fingers into his scalp. Jungkook hummed in approval as he slowly kissed at my lips; I opened my eyes to find his flutter closed with his lips pouted pink. He noticed my lack of response and opened his eyes to find me looking at him puzzled. Something felt different about the way he kissed me and touched me. Jungkook merely gave me a small smile, his eyes shining brightly instead of being washed dark before moving his lips to my jaw.

Jungkook managed to undress us completely after a while of touching; by that time our bodies more than ready to start. The long waiting and exploring made every touch the more sensual and pleasurable. We hadn’t spoken much throughout our session but I feel like he had told me a lot more than I could understand just by his movements.

He had me sitting up, with my hand wrapped around his aching cock; I watched his breath shake and lips create groans while I stroked him. I grew to really enjoy and appreciate the way he reacted whenever I did something he liked. Jungkook caught me gawking and smiled shyly before leaning down to peck my lips. He groaned once again with his forehead pressed against mine as we both looked down at my working hand. His cock stood tall and my hand brushed against his abs every time I brought it up to his swollen tip. He was leaking pre-come like I was dripping arousal.

   “Can I sit on it?” We both looked up at each other at the same time; his expression mirroring mine. A smile curled onto Jungkook’s lip before he bit down on it.

   “Anything you want princess.”

His hands gripped my outer thighs as I moved over his lap; my hands ran over his shoulders, bringing myself closer to his figure. My core hovered over him and my legs shook in suspense as I could feel my wetness dripping down. He eased me down onto his cock, his tip pushed apart my tightening walls and made our bodies tense. My eyes were kept down below, my mouth watering as he disappeared inside me. My mouth gasped open when Jungkook suddenly pushed me down all the way. He groaned as I sat on his lap and my walls throbbed around him.

  “Uhh… you’re so tight.” Jungkook whimpered under his breath. I pushed my hair away from my eyes to look up at him.

Just as I did, he leaned in to kiss me and pushed my waist into his torso. Grinding myself against him, slowly moving my hips in small figures. I shut my eyes as he hummed into our kiss and held me tightly.

I leaned up on my knees, bringing myself down on his length at a slower pace. Enjoying the way he spread my entrance and filled me up.

  “You’re so big.” the words fell from my mouth as a small whine but I could feel his lips smiling on my cheek.

He rocked my hips and kiss down my neck, guiding me to take our time and savor the feeling. With every thrust, my core grew hotter and he was slipping in so easily.

  “You don’t have to rush when you’re with me (Y/n).” He kissed my neck and looked up at me.

The words caught me off guard and had me feeling something less than comfort. My eyes closed when they began to water and I leaned my head over his shoulder so that he wouldn’t see me. I gripped onto his shoulders and quickened my pace. There was an ache that was distracting me from the pleasure and I just wanted to get it back. Jungkook gripped on my hips since I began to grow rougher. My chest pressed against his and my head leaned back.

  “(Y/n) w-wait-” Jungkook struggled to speak because groans were escaping his mouth. We were both losing our breaths and the sound of our skin was filling the sky.

I felt him try to pull away so that he could look at me but I clung onto him not allowing it.

His body was hot and sticking against my skin. Cries were leaving my mouth as the pleasure began to numb any other thoughts in my head. Jungkook’s own drive began to control him as well and he no longer tried to slow me down. His breath was heating my skin and my body began trembled over him. My fingers were digging into the muscular skin of his back, making Jungkook hiss loudly. My stomach was turning like a fire was building up and wanted to break free. Jungkook’s own hips were bucking up to meet mine, adding to the satisfaction. Jungkook must have been getting close because he was trying to slow himself down. My lust was controlling me and had me yearning impatiently.

With all my strength I push Jungkook by his shoulders onto the blanket. He was caught off guard seeing me so dominating. I palmed his chest to pick up a steadier balance for my increased pace. Jungkook’s jaw was clenching, keeping in the grunts, and he could not keep his eyes off me. My name left his lips and his hands found mine on his chest. I leaned up, moving away from his intimate touch and leaving only our cores connected. My walls were becoming tight and juices were flowing out of my cunt. I rested my hands on my breasts and grinding my hips into him. His pelvic bone was rubbing my clit, making me cry out into the ocean night. I leaned my head back and gazed at the stars for a moment, watching them watch us. Jungkook’s hands ran up my thighs to grabbed my hips pounding into me from below. He was sending me so close to the edge and I began to shake from the inside out. He swiftly began to thumb my clit, lightly grazing figures against it. My body shook and curled over him, my nails drawing lines down his torso. My orgasm hit me hard, had me breathlessly trembling and bucking my hips. My throat had grown sore from all my yelling and all that came out were whines.

Jungkook was still slowly thrusting in out of me, he was holding my hips in place as he tried to reach his own climax. I pushed him away from me and kneeled between his open legs. He was startled as I took him into my hands to finish him off. I kept my eyes fixed on only his dick, watching how it was ready to release at any moment. Jungkook was stuttering words at me but I wasn’t listening. His abs tensed and flexed while he let out a deep groan, coming all over himself and my hand.

  “Holy-fuck.” Jungkook’s hand wiped the sweat that dripped down his temples as he came down. “That was…different.”

I wiped my hand on the blanket we sat on; reaching behind me to find my clothes from before. I slipped my sweater over my head while Jungkook was trying to catch his breath. We glanced at each other, knowing the words he wanted to say. He watched me slip on my shorts and hold the rest of my belongings. I hated the way he looked at me after sex; he looked at me like I was breaking his bones.

  “Isn’t this what you came for?” I spat at him and tossed my underwear to his lap; he laced his fingers around it, clenching it in his hand. “Only thing left is the sex now.”

I left him there on the beach; he was calling for me, but I continued walking to the house with the sun rising behind me. I slammed the door to my room, not caring if it woke anyone up; tears flowed down my cheeks and my hands pulled at my hair from the roots. The way he looked at me would not leave my head, the way he spoke and touched me. How could I have been such an idiot to not see what was forming in his eyes? I didn’t want to see that things were all beginning to go wrong. I wish he never looked at me that way. Jungkook had just destroyed any chance of us becoming anything less or anything more.  Now flirts and fucks weren’t enough to feed what he was craving.

So Close (Part 5 of 5)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: This started as a 4+1 setup on Lin asking you to marry him. It devolved into a study of a year plus some in a relationship, and how you can be so close to the end and yet so far in the blink of an eye.

Word Count: 5774 (the shortest one, you’re welcome)

Warnings:  Badly translated Spanish, a swear, maybe.

Notes:  Oh my god, this is end! Thank you all for all the likes, comments, reblogs, replies, and follows. I am so glad you stuck around for the end. You made my day with every single reaction and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to the Tumblr fic community. You are all amazing!!

I do not speak Spanish, nor have I ever been on Broadway, nor am I a traditionally published author. I was proposed to once and it was not like this at all (but still good). I put a lot of research into this stuff to make it seem as realistic as possible, but if you can tell me how to fix a situation or change a translation to make it better, please let me know, I’m happy to listen.

I took a lot of inspiration from random things, but I want to point out some of my sources because they’re important.

  • The Hamiltome gave me most of the original cast/crew names and timelines for when things happened (transfer to Broadway, opening night, etc.) I also heavily relied on the timeline on the Hamilton Wiki page.
  • One of the recurring quotes throughout this work comes from Peter Pan. Kudos if you know it.
  • The JFK Airport website gave me the layout but having never flown out of JFK, it may still be very wrong.
  • Spanish translations are courtesy of Reverso Contexto. Better than Google, but I’m sure, not infallible. Let me know if I’m way off the mark.
  • I based the book/surprise off the true story. If you don’t know it, please send me an ask and I will send you what I have on it! (Trying not to give this away.)
  • The start of Lin’s speech was inspired by a prompt from @sentence-fragments. Lots of good starts to be found at this blog - go look!
  • Title comes from the Jon McLaughlin song of the same name. It is the over arcing theme song for this fic. Link

This is the first thing I’ve written in at least 5 years, and it’s the first thing I’ve written for a Broadway fandom in 10+ years. Please be kind.

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Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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How You Met - Iceland/Emil Steilsson

You removed the fluffy, marshmallow-like pillows from your ears. Even they were useless in blocking out that stupid parrot’s screeching. Your apartment had good walls, but it wasn’t enough to stop that parrot’s incessant screeching from reaching your poor ears.

“NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN.” And there it was again. For a week now, that bird has been screaming every night for food, for water, or even just singing random songs in a terrible, off-key voice. “That’s it,” you muttered to yourself, pulling open the door of your apartment. You marched over to your neighbor and his stupid bird’s apartment, and knocked on the door loudly.

“All right, all right! I’m coming,” an irritated voice said through the door, the sound of their footsteps coming closer. The door opened, revealing a pair of glaring violet eyes, paired with mussed silver hair and pale skin. However, his appearance did nothing to waver your anger. “Are you the owner of that parrot?” you asked, frustration clear in your voice. His eyes narrowed at your accusation. “I don’t have a parrot. What are you talking about, crazy-”

“HEY, ICEY. WHERE’S MY FOOD,” a nasally voice rang through the male’s apartment, and he facepalmed. You fumed and pointed an accusing finger at the inside of his apartment. “I’m talking about that parrot. Please keep him down-” As you demanded peace, a flurry of black feathers suddenly hit your face, and your neighbor shouted at it to “calm down, dammit”. You shook your head vigorously, spitting out the feathers that landed in your open mouth. “Hmmph! Stupid girl doesn’t know a puffin when she sees one! Me, a parrot? Ha!”

You glared at the obnoxious talking puffin that was now perched on your neighbors shoulder. You could practically feel its sneering gaze on you. You just narrowed your eyes at the curious creature. “I don’t care about what kind of bird you are. You could be a chirping chihuahua, for all I care!” You directed your stare towards your neighbor, he stared back at you. “All I want is some sleep, so please keep your pet down.”

“PET?” The puffin squawked angrily, thoroughly insulted. “I am not a pet! If anyone should be a pet it should be him!” He gestured to his owner with a wing, effectively smacking your neighbor’s mouth with his feathers. Your neighbor just sighed and shoved the puffin off his shoulder. “Just go to sleep already, Mr. Puffin,” your neighbor replied, trying to reason with the fowl-tempered thing.

“Mr. Puffin. Your pet’s name is Mr. Puffin,” you said slowly, trying to comprehend the childish name. Giggles started to rise up from your throat, spilling out from your mouth, quickly evolving into laughter. Your neighbor just blushed, and shook his hands at you, trying to get you to calm down. “S-Stop laughing! I named him when I was a kid, okay? The name just stuck!” The bird harrumphed at your behaviour. “Well, you should tell us your name so we could laugh at you, too! It’s only fair!” You clutched at your stomach, wiping away a small tear that never managed to escape your eye. “Fine then, it’s (Name). My name is (Name).”

The puffin grew quiet, and crossed its wings across his chest. “That’s actually a pretty decent name. Not fair,” he muttered, flying back to his owner’s bedroom. Your neighbor just scratched his cheek awkwardly, and extended out his hand for you to shake. “I’m Emil Steilsson. I’m sorry about him. I’ll try to keep him down next time.” Emil inwardly grimaced at the situation. You gave him a small, amused smiled and shook his hand. “Well, Emil, meeting you was definitely an.. interesting experience. And thanks.”

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

Love, Admin Dude-chan

okay so me and @thelast-dodo are crying over musically inclined + adhd Lance McClain, and just voltron characters + music in general so I just…

•  Lance is great with string instruments, especially the ukulele and the guitar
•  He’s had an undying love for the ukulele since he was like 9 because he managed to strum a chord and half his family cheered and his dad stuck a sticker on his cheek
•  Both his guitar and uku are a mess of bumps and dings, and they’re both plastered with stickers all over
•  He plays when he’s stressed
•  He plays when everybody else is stressed, too
•  He’s constantly strumming similar patterns when morale’s low and urging the others to input their own lyrics, anything at all
•  “C’mon, Keith, you usually never shut up!” “Aw, please, Allura, I never hear you sing!” “Shiro you know you wanna”
•  Hunk’s the first to try it out, and pretty much after that they’re doing their best to sing something even slightly coherent
•  It’s never coherent, ever, but that makes it extra fun
•  Lance has so many lyrics stuck in his head at all times
•  Lyrics he doesn’t understand ‘You’re a constellation and stars mean everything to me, you’re the sun and being warm is everything to me-’ and lyrics he does understand ‘Playin’ word catch with you is like a dream, I’ll tell you-’ and lyrics that chime and ding and lyrics that feel like sparklers and feel like Summer or scarves or cat purrs
•  He makes up songs all the time and he knows he has a good voice so goddamnit, he’s gonna sing all the time if he wants to!
•  Keith is the first to learn one of his songs off by heart and gosh, can those two boys harmonise
•  It nearly brings Lance to tears when Keith’s able to join in with one of his songs all the way through, he hadn’t been expecting it
•  There are notes everywhere with stray lyrics on them
•  Hunk starts collecting them first, and putting them in Lance’s room for safe keeping
•  Soon enough everybody’s doing that too
•  Sometimes Keith and Lance are handing out in Lance’s room, Lance strumming away absently and Keith just letting the sound wash over him
•  Lance’s words might get stuck and Keith just pulls a suitable lyric from his notes and sings it, and the song carries on
•  Lance’s music is sporadic and unpredictable in every way, and moves and changes unexpectedly
•  His train of thought changes a lot while he’s thinking about the music and the words together
•  Allura once asked if that was how Earth music worked normally. Shiro just grinned at her. “No, that’s just how Lance music works.”
•  The boy cant read sheet music for the life of him, he just kinda knows where chords fit together and the boy just gets it without really getting it
•  Pidge once called him the “Mozart of the ukulele” but Keith rejected that real quick, because Mozart relied on sheet music, and anyway, Lance is the Lance of the ukulele because nobody else can play like Lance can
•  Lance blushes at that. A lot.

asdfghjkl; I love my music family, guys

A Devil and Angel Sitting on my Shoulder (Part 1)

Pairing: demon!Dean x reader, Cas x reader (future parts), Sam (future parts), Hannah (future parts) 

Word Count: 1536

Summary: You get in a fight with your ex and end up stranded at some crappy small town dive bar, but after you meet a handsome stranger your night starts looking up. 

Warnings: Drinking, flirting, demon!Dean, naughty language, smut in future parts

A/N: So I have started this series, involving a love triangle between demon!dean and Cas. It is going to be fairly long so if you like it and want to be tagged in future parts just let me know! 

You threw yourself into the first vacant seat at the bar, you barely registered any of the other patrons or even what the bartender sent sliding in your direction you just reached out your hand and took a slug and let yourself relax into the burn that was coursing down your throat. It had been a long night, and now you were stuck out at some random dive in the middle of nowhere and unless you had the sudden desire to walk for twenty or so miles in the middle of the night you were stranded.

As you felt yourself heating up with the bodies that were pressed in tight beside you and the liquor that was coursing through your veins you paused to take in your surroundings. It was pretty typical of any small town drinking establishment, there were some pool tables and a cramped looking stage set up with a mic and flashing lights for karaoke, God, you thought to yourself, who would do something so embarrassing in public?

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You know you watch SWAC too much when...

1. You called Sonny nice and are expecting some scented candles soon.

2. You can remember Sonny’s number off by heart.

3. You quote Chad Dylan Cooper in real life.

4. You want to go to Lookout Mountain.

5. You know all the words to the Stop SPS song. What a legendary song :D

6. You adore Cupcake, even if he costs $60 an hour.

7. You think Chad Dylan Cooper really is the greatest actor of our generation.

8. You smile hugely when Chad gets jealous.

9. You think Channy is the greatest couple there will ever be.

10. Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about Sonny With A Chance.

11. Your favorite dog combination is a chocopoke, the ice cream that licks itself.

12. When you want someone to change something you bawk like a chicken.

13. You used to watch the episodes a week before they aired on youtube.

14. You say “It’s rediculous!” with the Princesses of New Jersey accent.

15. So Far So Great is always stuck in your head.

16. You think cheese pants are the coolest invention.

17. You want a blarmie, the blanket with arms.

18. Your cellphone ringer is MOOOO!

19. You wish you could taste the creamy goodness of the fro yo machine.

20. Instead of Oh my God, you say Oh my Chad!

21. You can honestly say you love Chad Dylan Cooper.

22. You suddenly want to go live in a vent.

23. Your favorite lipstick is Coco Moco Coco.

24. You know the difference between Coco Moco Coco and Moco Coco Moco.

25. You settle things by playing musical chairs.

26. You wrote a complainent letter to Condor studios about the unfair treatment to the So Random! cast.

27. You can’t say no to the kiss cam.

28. You understand this statement, and why its one of the best: Peace out suckahhs!

29. You keep telling your friends that Chad Dylan Cooper is real.

30. There are eighty shades of white.

31. Even 3 named jerk-throbs look amazing in pink.

32. You shouldn’t fake your own fan letters. (Unless you have a weird beard costume)

33. You shouldn’t open giant boxes that belong to a certain eleven year old.

34. Tawni Town is one heck of a town.

35. You can fall in love with your mortal enemy.

36. Not all proms end in disaster.

37. You have to play yourself before you can play someone your not.

38. People will get mad if you wear the same clothes as them to the

“Oh No You Di'n'ts”.

39. Five weddings and a wedding makes a lot of weddings.

40. A mop makes a great present.

41. A tiara can also be a key to a secret unicorn stable.

42. Anyone can pull off a weird beard.

43. Chicken fingers and ski ball are a great combo.

44. Cold Cut catapults also work with cheese.

45. A 9 year old could be the final vote between losing your job or keeping it.

46. You should never let your co-star talk without a script.

47. Tween Choice Awards make great toilet paper holders.

48. If you rent a snake, be sure you know which size you are getting.

49. You spend most of your time reading and writing fanfiction for Channy.

50. You answer your phone with “Let me hear you say HEEEEY!”

51. When you wanna show your friend something, you say check it out, check it out!

52. Instead of sandwich, you say sammich

53. You leave the room yelling ‘PEACE OUT SUKAHS!“

54. You say a'ight in a Chad Dylan Cooper fashion

55. Whenever someone acts OOC, you like to draw a circle in the air and explain the circle of life.

56. You laugh at people who say double duty (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

57. You know the importance of having two phones.

58. You know it’s serious if Chad cuts his massage to an hour.

59. Camp Hip Hop is better than the Chad Dylan Cooper Story.

60. You break up people by dressing up like Big Foot.

61. Syrup and feathers is the best way to prank someone.

62. To scare someone out of your prop house, you lure them into the arms of a rat that used up all your film.

63. You know to get a hug from Chad, you need to buy a box of cookies.

64. You joined the Blossom Scouts.

65. You know pacts are broken when you deal with a guy who hides cameras in gift baskets.

66. You cheer up people by making them a balloon animal.

67. You know Sonny will always do your science project if you act sad enough.

68. You always practice to be a tennis judge in the middle of the cafeteria.

69. You know why Zac Efron is banned from the Mackenzie Falls set.

70. You know, even if you deny it that you can fall in love with your enemy.

71. "Really, *name here, really?”

72. You like to name your pets/plants/siblings after characters.

73. Most of the stuff you search for on google/youtube/ect. is SWAC related

74. When eating a sammich you use the bite, wipe, and gloss method.

75. Every time you say you feel something- it’s immediately followed by 'and pretty!’

76. Any time you hear banned, you think Zac Efron.

77. Whenever someone’s being dramatic you shout “There’s just so much drama!” and people agree, not getting the reference.

78. Whenever you see a soap opera, the first thing you think is MacKenzie falls.

79. Whenever someone says 'I love you’, you have the urge to say- 'I- I’m afraid of flying’ regardless of whether it was directed at you or not

80. You start answering your phone with, “*your initials* what it do?”

81. You continually channel surf on Wednesdays at 8/7 to see what channel MacKenzie Falls is on.

82. You refer to frozen yogurt as “Fro-yo”.

83. Whenever you hear a dog fart, you try to decipher the message.

84. You go to a Church Play, and when the gospel singers come out in white robes swaying and singing with lights shining down from above, you automatically think about Stop SPS.

85. Blue eyes and blonde hair are suddenly very attractive in a guy, when they weren’t before.

86. In the middle of lunch you start randomly talking with a New Jersey accent while twirling your hair, saying you’re the 'real princess’.

87. You are scared of Candy Face.

88. You have the Chad’s Birthday Song stuck to your head (Chad Chad Chaddy Chad Chad…)

89. You have a hat which says “Embassador of fun”.

90. You think the “Chad-o-meter” should reach 1 million.

91. You will kiss your future boyfriend when pigs fly.

92. You’re a guy and you scream like a girl and run CDC’s style.

93. When you’re nervous you drink too much water until you explode.

94. You want an autograph from Pauly.

95. If you have a problem, you “Sonny-it-up”.

96. You want a pony named Frank and a puppy.

97. Everytime someone says fine or good, you start a Good-Good-Fine-Fine fight.

98. You say “Not cool” with a Sicky Vicky voice.

99. You try fixing problems with a peace picnick and egg salad.

100. You just wish Channy would get back together!

Get to know me tag

I was tagged by @anairam6545

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  1. Nickname(s): Ren
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star Sign: Aries
  4. Height: like 164cm / 5ft 4
  5. Time: 20:05
  6. Birthday: 31st March
  7. Favorite Bands: BTS, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, F(x), Big Bang, Blackpink, K.A.R.D
  8. Favorite solo artist: Eminem, Halsey, IU, 문문 (MoonMoon)
  9. Song Stuck In My Head: Whistle by Blackpink
  10. Last Movie Watched: Dunkirk
  11. Last Show Watched: I Live Alone
  12. When did I create my blog: Like yesterday bc stuff happened and I ended up deleting my blog;;;
  13. What do I post: rn I just reblog stuff about BTS
  14. Last Thing I googled: how to replace a cello string :(
  15. Do you have other blogs: Yes @willievergetout but its pretty much empty… Its probably going to end up with anime & random stuff ;;;
  16. Do you get asks: nope * *
  17. Why do you choose your url: I am BTS trash^^ and I couldn’t think of anything creative
  18. Following: like 26
  19. Followers: None I had like 2 before I deleted my blog
  20. Favorite colors: umm.. Black, dark green, blue, pale salmon, beige (and any combination that goes well together)
  21. Average hours of sleep: it ranges from like 3 - 11 hours
  22. Lucky number: 9
  23. Instruments: Piano, cello, like a tiny tiny bit of guitar and I’m going to start learning drums XD
  24. What am I wearing: an oversized t-shirt and shorts (+glasses)
  25. How many blankets I sleep with: normally 2
  26. Dream Job: Music producer but idk if ill ever go down that path TT
  27. Dream Trip: As many places as possible 
  28. Favorite Food: Korean Barbeque
  29. Nationality: Korean
  30. Favorite song now: F(x) Red Light/Spring Day BTS  

I tag: @midnightkpoptrash, @fykook@softmouse@ah-luna, @angellsdiary, @fxvkjeon @caroldamnverrs, @-happytbh- @inkyicegeko @bordeauxdonut@bts-whore        

I don’t know enough people to tag 20;;; you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…. (I barely/don’t really know you even if you’re tagged;;; I’m sorry )                               

Show Me The Money Pt. 10 (You X ???)

It’s not like you didn’t want to go, it’s just that you were a little nervous to go. Zico had kissed you when he thought you were sleeping.

You were now wishing that you were in fact asleep when it happened, at least you wouldn’t of felt as awkward as you do now.

Is Zico hot? Yes of course he is, honestly you would consider him to be one of the hottest guys you have ever seen. One small little kiss from him has caused you to be an emotional mess right now.

You ran your fingers through your hair.

The one thing you didn’t want was to fall for someone on the show, and of course that just had to happen.

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Understand’s Underappreciated Sterek Rec List

My other rec lists.

What’s this? Two rec lists in two days? I’ve seen a couple of these floating around and I wanted to contribute/challenge myself to go through some of my bookmarks and find some really good fics that have less than 2,000 kudos. I know most people usually do under 1,000 but there were some really good ones that had less than 2,000 and even that number to me seemed like a travesty. The ones that I’ve rec’d before (either in one of my favorites or as a themed rec list) will have ** next to them. The others will be ones that I haven’t gotten around to rec’ing yet. I have many more that fit this criteria but I decided to cap this one at 40 fics. Stay tuned for another!

**Winter’s Edge by Cutewolfboys (Inkforwords)   Kudos: 1739  

When Stiles’ great Uncle Ben passes away, he inherits a cabin and 100 acres of land. What he didn’t expect to get out of the deal was a mysterious wolf with five little cubs roaming around his property. He has a feeling they are definitely more than they seem to be.  

 **(I Hate to Be) The One to Ruin the Night by wishingonalightningbolt Kudos: 1639

High school senior Derek Hale only has one goal for the rest of his time left at BHHS: avoid Stiles Stilinski. He’s wreaked enough havoc as it is, having spent all summer breaking Derek’s heart. Everything would be better for both of them if they just never saw each other again.


Derek doesn’t plan on ever getting mixed up with Scott McCall and his little gang of idiot friends.  In fact, if he knew to avoid it, he would, but he guesses he just isn’t smart enough. Unfortunate, considering the consequences.

Cat Farming in the Cascades by eeyore9990  Kudos: 900

Derek has no idea why, but Stiles has this really horrible, absolutely unconscious habit of fondling himself.  All the time.  In public, in private, it doesn’t matter.  

Really, this is probably at least partially Derek’s fault.  Because he didn’t somehow stop Stiles’ behavior back when he’d had the chance, and the kid apparently never learned not to touch himself in public. So now he’s doing it enough that random people are taking videos of him fondling his junk in his university classes.  Oh god.

spice up your life! by callunavulgari Kudos: 912

“I said,” the girl drawls, setting her elbow down in a saucer of ketchup and grimacing. “That this whole soulmate thing is fucking stupid. You’re supposed to find someone based off of the music they’re listening to? How would you even know what was really stuck in your head and what was in theirs? It’s complete shit.”

Derek, who has had everything from Dancing Queen to the Barney theme song stuck in his head all night, winces, and says abruptly, “I think my soulmate is in middle school.”

How to Pretend You’re Not a Virgin and Other Sordid Tales by KuriKuri Kudos: 1451

Stiles likes the anonymity, the security his pseudonym provides. Likes that there are entire forums dedicated to speculating about his identity: his gender, his sexuality, his age.

Of course, there’s one thing they all seem to agree on: he’s some sort of sex god.

Which is really, really awkward, because he’s a twenty-three year old virgin.

(Or: in which Stiles is a bestselling erotica novelist and Lydia makes him attend a convention to promote his upcoming book.)

**Hard Times For Dreamers by wldnst  Kudos: 853  

Derek Hale’s just been hired to perform an extraction. He probably isn’t qualified for this.

**On of my absolute favorites**

**Sad Etsy Boyfriend by Paperclip Kudos: 1450

Stiles forces Derek to be a model for all of his handmade Etsy wares.

**It’s like he’s all that by MemeKon Kudos: 1697

Stiles is different. Stiles is not nice under any definition of the word, he’s such an asshole. Sure, he’s a good guy deep down, he punched Jackson square in the jaw when he mocked the McCall kid for an asthma attack that one time, and Derek knows he helped Erica Reyes get that video of her seizure taken down, but he’s so—

“Fuck off, Derek.” Stiles tells him without sparing him a glance when Derek sits next to him on chemistry. “I’m not up to play She’s All That with you, dude.”


(School crushes are so complicated.)

Don’t You Wanna Be My Sky?  by WhoNatural  Kudos: 1160

 Stiles got ratted out by the Realm Guard for sneaking off with Scott a total of seven times before his dad buckled, promising sabbatical once Stiles reached Faehood, and enough Earth culture in the meantime to have him talking like a born-and-bred Californian teenager.

He just didn’t have the tan.

(Or, in which Stiles is a Frost Fae sent to the Earth Realm on the Fae version of Rumspringa and immediately falls head-first into a Coffee Shop AU)

about the mirror and its pieces by Siria  Kudos: 483

This wasn’t how Stiles had expected to spend his Spring Break.

Of Witches and Werewolves by alexenglish  Kudos: 1107

“I need you to have sex with Derek Hale like yesterday,” Lydia says, slamming her bag down on the table with more force than strictly necessary, mouth a tight line of displeasure. Stiles chokes on his boxed apple juice, sputtering, limbs flailing.

“Say it louder,” Stiles hisses, leaning forward so they can talk in low tones. “I don’t think they heard you in the back.”

Noteworthy Observations by LadyDrace  Kudos: 1661

In which Derek receives complimentary notes in his locker from a secret admirer, and though it turns out they weren’t actually for him, things turn out pretty well in the end.

Penguin Justice by rosepetals42  Kudos: 512


The shout is loud enough that Derek freezes, although he does not actually “unhand” Ernie because Ernie had stepped on something sharp last night and his foot needed to be bandaged. And then he might need to be given a small dose of a sedative so that he can actually get some rest.

Away from the curious eyes of the nice people visiting the Beacon Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

Particularly away from whoever is yelling at the top of their lungs around wild animals.

Or, an AU in which Derek is a zookeeper trying to keep his penguins healthy and Stiles is a protester trying to keep them happy… There is a bit of miscommunication.

**Yeah, rite by maliwanhellfire  Kudos: 1886

 Stiles thought he’d dodged the conversation for another year, then his dad brought it up over breakfast.

Stiles is seventeen and a few months into his final year of school. It’s the perfect time to complete his fertility rite, problem is the only alphas interested are all creepy, and related to people he goes to school with.

Enter Derek Hale, grumpy bastard and lead alpha of the Hale pack. He’s the solution to all of Stiles’ problems.


**Generations by Isa_Iadel   Kudos: 1315

Stiles Stilinski hasn’t been Sheriff for very long and dealing with the aftermath of the attack against the Hales ends up being far more complicated than he ever could have imagined.

This Ship Will Carry Our Bodies Safe to Shore by AlleyMoott  Kudos: 560

Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay.

When those words appeared scrawled against the soft inside of his wrist, Derek’s first thought was that his mate and him would be involved in some kind of accident and they’d died in front of him. The thought used to scare him when he was a kid, the thought of being responsible for someone’s last minutes, of holding someone’s hand, brushing soft strands of hair out of their eyes and assuring them everything would be just fine made his heart race and forced his wolf into the surface.

Night Owls Early Birds  by Lissadiane  Kudos: 835      

Confession: Stiles is afraid of having magic.

The Spark had been cool. It had been small, manageable. He could do some funky stuff with Mountain Ash, all with the power of belief.

And now here he is, his Spark blown wide open, apparently coming down with a fatal case of magical overload, and all that stands between him and bleeding out is a grumpy owl that looks suspiciously like a feathered version of Derek Hale.

(In which Stiles learns he’s a witch, but instead of a wand and a trip to Diagon Alley, he gets blood magic, a grumpy and reluctant owl as his companion, and an accidental blood bond with Derek Hale.)

All The Movements Of The Stars by skoosiepants  Kudos: 1119

Stiles says, “Derek,” and his voice is hoarse, like he’s still unsure how to use his vocal chords even after all this time.  They have no idea how long Stiles was stuck as an otter, let alone trapped in that cage.  According to Dr. Martin, Stiles doesn’t even know.

Derek doesn’t say anything.

After a few minutes, Stiles sighs and gets up. There’s a rustle of clothing, and Derek grits his teeth against the image of Stiles wearing his things, and Derek doesn’t relax until he hears the door open and close.

**True North by AdamantSteve  Kudos: 823

Derek senses that Stiles is his bonded as soon as he sees him in the woods. He doesn’t want to be bonded with anyone because that’s a terrible idea, so he avoids him. However, the bond won’t be so easily dissuaded…

i wait for you like a lonely house by bleep0bleep  Kudos: 1657

Derek isn’t sure why he buys the house.
He doesn’t need the space, that much is certain. While it’s not as big as the one Derek grew up in, something about the cheerful yellow paint and the wide staircase (with banisters wide enough for children to slide down) draws him in.

Hot and Bothered (but mostly just bothered) by kitsunequeen   Kudos: 1225

 "You’re the newbie in the station, and damn you’re hot, bUT DID YOU JUST ARREST MY SIBLING?“ au


“You could’ve let me know,” Derek says. “That’s kind of what we do around here.”

“Not like I have your phone number,” Stiles points out, raising an eyebrow in a way that’s most definitely a challenge.

Oh, great. The new guy wants to prove how cool he is by mouthing off to someone’s who’s been around longer. Fun.

“Well, Deputy, you have a radio, don’t you? And if you were interested in calling, every other guy here does have my number.”

“Well, aren’t you just Mr. Popular!”

and it’s so, it’s so by Marishna   Kudos: 564

Derek’s had a crush on Stiles for years but has always been too chickenshit to do anything about it.

Threadless by echo_inside   Kudos: 351

A curse allows Stiles to see the threads of love between everyone in the world.. unfortunately his own wrist is threadless.
"I hope you’ve truly learned your lesson young one. Love is a gift and trying to help people find it is a rewarding pursuit. The sight will leave you now, but remember the lesson.”

Lunch and Pinatas by literaryoblivion  Kudos: 696

After Derek becomes a deputy, he notices Stiles coming around a lot and hanging out with Deputy Parrish. And yeah, he’s kind of jealous because he thought he and Stiles might have had… something.

Jerk of Art by briggs   Kudos: 424

The worst thing, ever, is being uninspired. There is literally nothing worse than putting a pencil to paper and having nothing come out. So, of course, when Stiles’ visual arts professor instructs the class to sketch someone as detailed as they possibly can, and Stiles pulls up a blank on people to draw, he wants to punch himself in the face.

**it’s going down, i’m yelling timber by callunavulgari  Kudos: 1570

I just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs,“ Derek types, painstakingly tapping the message out with one hand because the other is occupied with keeping his beer tucked closely to his chest. The noise in the place is about as bad as the press of bodies and it’s already driving him a little insane. He has never regretted having enhanced senses more than this moment. It’s louder than most nightclubs in here.

Omg, Laura types back. Was it Stiles?

**But the Mess Prevails by calrissian18  Kudos: 294

Nothing is exactly as he left it.  Everything’s a mite off-center and not quite his.

**You’re a Fine Noise by collie   Kudos: 428

The five times Stiles Stilinski was jailed by the lawman, Derek Hale, (and the one time he was freed).

Love Was the Ghost Whose Shape Kept Shifting by LadyLade  Kudos: 509

“How did we end up as those bitter, jaded teenagers we both hate?” Jackson wonders one day when they’ve run out of insults and are, instead, sitting on the bleachers during lunch.

“Lost love?” Stiles suggests.

“I think maybe it’s because we’re still clinging to it,” Jackson says.

Numbers  by standinginanicedress  Kudos: 1234

“I’m magic,” Stiles raises his hands in the air and puts on a serious facial expression. “I have the sixth sense.”

“The sixth sense, huh? Is that what they’re calling bullshit these days?”

Stiles’ lips purse down hard, but he still smirks. Derek wonders if there’s any single facial expression that Stiles can make that isn’t in some way at least slightly amused, whether at himself or the expense of others. “Non-believers aren’t welcome at my table, Derek.”

A Realistic Average  by lazarusthefirst  Kudos: 580

Derek scanned the leaderboard. It was written in tiny white on black writing, but Derek could just make out Cora’s username “LittleWolf” underneath what looked like a combination of digits and an alphabet sneeze.
‘Who the hell is “St1l1nsk1”?’

so he’s got a few flaws by Watermelon Wolves (Phnx)  Kudos: 116

In short, everything was terrible.

**With Great Power Come Annoying Sidekicks by KuriKuri  Kudos: 1577

“I don’t want to be a superhero,” Derek protests, and he has half a mind to leave right now, ditch Stiles and get back to his life.

“Ah, so you’re going the Peter Parker route,” Stiles says, nodding solemnly. “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.”

“Who’s Peter Parker?” Derek asks, confused.

“Oh my god, you have so much to learn,” Stiles replies, gaping at Derek.

**We’ll Stay Where We’ve Gone by secondstar  Kudos: 1110

Stiles grew up working at the Renaissance Faire. It was where he felt like he could really be himself, where memories of his mother still walked around with him. Finally, at age 18, he’s an adult and the world of the Ren Faire opens up entirely new possibilities.

One being Derek Hale, Knight.

The Greatest Grief  by  thedevilyousay  Kudos: 335

When Derek wakes up to the familiar touch of his husband, he has one moment of pure, unspoiled happiness before he remembers that Stiles died almost a year ago to the day. The ghost in his bed is just that: a ghost. Except for the one time it isn’t.

muffin bottom boy  by kellifer_fic  Kudos: 1275

When Derek isn’t lurking or growling or being weirdly adorable which, who knew that was a thing, he’s elsewhere and Stiles didn’t notice at first that the times he’s elsewhere align with the full moon.

**It’s So Overt, It’s Covert by Swing Set in December (swing_set13)  Kudos: 586

Wherein Lydia knows what’s really going on, Derek is jealous and Stiles really wishes people would let him eat breakfast in peace.

Need for Weed by alisvolatpropiis   Kudos: 626

Derek was nervous enough about this, aside from his hang-ups about rule breaking. He has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s already accepted the fact that he’s going to look like an idiot to whomever he buys from. He hadn’t counted on the dispensary’s delivery guy being utterly fucking gorgeous, and the type to brazenly (and unprofessionally) check Derek out as well, biting his plump, pink bottom lip.

Love is Blindness by Hepzheba   Kudos: 373

Derek knows it’s stupid and that he, as the older man, should be the one to make it stop – and he tells himself so countless times, but he never manages to keep away, not for long. Stiles pulls him in with his mouth and hands and body and he gets under Derek’s skin like no other

**When You’re Right You’re…Still Wrong by AlreadyPainfullyGone  Kudos: 744

Teen Wolf AU. Sheriff Stilinski marries Talia Hale, and even though Stiles is happy for them, it does have the downside of making Derek Hale, rapidly maturing alpha, his new step-brother, just as Stiles is starting to worry that maybe he’s not a beta, like he always assumed he was…

My experiment with A/B/O dynamics.

Roses are red part 6 (Joker x reader love triangle)

As a young psychology student, recruited in the secret labs at Wayne Enterprises for your special crime solving abilities, you never imagined you would end up the centre of a stormy love triangle between one very good and one very bad man…

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This was really it. You were standing outside the doors of the throbbing nightclub. The flashing neon green tubing above you read ‘House of Cards’ and the end of the sign featured three playing cards that illuminated in succession. The featured card on the top being of course ‘the Joker card’, paying special homage to the owner of the establishment and the man you were aiming to see tonight. You had been to this club once before with Freda weeks ago but that had been under completely different circumstances. The same kind of crowd was there however, and a few of the guys in the line appeared more than impressed with how your outfit had turned out. Much to the detectible disgust of Jared who was standing close beside you. He was dressed in his underworld villain get up too, and god he wore ‘bad boy’ well. He was wearing an all black, jeans and t-shirt combo finished off with a tailored black suit jacket that hugged his muscular arms spectacularly.  Dr Aviden had left you at the meeting point, he was probably tucked up in bed with his wife by now. Batman was lurking nearby should you two get into too much trouble, but we ideally couldn’t be seen with him if we were going to get on the Jokers good side. So it was just you and Jared for now. And that wasn’t a bad thing. The line shifted up a bit while another group of guys joined the line behind you. One of the guys seemed to take a fancy to you and tried to strike up some kind of conversation. ‘Hey beautiful, how’s your night been? Planning on having a big one?’, you just tried to ignore him, you needed to focus on the task at hand. Plus you didn’t really feel like answering his questions. ‘Aw come on sweetie don’t be like that.’ You kept ignoring him, seeing Jared beginning to tense up beside you as his hand began to clench into a fist. ‘Stuck up bitch!’ you finally heard the vulgar back of line dweller mutter and Jared began to turn around when you grabbed him by the arm and walked him inside the entrance, ‘leave it, we don’t want any unwanted attention.’ He was so tense, ‘people cant speak to you that way. I wont—cant have that.’, ‘look I appreciate the gesture, I really do. But we have bigger fish to fry than some random club guy.’ You tried to calm him down. ‘You’re right. I shouldn’t let people like that get under my skin and I’m usually better but there’s just something about…you… I cant have people treating you like that when I’m around.’ This was food for thought you would have to process later because just at that moment you sensed some activity in the far corner near the stairs. ‘I bet you he’s up there now…’.

Soon you were climbing the flight of stairs and stepping out on the dance floor the same way you did those weeks before. Again you felt a change in the air, almost like the atmosphere changed when he was near. The club was a lot busier than it had been when you had been here last and it was hard to navigate through the crowds. A group of dancers were in front of ‘the throne’ where you had seen him last, but they soon vacated the dance floor allowing you visibility to that critical location where you thought he would certainly be. You heart throbbed in your ears as your eyes desperately looked for the green haired man. To your dismay, he wasn’t there. Just an empty chair. Maybe he wasn’t even here tonight? Perhaps he had left with a stripper and was having a real good time somewhere. Maybe it wasn’t too late to call this whole thing off? Pack up and go home? Oh no it was far to late for that. Abruptly, a large crowd parted near the stairway. A middle aged man leered over to you and Jared as you both were staring at the commotion. ‘the prince is home’, he said before laughing and downing his drink.

You suddenly heard that signature laugh from the corner of the club, its owner hidden by a crowd of people huddled around. It seemed to reverberate around the room and visibly affect everyone there. Jared had taken your hand in his and had pulled you closer to him. An instinctual reflex, to protect the thing he held dear in the presence of such an immediate threat. Realising his faux pas, he let your hand go as quickly as he had taken it. And brushed off the situation by looking away from you awkwardly and clearing his throat, ‘ah sorry…’ he muttered. But his awkwardness couldn’t last for long, you had more immediate matters to attend to. The crowd was splitting, indicating that he was making his way to near where you were standing, probably on the way to his throne. He was suddenly visible. His white skin glowed and looked almost supernatural under the flashes of the dance floor lights. You needed to make yourself known, grab his attention. But how? Suddenly you had an idea. ‘Dance with me’ you commanded to Jared, greeting you with a look of amusement. Grabbing him by the hand and leading him to the very centre of the dance floor you began to dance in the most provocative way you knew how, moving your hips to the sounds of the music and lifting your arms gracefully over your head. ‘I don’t know what your aim is here…but I cant say I’m not enjoying it’ Jared said, surveying your body with his eyes as you moved.  ‘Just wait and see’ was all you said. *I need a gangsta to love me better, than all the others do* the lyrics blasted out from the club speakers, you knew this track well. It was perfect. The Joker came to pass you just as the first drop of the song happened and you turned around and leered at him seductively, daringly staring directly at him as you danced. His eyes locked onto you immediately and his red lips began to curl up into a smile, revealing his metal teeth as he laughed once more, sending shivers of both excitement and fear down your spine. This was it. He immediately approached you and ripped you from Jared’s grasp. ‘A pretty doll like you isn’t seriously with him are they? That guy looks far too serious and you look like a girl who likes fun’ he breathed into your ear as he held you against him. He then slipped one hand to your waist while his other held your hand, in a formal ballroom dancing fashion. Before you could answer, your world seemed transformed. All the other couples dancing around you had dissolved into blackness and it was just you and the Joker, dancing together. It felt like some kind of dream sequence in a television show. The only thing you could see and feel was him. His catastrophic blue eyes fixated on you with an impenetrable stare as you felt the surprisingly warm touch of his hands against your skin and his hot sweet breath on your cheeks as he twirled you around so your back was facing towards him.

Snapping you out of your toxic daze, the man from the line who had been harassing you earlier suddenly stepped into view in front of you. ‘Oh so this is what a whore like you is up to huh? Wont even give me a hello but is happy enough to dance with this freak?’. Shit. This poor sucker was apparently ignorant about just who exactly the ‘freak’ was who was standing in front of him. Before you could do anything, the Joker had pulled a gun out from the inside of his jacket and fired a shot right into the man’s head, ending his life quickly. He fell backwards, as shocked gasps and looks of horror escaped the crowd. He then let out the loudest most manic laugh you had ever heard, before pulling you towards him and kissing you hard.

What will happen next? how will Jared react? Stay tuned! Liking this series? consider following!

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So here are some comments I found while looking up Russia’s adaption of the fairy tale, The Snow Queen. (Click here for the trailer.) This movie came out in 2012, a year before Frozen ever came out. Now I know that Frozen was probably thought about 10 years in advance, but I do mind you that during the process of Frozen, they crossed out all the ideas they had and started from scratch. I have read the fairy tale to see if Frozen was close to The Snow Queen, and it wasn’t. This adaption, where all the negative comments are from, was relatively close to the fairy tale. I honestly bet that this had a great story and plot, but now nobody will ever know because one: the animation isn’t that great, and two: because of Frozen. This goes to tell you that people don’t actually watch movies for the plot, but instead they watch it for the pretty animation and colors. 

External image

This was suppose to be the original Frozen. In this picture above you see the actual fairy tale characters: Gerda and Kai. Honestly if they had kept this, I wouldn’t be making this rant right now and I think it would have been a thousand times better than Frozen. Many of Disney’s movie has stuck to the concept of the fairy tale. I understand that they change some parts to make it kid friendly, but the thing is, this fairy tale was already kid friendly and it had an absolutely amazing story!  

External image

I am sorry but this stupid little shit head right here pisses me off.In The Snow Queen, Kai or Gerda never built a snowman! So it defeats all odds and purposes of this character. Disney put this snowman in place of the red and white roses, which were a very important aspect to the fairy tale. The roses were symbolic to represent the friendship between Kai and Gerda. They are also the reason why Gerda was able to remember Kai when she lost her memory due to the wicked witch she encountered in the story. The roses also appear in the ending. I want to cite an important passage from the fairy tale its self to represent how important those roses were to the fairy tale. 

“The roses out on the roof were in full bloom, and peeped in at the window; and there stood the little chairs, on which they had sat when children; and Kay and Gerda seated themselves each on their own chair, and held each other by the hand, while the cold empty grandeur of the Snow Queen’s palace vanished from their memories like a painful dream. The grandmother sat in God’s bright sunshine, and she read aloud from the Bible, “Except ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God.” And Kay and Gerda looked into each other’s eyes, and all at once understood the words of the old song,

“Roses bloom and cease to be,
But we shall the Christ-child see.”

And they both sat there, grown up, yet children at heart; and it was summer,—warm, beautiful summer.”

External image

Is this honestly the ripoff version of Kai? Do you know that if you take this character out of the movie Frozen, nothing would really change? The only thing that would change is Anna’s journey being much longer and she wouldn’t have a man at the end. So Elsa and Anna would both be single and that would make the point of them “not needing a man to save the day” even stronger. 

Now I can fully understand why people dislike the movie because the lack of diversity. In The Snow Queen, Gerda meets a family of robbers, and they describe the little robber girl as having broader shoulders than Gerda, darker skin, her eyes were black, and she had a mournful look. Now what Frozen dd was take out those characters as if they never existed. Wow Disney, first you messed up the whole plot of it, and then you take out characters? For shame Disney, for shame. 

External image

How the Fuck are you going to make the bad guy’s name Hans when the person who wrote the fairy tale name is also Hans? That is really disrespectful. I bet he is rolling in his grave that this story actually turn into this crap. Hans wasn’t even all that of a villain. I thought the villain of Princess and The Frog did a better job than this guy did (and the villain of Princess and the frog didn’t do much. It was basically those shadows who did all the work.) Anna gave you control of the kingdom while she was gone! Why didn’t he take that opportunity and run the kingdom the way he wanted? He could have sent those men who wanted Elsa dead after her and kill her off. Then he could have imprisoned or killed Anna. Honestly I am just making up random possibilities that would have been this character even better. 

External image

Now that I am looking at this picture they do look disoriented. The Snow Queen had nothing to do with sisters! Gerda didn’t have any family members besides her parents who died and her grandmother who was taking care off her. Kai only had a sister, but you know, what difference would that make because Disney wanted sisterly love. They shouldn’t have chosen this fairy tale for it, and instead, they should have chosen the Twelve Dancing Princesses or something. If they wanted to do the sisterly love thing then fine do it! But you didn’t have to change the whole concept of the fairy tale! It’s time like this that I actually wanted the sister rivalry that were planning to do instead of this cliche bullshit.  

What happened to the broken mirror? That was another important piece to this story. That was the main reason why Kai was abducted by the Snow Queen and Gerda went off to her journey to save him. 

I honestly can’t. This movie shouldn’t have won its Oscar for best animated movie! Despicable Me and The Wind Rises honestly got robbed. And now we will never here the end of this damn movie! Kids will never know the truth about Kai or Gerda or the Snow Queen or the flowers or the robbers or the trolls. 

Click here for my other rant about why I thought the movie was bad. 

Click here for more adaptions and the story of the actual fairy tale, The Snow Queen.

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fluffy headcanons or scenario or both with dazai?? thanks my fave lameos <3

Oooo I’ll do headcanons nonnie! It’s come to my attention that I don’t actually write a lot of fluff (unless its ango) so let’s do this shit.

Dazai Osamu

  • Hums random songs when he’s cuddling with his s/o and then they end up getting it stuck in their head for about a week. 
  • Sneaks up behind his s/o and covers their eyes while saying “Guess who?”
    • Often he’ll get elbowed in the ribs for scaring them.
  • He sometimes meets his partner for lunch if he’s free and tries to take them to a new place every time. While they’re there, he’ll order his food but ends up eating off his s/o’s plate and feeding them off his own.
  • Regardless of where they are at the moment, if Dazai gets bored he’ll play with their hands or their hair until they get up or move away from him.
  • If his s/o’s busy or just not giving him the attention he wants he’ll poke and squeeze their sides because tickling works 90% of the time and he just wants to see them laugh.
  • He makes loud declarations of love all the time but when he says something genuinely affectionate he gets pretty quiet and tones down his dramatic side a bit.
  • If his partner wakes up before him they better be fast rolling out of bed or he’ll wrap an arm around them and try to pull them back to bed.
I Love You.... So Much - Grant Gustin Imagine

So I had come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with Grant… At least I’m not obsessed with drugs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Grant had woken me up quite early by mistake by rolling out of bed and accidentally landing on the floor, grunting in pain.
“Are you ok?” I mumbled, not even bothering to open my eyes, preferring to grab his pillow and cuddle it, moving over to his side of the bed.
“Yeh, sorry I woke you,” he answered and I could pretty much feel the frown that was on his face. I waved him off, finally opening my eyes, not wanting to miss the show that was about to happen. Every morning he would get up, either to go to an interview or to film or what not and strip in the middle of the room, knowing that I didn’t mind his nakedness. I had decided that since we weren’t able to have any ‘sexy time’ as he puts it, I would settle for watching him get ready of a morning without him actually realising that I was fully awake. I lay there for the next 20 minutes, watching him wander around the room, picking an outfit and fixing his hair as he hummed a random song in that gorgeous voice of his.
“It’s a little creepy that your staring at me,” he chimed from the wardrobe, making me jump from my daydream, giggling like an idiot.
“It’s not staring, it’s gazing and it’s technically your fault because you’re the one that walks around butt naked every morning,” I stuck my tongue out, shifting so I was leaning against the headboard, hands placed delicately over my rounded stomach.
“You’re the one that has refused me from touching you in any way possible so its actually your fault,” he shot back, sticking his head out the doorway, a sassy look on his face. I rolled my eyes, chucking a pillow at him childishly.
“Yeh sure blame it on the one carrying your child. Now come help me out of bed,” I stuck my hands in the air, waiting for him to hoist me out of bed, another part of our daily morning ritual. He quickly hurried over, grasping my awaiting hands and pulling me out of bed, giving me a funny look.
“Why do you always feel the need to wear my shirts,” he whined, pulling at the oversized t-shirt I was wearing.
“Because it’s comfortable and smells like you,” I grinned, patting his cheek affectionately and stepping away from the bed, waddling around the room.
“You’re like a penguin! It’s so cute!” he giggled, sitting on the bed and watching me struggle to pull a pair of jeans on. I shot him a glare, finally managing to get the button done up, riffling through the cupboard trying to find a shirt.
“Can you go make me a tea please?” I yelled from inside the chaos that is our closet, busy tying to find the perfect outfit for the day. I heard a sound of agreement, leaving me to my decision making. I settled on a grey and black stripped t-shirt, a light brown wooly cardigan over the top and my favourite pair of brown knee high boots. Don’t judge me, its cold and I want to be comfortable. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, opting to my makeup after breakfast. I waddled out of the room, struggling down the stairs considering I couldn’t even see my feet properly.
“Makes me laugh every time,” Grant shook his head, waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, still completely shirtless and jeans unbuttoned.
“You might want to go get dressed considering it’s you that’s having the interview, not me,” I poked his chest, walking around him to the dining room where I could smell the overwhelming scent of bacon.
“Don’t act like you’re not enjoying this!” he called from the top of the stairs, making me chuckle. God he’s a cocky son of a bitch… But at least he can cook. I plopped down at the table, tucking my legs under my butt and picking up a piece of bacon, happily chopping away whilst scrolling through tumblr on my laptop.
“Really…? I swear you’re addicted to that site…” Grant sighed, startling me from my happy bliss. I rolled my eyes, continuing to reblog random photos and quotes, occasionally sipping from my tea.
“What time is your interview?” I asked, looking over the rim of my cup. Grant simply shrugged, mumbling something about waiting till his manager called him to leave. As if she knew we had been speaking about her, his phone started to ring, blaring the super annoying yet super fitting 'Boss Ass Bitch’ that she decided to set herself.
“Ok chickens, your interview is in an hour, I need you to get down to the building soon and start to set up and then you’re free for the rest of the day,” her chirpy voice rang out through the speaker, making me wince at her cheerfulness. It was way too early to be THAT happy. Grant made a noise of acceptance, hanging up on her before she could go off at him again, which is usually what happened whenever he had an interview.
“Do you want me to do your hair?” I asked, turning all of my attention to my half asleep boyfriend, seeing as how my plate of food was gone and tumblr had started to bore me. He nodded, scooting out his chair so I could stand in-between his legs, watching as I shuffled around the room, collecting various  products from my bag. I stood in front of him, gently running my hands through the brunette locks, massaging his head.
“If only you did this every day,” he hummed, leaning down so he was resting his head on my protruding belly, continuing to let me massage him.
“Yes well I’m sure we would be in even more trouble if we did, so make sure you remember this moment because it probably won’t happen again,” I teased, picking up the can of hairspray and begun styling his hair, pushing it up into his signature quiff. I worked in silence for the next few moments, fluffing up his hair and fixing his outfit whilst he just simply stared at me, his eyes beginning to gloss over.
“I love you…So much,” he whispered, looking up at me from his seated position. I placed my things on the table, cupping his cheeks and pressing a kiss to his lips.
“As do I,” I muttered, resting my forehead against his.

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