its pretty much the first 10 songs

instructions: u can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to, put ur music on shuffle and list the first ten songs

♡ days n daze - blue jays
♡ apink - my darling
♡ glee cover - mine
♡ owl city - on the wing
♡ paramore - hate to see ur heart break
♡ dodie clark - intertwined
♡ btob - its okay
♡ heathers - seventeen reprise
♡ joanna newsom - peach plum pear
♡ akmu - little star

this is a pretty good rep of most of my fave music … sadly no nicole dollanganger or the staves came up ?? i love them too .. so much

it says to tag 10 people but i will just tag @shoukens, @softbearcas, @yugimoto, @cutebirb, @purestars and whoever wants to do it !! 💕💕

i was tagged by @ddovee, thank u !! ur music taste is lovely 🐤💐