its pretty messed up isnt it

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Can you give me some Valdangelo headcanons? I'm feeling pretty miserable and gross today, and those two goof balls make me happy

yeah im havin a Real Bad Day 2 anon so i got ur back. valdangelo also fills me with joy so this is self indulgent as hell, lets contemplate on a good ol’ domestic as hell relationship for these two

  • Their apartment is modest but comfortable. They live in brooklyn, 1 hour from camp and a good subway ride from the Jacksons. 2 bedrooms, tho they both sleep in Nico’s room technically because Leo’s room is full of half finished projects and a few spare skeletons that Nico couldnt fit in his closet. Leo’s room is basically storage. They have a cactus, its doing OKAY at the moment but its life is tenuous at best. They have a small kitchen, and a smaller bathroom, which is usually full of scattered bandaids and medical supplies, when someone comes home injured or something explodes. They could probably afford somewhere better, what with Nico’s father and all, but theyre happy in the neighborhood, and their place is just big enough for them
  • Hades pays a majority of their bills, a gift to his son as a thanks for “not being anything like his older brother, you know the one that killed a whole bunch of people and also tried to take over europe”. Thanks to that, they hardly ever have to worry about money, unless a monster breaks down the door or one of Leo’s inventions puts a whole in the ceiling again. which, to be fair, happens pretty often.
  • Neither of them care much about cleaning, but their appartment is surprisingly tidy most of the time. This is thanks to Piper and Hazel, who would literally kill them both if they chose to live in squaler as they are so inclined. of course, their appartment isnt perfect, a couple bones and machine parts laying around, their bookshelf is a mess of ancient tomes and how-to and diy books. but its Good Enough, its home and its perfect
  • Theyre actually great friends with their neighbor, a very old hispanic woman and her cats, thanks to Leo who just loves to chat up everyone. Her name is Rosa and she keeps asking when theyre going to get married and if they want her to cook for them
  • Leo does a majority of the cooking, because Nico is lazy and will live off fast food if the option presents itself. Leo actually isnt a huge fan of fast food, its pretty much all he ate when he was on the road, and he likes a good home cooked meal because it reminds him of simpler times with his mom. Nico helps in the kitchen of course, and by ‘helps’ i mean he sits on the counter and complains about how long it takes to make good rice.
  • Neither Nico nor Leo got a proper education, what with being runaways and all. Nico doesn’t care much, he doesnt feel like he needs it, but Leo is more than a little self conscious about sounding stupid when he talks to his friends, most of whom went to school or were educated in some way. They spend a lot of time reading and studying together, Leo wants them to go to college in new rome together some day, after they get GEDs
  • They could never keep a normal pet because neither of them are “good with organics”, so instead they have a resurrected dog that Nico just brought home one day without asking. Leo was really creeped out at first, because well, you can see its ribs and also all the rest of its bones. But 3 months later “Muerto” is a member of the family and neither of them could imagine life without the lil scamp. also sometimes he loses body parts in the apartment and it becomes a fun old game of “where the fuck is the dog’s leg”
  • neither of them ever fucking sleep, so odds are if certain friends show up injured at their door at 4am, yeah theyre up and ready to help fight whatever monster is down the block at the moment.
  • Nico still has to disappear for days at a time, which at first really terrified Leo. But now he always leaves notes explaining on the fridge. These notes range from actually telling Leo why he left and what he’s doing to vauge doodles of a large monster he probably intends to fight, or some weird artifact his father sent him to retrieve.
  • They spend a lot of time away from home, Nico takes them on trips all over, because Leo has always wanted to see the world and Nico just likes seeing him smile. they only go away for a few days at a time tho, because even tho Muerto doesnt need to eat, the cactus Leo is desperately trying to keep alive in their living room will inevitably die if theyre gone for longer then about a week.

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Do you have any trans Grif headcanons?

hell yeah! for starters, i hands down hc him as a trans guy, thanks to @cptgrif​, who also helped me with a lot of these! (aka let me steal them blatantly. ilu dex)

  • dysphoria for him typically falls around his face, height, and chest until he started T. esp since being heavyset never helps with chest dysphoria
  • hes absolutely a Hoodie Trans. this is indisputable
  • im never sold on whether or not he gets top surgery in canon but tbh if he has his shirt off theres a good chance he still has his binder on
  • he picked his name, dexter, bc it means dexterous and skillful and it works as a way to inspire himself
  • even after hes basically fully transitioned he still leans towards loose clothes that cover his whole body
  • he was So glad when the body hair first started showing up on t 
    • (and in general is a pretty hairy dude. bearish, am i right)
  • sister in canon reasserts his gender a lot by calling him “my bro” and “my brother” instead of just dex or grif which isnt a hc its just a c but its still really good
  • has pretty short hair (long hair takes so much work, dude) and doesnt mess with it a lot but hes On Top of facial hair and keeping it in check bc hes Waited for that
    • including his eyebrows. in high school he used to wear makeup to darken his brows and give him kind of more “masculine” features cause he used to do his sisters makeup

so thats all im thinking of rn but yeah! trans dude grif is under appreciated tbfh

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Could you do one where the RFA (and bae Saeran) react to MC being a famous body painter?

Sure thing, I gotcha! I actually miss doing body paint, it’s really fun.

You once asked if he could use him as a canvas.. Mind you this was before he knew what you were doing, so the small bean was a bit confused.
But this cutie still said okay, because he loves you.
So there you were, painting with these OH MY GOD THE PAINT IS SO COLD, HONEY STAAHP! (Yoosung.. Probably)
He kept asking how you got so good, and you were like “yea, I do this pretty much everyday.. I work on some movies aswell, is cool”

Yas, sign him up. He asks you so often to make im more beautiful.
He loves the feel of the paintbrushes, and the look of your face when you concentrate.
He brags about you all the time, and keeps begging his director to hire you (even if a bodypainter isnt really needed..)

This google master probably knew beforehand, and also sometimes on days off lets you paint on her. Its bonding experience, even though you sometimes draw cats on her to mess with her.
She is very proud of you<3

Probably wasn’t aware of it, due to body painting not being in his buisness life.
But when he found out he usually brags whenever he gets the chance, making you blushy.
Unlike Jaehee, Is so down for catart on him.

Begs you EVERY day to draw elly on his biceps.
Sometimes you give in.. Sometimes.
Cover him in memes

Honestly? I think this would be great therapy for him. Getting to calm down, having his s/o draw pretty patterns and whatnot on him.
Also covers up that tattoo of his, which he is very glad for.

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I have a thing for allura teaching keith about diplomacy after the thing he pulled at that dinner.I kinda headcanon that some things that are taboo on earth and shouldnt be talked about in public are completely normal on altea so Allura sometimes says stuff that makes them blush and makes the coversatiom awkward but since keith isnt the most socially adept person on earth it doesn't phase him that much which allura appreciates cause its hard for her to navigate alien social norms and not mess up

Cue a re-enactment of the famous shower scene except Allura doesn’t act like its anything weird and Keith drops the soap trying to cover his junk.
“Oh–Nudity is taboo on Earth? I’m so sorry we can discuss plans later!”
Later at breakfast one day after things have gone around Pidge mentions that its pretty fucked up that Alteans dont care about being naked in front of each other and Coran looks at her, like “??? Who Alteans? Oh no nudity is definitely against norms. More than taboo even. Forbidden in fact: well, at least in public, in private–well that’s private business.”
Keith starts choking on his food and Allura briskly excuses herself from the table

Theory (maybe?)

After analyzing for a bit i feel like i noticed something about rika and ray/saeran. Anybody remember how rika somewhat treated saeran in previous routes and how she treated “ray” in this route? I feel a bit uneased at this and i couldnt not write something about it.

We all know that in Vs route rika seems to treasure ray as a member of mint eye. We’ve seen how she shows care towards him and worries about him. Heck we’ve even seen how she cried for him when he died and begged for the members to mourn him. Rika loves ray and put her trust in him for her plans

Now lets take a look at her attitude towards SAERAN. As many of us know rika brainwashed and manipulated saeran to do whatever she wanted. And it seems thats the only value he has for her. Not only was she planning on replacing him once she had a grip on seven, without regarding saeran hatred towards him, but she was also willing to kill him off!!!! If you remember jumins bad ending where you leave jumins penthouse and are taken back to the apt where saeran waits for you there. And then he says that he was told to press a button that would “cause seven eternal pain” or smth like that. And it turns out, without saeran even knowing, he activated the bomb and killed everyone there!!!!

Maybe this isnt a theory as much as it is an observation. My theory is that she only likes ray because hes more quiet and reasonable, where as saeran is much more violent and angry. Idk but its still pretty messed up. And it makes rika even more of a hypocrite, seeing as she only valued “ray” instead of saeran himself. She made him that way and i cant help but feel disgust at her actions.


I think I was pretty productive, drawing wise. Here’s a buncha cute stuff I drew traditionally in my bed. Its comfy here ^_^ I also think i messed up on Stitch’s design eeeegghhh im not very satisfied with the way it came out :/ But yeah :D
1. Mongrel (grel) @ask-mongrel-sans
2. ErrorBlue @askerrorblueberry
3. Bloodstone @scifellhell
4. Stitch (from Labrat!tale) @sorasprings
5. UnderTrue!Sans (True) @chaosartist (me)

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My friend described how gay/straight he is as "imagine a line in adobe illustrator but you pull one anchor point slightly off so it's technically not a straight line anymore but it looks pretty much like a straight line so you'd call it a straight line" and I feel like that sums up double

perfect LMAO

or even better like. like. imagine a pen line with points in it. like this.

they’ve never really been messed with but they’ve always been there. unknowningly. its just assumed that its just a straight line.

then something happens.


“hey remember when you did that really super gay thing.”


“i dont know what the fuck you’re talking about”


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Wait can you tell us about that Chat Noir being turned into a cat idea you mentioned? Really curious about what the twist is! If you don't want to it's fine though

hehe I’ll try and give a bullet point version but this is the thing that i talked about for like thirty straight minutes so i might forget some stuff. @panda013 @miraculousturtle @ladybugandblackchat and anyone else who might have been in that call can fill in details if they remember, or tag people who were in the call

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