its pretty gross looking


Also just in case my new followers haven’t seen my face, here it is. 

(snapchat is a fucking blessing for looking good amiright)

This is a total sellout but I have an instagram too (look at me trying to gain more followers jfc) but its ‘cheekysmagic’ if any of you are interested x

I’m gonna awkwardly hide behind a wall now and cry because you guys deserve better from my flowercrowned ass 

wow this looks like a cool job!
*job description includes ‘being OCD about cleaning’*
wow this looks like a shit company!

“I still sleep with the stuffed bear that my dad bought me when I was a baby. Actually I have it shoved under the mattress of your bed - true story.  Its gross looking but I’ve pretty much decided that I’m never going to part with it. I mean its like really gross —I can’t tell you where that thing has been dragged along… 

I kinda keep Patrick (thats his name) hidden because I have a reputation to uphold and yeah… I don’t want people thinking I’m soft or something? That and…there may be blood stains on it…from…a time long ago in which i went into a part of my house that I shouldn’t have been and I screamed bloody murder until my dad promised he wouldn’t get rid of him…”

Took a break from commission and decided to check out this Miraculous Ladybut that is currently raving on my dashboard for months.
Well guess who spend the whole 3 hours to watch the entire available episode? YEAH ME–
Well I’m not THAT into ML trash yet lol but I gotta say the show was pretty cute and charming!

Wanted to try drawing a badass Ladybug so—yeah!