its pretty big and i bit heavy

Writers should strive to describe women like Douglas Adams did

Example (taken from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency):  

Michael usually referred to his mother as an old battle axe, but if she was fairly to be compared to a battleaxe it would only be to an exquisitely crafted, beautifully balanced battleaxe, with an elegant minimum of fine engraving which stopped just short of its gleaming razored edge. One swipe from such an instrument and you wouldn’t even know you’d been hit until you tried to look at your watch a bit later and discovered that your arm wasn’t on.


Compare more women to exquisite weaponry! And not to pretty little swords. big, heavy, scary weapons! 

I really had to talk about this...

Since I understand where all of this “Rebecca keeps screwing up POC characters” discourse is coming from… I kinda…. agree and disagree… 

Yeah its true that we’ve found some patterns in the attitude of some obviously black coded gems, I won’t doubt that.

Still, I kinda understand some of this ones. Jasper is a warrior, the “perfect warrior” actually, she has to be big, strong, and aggressive, she’s MADE FOR WAR after all, and when we talk about those war stuffs, its necessary to have many strength and intelligence… Yeah, Jasper may get many wrongs about Steven, but if you notice she’s pretty smart. 

Now… Bismuth is a… lil bit more harsh to touch… the “biscourse” is something I’ve been avoiding because its a touchy subject in general. Bismuth works with iron and heavy stuffs (i forgot the name of ‘em i’m sorry) because of that, she gotta be strong, and again, she was MADE for that job. Now, Do I believe Bismuth is a character filled with rage, and thats part of her personality? being aggressive and harsh? FUCK NO. What we’ve seen in Bismuth is her reaction to an SPECIFIC SITUATION, this is the bad about characterization in one/two episodes, people get many details wrong mixing daily reactions with specific reactions.

Bismuth’s reaction about Steven was an specific reaction, snapped out because of the LOST OF A WAR, THE LOST OF HER FRIENDS, THE FEELING OF BETRAYAL FOR THE ONE SHE ADMIRES THE MOST AND THE LIES THAT ONE TOLD TO THE REST OF THEIR TEAM, its an incredibly specific situation, that would put mad EVERYONE, if you notice, Bismuth’s personality is more the one of a goofy warmhearted determinate mom, not an incredibly aggressive big girl who smashes everything at single contact, shit, she was even the ONE who told Steven that he didn’t have to be like his mom!! 

And we gotta keep in mind this show has many representation, and because the diverse of the characters is IMPOSSIBLE to not screw up one or two with similar qualities. For example Amethyst is clearly latin-american inspired, Garnet is OBVIOUSLY black, and they’re both in the MAIN TEAM, Garnet, we can say, its the “happiest” one right now in the whole team, and she’s the black one. We have incredibly diverse characterization with all kind of codes and body types.

Think about Rubies, Quartzes and Pearls, Homework clearly have a BODY BASE for the work of any gems, Rubies are made massively to be “level 1 protectors” they’re meant to be short, sneaky, and go in groups to take advantage. Quartzes are made for WAR, because of that, the bigger and stronger, the better. Pearls are made for simple aesthetic, they’re like accessories, because of that their body structure is thin, elegant and flexible. 

I mean, I get where the anger is coming from but, Jasper and Bismuth are not the only POC characters in the show, and Lapis Lazuli has have it awful too with the whole abuse thing, she’s getting better right now? Yeah, because she always went on Steven’s part since the beginning, and its not like we’ve got A TON of new characters to keep a patron clear. I mean if this starts happening with ALL the black coded characters that appear, or at least, a big amount, then there’s gonna be a trouble, but come on guys, theres only two examples… 


Completely irrelevant fun fact: I have actually been the Lucia, once. The only reason it ever happened was that my school didn’t do the whole popularity contest thing, instead having the teachers decide who got the honor that year. I vaguely understood it as a consolation price for being so profoundly uncool, but it was also kind of a big deal for a 11 year old so I wasn’t about to let that stop me.

My school was also pretty big on *~*Old-Fashioned Traditions*~*, so I got to wear a real candle crown with live candles. I remember it was brass, unexpectedly heavy, and looked like some kind of medieval torture instrument (except with candles). I wore a wet cloth under, but I was still picking bits of candle wax out of my hair for a week.