its pretty bad omg

I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!

I can’t get over how

Jaehyun pretty much said “Hi, I’m Jeffrey” more than like 4 times every time Johnny was talkin I’ve come to the realization that although Jaehyun is exTREMeLy good-looking he’s like the biggest loser in the world like come on man, “I’m Jeffrey. Hi I’m Jeffrey” lIKE WE GET IT UR SUCH A CUTE DORK 

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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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I just don’t get why the fandom is always saying that Oikawa is frivolous and vain and a narcissist.

[Make it right] - hidekane

Title: Make it right
Fandom: Tokyo ghoul
Genre: Slice of life, angst, hurt/comfort
Pairing: HideHaise/HideKane, very brief mention of MutsUrie
Warning: mentions of behading, blood, badly written feelings and dorks being in love without even realizing it
Word count: 6410
Summary: They are like a puzzle in the way they fit in the tiny crevicesand asperities of one another’s personality with extreme ease, as if they know exactly where the other draws their line and never have to even cross it to feel it in their own skin, as an outstretching of their own self. They are opposites, but that only adds to their nature. They are bound to attract to one another, and they are glad to do just that.

Or: the one in which Hide is an investigator from Division II and his partner in the upcoming’s investigation is a shadow from his past.


Written for HideKane week
Day 5 ––– Winter / New Year’s / Reunion

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Mino winner scenario where got a call that his wife fainted while he is on a concert or smthg? Thks very much!

The sound of the printer printing your colleague’s copies was pretty loud. Everyone left at 10 PM, you were still in your office, finishing a few papers before getting home. You weren’t hurrying up like you usually do since your husband was gone with his bandmates to perform a concert not so far from Seoul. The room wasn’t so bright since the sun was gone, rain was pouring outside, its drops tapping on your window.

“_______, I’ll be going now!” Your colleague Junha announced, packing her stuffs as she waved at you. “Don’t forget to go home early! You were sleeping here last night, you’re pregnant, be careful! Don’t overwork yourself, okay?”

You waved back then turned to your computer, typing a few things out and printing them. It was nice of your co-workers to worry about your pregnancy. Your husband didn’t know about it yet, you wanted him to find out after his concert, you didn’t want him to worry about it while he was gone.

Pressing on the ‘Shut Down’ button, you closed your laptop screen and slipped it in to your bag before zipping it. You left your papers on your desk since you never verify them at home. Slipping your boots and raincoat on, you head out of the office and locked the door. You got to the elevator, clicked on the parking lot button and waited for the doors to close.

You were actually pretty tired of working overtime, but it didn’t matter much to you. Your schedule told you since the beginning that your shift was at 8 o’ clock but you always took a few hours more since you didn’t want to overload yourself with work the next day. However, you felt a bit dizzy, your head started to give you a huge amount of pain each second, you couldn’t bare with it. Your legs were shaking, you weren’t able to stand up, it’s like you lost your normal human rights.

You collapsed on to the ground. The elevator’s door opened, about two gasps were done.

“Get an ambulance! Hurry!” The janitor says, pulling Junha’s sleeve.

“Oh no, oh gosh…”

Mino’s POV

Finally, the last song before we get back to Seoul, the place where my wife is. I’ve waited all day for this moment, not that I didn’t like my fans, I just miss my lover, it’s been a week since we’ve seen each other. The staffs were helping us with the make up and our microphones while I was talking with my teammates. I know they envied me for getting married, but it wasn’t a huge deal since Jinwoo hyung already has a 2 year old boy and a wife, Seunghoon hyung has a wife and a unborn 8 months fetus and the rest was engaged. I still had to wait for ________ to become pregnant.

I actually do want a child, I mean, two years of marriage, why not? I had to find a way to talk to her about it, we already had sex several times but she was either on birth control or I was wearing a condom.

“Alright, five minutes left!” Our manager called out, pointing at the stage.

I was still in the dressing room letting my make up artist finish a few touches before we perform our last song for the evening. I was ready until I felt someone tug on my sleeve.

“Mino… Your wife…”

I raise an eyebrow, uncertain about what they were talking about. I grab the cellphone.


“Actually, it’s Seoul’s Hospital. Your wife fainted at her office and her colleagues brought her here. If you’re not busy, we’d like to ask you to come over but—”

I hesitated between telling the nurse the truth or lying. I look around, as if there was a good answer to my problem, but there weren’t any.

“I… I’m coming.”

I jump on stage. The amount of screaming and fangirl kind of broke my heart. I didn’t want to deceive my fans, but I didn’t want to leave _______ over there either.

“Uh, hello, this is Mino and… I… I’m sorry, but I have to get going, my wife is at the hospital and I think it’s urgent, I’m sorry.”

A sudden wave of whines and complaining came in. My members looked at me with a worried expression, I knew they were worried about what I was saying.

My manager drove me to the hospital, the nurses led us to her room that was pretty far.

“I’ll be leaving you alone now.” Manager said as he closed the door to leave.

She wasn’t that pale, I didn’t realize until now that she seemed more different. I’m not trying to say that she looks disgusting, probably just cuter, she seems a bit more chubby, I think it’s just cute. I walked around the room, looking at the window that gave me a dark and rainy view of the city. I wonder how lonely she felt, a week without me was probably a long and sad week for her, staying at home alone.

“Mr. Song, we’ve took a few results on your child, everything seems to be alright. Hm, yeah, everything is fine.” She handed me a file of papers.

What child? I look at ________ that was still deep asleep, now that I realize her stomach did change. For no reason, I smiled at the nurse’s announcement as I walk to my wife. She was carrying my child, our baby. I started to fan myself with the sheets and giggle, probably the excitement of being a father was running around me.

About a few hours later she finally opened her eyes and smiled at me.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” I begin with a sweet smile.

“I wanted it to be a surprise! I guess they already told you..?”

“Yep! I’m the daddy, right?”

“Of course you are! Who else would it be?”

I shrug. “I don’t know, is it a guy or a girl?”

“It’s only been three weeks, I can’t know now!”

Jinwoo hyung told me about all the pregnancy symptoms and I had to be careful. I wasn’t scared, I was confident in it, I’m sure I’ll be able to go through it. We got home after she got her blood test, she was pretty tired. When exactly was she going to go on her maternity vacation?

It’s been six months since I found out about her pregnancy. We were quite excited to announce the baby’s gender so we invited everyone at our home. While I was settling the things on the table, she was sitting and talking with her friends.

As soon as everyone, meaning my family and hers and our friends arrived, we gathered around.

“Okay! So… Should we start?” I smile at my wife.

We opened the door to our baby’s room that we already prepared. Everything was painted in pink, a white dresser and bed, a pink carpet, everything to show them what our child is.

“A baby girl?” Her mom cried, hugging her daughter.

“Awn! Congrats! What are you going to name her?”

“We didn’t really pick a name yet.” ________ answered proudly.

“Minjun, you’ll have a little sister!” Jinwoo told his child. “You’ll be a oppa! You have to protect her, okay?”

Our mothers walked in a bit further as they cried together at the ultrasounds that we framed near the window. I was actually pretty proud of our child’s room, it would be where her life with us will start.

It was around 9 o’ clock when pretty much everyone left, the house was clean since everyone helped us take care of it while ________ was just sitting at the back, taking care of the boys.

“Hyung, congrats!” Seungyoon congratulated me, giving me a pat on the back.

“When are you two going to have a kid? How was your honeymoon, by the way?”

“Well, Misun is pregnant.” He laughed shyly, holding his wife’s hand.

“Really? Since when?”

“Well… Our honeymoon…” She answered with a blush.

“Oh, congratulations! You’ll tell us if it’s a guy or a girl, right?”

“You’re the first to know that she’s pregnant.” He mentions.

Taehyun soon came towards us, handing us cards.

“Invitations for your wedding?” I ask, opening the envelope.

“Yep! I managed to find a date before Riyu gives birth.”

We looked at each other then stared at our youngest. “Ooh, our maknae had fun before his wedding!”

“Ah, it’s not a sin, we just decided to have our first child near the same time we get married. You guys are coming, right?”

We all nod at his request. Our group was definitely going to be living the family life, I was looking forward to it. ________ was becoming even more nervous when a day passed, she kept wondering what would happen when she gives birth.

We were practicing like we usually do until I got a call from the hospital. I left earlier and got there before our child was out, it was kind of weird to see a person come out of _______’s clitoris.

“Congratulations, it’s a beautiful little girl!” The doctor says, passing me our baby girl.

We were crying the second Niagara Falls, I don’t really know how to describe the happy feeling you get when you see your first child that your lover gave birth to. We stayed at the hospital for a few days until we were able to get back home, the sweet scent of home that I haven’t smelled for about two weeks.


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