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Mac & Soles art trade with keycchan, featuring their m!ss, Adust. :) You can check out their art for me here! Thanks so much~ Always a pleasure to indulge in the Mac trash can with others ;D

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the movie made uma, harry, and gil all one note. in rise, harrys extra and ott in public so people fear him but when its he, uma and gil hes normal lol. hes pretty smart too. gil is a simple and gentle beefcake lol. harry and gil had input on plans. uma trusted them and would follow their lead on things too. she wasn't all "bow down before me henchmen!" like people make her out to be lol. they were legit friends! tho uma/harry were closer. and harry calls her darling in the book! its presh.

i get how people can be wary of huma since they’re villains and uma has such a bad temper but there’s threads / posts calling them “toxic”, and it’s annoying since we haven’t seen much of them and descendants will pretty much continue just giving character development to mal.

even in the movie, it’s shown she’s loyal and she respects harry and gil + the rest of her crew. the audience should see her other sides and not the sides where she’s thinking of mal 24/7 in d3… lmaooo we could only dream

harry and gil and uma’s relationship is v cute i just ??? people can take things seriously

i think one of the things i love most about bran is how much i love how much his siblings love him.  like for each of the others i have a ~favorite~ dynamic that captures my interest more than the others, but for bran, i feel like a kid in a candy shop because i love his relationship with robb, i love his relationship with sansa, i love his relationship with arya, i love his relationship with rickon, i love his relationship with jon, i love his relationship with

A Mother’s Advice.


It was one of those rare days when Kyouko actually had time off to herself.  Between raising a kid on her own and working three jobs to actually have the funds to support two people, time to herself was rare, to say the least.  But, in a way, Kyouko preferred this.  It’s not like she ever really knew what to do with herself on her days off.  Most days she’d end up lazing around, which would just make returning to work that much harder the next day. 

Without her work or her daughter, sometimes Kyouko lost track of who she was.  

Sitting down on a fountain, she crossed one leg over the other, looking up at the bright blue sky.  “At least it’s a nice day out,” she mumbled to herself, feeling the lightest of splashes from the fountain behind her. School was currently in session, but she could just imagine all of the children who would enjoy playing here - her daughter included. 

Since there were no children around, Kyouko thought she’d steal the opportunity to light up a smoke.  She had tried quitting dozens of times, but…the truth was that she loved it.  And maybe there was some secret masochistic part of her that wanted to see how far she could push herself until she self-destructed; a tidbit left over from her wild past.

It would certainly explain the lack of sleep, three jobs and black lungs. 

A flash of red hair caught her eye and Kyouko looked over, not sure if she saw it correctly.  She also had red hair but hers was bleached and dyed.  She’d dyed it red back in middle school to be edgy, but, even when she’d straightened out, she’d found that she’d grown attached to it and she’d never gone back to her natural color.

However, the form she thought she saw looked like a child.  What child bleached and dyed their hair?

“Hello?” she called out, leaning forward and trying to catch another glimpse.  Had she imagined it?  “Is anyone there?” 

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It hadn’t really been hard for Lance to notice that the other was cold. Rory might not of realized it, but they’d been frowning for quite a while now, clearly lost in their own thoughts. But the small shivers every now and then had given it away. 

Seeing as he’d barely noticed the cold it just seemed logical to give Rory his jumper. Though…he kind of forgot how much smaller Rory was compared to him. He’d been ready to act casual about it, but looking down at them he couldn’t help but laugh slightly, eyes crinkling in the corners as he smiled down at them. They looked pretty….well, cute when they looked all embarrassed like that. Then again, maybe that’s just because he’d actually done a nice thing for someone (even if it was just giving them his hoodie) 

“Well you know, it’s a little short on my arms anyway so…” his eyes flickered to where they still seemed to swamp over Rory’s hands, lips twitching upwards once more. Dammit. he almost wanted to laugh again at the sight. “It’s no problem, really.”

Books Read in Summer 2015 | Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin Alire Sáenz)

“Sometimes, I think everyone is like the people in that painting, everyone lost in their own private universes of pain or sorrow or guilt, everyone remote and unknowable.”

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OK SO, kind of a public announcement here - if anyone is interested in checking it out, there is a short film starring the voice actor of Deacon called 'Pink Eye' on YouTube. I was curious about who voiced him (because lbr, it's a pretty nice voice) so I went digging and got so excited by how Deacon-y he is irl. Big goofy liar weeeeeee :-)

Thanks for sending this in, Nonny! Lookit this lying liar who lies. Obviously this short was how Ryan Alosio got the job for voicing Deacon. They asked him to audition and he slid this across the table.

I initially found a trailer for a low-budget indie horror movie called “Pink Eye” and I was trying to figure out which of the bad special effects monsters was him.

Also, I hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I made by searching for “Pink Eye movie” on YouTube and not dry heaving as I scrolled through the results to find this.