its pre cool

I just want to clarify

Yes I ship ryden
No I don’t think its okay to harass them about it
In fact its really NOT okay to harass them about it. Its not okay to harass any IRL people who you ship. It’s an invasion of privacy and probably makes them feel awful.


I can’t tell you how many times I get told that I look exactly the same as I did before I started T. That’s fine if you don’t see the changes, because I do. I see myself standing up straighter. I’ve seen my face becoming one I’m happy to see looking back at me in the mirror. I feel my body getting stronger. I see myself smiling more, feeling more, and all around just LIKING myself more. I’m not here to please others with some drastic transformation, I’m here to be myself… as I’m becoming more myself. You’re welcome to watch, but this journey is for me

Way pre-t vs 15 months on T. (The picture on the left was the day I chopped my hair off).


Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 20: Favorite Boss/Enemy

“If hate is all you want, THAT’S WHAT YOU’LL GET!”

An Artist’s Muse

Summary: Phil is a (sleep deprived) artist, and Dan is his muse, though he doesn’t know it (yet).

Word Count: 2.7k

hey this fic is for @vivunt-amant because it’s her BIRTHDAY!! (move aside dan, i’ve got FRIENDS to attend to!!) honestly she’s such an amazing person, a great friend, a fantastic artist, and an always unfailing beta. i’m super grateful to have been able to become her friend, and anyone who enjoys this fic in the slightest should go follow her bc it’s thanks to melea that it’s even here (also it’s her birthday and she’s wonderful so what are you waiting for???)

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“Hey, Athena?”


“I uh…I was pokin’ around outside Concordia a bit the other day.”


“Yeah. I actually found something I’d been lookin’ for for a long time. It belonged to my mum but I lost it when I got stranded out in Serenity’s Waste. Bloody kraggons at my doorstep y'know? This thing though…it got me thinkin’. These last couple of years since the whole thing with Jack and Zarpedon have been really great don’t you think?”

“I…yes. They have. Why?”

“Well…I’m really glad you decided to stick around. Like, really REALLY glad.”

“I had a good reason to. Janey, is this about those matching tattoos you said we should get because I already said-“

“Nooo no no, nothin’ like that. I just…like I said I’ve been thinkin’. About you. About us. About how crazy happy I’ve been since you fell down from Helios and…well, I wanted to ask you somethin’…”

A year ago, my husband was dead and I was lost and my book was an idea and a few people (were like, we believe in you, you can do it!

And I was like, can I?

The last year, by the way, was the pits. But I *could* do it and I *did* do it and I just spent the past 8 days dragging Ralph around New York, meeting with amazing people and realizing that this is now a real thing that I did.

The book is out, officially, in two months. But if you pre-order it:

1) It’s somehow very important to authors in ways I don’t understand, but has been told to me enough times that I should, like most topics.

2) You save money! Which, if you are from the Midwest, is like a real badge of honor. “Oh, you like this skirt? It cost me 13 cents because I had a coupon and it was missing a button.”

3) Always have a third thing in mind when you are making a list. OH! You can order through Amazon Smile, choose Still Kickin as the charity, and basically do TWO awesome things at once.

It’s really hard to make something and then put it in the world and even though I have no problem shouting from the rooftops about Still Kickin and forcing you all into a wardrobe that is 94% kelly green, it’s way harder for me to ask you to buy my book. Like, I am feeling major respect for Girl Scouts at this moment.

I wrote this book for everyone who has been through some shit, or will be someday. Which is to say, I wrote it for you.

I hope you love it.

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