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10 Tips for Recovering from Chest Surgery

I decided to compile some tips that I found helpful when recovering from chest surgery. I tried to think of things that aren’t are the average lists. 

1. Laxatives: Start taking laxatives 2 days before surgery and continue when you get home from surgery for about a week post op. 

2. Arnica: Start taking arnica tablets about a week before surgery and continue when you get home from surgery. Arnica helps reduce swelling and bruising. 

3. Pillows: If you have a recliner that is ideal but if you don’t then using a bunch of pillows to keep yourself propped up in bed is necessary. Also keep ones under your butt to help with back pain and under your elbows. 

4. Gravol: If you’re driving more than just a couple minutes you will probably feel really sick on your way back. Gravol helps keep the nausea down. Just double check with the nurse that it won’t interfere with any of your medication. 

5. Pill chart and alarms: It can be hard to remember when and what you took. My partner was great at having an alarm set on her phone and writing down what I took and when. 

6. Protein: Protein helps the body heal and helps keep you full which is really important especially if you can’t eat a lot after. Try making smoothies with protein powder and protein bars.

7. Deodorant Wipes: I found a pack of these in the travel section of the drug store and they were good because for over a week I wasn’t allowed to shower and it was horrible but this made it slightly less horrible.

8. Melatonin: For the first while the T3s helped me sleep but after I was off then I had a hard time getting comfortable since I don’t normally sleep on my back. Melatonin helped a lot with that. 

9. Avoid alcohol: Obviously, when you’re on pain meds you really can’t drink but I’ve seen a lot of people ask how long you should wait. Its recommended that after plastic surgery, especially something with grafts, you should avoid drinking for at least 4 weeks. This doens’t seem to be common knowledge among the community. 

10. Listen to your body and take it easy: It became a joke when I was recovering about “taking it easy” because my Mum said it to me a lot but she was right. Relax. Don’t push yourself. Don’t rush recovery. Just take it easy and listen to your body. 

twice breaths and suddenly momo is getting accused of doing eyelid surgery when it’s been there all her life lmao

this is momo before that cf lol 

did they really think this girl?? who is afraid of injections???? and is too scared to get her ears pierced??? would want to get sliced in the eyes???????????


Did Mr. Jang threaten you to change your testimony? Why did you suddenly change your mind?

doctor jin

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  • it’s somebody birthday today/tomorrow tbh it’s still tomorrow for here so like problematic
  • but someone requested this a while ago and i know that i have like college au to finish but guess what i have no sense of consistency ;)
  • and like jin is my bias wrecker and like he deserves something on his birthday (tbh hoseok will get a cake and i’ll post it y'all wait and see it)
  • okay okay but like i LOVE doctor seokjin idk if any has me on snap but i drew him a while ago!! so like definitely a concept near and dear to my heart
  • so obviously, the looks are gonna be the looks he had for dope!! like that hair style was so attractive like someone punch me in the face it was the best hair on him tbh
  • so your girl just had to look at some types of doctors and like wow they’re all so boring and hard sounding tbh shoutout to anyone who is pursuing medical school and best of luck to you!
  • okay so seokjin is gonna be an emergency room doctor
  • as someone who’s been to patient first more than a few times (the ice skating incident of 2k13,,, the broken toe incident of 2k13,,, the tree incident of 2k13,,,) like these kind of doctors are so super important and wonderful and i don’t think they get enough credit!!
  • and that’s what jin would be okay he would actually be so good for the emergency room okay
  • he’s the mother of bangtan yes, so he knows how to handle situations that at first seem very much overwhelming
  • he knows how to deal with people of all age groups too, like don’t tell me that elderly people wouldn’t adore him
  • and he has such a big heart, kids would love him too, so no matter who the patient is, seokjin puts them right at ease no matter what’s happening around them
  • jin can keep a level head and knows how to deal with stress and chaos and sticky situations without losing his mind
  • he would be able to calm everyone down: from patients, parents, friends, family, and the other doctors and nurses too
  • plus he’s so stunningly handsome that he would probably be able to distract people from their pain,,,
  • it took him a while to get through school and have the degree but he’s never wanted anything more in his life tbh,,,
  • he’s good at what he does, and he’s really loved by all the staff too down at the good old emergency room
  • he’s the youngest doctor there but nobody cares about that honestly, like so what if he’s young, he’s good at what he does
  • he usually deals with like the intense injuries tbh like not like wow i’m throwing up blood but i accidentally,,, idk,,, busted my entire face in ice skating,,,
  • he looks smashing in the lab coat btw and he has some cute scrubs too like hello kitty ones, do doctors have those well now they do
  • tbh all the nurses are in love with him and he constantly comes into whatever shift he’s working to find coffee or sweets near his little office area thing,,,
  • he always gets so blushy and excited and sometimes he’ll have crumbs on his lips and he’s just so cute!!
  • okay but how does he meet you,,, that’s the real question isn’t it??
  • well my kids
  • it’s winter break! and you’re like thank god for this i was about to die but now i am alive!! full of joy!! and happiness!! and life!! the sun is shining! my skin is clear!! i’m so ready to be free!!
  • you’ve spent the last few days lounging around in pajamas to like ten but now you’re actually ready to go out and be with friends and do something besides stuff your face with crummy microwave popcorn and binge watch perfection aka psych
  • you’re in a squad group chat with some of your friends right and they’re like!! that is skating rink?? you know like twenty minutes from here? well they have like a five dollar skate friday from 12-5 we should really go!!
  • and you’re like omg why not!! i’m broke but that seems like a really good idea!!
  • do you see where this is going
  • you dress in cute jeans and like seven million sweaters because it’s cold in there??
  • and you have a cute beanie too and probably gloves and your friends tease you because what a cute little muffin
  • you get there, trade your shoes in for skates, and just about internally die because the skates weigh abbott seventy two pounds each and they’re so bulky
  • and you swear your ankles are gonna snap or something or something because they weigh so much
  • but you put them on anyhow
  • except when you walk your ankles cave on in, and it looks rather concerning
  • you all walk out to the rink, and something catches your eye
  • surprise, it’s the skate walkers used for like three year olds!!
  • you grab one and your friends giggle but that doesn’t matter to you because you wanna be #safe
  • you’re not
  • anyway it’s a bunch of age groups out on the ice!! like young kids, to adult couples, and there even seems to be a grandmother…?
  • there’s like a kid who looks middle school age and he’s skating backwards, doing twirls, and figure eights too?? and you’re like wow i’m suddenly self conscious
  • but like it’s actually a lot of fun!! you and your friends hold hands to keep each other going and you hold onto the walls as your knees give out, and your nose is all cute and red and sane with the tips of your ears!!
  • you guys are having a wild time tbh
  • but then
  • oh buddy
  • you haven’t fallen yet, even though your friends have landed their rears on the ice more than enough times
  • and you’re like wow aren’t i amazing??
  • and you smile and skate towards the middle
  • ooh buddy but those skates
  • they totally drag your ankles in all of the sudden
  • you’re so in shock that it takes you a few moments to realize what’s happened but then you look down and yikes, there’s some blood and it most definitely is yours
  • your eyes go wide and you shakily push yourself up and your fingers travel to your lip
  • well yikes
  • your friends race over and everyone has stopped skating to stare at you
  • the pain is there and it’s numbing and it feels like your entire head is throbbing and it’s not just a little cut, your lip is still bleeding and it’s all down the front of your shirt
  • an employee hurries over and helps you off the ice and into the bathroom and they end free skate just like that
  • your friends are panicking and you just blink because you’re losing blood so fast that you can’t think
  • your eyelids flutter as they hold napkins up to your face and you moan quietly because that HURTS stop that
  • your friends are like oh my god what do we do and the ice rink is making you sign wavers so you promise not to sue them
  • you just blink again and your knees are shaking and you mention that you think you’re gonna pass out
  • your friends scream and they race to get you out of there and into the car
  • they speed to get to the emergency room honestly like thirty miles over the speed limit and you just sit in the back and stare ahead blankly
  • guess what
  • you end up in the emergency room where seokjin works!!
  • you run in and there’s a collective gasp from both workers and people waiting to be treated
  • there’s not a lot of people in there, a lady with a young kid, someone hacking up their lung, someone who’s holding their hand to their chest
  • obviously you get priority treatment so you like, idk, don’t bleed to death or something
  • your friends have to wait out in the waiting room and they’re hurrying you in to one of the rooms so you can see the doctor
  • you’re surprisingly very calm, even if you’re not really checked in and the pain is searing
  • the few nurses there go and dab up your blood and help you situate yourself up on the cot
  • it seems like an eternity but the doctor finally comes in, flushed from evidently running all the way to check on you
  • he’s handsome and even though there’s not enough oxygen in your head right now, you can tell he’s gorgeous like that fact is painfully obvious to you
  • he gives you on look over and he’s trying to focus on the injury but damn you’re cute
  • he shakes his head and kinda !! “hi there im doctor kim, i’ll be your doctor for today. surgeon maybe?”
  • and your eyes widen and you “wait what”
  • “ate stitches considered a minor operation? you think i’d know by now.”
  • he leans in close and gently examines your lip, and you kinda just stare because wow this person is absolutely gorgeous and i think i’ve found inner peace in his eyes and actually man i kinda wanna kiss him??
  • jin pulls away and scribbles something out on his notepad thing
  • “well cutie, i hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re going to need stitches”
  • and you almost laugh because yah right isn’t it just a really bad cut or something
  • “i mean its stitches or plastic surgery, you can take your pic cutie.”
  • you’re not sure whether you’re mentally sound because your brain picked up on the cutie part rather than the plastic surgery part but then the plastic surgery threat actually sinks in and you’re like wAIT A SECOND
  • jin gives you a sympathetic look “i’ll give you a few moments to decide, in the meantime i’ll be grabbing some of the nurses just in case we’re going to actually give you stitches today.”
  • you don’t even need to think about it though honestly
  • “just give me the stitches or something.” you mumble
  • because you can make those adult decisions on your own
  • jin nods and hurries out and you’re just sitting there, life flashing before your eyes
  • and jin comes back and there’s three nurses with him (one is jimin btw, jimin would be an amazing nurse so like)
  • and jin kinda gives you a look “how good are you with needles”
  • hopefully you are not like me and slap the doctor and start screaming and sobbing hysterically when a needle is presented
  • honestly someone save me
  • anyway you give him this look like why the hell do i need a needle but then he pulls out this huge one and you’re like screaming
  • “hey hey, it’s not that bad!” he promises and he nudges the small nurse with the chubby cheeks
  • “jimin can hold your hand if that makes you feel better?”
  • and you’re like well there pal i would rather you hold my hand but at this point you’re taking what you can get
  • so jimin grabs your hand and jin is working with the needle and you’re like omg wth is that nasty smell and you must be making some weird faces because cute nurse jimin is like “its anesthesia…”
  • and you’re like just great
  • so now there’s a bunch of people leaning over you and jin is trying to calm you down but you’re tearing up because needles are scary regardless of who you are
  • and jimin gives your hand a tight squeeze and reassures you that everything will be over soon
  • tbh the only solace you have is in jin’s handsome face like if jin wasn’t your doctor you wonder how you would be doing
  • probably not so hot
  • you squeeze your eyes shut and you nearly break jimin’s hand but hey all in the name of public health right
  • you feel the sharp sting of the needle and you wince but within seconds the pain is gone and you’re like wait that’s all
  • what
  • you open your eyes to find jin smiling down at you and he gives you a kind look
  • “wow you did surprisingly really well. i’m really proud of you!!” and he smiles so so widely
  • and you’re like tearing up because wow the cute doctor is proud of me what did i do to deserve this
  • and you’re like wow this isn’t so bad but ten seokjin grabs something off the table and it looks like a hook and you just about die right then and there
  • “your lip is numbed so it won’t hurt, but we need to work fast so tree get it done before the medicine wears off, okay?” he explains
  • and he doesn’t lean down until you give him the nod
  • he tells you it would be better to close your eyes and so you do
  • you can feel his fingers dusting over your face, but then you assume he gets near your lip because you stop feeling everything
  • you squeeze your eyes shut and you’re getting drowsy because the anesthesia is so strong and the smell is so revolting tbh
  • like you can feel jin’s breath against your face and you’re kinda like yikes but his breath smells like peach blossom tea and it’s actually almost comforting in a sense??
  • you actually feel almost calm? is that a thing? is this actually happening?
  • and guess what??
  • after what seems like hours, jin is like “you can sit up now”
  • and you open your eyes and you push yourself up
  • jin doesn’t even think before he does it, but he gently pushes you back down “hey, don’t sit up that fast, the blood is gonna rush to your head.”
  • you blush and nod and you go to sit up, this time slower
  • but then you find seokjin offering you his hand, and he places his other hand on the small of your back and gently eases you up
  • and you’re blushing so wildly and he’s pink too and jimin coughs “get some” under his breath
  • and jin just stammers an apology and you duck your head and it’s pretty wild
  • and jin is like “come back in three weeks and i’ll take the stitches out for you personally”
  • he gives you a wink and turns on his heel because there’s other patients to attend to
  • once he leaves jimin practically squeals and he’s like omg do you think jin is cute, i bet you do, he totally thought you were cute, lemme give you his number!!
  • and you’re like omg no that’s okay seriously!!
  • but guess what
  • in three weeks you come back to get the stitches out and you cannot be more ready because it was so embarrassing having a giant scab right smack on your face
  • you just want your lips back tbh
  • you walk in to the clinic and you’re like okay just calm, doctor jin is just a doctor you’ll never see again, there’s no need to get so emotional over something that will never happen
  • except jin is in the back panicking because he thought you were so freaking cute even with a busted lip
  • jimin is fixing his hair and his lab coat and jin is chugging tea nervously
  • for once, jin is not composed when he walks into the little room
  • there you are, sitting patiently, ankles crossed and your hands folded in your lap
  • jin comes in and gives a nervous smile and you’re just as nervous tbh and you both just stare at each other shyly
  • he coughs and sticks out his hand “pleasure to see you again”
  • and you shake his hand and then you remember!!
  • you pull a tiny little bag out from the folds of your jacket and you hand it to him “a little something for saving my life”
  • his eyes go wide and he smiles so pleasantly and he goes to open it but oh wait nurses walking in so he quickly sets it near the computer
  • the pain is less searing this time but it still hurts when they have to pull the stitches out and this time seokjin is the one who holds your hand because the nurses get the dead skin off so he has time before he gets the stitches off
  • once he does you gingerly touch your lip and you’re shocked because it’s normal
  • you can’t help it, you get up and you wrap your arms around him and thank him over and over and over again
  • he smiles and the nurses take that as their cue to leave tbh
  • jin is all shy and he’s hiding behind his lab coat sleeves because you’re so cute, you’re even more cute when your lips are okay and he kinda wants to kiss them
  • “i uh…”
  • he just blinks and stares at you and you smile bashfully and he puts his hand on the back of his neck
  • “open your gift maybe??” you laugh and so he quickly grabs it and pulls the wrapping paper
  • and he pulls out some exclusive quality peach blossom tea bags and his eyes go all wide and he smiles all happily
  • and this wave of courage washes over him and he kinda “hey these are seriously wonderful and all, but you know what would make it even better?”
  • you raise your eyebrows and act all innocent “hmm what?”
  • and he smiles “maybe getting some coffee with me when my shift ends?”
  • ofc you agree like how could you say no to that
  • and so like three hours later you meet up with him and he’s in a dashing turtle neck and you deserve he’s a dork and you love him tbh from like moment one
  • like how can you not fall in love with a guy that continues to make doctor puns and then laugh like a windshield wiper
  • tbh you guys end up seriously dating after that and he continues to make bad puns
  • he’s super doting and he always keeps an extra careful eye on you and wraps you in bandages if you do so much as get a paper cut
  • always kisses your lips and reminds you that he’s the one who fixed them back in the day,,,
  • let’s you wear his lab coat all the time too
  • honestly what a sweet pure couple
  • the greatest even

How To: Chest Binding and Enlarging

Hey guys! Ive been getting a lot of requests about making a chest binging and enlarging video recently and I think this is would be a great help in the trans community especially when people dont have enough money to buy a binder or for plastic surgery. Its also a great help with cosplayers too, though it doesnt have as great of an effect on them.

Anyways here it finally is, the video youve all been waiting for!

(P.S. I was having a really really bad allergy day when I filmed this so dont judge the fact that I look like a potato thanks)


This is my thesis film SKINNY! I finished it in the spring of 2013 at SVA. 

It’s not perfect but I’m glad I finished something that I can be proud to show people! This film means a whole bunch to me so please spread this around to your friends who love Burlesque, Dancing, and people who an shake their ass!

*Directors Note*
This film is Not Anti-Plastic Surgery, its Anti-Taking Advantage of Someone While in a Weakened Emotional State.

About a nose

Honestly, I only just opened my tumblr and all I’ve been seeing is news about Bradley’s nose job and pictures comparing what he looked like a year ago or something and I would just like to say something:

You don’t have a right to assume why someone did something for themselves. It’s none of your fucking businessNo, your poor little heart is not going to break because Bradley James got a nose job. Apologies for the bluntness, but I think I need to be blunt here. 

Yes, he moved to LA, but just because he got plastic surgery (MINOR SURGERY, AT THAT) after changing locations doesn’t particularly mean he’s ‘hanging around the wrong people’ or some shit like that. Even if he was, it would still be none of your business because YOU DON’T KNOW HIM. YOUR OPINION LITERALLY DOESN’T MATTER TO HIM WHATSOEVER, I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU.

Sure, it’s different. Sure, it was sudden, but for all we knew, maybe that was the one thing he was the most self-conscious about. We all have flaws in our minds that we think of constantly and wait until the day you can finally change that one thing that you hate so much. Perhaps that was the case, perhaps not. If I’m going to be honest, he’s just very fortunate the nose job was a good one. Of course, to all us fans, it’s very new and different and it’ll take a while getting completely used to it, because honestly, it’s part of the guy’s FACE, so it’s gonna be noticeable. 

BUT it still looks really good. I’ve seen so many whiny posts saying ‘ooh Bradley’s hanging around with stupid Americans that convinced him to get it done” or “ooh he did it to fit in after he moved to LA” but honestly, if he really WAS hanging around the wrong people, he probably wouldn’t have found an excellent plastic surgeon to get it done so nicely. He was probably nervous about the entire procedure and is most likely still self-conscious about how it turned out, no matter how much he may like it. Who wouldn’t be? Also, this shit costs a LOT of money, so he was most definitely giving it a lot of thought beforehand.

Bradley isn’t stupid. He knows he’s got a relatively large and active fanbase on multiple media platforms all over the world. That means he probably understood said fans would notice right away, and would judge him the moment he showed up in public with cameras flashing. That’s exactly what happened – I’ve already seen stuff on facebook, twitter, and his entire tag on tumblr has essentially blown up. All of you are judging him like we’re all in middle school and the new girl got a weird haircut over the weekend or something.

Grow up. Show him respect and support, because something like this is a personal choice and it’s none of your business. No, I really don’t think this minor surgery is going to set boys and girls into hysterics because it damages THEIR self-esteem: Bradley was already super lovely and good looking, and now he’s gone and changed something minor about himself, OH HEAVENS ME, WHAT SHALL WE DO? Yes, I think the way his nose looked originally gave him character (and honestly, I never gave it much thought in regards to it being anything but just a nose bc I’ve always thought him to be attractive irregardless) but I also think the new one looks great on him. It actually looks natural, which, for a lot of poor unfortunate souls, is difficult to achieve when not working with an efficient and skilled professional. 

For all we know, maybe Bradley was bullied for his nose during childhood and finally decided to change it. Or maybe he wasn’t and he simply hated the way it looked. There’s a girl with the same issue at my school, and I’m not sure if she was bullied for it much or not, but either way, I knew she hated the way it looked. Why? Because, out of the blue, she got a nose job, showed up to school with the bandage still on like the brave little soldier she was one morning, and it looked really great. It looked natural. And you know what? She was happy. I hardly know her, but from how I see her, she loved the way her nose looked afterward (it also helped a lot that no one gave her shit about it).

I want that to happen for Bradley. I want him to have the relief of something so altering look so good. I want him to be happy with the way he looks. I also want him to know that his fans are supportive in him because what he did has not harmed anyone, not himself, not his fans, not his coworkers. It was a personal choice, and I’m proud of him. He had to be brave to decide to do it for himself.

Nose jobs aren’t a big deal.

Now stop giving him shit and leave it be. It’s just a nose. And it’s not yours. Calm the fuck down.

Sometimes I wish I had long hair…sometimes I wish that my body wasn’t shaped the way it was, but you know what? Honestly, I’m so happy to be the way I am. There are times that you’re gonna feel like ‘people are gonna hate on me for this’…you’re gonna feel 80% of the time really happy with yourself and that’s what’s worth it because you are who you are and changing that is bullshit.
—  kaitlyn alexander (x)

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honestly, saying that you 'cant do any other style' is really selling yourself short, and all that is going to do is stop you from improving at all. you cant be closed off to change, otherwise youre just going to stagnate and not learn anything. learning IS change, IMPROVEMENT is change, and its something you should get more comfortable with if you want to make your art better. you definitely have the potential and drive to do it, so try to be more open to criticism and suggestions and change!

Anonymous said: also dont worry about things ‘not coming out decently,’ youre gonna have to make some mistakes before getting better, and being constantly worried about messing up is only going to make it look like you drew with your teeth clenched the whole time haha. try to relax!

Yeah well I like staying in my comfort zone, and

I can improve just fine without completely changing my style at once :3c
(Explanations are in the tags if you don’t understand what I mean lmao)

the other night i was fully like, “fuck yeah, i am so hot, i am so lucky to look like me”, but today i’m like “fuck i hate myself, i hate my chin, i hate my skin, i hate everythign, i’m so ugly i need plastic surgery”…. its insane what our minds do to us. i’m not even sure what i really think of myself because i’m constantly in this battle with my own mind and its exhausting and sad.

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i'm sorry but i'm really over the whole 'Katy Perry appropriates' thing, YES she has done it and probably will continue too, YES at is base its wrong and offensive to those its appropriating, but at the same time honestly, its a hairstyle, its an ancient culture that died a long time ago, and as for twerking and the mummies with big buts, its making fun of plastic surgery culture, she said said it was not directed towards the natural body of black women but at people like iggy and kim and miley

i stopped reading because i don’t care