its photoshop but i dont care


hogwarts subjects 

  “Three times a week they went out to the greenhouses behind the castle to study Herbology, with a dumpy little witch called Professor Sprout, where they learned how to take care of strange plants and fungi, and found out what they were used for.”

i think its hilarious that anti sjw anime people have this list of “funnymen” that they hate and know about while if i had to come up with a list of anti sjw anime people i dont like, i literally couldnt because i dont care about them enough to know who they are aside from their urls for my block list and i definitely wouldnt go through the effort of photoshopping their icons onto a stock photo for some weak insult

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Can you make a pixel art tutorial? I really love your DBD sprites!

okay this is kind of hard to explain but ive tried. the sprite ill do for this tutorial is Feng Min’s from DbD!

what you’ll need: 
-colourful references of the character/thing u wanna draw
-aseprite, & kinda knowing how it works

1.First of all u should open aseprite. ah! ah! ah!. ok,and making a new sprite. its good to work in tiny sizes, big sizes dont work too well for pixelart. also, be sure u pick indexed, we’ll need it later. and transparent bg. then ok

2.The new file u make its gonna look just like the transparent bg and u wont have a grid or anything unless u have it as a preference. i, however, prefer using the pixel grid: its comfy and disappears if u move with the wheel.

3.Now its time to sketch out an idea.i use a mouse to do my sprites bc it gives me way more control on my movements, however,people usually do their sketches with a tablet on Photoshop or sai and then bring them to aseprite for the lineart and stuff. whatever u choose to do, is ur choice

¡¡¡VERY IMPORTANT!!! Dont sketch out on the first layer. leave that one empty just in case u wanna do a bg. u cant delete the Layer 1 in aseprite (or at least the version i use) and its kinda hellish to move layers, so be careful with ur layer choice

my layers look like this rn bc for these sprites i need to know the size of other sprites ive made before, and the min height (that blue straight line underneath the sketch). Also, u can change the layer opacity and properties by right click on the layer - properties - moving that opacity label

4.Lineart time! start drawing on a new layer with the black pen. just remember the rules for lineart. however, these can be step on if the sprite looks better. remember, in art, its better that it looks good than following the rules,but u must know the rules to know ure stepping on them

i like drawing a dirty lineart and later using eraser to fix everything that i may not like or looks bad

5.This isnt very good but wv. when ure happy with ur result, its time to start colouring. grab ur references, and lets set a colour palette

pixel art was used by game artists long ago when they needed to represent graphics without using more than certain colours (8, 16…) in systems like spectrum. we start with 32 colours in aseprite that… we’re really not gonna use except for ur sketch colour: delete the rest. expand the palette as much as u need by clicking on that weird pause symbol

aseprite has a very cool thing that you can create a colour, click it and ctrl+c, then choose an empty spot and ctrl+v and ull have it there too!! choose ur colours, and copy/paste them in the same line, with min a spot between them


also what im doing there is editing the colour we pasted before (leave the original colour in the middle, make the one in the left the colour u want for ur shading, the one in the right, for ur lighting). 

now, choose the dark, the middle colour, and the empty spots in between u left (ctrl+ click on them). then go to sort & gradients, next to edit colour, and choose gradient and…

tadda! a gradient without u doing any extra work. ok now do the same with the light and u have ur palette for the skin. easy!! and u can do this with literally any colour

now get to colour and make the palettes u need for each part of the body. COLOUR IN LAYERS just like u would do in any other program, but dont spend too much time sepparating shadows and lights in other layers, isnt really worth it, just work the same tones and parts in a layer 

6.Now its coloured. Nice.

these are my colour palettes for this sprite

my layers look more or less like this, as i said before, i sepparated by things, but not by shading or lighting like i would in sai for each layer. now i like adding, to the lineart, a colour thats not black and thats related to the palette used in each part. if u wanna do that, just add an extra colour next to ur palettes thats darker than the darkest one u have in that line, and paint over the black in the lineart layer

SO why did i tell u about indexed? if u wanna change any colour thats in the palette, u just have to edit it and it will edit in real time in the drawing and thats very cool. i didnt index mine bc im dumb and i had to change by hand every little colour change i did for the new lineart

looks like this in the end!

7. save it as gif bc if u save as png it wont save special effects u did (like using multiply or luminosity layers) and this is how mine looks

hope it was useful!

Chilling time with bubble blowing

Done on the plane! (so excuse the godawful color and lighting, I was working with limited battery power and conserving it and only had my color sense at 60%)

I realized I haven’t technically done a Chille Tid Jaspis image…


Why I dont ship lapidot? Ok, people say peridot is thicc NO SHE ISNT she is FLAT and thats ALL I ever see her is FLAT I dont think she has big breasts or a beautiful ass!! SHE IS F L A T
Lapis, shes ok I guess shes a bit to skinny in my taste, her voice is hardly convincing, she acts like a legit bitch even when nothing is wrong its CLEAR to me that they might have “a cute little crush” on each other but I dont see anything else between them, and go ahead and come at me lapidot lovers cause I DONT CARE I hate the ship lapidot and no one can change my OWN opinion!!!

i like how people think euclase traces photos because even if she did she is incredible at drawing. its so noticeable and obvious when people trace because no matter how proportional and accurate the drawing is, you still need the knowledge and talent to add value and color and most of the time it doesnt match up. its obvious when they colorpick because its splotchy and off. if you were really good you could spend hours painstakingly recreating every pixel of a photo if you trace or colorpick then you probably cant have your own artistic freedom. every hair is going to have to be the same. euclase can add separate elements that all work together. if euclase even photoshopped all her artworks im still impressed and would consider her an amazig artist. if euclase traces and/or colorpicks (which i doubt she does) then i honestly dont even care because tracing is just getting the foundation and her techniques and talent is off the charts either way.


miranda bonus + kitchen bonus


omg I feel weird posting this but!!! This is my final storyboard/animatic for animation class *HIDES* I’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE…there’s probably a lot wrong with it but I still had fun…it’s done on post-its and then i polished it up some in photoshop. HOPE Y'ALL LIKE IT IT’S SO CHEESY AHAH

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Heya! I was just curios, whats your take on plastic surgery? Personally I think that if your doing it for yourself and no one else go for it! I hate how people hate on others for "fake boobs" or botox, etc its not like suddenly there lips aren't real flesh. They are still the same person and look the same just bigger chest or lips, and plus people who over line there lips aren't then told there lips are fake, just two options for the same result.

people bothered by what others do with their own bodies are people not worth my time whatsoever. i dont care if its cosmetic surgery or even photo editing, if they wanna fucking do it, who fucking cares.

i saw a photo earlier of Kim Kardashian, and on the left was her nude and photoshopped and on the right was her nude and unphotoshopped. all i could think was… “who fucking cares" 

why does it fucking bother you so much? some chicks are like "it makes others feel bad about themselves” or “it creates expectations”… NO, YOU create expectations… not that person. they don’t sit there and go “i’m going to get my lips injected just so i can make 15 year olds depressed”… 

people are really screwed up and like to blame all their issues on each other. this is why i truly believe happiness comes from loving yourself and not comparing yourself to anyone. 

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I think you are a cute, funny and awesome person, but why do you photoshop your face sooooo much? Like, its really obvious, your face (almost) never have creases, wrinkles, or expression lines. Maybe you should try to make it a little bit more natural...? Its just an opinion, and I am in no way telling you what to do!! its your pictures after all. You don't have to publish this message, btw, i dont care for an answer. Just a friendly opinion!

I know you think that, but honestly, besides on lolita pics, I DON’T really remove wrinkles so much. I adjust light a lot and I DO shop my ugly nose and my butt, but often, when people think I did shop away wrinkles it’s photos which I edited the least. I just cover myself in tons and tons of make of most of the time. 

for example THIS was NOT edited whatsoever.

it’s not the best photo, but you get what I mean? there isn’t really much to remove. 

When it comes to lolita photos I want a very pastelish look to the photos so I edit out big ugly shadows, but mostly it’s really ook. I remove a scar on my head, fix my nose and maybe a dark shadow under my eye and that’s about it. 

mmmh. maybe I can find a photo from somebody else not edited by me…here you go:

as you can see it’s not so different from my own edits, for example this one:

I didn’t even touch my face, I just made the whole thing lighter and pushed my very huge wrinkled cardigan-sleeves a little nearer to my body. 

after color re-touch.

and before color re-touch:

there is not much going on with editing stuff.

I try to stay as transparent about my use of PS as I can, but sometimes people just assume too much when there was just good light, lots of make up and minor wrinkle removement.

I hope that helped?! at least a little? for the lolita pics?!

FOR LOKI I love to just let my wrinkle wrinkle all over the place XD because he is a grumpy god! eheheh.

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Maybe you should show your followers what you really look like without makeup? I mean you are pretty but your photos are really edited and photoshoped or your faced looks like its just caked up.. Natural beauty is better.. With all that makeup you put in your face youre going to get wrinkles at a early age.. If you say.. Why do I care.. Because whoever youre going to marry might get scared of you face when you dont makeup on.. Should start not putting so much makeup on makeup can be deceiving

You must be new to my blog.
Hi, I’m Meggy. I love and adore makeup. I don’t wear makeup for anyone but myself. It is an art form. Do not tell a painter how to paint. Do not tell a sculptor how to sculpt. And do NOT tell a makeup artist how to apply makeup.

And I do have photos of me unedited, with no makeup on. Check my FAQ if you legitimately care that much, which is super creepy to say the least. And I probably take MUCH better care of my skin than 75% of the population. And I don’t pick guys that are so superficial that they can’t stand to see me without makeup on without being “scared”. If you pick those kind of guys, I feel so sorry for you.

People like you make me sick. STOP bashing on people for doing what they want with their own face! IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOU. For once and for all, get over it!