its photoshop but i dont care

Chilling time with bubble blowing

Done on the plane! (so excuse the godawful color and lighting, I was working with limited battery power and conserving it and only had my color sense at 60%)

I realized I haven’t technically done a Chille Tid Jaspis image…

i like how people think euclase traces photos because even if she did she is incredible at drawing. its so noticeable and obvious when people trace because no matter how proportional and accurate the drawing is, you still need the knowledge and talent to add value and color and most of the time it doesnt match up. its obvious when they colorpick because its splotchy and off. if you were really good you could spend hours painstakingly recreating every pixel of a photo if you trace or colorpick then you probably cant have your own artistic freedom. every hair is going to have to be the same. euclase can add separate elements that all work together. if euclase even photoshopped all her artworks im still impressed and would consider her an amazig artist. if euclase traces and/or colorpicks (which i doubt she does) then i honestly dont even care because tracing is just getting the foundation and her techniques and talent is off the charts either way.