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Your his best friend and he leaves for tour 5SOS Preference

Ashton: It wasn’t the best, having a best friend who was in a band. Especially when he was about to leave to go on tour. And thats exactly what was happening today. Your childhood best friend Ashton Irwin was leaving to go on tour today.

At first he insisted that you go on tour with him, but you knew you couldn’t. You had your future to study for and his was already planned out for him. Ashton always said it was stupid that you worried about your future so much. He wanted you to know that he’d always have the money to take care of you. Even if you weren’t in a relationship. But you didn’t want to rely on Ashton for that sort of stuff.

“Y/N.” Ashton trailed of as he looked around his room in panic.

“What is it Ash?” You asked him smiling.

“Have you seen my drum sticks? I can’t leave without them.” He asked.
You smirked a little. He knew you had taken them. You always took them when he was about to go on tour, it was your way of saying don’t go.

“Maybe.” You said, looking anywhere but directly at him as you tried to hide your smirk.

“Y/N, I know you don’t want me to go and I said you could come along but no. Your to worried about your future even though your a smart ass anyway.” He said as he stopped looking around the room and turned to look at you. “Now where are they?” He asked you.

Just as you were about to open your mouth to speak, Calum came through the door. “Ash we have to leave in like 5 minutes. So if you and Y/N are done here, would you both get your asses down stairs?”

“I would but she won’t give me my drum sticks.” Ashton groaned.

“What are you on about? Luke found them under your sofa.” Calum said.

“Under the sofa? That’s where you hid them, I thought you’d be more creative.” Ashton said turning to you.

“Hey!” You said before you and Ashton made your way downstairs, followed by Calum.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye.”

“Y/N, I’m only going to be gone for 4 months and than I’m coming back!” Ashton protested. “It will be over before you know it.”

“For you! I have to stay here, being bored out of my life while you tour! It’s not fair.” You pout.

“Ash, we have to go.” Michael says.

“I’ll be two minutes.” Ashton says.

“Don’t go.” You beg as soon as Michael leaves as you hug onto him tightly.

“I have to.” Ashton says kissing the top of your forehead. You nod burrying your head I to his chest.

“I promise to Skype you every night.” He says before he leaves. Waving you goodbye.

*4 months later*

Just like Ashton had promised you had talked to him every night, well morning because of time zones. But you made it work and today he was coming home.

You were talking Harry and Lauren to the airport since you had promised Anne. She was setting up a surpirse party for them all.

“Y/N, when’s Ashton going to get here?” You heard Harry whine.

“I don’t know but I’m sure it will be soon.”
“You should know, since your in love with him.” Harry teased you.

You pretended to put on a disgusted face making Harry and Lauren laugh.

“Look! There’s Luke and Calum so Ashton should be somewhere.” Lauren said pointing in the direction to the plane gates.

You gazed over, looking past Luke and Calum you spotted Ashton and Michael. You were about to turn around and talk to Lauren and Harry when you realise they have already ran to Ashton.

You walked behind them making sure not to lose sight of them. You see them hugging Ash and smile at how cute he is being a big brother.

“Where’s Y/N?” He asks them.

“Here.” You said running up and huggin him tightly.

Michael: Your best friend was leaving to go on tour again, he had only just came back 2 weeks ago as well. You knew once you found out that he was going on tour with One Direction it was going to be hard. He had promised to take you on the last leg of the tour but right now he was only in the middle of it.

“Y/N, are you upset?” Michael asked you. You both have been sat at the airport waiting for the plane which had been delayed.

“Of course I’m upset.” You said honestly. You couldn’t bear to look at Michael and know that you won’t see his face in person for at least another 5 months. “I wish you weren’t in a band.”

“But than I wouldn’t be living my dream.” He pouted.

“But than I’d get to see you everyday.” I pouted back at him.
“I’m only going to be gone for 5 months, than I can come back.” Michael said, trying to cheer you up.

“But I’ll not have anyone to play video games with for the whole 5 months.” You sighed and he laughed.

“Neither will I!” He protests.

“Yes you do! You have Luke, Calum and Ashton ans may I add your also going on tour with One Direction 5 other lads.” You said.

“Hey! I’m trying to make you feel better.” He says punching you lightly and playfully in the shoulder.

“Ouch!” You exclaim.

“Sorry.” He says before both of you become silent again.

“Why don’t you just come?” He asks randomly.

“One I need a plane ticket. Two I haven’t packed my bags. And three Michael are you crazy?!”

“Its better than being upset. We can buy you a plane ticket now and buy clothes when we’re there.”

“Michael that costs a lot of money and you may be in a band but your still a broke teenager.”

“Fine.” He huffed.

Five minutes later, Michael’s plane got called out. You both sighed. Knowing that now you’d have to say goodbye. You tried your hardest not to cry. You tried tp convince yourself that 5 months would be over soon.

“Bye, see you in five months.” He said as you pulled away from the hug.

“Bye.” You sighed before walking over to Mali.

“You ready to go back home than?” She asks and you nod.

*3 months later*

Michael wasn’t suppose to be back from tour for another 3 months and he was currently in London. Since Mali was flying over to London she invited you along so you could surprise Michael.

It was a lot of work trying to convince your mam and dad but in the end they agreed to letting you go. You promised to keep it a secret from him.

You were currently at the airport, with your luggage waiting with Mali for the taxi.

“Do you want to text him now?” Mali asks you.

“Does Calum know that your coming over?”


“I’ll just text him, I want to really surprise Michael.” You

To Cal
Don’t tell Mikey anything but I’m with Mali, I want to surprise him xx

You sent your message to Calum as the taxi turned up. You and Mali both got in and told the driver where you wanted to go. To the hotel they were staying at.

From Cal
How long will you be? Michael’s not even out of bed xx

You didn’t really know how long you were actually going to be but thought you’d at least be half an hour.

To Cal
Half an hour xx

It had been an hour and you noticed a sign about the hotel they were staying at. You knew you were close now. The nereves were building up inside of you. You were finally getting to see your best friend again after three long months.

The next thing you knew you were at the hotel. You quickly texted Calum saying that you were here and he texted you back almost instantly saying that he sent Luke to come and get you, well Mali, since he didn’t know either.

“He- Y/N what are you doing here?” Luke asks.

“I came with Mali to surprise Michael.” You smiled at Luke.

“Thank God. He hasn’t shut up about you.” He said and you giggled.

“Well come on than.” Luke said leading you and Mali to their hotel room.

“Why am I even u- Y/N!” Michael screamed ss you walked into the room to instantly be crushed in a hug.

“MICHAEL!” You screamed back.

Calum: “Calum, I’m tired. I’m sorry but I really have to go.” You said over the webcam to your best friend.

“I really hate timezones.” He laughs.

“Same.” You sigh before you both say goodbye. You close the lid of your laptop down before putting it away.

You climb into bed and look over at the time. 11PM. You knew where Calum was it was the morning. And once you woke up you knew it would be night for him.

Having a best friend who was in a band seemed fun at first. But it really sucks when he has to go on tour and won’t be back for another 6 months.

He said 6 months wasn’t going to be that long but he lied. The past months have killed you, and your getting little sleep. And the worst thing is, you still have 2 more months before your able to see him again and feel him in your presence.

After all 6 months was half a year! And of course it was going to go by fast for him. He’s touring the world. He’s living his dream! When your stuck at home, moaning about how much you miss him. If anyone saw you in your state when you were just sitting around in the house, they’d call you pethetic. After all you were only his best friend. The other boys had girlfriends and they were still getting on with there lives.

But having a best friend was different. It felt like the other half of you was missing. If you were to tell anyone how you thought they would’ve mistaken you for having a crush on Calum. Which you certainly didn’t. He was your best friend. Your partner in crime.

Even if these two months did kill you. You knew you’d have to get through it. So you could have Calum back.

*2 months later*

“Mali, whens his plane coming.” You whined like a little kid.

“I don’t know, soon.” She said.

“If we’re going by soon in there way we’re going to be stuck here for another five years.” You said causing Mali to laugh.
Suddenly you heard over the intercom that his plane had landed. You knew that it was going to be at least half an hour before you saw him. Since he had to get his luggage.

“I’m going to get coffee. You coming?” You asked Mali.

“I’ll just stay here.” She said. You nodded and left.

It took you way longer than you thought it would and as you were walking back you saw someone familiar. Someone you’ve been dying to see for the past 6 months.

“CALUM!” You screamed running up to him excitedly.
He looked in your direction confused before seeing you. As you approached him he gave you a massive hug.

“I missed you so much.” He said.

“I missed you more.”

Luke: “Are you sure you have everything?” You asked Luke once again.

“Yes mother.” He teased you.

“Someone has to make sure you have everything.” You sighed.

“Aren’t you going to miss me?” He asked you.

“Nope. I’m going to be so happy that you finally left and I don’t have to put up with you and your suckish band for another month.” You said jokingly.

“Hey!” He said. Pretending to be offended. “You’re going to miss me really!”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that Hemmings.”

“We’re using last names now, Y/L/N?”

You giggled at him before Liz came through the door. “We have to go now. Y/N, are you coming?”

“Of course!” You smiled and Liz smiled back at you.

“Good because Luke really loves you.”

“Mum.” Luke groaned. “We’re just best friends.”

“You used to kiss each other, behind the tree kn the park when you were five.” Liz said making Lule groan and mumble something under his breath and you too giggle, remembering the memory of when you and Luke were younger.

“5 year old Luke got more acrion than Luke now does?” Calum asked holding back his laughter as he tried to embarrass Luke.

“He got more action than you ever have.” You say jokingly, defending Luke.

“Come on than, lets get to the airport."Liz says as Michael and Ashton come in asking what you guys are doing.

*1 month later*

It’s been one month of countless skype calls and text messages. When Luke was away from you doing band stuff you only ever left the house if needed and most of the time your sleeping plan got changed up to match his. You knew it was a good idea to drop out of school with Calum and Michael.

You had just made it to the airport when you saw about 200 girls waiting there. You obviously knew it was for them when they started to ask for pictures with you.

You recieved very little hate and if anyone hated on you it was normally people who hated on the boys themselves as well. In fact you were sure you got less hate than the boys themselves.

After taking a few pictures with as many fans as you could a fan then pointed over to the gateway. Where Luke was coming out with the three others.

"Thank you.” You said thanking her once you took a photo.