its passed 3am

man i was going through trope bingo cards for inspiration and i realized

i’ve done so many tropes

so here’s a list, just in case anyone else likes looking at lists of fic tropes and aus :’D

  • forced/arranged marriage au
  • accidental pregnancy
  • bets and dares
  • neighbors au
  • roommates au
  • secret relationship
  • time travel
  • masquerade/ball au
  • role reversal au
  • enemies to lovers
  • enemy lovers
  • sparring fic
  • hogwarts au
  • tabletop gaming au
  • fake relationship
  • bed sharing
  • confessions
  • wet dreams
  • lap pillows
  • mistaken for dead au
  • space au
  • rule 63/genderbend au
  • alpha/beta/omega au
  • mute au
  • blind au
  • fusion
  • modeling au
  • soulmate au
  • virtual reality video game au
  • operation: jealousy
  • supernatural au
  • teachers au
  • royalty au
  • mistaken identity
  • fairy tale au
  • childhood friends au
  • college/university au
  • high school au
  • thieves au

and those i haven’t done, but would like to do in the future

  • age difference au
  • wrong number au
  • band au
  • time loop au
  • reincarnation au
  • guardian angel au
  • single parent au
  • marvel/dc heroes au
  • more to be added

introduced13  asked:

T. S.

your blog is vivid, bursting with warm colours and tinged with optimism, so it reminds me of holy ground!! you seemingly have a loving, wild heart, and much like this song your blog makes me think of that exhilarating rush of adrenaline and excitement you get when taylor is finally in front of you in concert, and you know you’re about to have an unbelievably blissful, thrilling night xx

send me ’T.S’ and I’ll tell you which taylor swift song your blog reminds me of

Ftm Guides: formal trousers are hard so just get specifically tailored ones just for you
Me buying school trousers: so I’m just gonna get them big enough to comfortably fit my hips, which means they’re also wide enough for five of my legs and trail behind me like a wedding train
Me: *cuffs my trousers*
Me: damn don’t I pass well in these well fitting men’s trousers
Legs: sorry we can’t hear you under all this fucking trouser

before u judge… it’s 3am and i wanna cut my entire bottom half off. so:
out of curiosity: what’s my favorite gen based on the characters i roleplay as?

*drumroll* please…?

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i was going to go to bed but i’ve been listening to steam powered giraffe all night and REALLY wanted to sketch isabella real quick first because like she totally rocks the steam punk aesthetic so much