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Stormy Nights & Hateful Fights || Byun Baekhyun

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Word Count: 1,843

Byun Baekhyun + Reader + Angst

A/N: Woah I got carried away when writing this.. I actually wanted to punch myself when I reread this why why why. Well… Enjoy!

The rain outside grew stronger as the night grew darker. The coffee on your table remained untouched, getting colder as time passes by. Although at a time like this, you didn’t need caffeine in your system to wake up. Worrying about Baekhyun does its job well in keeping you up late at night.

The small hand on the clock points at 2, 2 in the morning. Baekhyun still wasn’t home. You were worried about him driving home alone this late at night, not to mention the heavy rain and wet concrete. You didn’t want to think negatively, but in this type of situation, who wouldn’t?

Despite all your worrying, you knew where he was. He may be at a different place right now, but he is always with the same person. Taeyeon. It was always her.

You don’t want to feel even a hint of jealousy. You knew about their collaboration and it made you so proud and happy for Baekhyun. This project can be another door to his success; to gain more popularity and opportunities. He was so close to achieving everything he wanted and you were so happy.

You don’t want to feel even a hint of jealousy but here you are sitting alone in your dark living room, anticipating for your boyfriend’s return.

Yes, you were anticipating if he will even return home. Most nights, you’ll get a short text message from him saying he’ll be staying at a friend’s house or a hotel near their office. As much as you want to believe him, you knew where he was. It was always with her.

No, he wasn’t cheating. Well.. at least that’s what you want to think. 

When you met Baekhyun, he was broken. Broken by the same person he’s with right now. But even though he had a damaged heart that was thought to never love again, you healed him. You gave all of your love in hopes for him to change and be happy again, this time with you in the picture. And you did. 2 years later, your relationship with Baekhyun is stronger than ever.

But why do you feel this way? Why are you being this way?

You’ve always thought trust and faithfulness are the most important in a relationship. But why do you feel like the two of you are lacking one of each? Can’t you trust him? Is he being faithful?

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of the front door creaking open, showing no other than Byun Baekhyun.

His clothes were wet from the rain, small droplets of water were dripping from his hair, his shivers were visible. You quickly jumped up from your seat to grab a towel before putting it carefully around your boyfriend. You sat him down on a wooden chair that you pulled near to the front door (you didn’t want the carpet to get wet, but that’s not the case, is it?)

Grabbing him a new set of clothes from your shared room, you gave him a few minutes to change, taking the time to make him a cup of hot chocolate to warm him up from his shivering state.

He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later to be greeted by a plate of cookies and his warm beverage. He quietly ate and drank while you sat across him, waiting for an explanation that never came.

“This is the latest you’ve come home..“ you started. Your voice was low, almost like a whisper. You were cautious with your words, trying not to trigger him especially this late at night with his tired body. You waited for a reply. Baekhyun lifted the cup to his mouth, drinking the liquid. You don’t even remember if he have looked you in the eye right from when he arrived home. He hasn’t voiced a single word. He felt cold like the weather.

When did your relationship take a huge turn? It used to be full of sunshine. Butterfly kisses in bed, back hugs in the kitchen, laughter in the rain, and just plain love. It felt like the Baekhyun you knew suddenly had a drastic change, like a button was suddenly pressed and turned him into someone you don’t know. When you look at Baekhyun, you see him; his physical state. But his eyes looked empty. The ones that were filled with with deep affection changed into something dark and empty. You used to fall for the dark abyss inside his gaze only to be caught by his tenderness, but this dark abyss you see right now is nothing but emptiness that let you fall continuously, hoping for something to land on. This whole relationship was empty but you refused to believe it. You kept on filling the emptiness with your own endearment thinking it will help recover the once passionate relationship. But it only caused you to feel distressed, consuming your energy, and soon collapsing on the shallow emotions of Byun Baekhyun. You were desperate for him to save you.

His silence was testing you. Your once soft physique turning into desolation.

“Baekhyun, I need an explanation on why you’re acting up like this.“ your voice grew loud and stern, surprising Baekhyun. His head raised, his eyes finally falling on your own.


“What explanation? You know damn well I’m busy with work.“ he answered. He leaned back on his chair with his arms folded to his chest. 

“This is the first time you went home in weeks and it’s 2 in the morning! You can’t give me a proper explanation on why you can’t even give your girlfriend a call and ask if she’s still breathing or some shit?“ you fired back. Your chair was pushed back when you stood up to tower Baekhyun. The rain fell hard on the rooftop, but your cries were louder in desperation.

“What do you want me to do?! Reject the opportunity standing in front of me just for you? For your selfishness?” Baekhyun stood up immediately, startling you. A few steps back were taken by you. His height making you feel small under his glare.

“Selfishness? Is a little attention coming from my own boyfriend selfishness?!“

“I come home after a long time and you greet me with your distasteful complaints.“ He turned around and walked away.

“Damn right I’m complaining. You don’t even treat me as a girlfriend anymore. I’m a mere decoration in this house or just for your convenience.“ you replied, following him to the living room. You saw him take his still soaked jacket on the couch and started walking to the front door. You stopped dead on your tracks at his actions. 

“You’re leaving again?“ you whimpered. Tears threatened to leave your eyes, your lips quivered, your heart sunk. It’s only been an hour since Baekhyun’s arrival, an hour filled with screaming and hatred, and now he’s leaving once again.

“Taeyeon was never like this. Why can’t you be more like her?“ Baekhyun whispered.

“Wha-what?“ you were taken aback. You were contemplating whether you heard it wrong and that all of your emotions are causing you to hear something else. But as soon as Baekhyun turned around, looking at you with wide surprised eyes you knew you heard it right. Looking at Baekhyun, you knew he was as shocked as you are. 

“Taeyeon? After all these years, it’s still Taeyeon?“ a sob escaped your trembling lips. 

“No.. No no no no.“ Baekhyun shook his head nervously trying to get a hold of your hand. His expression turned into guilt and hurt when you took a step back away from his grasp. He took another step towards you, but you mirrored his step until you started to walk away.

“(Y/n) please. That’s not what I meant-“

“Not what you meant?! That Taeyeon will always be the one who’s holding your heart? That I am nothing but a rebound?“ you screamed at him. Tears are now streaming down your face. Baekhyun stood in the middle of the room, looking at you with pained eyes. You felt mentally and physically tired. You wanted everything to stop, you needed to rest. But you can’t rest like this. You can’t rest when every time Baekhyun leaves, you can’t help but think and worry where he was and if he was planning on coming home; home in your embrace. You can’t rest when you are constantly giving your all in order for this relationship to work when it was clear that the fire that once burned bright started to die down into a faint spark. The spark that was left in your relationship supposed to motivate you, thinking there is still a chance for it to burn bright again. But the spark did nothing but harm you whenever you tried to touch it, to heal it. You aren’t supposed to be alone, you needed Baekhyun to endure the pain.

“No, you’re not that. Please, believe me. I love you, please.“ Baekhyun pleaded. He finally took a hold of your arm, his body slowly dropping to the ground, his arms around your waist and his head pressed against your stomach. “I didn’t mean it. I love you. I need you. Please, please I’m sorry.“

“If you love me, why are you hurting me like this.. You can’t say you love me when everyday you leave me anxious for your return.. You can’t say you love me when I’m the one that needed saving but I’m the one trying to save the both of us.“ your hand landed on Baekhyun’s arm that was wrapped around you, trying to break away from his hold but he he only held tighter like his life depended on it. His apologies were muffled by his cries, your shirt becoming damp with his tears.

“I’m sorry. I’ll change.. I’ll be better. Please, just don’t leave.. I can’t- I can’t do it if you leave. I can’t be happy.” 

As much as you want to refuse and ignore his plea, as much as you wanted to turn around and leave to finally rest, you didn’t have the heart to do so. Because you knew, that when you leave, everything will change. You knew the ‘rest’ you wanted wouldn’t arrive. Those sleepless nights would still be there knowing Baekhyun will never come home to sleep next to you. Those worrying will be endless knowing you will never hear from Baekhyun ever again. Your rest was impossible. The only moment you can rest is when Baekhyun can finally save you. And you’d do anything for that moment. The moment to stay.

“I’ll change, (Y/n). For you, for us. Just don’t leave me. I love you so much.“

The rain outside started to quiet down.The only sound that can be heard was your heavy breathing and Baekhyun’s cries. Your eyes shut close as soon as your fingers entwined with his soft hair.

“Let’s try again.. For us..”

Being tired didn’t matter anymore. For as long as Byun Baekhyun is there to mend you at the end of the day.

Sparks Chapter 9

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Bucky volunteers to be y/n’s date at a prestigious scientific gala y/n is invited to speak at. Bucky’s feelings for y/n grow and he catches himself gaping at her. After the gala they go back to y/n’s apartment for take out, a movie, and a sleepover. They share a bed once again but this time y/n feels different. After a violent attack with an intruder Bucky saves y/n’s life and realizes he would do anything for her: including kill.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 80 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Pissed myself while drunk at a friends apartment!

You guys get the drill by now. This is the 3rd omorashi experience I had that I wrote about for I’m having fun bringing all my written works to a new community, given how well they’ve been received elsewhere. You guys are awesome! ^^


I think you guys are rubbing off on me, in an odd way. This is my third experience I have to write recently, and I think I’m almost subconsciously letting myself get into these situations at this point. I’ve really gotta learn to go when I’ve gotta go.

I visited a friend yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, and her and two other girls including me were having a get together at her apartment. I was the first to show up, as I had to be there early in the day, so I stayed in her apartment for a bit while she stepped out because she had things to do…I was basically house-sitting for a bit. Just kind of hung around, watching tv, playing Playstation 2, good stuff. In that time I had a Rockstar and 2 beers. She ended up getting back around 11 o'clock with the others, and we just started hanging out and chilling. Usually we have like card games or board games we play or even some Smash Melee 1v1’s, but last night we were just content to sit around and chat, shooting the shit and talking about whatever topic came up while passing around rum and vodka. We eventually marathoned some Netflix movies, but that didn’t happen until later last night, after this story (We were up until the late morning. Its almost 5 pm and I’ve only been up an hour or two).

Here’s the description phase, and I’ll be a little bit more complete for newcomers. I’m pretty average height, but if I’m around my friends I feel pretty short because they’re all tall. I was 5'8-5'9 last time I checked, though sometimes online I’ll lie through my virtual teeth and say 5'11 because I hate feeling small. Last time I checked my weight like 3 weeks-a month ago I was 116 pounds. I have long black hair, goes past my shoulders, but its not really well taken care of. Split ends and bedhead glaore. Its only nights like this one I go through the effort to make it look not trash. I’m pretty pale and pasty, I try to tan during summers but I almost always burn and it sucks. I usually give up by August and sit under a parasol on beach days like I’m a goddamn vampire or something. Lucky for me, my complexion has always been pretty fair and acne free, due to my face-wash, so I have that going for me appearance wise at least. On this particular day I was wearing some light-grey leggings for comfort, a black bra and panties, along with a black crop top (to show off the belly button piercing I got like a month ago) and a zebra striped, unbuttoned overshirt. Really slutty looking, I know, but its not like we were going out. I just needed to show up all my friends, because I’m an ass like that. I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer looking gross, so I try to look pretty every once and awhile. :P

Anywho, back to the story, we were all sitting around talking. I took in a beer, and another, and that went through me along with the stuff I drank earlier, but I had easily ignored it because I was also doing shots. Vodka is obviously the second coming of Christ. Mmmm. As we know, things like beer are a diuretic, and eventually I was pretty drunk off my rocker, and I really had to pee. But I was drunk, and I was like pssshhh its fine. And as an omo enthusiast, needing to pee was exciting, and the alcohol made me consider the reprecussions of holding it in remarkably less, and it didn’t even occur to me that being inebriated might affect my ability to hold properly. As I was sitting on the couch, I just pulled the blanket over me and held myself, and continued on with the conversation. The need to pee grew, but instead of getting up to go, I just got more excited! I mean, I’m a big girl, I know my limits right? The bathroom is literally 6 feet away, its not like I somehow won’t make it when I need to go! So instead of going, I continued holding it, while still taking active part in the discussion, making it almost a game where I was absolutely desperate and trying to keep friends from noticing. Gripping myself under the blanket, subtly rocking, it worked so well. Of course I continued shots. It didn’t occur to me even that I might have difficulty with my balance once I stood. I didn’t even think about it.

Naturally, I got to the point where I was even sweating with the effort of holding it, yet still didn’t really care. I had to pee, so what right? But I also didn’t consider one of my friends thinking something was up. Katie looked at me and straight up asked me, “Are you alright?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I just suddenly froze, trying to think of something, staring her right in the eyes like a confused cat. It was at this worst possible time, that my mind drifting off had suddenly taken an edge off my holding ability, and I started leaking. Katie asked again if anything was wrong, and now all eyes were on me as I was frozen staring at katie, and I felt a small “psshhh” as my hand got wet, in its position shoved in between my legs. I quickly clenched my legs to slow the flow and swiftly started nodding like crazy, and started explaining, while nervously stuttering might I add, how I was in that situation where with the blanket I’m warm, and without it I’m cold, so I only have it over my lap to try and even it out, but I was still a bit warm regardless. Luckily I wasn’t the only one that was piss drunk and they totally bought that, as little sense as it made for me to be sweating and shaking from this. One of my other friends suggested we all gather in the bedroom and watch netflix on the tv in there, as the ones sitting on the floor and not the couch were getting chilly, and as the bed was against the wall so there was enough room for all of us to sit on the bed and lean against the wall and get cosy. While everyone was chatting and agreeing with her I was frozen in the realization that I had really gotten myself into a predicament. While I was thinking this I couldn’t help it. I felt it again.



I felt the short hisses against my hand again and again, my hand getting wet, and I could feel the couch underneath me becoming warm. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I was wetting on my friend’s couch, right in front of them all. Luckily they didn’t seem to notice. They all got up and a few of them filed into the bedroom, Katie asking if I was coming. I sharply nodded and used my spare hand to handle my phone, saying I just needed to check something first. Pssshh. They went in. Except for Steph, who immediately went into the bathroom. I suddenly went numb. God dammit Steph.

I shot up like a lightning bolt, and looked down at the couch. There was a blanket folded over thrice covering the cushions, and there was a large stain where I had been sitting. A pretty significant one too, and still warm. I flipped the folded blanket over to its other side, and thankfully it wasn’t soaked all the way through. So I left it flipped, knowing since I was sleeping there nobody would be the wiser, given it also looked the same from the other side. I felt between by legs. Warm and wet. Same with my ass. I mentally cursed as it happened again as my hand became warm and damper. Pssshh.

I ran to the bathroom and stood just outside it and realized Steph would realize the moment she looked at me that I was wetting myself, and I just moaned from frustration. I stumbled to the bathroom, leaking some more. My thighs and the front of my leggings got it from the angle, and it crawled in a wet little line across the top of my front thigh. Shit. Now I couldn’t just hide my ass and hope for the best. So I did what every stupid drunk would try. I hid next to the door against the wall, like I was in a spy movie. Leaning against the wall, my legs locked together and my hands between them, I was able to see my swollen belly thanks to the croptop and I almost lurched upon realizing how much I was holding. Then I just stood still and silent, my goal being for Steph to not know I was there and just walk by when she was done. This proved to be my undoing, as by being silent I could hear Steph’s powerful stream hitting the water as she peed, from the other side of the door. This did me in.

I couldn’t take the sound of her peeing. Leaning against the wall, gripping at myself for dear life, my legs wobbling, I couldn’t stop myself. I started gasping as I felt my hands grow warm from the very thing I was trying to prevent.

Psssh. Psssssshhh…..ssssssshhhhhhhhh…..

The hissing against my hands, all too familiar at this point, grew in strength, length, and intensity. I clutched and gasped and whined, but I could barely manage any futile attempt as drunk as I was. I was using the wall just to be able to stand upright. My leggings all around the back of my legs started to feel warm, and I could feel my urine dripping down from my crotch, to my ass, down my thighs…the feeling almost had me let go completely right there, if not the sound of it hitting the floor. But I couldn’t give up. Anybody could come out of the bedroom and stare right at me as I peed my pants. I moaned as I felt a rather big PSHH leave my hands and stream down my legs.

And then the door opened. And Steph lurched by, laughing at something like it was the most hilarious thing on earth, and went right past me. Thank the omo gods. I darted in quick as a flash, slammed the door, and held myself up against the sink. I looked at myself in the mirror, wide eyed in terror as I realized the movement had only made things worse.


It was all over now, pouring down my legs, like several connected streams with the force of a rapid river. The sound of it drenching myself as well as the floor was deafening, my legs turned inward at the knees. I was soaked. I was wetting myself with full force. Damage minimization. Toilet. Where’s the toilet. I need to sit on it, that much I can do.

Only I couldn’t. The moment I let go of the sink I fell ass first onto the tub edge. The position made the sound of my peeing louder, an echoed hissing throughout the bathroom as it poured down the side of the tub. As a last ditch effort I let myself slide back into the tub, so my back hit the tub wall, with my wet knees hooked on the edge. I was partially laying down, in a really awkward position. But I couldn’t do anymore damage or leave anymore evidence like this. Thankfully as well, as I physically couldn’t remotely fight it any longer, even though I tried, laying there horizontally with my hands between my legs, moaning “No, no no no nooo!!”

My crotch was just oversaturated, my pee all but sprawing out from between my fingers, a steady stream covering both the top of my leggings and my belly, and going down, soaking the entirety of my ass and even drenching my back and the bottom of my overshirt. I knocked my legs together feebly, gripping between them all the way. Gotta give me an E for effort, right? Of course, I was eventually empty. In my effort to minimize the damage I had ended up soaking more of myself than I should have. But at least the mess would be easier to clean up. Outside was first, I decided. I stripped my leggings and overshirt off so I was only in my panties and crop top. I gathered up toilet paper, and opened the door to look. I could hear the girls all giggling in the bedroom. A nice opportunity.

I wiped up my puddle beside the door, darted out and grabbed my bag, and ran back in. I stripped off, putting my wet clothes in the bag, and taking my jammies out. I grabbed a shower, and then used the towel I had just dried off with to wipe up my rather large lake of a puddle next to the tub. I ended up having to pee again while in the shower, so I just let it go while I was in there. I mean, I was showering anyway. I probably should have taken a bath though, as my balance was real poor. If it wasn’t for the shower bar and mat, I could have broken my neck. But I don’t think straight after alcohol. I only drink straight. Ba dum tss. Anyway.

I got out of the shower, and once I was all fresh and jammied up I knew I had gotten away with it, assuming nobody randomly checked the underside of the couch blanket. I went in and sat next to another friend who asked what took so long and I just told her I showered. I laid my head on her shoulder and watched TV with them and fell asleep pretty quick. I was exhausted. When everyone was going to sleep she woke me up. I made my way to the couch but realized I was bursting again, so I immediately used the bathroom again to avoid incident. I laid down and set an alarm on my phone to wake me before anyone else (A few hours ago actually) so I could wash the blanket, making the excuse her cat peed on it when I had gotten up to use the bathroom. Went smooth as a baby’s bottom. She even thanked me for doing so.

Another accident, another smooth getaway.

Remember the wolf from pulp fiction? I’m starting to feel like him, but for omo. The omo wolf. :P Can clean up and hide any accident.

As always, feel absolutely free to let me know how I’m doing! Its come to my attention a lot of people like my writing so I’m typing up every incident I have, and constantly trying to improve! Thanks for reading, as always! You’ve all been so kind to me, I love you all.

Have a fantastic day! :D

the merciless flaw | four {final}

pairing: sehun x reader
genre: soulmate!au, fluff, series
summary: the clock counts down the years, days and hours left until your being will be smudged from existence. not wiped, but smudged, because you will be remembered by your saviour; your soulmate

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4

A/N: i literally do not wanna post but i only posted this cos i promised it would be out by today and because i havent posted in a while so if its terrible now u know why + ends too quickly sORRY i might change it in the morning idk

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Sporadic stars filled the darkness surrounding you. It provided you with elements of entertainment from your forced boredom; you pushed your knuckles harder against your eyes, gaining a strange euphoria.

The passing time seemed to slow with each prolonged second. Your loneliness grew.

He still wasn’t here. Nor had he called. Abstaining from abusing your eyes, you watched the clock. How each second merely passed, as if it did not hold your hurt and frustration. Time had always held importance to you, watching how your clock ticked down each second, it seemed meritless yet you realised how much value each moment held. It was hard not to when you’re entire existence depended on timing and when you the years turned into days, you knew timing determined everything within life. So your anxiety piled up. Though you knew how much love you held for Sehun, unsympathetic thoughts of having told him too early daunted you. If you had heard him repeat those sweet words to you then the agitation growing within you would be subdued. Yet his elusive presence and nonexistent words of affection didn’t stray your belief he felt the same. But what was belief to reality?

You watched the clock, your mind occupied with thoughts that held no important. Forceful thoughts to rid you of your haunting worries. The irregular beating of your heart indicated you needed a source of comfort. 

The only comfort you could get would be knowing where he was. Picking up your phone, you pressed call on his contact. You listened to the phone ring with hope you would soon hear his voice.but were met with his voice message.

Without hesitation, you rang him again. No thoughts occupying your head. You tapped your fingers on top of your lips. The extensive ringing made you believe he wouldn’t pick up; with a sudden melting of hope, you pulled the phone away from your ear. Just before you could save your ears from the endless ringing, Sehun’s rumbling voice flooded out. 

“Hello? Y/N?” 

Immediately, you placed your phone back against your ear. Your eyes wide in surprise, your smile full of joy. 

“Hi! I just wanted to know when you would get here by. It’s kinda late but you said you would come so I’ll stay up if yo-”

A dry sigh of disapproval interrupted your excited flood of words. Your next words clogged in your throat, waiting for him to speak. Your mind went blank as you heard him shuffle around and close a door, you realised he was at home.

“I know but I can’t anymore. When I said I was busy, I meant it. It’s really draining me and you calling isn’t helpin-” Your ears perked up at hearing a second voice interrupt him. A soft, feminine voice. Though you couldn’t hear what she said or who she was, you knew she meant something to Sehun from the way he kindly replied. 

“I’ve got to go,” He mumbled, making her sweet tone with the unknown girl seem more intense.

With your words still stuck in your throat, you were left to hear the dreary, heavy sound of nothingness.

You were left with the banal heartache, so expected from love.

The thumping of your heart, if you waited any longer, could delude you into thinking a heart attack would hit you. A hand was placed over your erratic heart, as it would keep it in your chest if it attempted to jump out.

With your spare hand, you knocked harshly against the door once again; you began mentally preparing yourself, not sure for what.You felt a sharp zap of electricity run up your arm, the same arm with the clock. Irked with the pestering sensation that kept you company for the past few days, you furrowed your brows. Knocking against the door in a new found anger.

Before you could knock more violently, the door swung open. An equally frustrated, ruffled looking Sehun came into your sight.

His narrowed eyes widened once he realised it was you. The girl he had forgotten about and neglected for weeks. The girl who loved him. With a deep breath, he relaxed his expression.

“What are you doing here?” His voice was unusually calm, as if he knew he deserved the anger you held within your eyes. Not even thinking of answering his question, you pushed past him and into this apartment. He followed your movements with his eyes as he twisted on the spot, you turned around to watch him close the door. There was no use you thought, you weren’t going to stay long. 

“What’s wrong with you? Why have you been avoiding me?” The strong facade you held up managed to stay intact even within your voice, despite the way you crumbled inside. You didn’t want to know.

Sehun rubbed the side of his face in shame, fully aware of how he had been treating you. He licked his lips. He took a few steps forward but you blocked him from walking away, and in so in acceptance of the situation, he leaned the back of his head against the door. You knew him well enough to know that despite his glazed eyes, he was deep in contemplation of revealing his truth.

“Don’t lie to me, Sehun,” The softness in your voice grew as the realisation of the situation oozed into you.

He swallowed after hearing your words. Don’t lie to you? That’s all he’d ever done to you though. Every word of affection, every graze of his hand over yours, every kiss, every hold you were in was a lie. It was all a lie when his mind was occupied with another. 

However he would die of shame if anyone accused him of not trying. He tried to love you. To feel even an ounce of what you felt for him. He couldn’t when what you felt for him, he felt for another.

“I can’t be with you, Y/N.”

Hearing those words forced you into a state of blurriness. You weren’t sure what to feel when you felt everything at once. Your throat dried up and your racing heartbeat slowed. The previous zap of electricity surged through you, yet with the numbness you felt nothing. The silence urged him on.

“If it wasn’t this way, I would love you. But I don’t.” His voice strained in emotion. “I can’t be with someone I don’t love, Y/N.  Yes I do love you, but not the way you love me because I feel that way for someone else. I’ve felt it since I met her. I’ve felt it even when we were together,” His voice drowned into a whisper of truth.

Your voice was devoid of emotion, yet your eyes welled up both from hidden emotion and the heat bubbling in your arm where you clock sat. “But we’re soulmates, Sehun. We have to be together.”

“Being soulmates does not mean I love you. It means I should but not when-”

“Not when you love her.”

He nodded, his head hanging low in both shame and hatred of the way he felt. You scoffed, unamused. Neither of you wanting to state the obvious. A burdening silence festered as you both listened to the ominous ticking of the clock. 

Your throat closed in and your heart clenched, the silence allowing you to fully understand what this meant. Your bottom lip quivered slightly, decided to face the truth you started speaking.

“I’ll die,” Your shaky whisper barely loud enough to reach him. With a rough sniffle, he threw his head back and blinked. As if he hated hearing it out loud. He may not hold the type of love you held for him, but he did love you. He cared for you immensely and it broke him into pieces knowing he was the reason this was going to happen. Your existence would be smudged, not wiped because you would still remain within his heart. The person who saved him is the person he used, the person who would die because of his selfish ways. He would lose his soulmate for a love he wasn’t sure would last. And it broke him. His suffering had began.

“Isn’t death better than suffering?” His voice was heavy with emotion. Fallen tears ran down his face which he quickly wiped away, only to have them replaced by new ones.

Your arm twitched violently with a new shock of electricity. Your vision blurred with pain. Soon replaced with darkness. The abyss no longer decorated with stars.

A malfunction in the system. A denying of reality.

And so you lost your love.

You lost your life.

Hanji & Levi Painting their Room

Levi: *Taking his time, paying attention to the small details*

Hanji: *takes a brush dripping with paint and smears it on the wall*

Levi: Hanji, if you’re going to do it, do it right. If not, then get out and let me do it.

Hanji: *Gets upset and dips her hands into the paint with an evil grin*

Levi: Hanji, don’t you da- *Hanji puts her hands on his face and clothes*

Levi: COME BACK HERE SHITTY GLASSES *furiously runs after Hanji who’s putting her hand print on everything she passes by while laughing*


On this day in music history: September 15, 1967 - “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is released. Written by George Douglas (aka Bob Thiele) and George David Weiss, it is the sixty ninth single release for the jazz music icon from New Orleans, LA. Making chart history in May of 1964 becoming the oldest male artist to top the Hot 100 with “Hello Dolly”, ironically one of his signature songs barely makes a ripple on that chart initially. In 1967, Armstrong is approached by ABC Records A&R executive Bob Thiele about recording a song he’s written with George David Weiss. The song is “What A Wonderful World”, initially offered to Tony Bennett, who turns it down. Armstrong loves it and agrees to sign to the label and record it .The track is recorded at United Studios in Las Vegas, NV, while the musician is in town performing at the Tropicana Hotel. Also present is ABC president Larry Newton who doesn’t like “What A Wonderful World”. His opposition is so strong, that he has to be locked out of the studio. Another challenge is with the studio being located close to railroad tracks. The loud horns from passing Union Pacific trains is a constant distraction. The session is finally finished by 6 am, with the orchestra being owed additional money for the overtime session. Louis graciously accepts only a $250 fee (then union scale) to make sure that the orchestra are fully paid. With Newton still in opposition, Bob Thiele has to force its release. Even then, the ABC president refuses to allow any promotion for the record. As a result, the single bubbles under the Billboard Hot 100 at #116, selling less than 1,000 copies and disappears quickly from view. In the UK, it is a completely different story. It’s licensed to HMV Records and released in February of 1968, quickly becoming a smash and spends four weeks at number one on the UK singles chart beginning on April 24, 1968. It is the last major hit for Louis Armstrong before his passing in July of 1971. Having failed in the US on its original release, the song has a surprising and unexpected redux over two decades later. Director Barry Levinson uses it in his film “Good Morning, Vietnam”, with Robin Williams as Armed Forces Radio DJ Adrian Cronauer. A&M Records releases it as a single in early 1988, in wake of the films’ success. It becomes a surprise hit, peaking at #32 on the Hot 100 on April 2, 1988 and #7 on the AC chart, driving the soundtrack to Platinum plus status. Now an acknowledged standard, “What A Wonderful World” has been recorded by numerous artists including Roy Clark, Anne Murray, Rod Stewart, Joey Ramone, and Eva Cassidy. One of the best known versions outside of Louis Armstrong’s, is by the late Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, recorded in a medley with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Louis Armstrong’s original recording of “What A Wonderful World” is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999.

The dragon and the crescent moon

1. There was once a queen who bestrode sleep and the waking world, and she had brought so much gold with her from dreams that she could never quite keep track of it all. One day, one of her pumpkin coaches crashed into a lake and spilled out its cargo in a great gold crescent. It had been perhaps only a few hours when the dragon came along. Now, this dragon had been born in the arms of the crescent moon and the shape held great comfort for it. It saw the sparkling crescent and swooped down to sleep there, under the water, because it was a water dragon. When the villagers came to look, they saw it there. It may be, they said, that dragons like to sleep on gold. And by the morning the dragon had woken and gone on its way, and be sure the gold was well-plundered soon. But it stuck in the memory.
2. Thereafter, whenever the villagers saw dragons and gold together, they shared a knowing look, in a way that they did not when they saw other creatures with gold. That land being still in the days of the Queendom of Sleep, there was a great deal of gold to be had. And in those days dragons were as common as crows. So passing dragonets perching on the Queen’s golden gondola, or flying into the palace via an unattended window and thrashing about inside on the golden walls, until set free: yes, and yes. The great white dragon that they hunted in the luminous night and which lay, exhausted, on the Queen’s cloth-of-gold blanket: yes. And yes, those that nested in the eaves of the golden-roofed temples of the high city.
3. Then too, when the dragons got old and knarled and chose a cave to settle down in and begin the long slow process of turning to stone, the people who lived nearby would seek assurances that they were not in danger. Knowing now that dragons liked gold, they brought gold to the lip of the dragon-cave as an offering. The dragons would politely leave it there. In this way, one could tell the entrance to a dragon-hole by the gold items scattered outside.
4. Of course, the dragons had no interest in the humans up above. Once they had settled in a cave, they ate only earth and drank only the water from underground rivers. So the people who left gold believed that their offerings were successful, and advised others to do so too.
5. And then of course there was the odd dragon who tried to explain. We’re not actually that fond of gold. Dragons, said the people. Always on about gold. Gold, gold, gold, all the time. Odd how you always hear about gold and dragons in the same breath, isn’t it?
6. Fuck sakes, said the dragons. Only they said it in their own language. It involved some emission of sulphur. Gold isn’t that uncomfortable anyway. It’s no worse than sleeping on rocks. And so it came to pass that when the Queen of Sleep descended into the land of clouded dreams, and gold once more became rare throughout the land, the gold that everyone wanted was under the dragons. And be sure that everyone who was not a dragon then knew of their greed.

kissing monsta x

heyooooo its me! back with another “kissing” segment!

bts ver.

and a quick lil ;) to @nqseo for givin me love and anticipating this one. love u hon!

being kissed by hyunwoo is what absolute security feels like. those muscles might be perfect for lifting, but they also keep you close and safe 25/8. he smiles a lot when he kisses you. squeezes you like theres no tomorrow. he likes innocent pecks rather than hot and heavy smooches. youre gonna have to tell him absolutely everything you want to do with him cause hes just gonna get so lost in kissing you, hes not gonna want to do anything else. once you do reel him out of that trance, babe, its over. its like a frickin switch with him. everything just intensifies and he gets a million times more aggressive than he was.

hun, grab a bottle of water, cause kissing hoseok is gonna tire the fuck out of you. this boy is a grabby little thing. he’ll start kissing you at the front door, somehow make it to the kitchen counter, to the floor, to the dining table, back to the floor, the couch, whatever it takes get kiss you at different angles. the vocal boy. the hot, vocal, kinky boy. just an overall good boy to kiss. 10/10 would recommend kissing said boy.

once minhyuk gets comfortable with you, kissing this boy is gonna be the most fun you’ll ever have. the type to laugh and make jokes while kissing you. he loooves hearing you when you kiss so he might try to quickly tickle you just to hear you; to know its him thats making you so happy. quotes all the cheesy movie lines because he knows they make you cringe (but of course you wouldnt have it any other way) for example, he saw you watching kim bokjoo and started to ask, “do you like m-” and you thought he was gonna say messi but ends up saying “minhyuk?” which results in a firm slap to his arm and smiley kiss to his lips.

kihyun is the sweetest kisser to have ever existed. cliche but goddamn, does he know how to make you gasp. he holds you very close and tells you whatever’s on his mind. sometimes he’ll stare at you more than actually kiss you. the best thing about kissing kihyun is the sighs he lets out when he first starts kissin u. #1 at giving random kisses throughout the day. vacuuming? kiss no. 1. you pass each other in the hall? kiss no. 2. cooking? kiss no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. known as “the kisser” between you and the boys. not ever “the good kisser” he just kisses you so goddamn much its just “the kisser”

hyungwon is the king of lazy kisses. and i dont mean lazy kisses is all he has to offer. i mean that his lazy kisses are so good, they get you fired up. of course from time to time he’ll get just as energized from kissing you but kissing you in the morning or at the end of the night, when the least amount of energy is needed to show you love is what he loves most. morning kisses are his favorite tho. he gets to kiss you awake and see you smile at him as you ask for more.

kissing???? jooheon???? is as sweet??? as it is ever going to get????? he’ll come home from practice and you’ll hear a “baaaaaaby” from the front door and you immediately swoop in to plant one his lips. reason? he saw a scene from a movie where the guy picks up the girl and twirls her while kissing her and he absentmindedly said, “i want to do that with you every time one of us comes home to the other” he got so embarrassed but you stood up at the door, told him to stand up and get ready and you did it. he was so excited and literally when out the door, locked it, unlocked it, came in and did it two more times. eventually you might get tired of it but for now its the highlight of every day of your life.

changkyun is the most shy (hehohe didnt expect it did ya (maybe you did but whatever just feign surprise plz)) when it comes to kissing you. all that confidence on stage simmers down to nothing when it comes to you. he needs someone to be vulnerable with and thats you. his favorite past time is therapy sessions with you on the kitchen counter, standing between your legs, with little kisses after every sentence he pours from his heart. 

having fun being soft cause writing this sure made me soft as fuck

anonymous asked:

Does 4 do missions at reasonable times or does she show up late at night and Marie wants to wring her neck? Do they cuddle in the cabin after? ;)

Well Marie is a night owl so i dont think she’d mind as much, plus she hardly sleeps anywho

4 has to balance agent work and work at grizzco since she gotta pay rent still, so its usually: morning - Grizzco, Rest of the day into the night- Agent work

though sometimes 4 would find Marie passed out at the cabin after missions…not exactly cuddling but this’ll do

Remembering Sunday

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1704

Warnings: Angst and a bit of fluff

A/N: Written as part of @hannahindie and @pinknerdpanda ‘s Pop Punk Challenge (I cant find the original post because i suck) - Based on Remembering Sunday by All Time Low <3

I woke with a surge of air to my lungs, gasping as my eyes shot open, the image of her smiling back at me fading as I tried to focus in the darkness of my room. Blood pounded in my ears as I sat up, the piercing pain in my head causing me to wince but I stood up anyway, lazily swaying as I wandered to the kitchen. The bunker was silent and I frowned as I wondered where she was, remembering the empty bed I’d woken up in. Taking two mugs from the cupboard, I poured us both coffee, expecting her to wander in with her messy hair and tired eyes as the smell of the coffee drifted through the air. “Must be on a run,” I mused to myself, absent-mindedly pouring the second cup anyway, just in case.

Sammy was out hunting something with Mom and I didn’t ask any questions when he suggested he leave me and Y/N alone for the week, more than happy to spend time with her. I smiled as I sat at the table, thinking back to the day she arrived, her eyes darting everywhere, trying to take in the vastness of the bunker.

“You live here?” she’d wondered, turning to look me straight in the eye.

“You bet, sweetheart,” I flashed her a cheeky smile and she laughed, “everything you could ever know about the things that go bump in the night are on those shelves…” She spent most of her time in the library, trying to read up on as much lore as she could, always hungry for more and frankly I loved having her here. It wasn’t long before she stopped going home all together.

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timeline of my morning
  • 12am: eh nbd i dont work tomorrow.
  • 2am: i should sleep soon im feelin pretty tired.
  • 3am: finally actually go to sleep.
  • 7;53am: stepdad wakes me up asking if i want a ride to work.
  • 7;54am: i am making a mad scramble to throw on clothes shouting I DIDNT KNOW I WORKED TODAY I DIDNT KNOW I-
  • 8;03am: in the car, on the way to work.
  • 8;10am: arrive shamefaced and late, clocking in and getting to work.
  • 8;45am: decides to check my schedule pinned to the wall.
  • 8;46am: SON OF A
The Guardian [1/?] - Sebastian Stan (AU)

SUMMARY: He was an ordinary journalist, and a student at the local university, until one day he found a girl in the snow; a girl with full of mystery. He was interested in her story, so he stayed by her side. But what happens, when he finds out that he has a connection with the mysterious girl?

WARNINGS: Mentions of drug use, other than that, nothing maybe fluff?


PAIRING: Sebastian x Reader

A/N: Well hello there. After a long time i decided that it’s time for me to share my writings here. This is my first fic i posted here, and also the first i translated from my main language to English. Which means that there are possibilities that it will contain grammar mistakes, or weird sentences - which im really sorry about. I hope you guys will enjoy this series as much as I enjoy writing it, and I really hope it will get some feedbacks, if i should continue or not. I also want to thank my friend, Char, for beta reading the chapter. I love you.

[Part 2]

(the gif belongs to its owner.)

Sebastian’s POV.

The snow came down harder after each passing day. My daily routine got boring too; waking up early in the morning, drinking hot coffee, then forcing countless layers of clothes on my body. T-shirt, simple shirt, jumper and all the other indispensable clothing that this season required.

           But those weren’t the only things that came with winter; there was the forgetfulness and constant hurry. I would have to go back to my apartment at least once or twice in the day. There were times when I left my phone, or even my notes on the little coffee table in the middle of my living room. Not only was there a mess in my life but in my head as well. Since I got the job at the journalist office, I was offered a course at the local university – which I gladly accepted without even  thinking it over. And then I wondered why I had that many things to do.

           It was already Thursday morning, and I was on my way to the office. I pulled the zipper of my coat up as far as it would go while trying to keep the notes and sketches under my arm. And well.. I fastened my pace, which caused me to trip over my feet at least 3 times on the way.

Today I chose to go through the park on my way because I wanted get the coffee I missed from one of the shops there – and because I wanted to have time to prepare my mind for work and the late night studying.

-          Sebastian! – Claudia, the owner of the little wooden shop, waved at me just as soon as I got into view – It’s been a long time since I last saw you here, son.

-          I know, and I’m sorry for that, Claudia – I explained just as soon as I got to the window – Can I at least bother you with making up for all the missed coffees?

-          Do you want the usual vanillia cappucino?

-          Exactly! I want to start my day with your speciality.

She nodded lightly, and stepped towards the coffee machine to get my drink ready.

Ever since the city opened these little Christmas markets, she has been taking part in them – even though she was older than the other owners here. She was going to be 73 that year, but she still looked good for her age. Even if her skin was a little wrinkled, and her hair was already dust grey – her eyes still showed her true, young beauty.

Every time I looked into those light green eyes, I felt like her young self is looking back at me – if I remember the pictures she showed me before.

-          Tell me something, Sebby – she asked me while the small machine worked behind her – How’s work and university? Your mother told me they accepted you for that writing course.

-          Well, it’s not like as I imagined it would be – I told her the truth, while I shrugged – But I gotta say, it’s not even that bad. I have to study a lot – hella lot about novels, series, and technical terms. Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna go crazy from the learning! – I grinned as I told her this proudly.

-          Hey! For an intelligent boy like you, it’s nothing! I think I should be the one saying that I’m gonna go crazy from the loads of guests and the coffe machine’s horrible sound. – We both started laughing at her comment, while she gave me the cup with a lot of christmas patterns on it.

-          Thank you! – I smiled at her, and leaned for a kiss, and a strong hug.

-          Your welcome, but promise me you won’t disappear for days again. The season ends in two weeks, and then you won’t find me here anymore!

-          I promise, Claudia, I promise – I giggled, and walked away with one last wave at her.

I grabbed the hot vanillia cappucino in both of my hands, and lifted it to my lips, to warm them up through the little whole on the top of the cup. I walked slowly with it, because I knew myself – I was capable of accidentally pouring it out. Since I gave all my attention to the cup, I didn’t see where I was going; I only noticed the change of the view after having walked for two minutes straight.

With a frown on my face, I pulled up my coat’s sleeve to check my watch for the time. 8;10 am.  I swear to god, when I was in the market, it was way earlier than 8;00 am.

Right before I turned around to walk away, I noticed something, or maybe someone, in the snow not too far away from me. I thought for a few minutes whether i should go there or not before I let out a big sigh, and started walking towards it.

Even though the coffee was still hot in my hands, I drank it all up, then after finishing it, I threw it in the nearest bin. I folded the papers and notes and put them in my pocket with my gloves.

-          Excuse me? – I shyly called out to the person in the snow as I stepped closer.

First of all, it was very strange to find someone in the ice cold snow, but it was even weirder when I found that the girl was only wearing a very thin layer of shirt clothers, only a white shirt and skirt, which made her blend into the snow around her.

No wonder no one saw her laying there.

           I slowly bent down, and put my hands on her shoulder shaking her slightly. As soon as my skin touched her skin – as cliche as it sounds – a strange coldness ran through my body from the top of my fingers.

She turned her faces as fast as she could in my direction; showing her scared features and her wet locks stuck to her red cheeks. Her lips were parted for as she breathed faster.

She had no idea what was going on with her; she lifted her hands in front of her face, then turned them over to have a better look at them. Then she bended her fingers, slowly, one by one. While doing these strange motions, she got in a sitting position and continued looking at her legs, and other parts of her body

-          Did you take something? – I asked her grabbing both of her arms, while she looked at me with an uncomprehending look.

-          What? – Okay, i was right.

-          Are you taking drugs?

-          What are those? – Oh well, I’m 100% sure she took something – Where am I?

-          Uhm, you are in Pennsylvania. In a park. You can’t remember?

-          Where are my wings?

-          I…Your what? – i asked while laughing awkwardly, but I stopped almost instantly as I saw the seriousness in her eyes. – Look, I think It will be the best if I take you home, because your clothes are pretty wet. Neither of us want you to get sick, am I right?

She nods a little bit, then stands up with my help. She grabs my hands in a way like she could never let them go.

-          Okay, first of all, I need to know where you live? – I asked her while I lead her back on the path – Uh, I’m sorry, take my coat. I think you need it more than me right now – I slapped myself at least 6 times in my head, because I didn’t think about this earlier.

I quickly shake the coat down on my shoulders and put it on the trembling girl next to me, then push it together over her chest. Thank god I had more layers of clothes under the coat.

But, well.. I couldn’t really say that they were keeping me warm.

Okay, as soon as I gave her my coat I started shaking from the cold.

-          I live up there – she answered after a couple of minutes, while she looked at the sky above us. Without even following her gaze – I swear I didn’t want to be rude –, I just stared at her face like she was some crazy woman. – I don’t know how I got here. – she murmured desperately, as I felt her hand shake in mine.

-          Uhm… - I scratched the back of my head nervously, while i tried to contain my laughter. – Well I guess, we are going to have a long talk after all.


FFXV : Nyx ulric x Reader "I miss loving you"

Tried to do some Nyx feels, so hope you guys like.
@itshaejinju @nyxswaifu @ulric-nyx @gladixlusamicitia @waifuthewhite @blindbae @stunninglyignis @fieryfantasy @alicemoonwonderland @bleucommelhiver

Word count: 1363

Nyx had just got off work from gate duty. As usual gate keepers were real welcoming. He’d been working the shift for a month, missing some action in the field. Which he was pissed about but it was worth it for his friends. Disobeying direct orders cost him once again, but he’d never leave a man behind no matter what.

While walking home he saw you in a restaurant eating. He quickly looked away not wanting you to see him. He had broken up with you…. It wasn’t because you weren’t pretty because you were gorgeous. Your personality was brilliant and everything about you was perfect. It was Nyx and all his fault, he feared one day he may never come home. He feared you being in love with a dead man a ghost. These thoughts kept him up so many nights. Or he’d often wake up covered in sweat afraid to go back to sleep.

Once he was past the restaurant window he looked back, you were smiling, laughing and seemed happy. Which made him happy, because thats all he ever wanted for you. But a part of him hurt…

Nyx continued walking along the cold streets, aimlessly. He missed holding you in his arms, kissing you in those places he only could, making you feel special. He missed loving you..

Eventually he found is way home. Stubbling digging in his pockets for the key. Once inside, he went to the fridge grabbing 3 beers. He flopped on his chair and removed the lid of one. He sat there for a minute as thoughts ran through his head.

“I never should have let you go, but it hurt to much..But I hurt you by letting you go..”

His thoughts began to tare holes in his mind, did he make the right choice? But honestly it was too late to go back now. He’d broken up with you 6 months ago. Which was 6 months of hell to him. Was it too late to take it back? Yes it was, he made you cry when he told you he wanted to end it. You fought with him, pounding on his chest as tears ran down your cheeks.

“Don’t do this nyx! I don’t care, i love you now and always don’t do this!”

You begged him, you pleaded. You promised him you’d be alright….But it wasn’t good enough.

Tarring from his thoughts Nyx realised he had finished all 3 beers within matter of minutes. But his thoughts and memories still tore him apart. The guilt ate him alive as each day went on, the only thing that saved him was his work. He began tapping his hand on the arms of the chair.

“3 bottles of beer fix everything, but honestly I’ve been doing this for 6 months. And its not working..maybe Crowes right? I was stupid to let her go… But what can i do to get her back? For all i know she could be engaged, expecting and getting married tomorrow.. I’m such a piece of shit!”

Nyx slams his hand on chair, why hadn’t he done something sooner? The silence of the room was taken by the sound of thunder as it broke open the sky. Nyx was never startled by thunder but he was this time.

Giving way to flashbacks of him covering his sisters ears in Galahd, these memories took the place temporarily of his current pain and lostness for you. But that didn’t make him feel any better.

Realising he was in a dark state of mind nyx jumped up to take a shower. But its hard to forget someone who gave you soo many good times. The warm water ran down his chest and through his hair. Reminded him of when he snuck into the shower with you. Till you kicked him out, but you weren’t mad. Or the time you braided his hair, that made his life so much easier. Plus it felt good to have someone do his hair.

He leaned his head against the shower pounding his head onto the shower wall. Until he realised he needed you back. No one or thing could drown out how he felt for you.. He needed you, no amount of alcohol could change that…

Nyx got out the shower and tied a towel around his waist. While water still ran down his body. It was a miracle he didn’t slip and fall.

Nyx grabbed his phone from ontop of his desk and began scrolling through his contacts. Till he found your name, then he sat on his chair pondering.

“Will she even pick up? She probably hates me now..”

Nyx dug his nails into his chair, then moved his thumb to call then pulled it away. Until his thumb accidently pressed the call button. He freaked out and tried to hang up. But instead someone picked up the phone.


You answered the phone, sounding sleepy and exhausted. Nyx looked at the time it was 2 in the morning. It felt like only a few minutes had passed since he got off work and saw you in the restaurant.

“Hey listen so-”

“Nyx what the hell its 2 in the morning are you drunk?”

You sounded so sarcastic and flirty, you had drunk alittle too much when you went out.

“I know I’m sorry i just, lost track of time…I-I need to talk to you…”

A long pause came after nyx had finished his sentence. Fear, guilt and doubt ripped him open as he waited for you to respond. He awaited his own destruction. When you answered him back or hung up the phone.

“Well its 2 in the morning…i can’t go anywhere. If i move I’m hitting the floor..”

“You went out and got drunk off your ass?”

“Yeah, my friend turned 30 today. We had to go out in a bang. And we did.. ”

Nyx laughed and shook his head,

“You haven’t changed abit?”

“Neither have you, Crowe still talks to me you know? Anyway you know my address, hurry up. I have work tomorrow.”

“Same, see you in a few”

You both hung up, Nyx leaned back in his chair and sat there for a minute. He actually got a chance to talk to you.. He felt tears trying to form and he quickly rubbed his eyes to try to stop them. But he couldn’t stop the smile that crept across his face.

“Maybe there’s still a chance?…man i owe Crowe…”

Nyx got up from the chair to put on some clothes. Grabbing his white long sleeve shirt, pair of black sweat pants and his tennis shoes. He didn’t even bother locking the door, as long as it was closed thats all that mattered. He ran down street, dodging puddles and occasional people walking on sidewalk. A couple of times he reached for his knife so he could warp, but he didn’t have it on him. The only thought that can through his head was,

“Babe…please wait for me..”

Finally he reached your apartment, he walked up to your door. His heart was pounding in his chest as sweat ran down his face. He ran the whole way minus waiting for cars to pass. He only used this much energy during his missions when he was out in the field. Once again his nerves got the best of him. He paced in front of your door then motioned to knock on your door, but stopped to pace again. In frustration he blurted out,

“What the hell is wrong with me? Like get yourself together!”

He quickly covered his mouth as if that could stop the sound ge had already made. He was just about to give up when you opened the door. Maybe in a state of drunk laugher you said,

“Nyx what the hell, two goofs in same day. Come in inside, your gonna sick. I are you already there?”

Nyx gave slight grin

“Possibly…sorry i woke you up..”

“Aww not first time a dude has called me at 2 in the morning. Then had an episode at my front door.”


“Nope, your the first.”

“Thanks.. ”

First Group Sex Experience in English

Today I(Archu) going to share my first group sex experience with my lovely foreign followers…..
After getting into swinging lifestyle we decided to experience group sex…
So we with one of our close cpl frnd decided to do group sex with a cpl who lives in Sikar near Jaipur….
So we decided to go Sikar for 2 days…
We both started our journey overnight with our close cpl frnd….
We exchanged our partners & sat n started making love in our car….
Slowly slowly we started kissing sucking fondling our partners on our journey….
After few hours of travelling we stopped at a Punjabi Dhaba where we all get down for some refreshments….
Meanwhile we both ladies got down wearing our clothes but without wearing any bra panties…..
Our nipples were clearly visible n poking hard….all dirty men n workers were gazing on both ladies….
After refreshments we again started our journey n for travelling some distance we got a highway which was fully empty n no vehicles was coming or going so we both ladies decided to have some photoshoot n do exhibitionism n nudism on empty highway….
After nude exhibitionism we again started our journey…..
Finally we reached Sikar at cpl house….
After having breakfast n some chit chat we all go to sleep….
After waking up in noon we together had lovely lunch n decided for further program n how we should do it….
In evening we all went to local market for shopping….we all 3 ladies bought some lingerie n bra panties for fun….
After lunch we all went to restaurant fir dinner….
After dinner while returning all men bought drinks for night….
Finally at their house we started our drinks with some music n dance….
Meanwhile we all decided that there will be 2 groups of MFM & FMF in which there will no same partners means husband n wife will not be in same group n both groups will have fun in different rooms tonight….
According to the plan we moved to different different rooms with our partners….
I was accompanied by 2 male frnds but not my hubby n my hubby was accompanied by 2 ladies…..
As we shifted to room both men started fucking me n loving me like hell…
We had 2-3 rounds of fucking…..both fucked my pussy n ass like hell n had double penetration too with them…
We were so much engrossed n enjoying our session that we didnt know how time passes n its morning…. finally all 3 took shower n kissed each other n slept nude….
When we wake up it was noon n decided to order some lunch from outside….
Sam suggested that we ladies should seduce the delivery boy….
As the delivery boy came I went to open the door being in towel….he was shocked to see me in towel…. then I called him inside to sit as I have to take money from the room to give him….meanwhile another lady came in bringing water for him from kitchen wearing only camisole from which her hard poking nipples were seen clearly……other other lady in just bra n shorts came to him to give money but he was unable to take it as he saw 3 different ladies in 3 different outfits……he was too nervous n his dick was fully erected as seen from his trouser making unusual shape…..meanwhile my hubby called me n that guy was so nervous that he took money n ran like he has to catch some train or bus….
We all 6 started laughing on the guy n seeing the situation….
After lunch we all slept again….
In evening we all decided for tonight fun….
All men went to bought some drinks n snacks…. meanwhile we all 3 ladies decided that we will wear new lingerie n bra panties n seduce all 3 men n we ladies will do lesbo session in front of them n surprised them….
All 3 men came wid drinks n snacks….we all 3 ladies went in kitchen for serving snacks n in kitchen we all changed our clothes…. as we came to hall with drinks n snacks all men were shocked to see us…..we told them to enjoy ur drinks n enjoy the evening….. we started music n dancing…..meanwhile we all 3 ladies started striptease ourselves n started seducing all men in different possible ways….we took our drinks n started dancing n took off our lingerie n throw it on them…..we took their dick out n pour some drinks on it n taste it….meanwhile after drinks we all 3 ladies started our lesbo session as per our plan to surprise them….they were also enjoying their evening n passing comments n saying dirty about us….
After lesbo we decided we will have fun in drawing hall with whomever we want but not with husband n atleast 2 rounds wid 2 men….
We all started having sex in hall with our partners n soon whole hall was filled with moaning sounds….atmosphere n scene was so much erotic that it cant be explained in words…
After having 2-2 rounds of fuck it was decided that there will be anal fuck too but one lady was not ready for it as she was not doing….. but we convinced her so she said she will have it at last as she wants to see it…..
Anal fuck was started wid me n finally ended wid her who was not ready…..
After anal fuck we all gave hard blowjob to all men simultaneously by changing ourselves n finally they all jerked n came ours boobs n faces…..

We were so much tired after 2 days of hard n awesome fucking session that we all slept on floor nude in hall after getting fresh….

After waking up we n cpl wid whom we came got ready to go back with some great n unforgettable memories….

Hope u guys loved my story…. keep loving liking n reblogging….



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Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Summary: In a flash, he was gone, changing the lives of his friends and family. 

AU: Underswap / Underfell (Younger brother Sans in both universes although the age difference is not much)  Pre-fallen child story.

Warnings: I intend for this go darker than previous works, but no major warnings for this chapter: Loss / grief

Notes: Despite the similar themes/concepts, this is completely independent from my other stories.  

HUGE THANKS TO @lycerialilfire for putting up with my rambling and beta reading it anyway.  

“Paps!” shouted Blue from the bottom of the stairs.  This ritual was as daily as rituals got:  A) Wake up Paps in plenty of time to get ready to go to work.  B) Wake up Paps -again- in time to get some breakfast before going to work and C) Yell at him from the bottom of the stairs until he finally dragged his bony body out of bed, into the kitchen and, be somewhat-not-so-late to work.

You would think that for a monster who could just teleport to work, being late would be a non-issue.  Blue suspected that his brother liked to see how far he could push it:  “Just a second to go? HA! I can be there in half a second!”

He also seemed to need to be really annoying about it.

Maybe it was a big brother thing.

Not that Blue minded all that much, of course.  It was just part of his day.  Nothing that the Sensational Sans couldn’t handle.

However, that particular day he couldn’t help impatiently tapping the tip of his fingers on the wall next to the stairs.  He had so much to do that day!  Plans for a brand-new puzzle at the bridge between the Ruins and Snowdin were finally done. He really hoped he could get to building it before his own sentry shift started.

“PAAAAAAPPPPS!!” he shouted again.  He wanted to avoid going into his brother’s bedroom just in case Papyrus was planning into tricking him into a tickle/pillow/sandal/possibly all three fight.

He would win, of course, but he simply didn’t have the time!

To his delight, he saw his brother’s room door open and soon after a -mostly- awake Papyrus yawned and stretched into view.

“I’m UP” He declared even though he looked like he was ready to be anything but that.

“Paps! I woke you up 2 hours ago!” admonished Blue crossing his arms.

“You did?” said Papyrus with one raised eye ridge as he made his way downstairs “Must’ve decided to sleep on it”

Blue groaned but his smile stayed.  “You’re lucky that I’m here to wake you up every morning, otherwise you would sleep the rest of your life away!  Today is a perfect day to get stuff done!”

Papyrus side glanced at the nearest window.   Snowdin was its usual grey, snowy and cold self.  What passed for a “perfect” day here was a day without a snowstorm.

“I think I would be ok with that” he commented with a smirk.

“That’s not a good way to think Paps” said Blue heading into the kitchen “You can’t possibly want to sleep all day. I mean, who could?”

“Sounds like a challenge” said Papyrus following his little brother.

“Paps….” sighed Blue

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Those Who Have Built and Broken Us Part Two (JakexMC)

Author’s Note: This is part two of my entry for #ChoicesCreates Week 18. Thank you to @kittenmusicals for hosting and @hollyashton for keeping this wonderful event going! ❤❤

Characters: Jake, Marissa (MC)

Pairing: Jake x MC

Word Count: 1943

Book: Endless Summer

Prompt: “We are made of all those who have built and broken us”

Summary: This is set 5 years after the gang is rescued. Quinn has passed away and everyone wants to meet Jake and Marissa in Costa Rica.

Originally posted by if-imthedevil

The bedroom is dark, the only illumination coming from the moon high in the night sky. A path of moonlight streams through the white lace curtains and runs across the wood floor, leaving a path for Jake from the bathroom to their queen size bed strategically placed under the ceiling fan in the middle of the room. The night air is still and muggy, his skin immediately drenched in perspiration. Tree frogs and crickets sing in unison outside the open bedroom window, creating a lullaby he usually enjoys listening to before nodding off. Tonight the pilot’s mind won’t shut off, refusing  to give Jake any piece.Thoughts of humid nights at LaHuerta flood his brain, overloading his senses with memories of him and Marissa and their friends. Flashbacks of them all lounging along side the pool, sipping fruity drinks out of tall glasses with colorful umbrellas, courtesy of Raj. Not all of the memories produced from their time spent on the island are bad ones.

Jake sighs softly as he sits on the edge of the bed, the purple satin sheets sticking to his toned thighs from the heat. He rubs the back of his stiff neck before slipping the dogtags over his head, placing them in their customary spot on the bamboo stand next to his side of the bed. In a quick, almost unnoticeable motion, Jake snags a half empty bottle of liquor that’s stashed under the night stand, a bottle of tequila he thinks Marissa doesn’t know about, and quickly downs several swigs. He lets the strong alcohol slide down his throat, burning like hot coals before hitting his stomach. The familiar warmth radiates  through his belly like a raging fire. After several more smaller sips, Jake wipes his mouth with the back of one hand before slipping the bottle with the familiar gold and black label back in it’s hiding spot. The drinking has slowed since they all left the island but Jake knows the powerful stranglehold alcohol has on him will never diminish itself completely. Fortunately Marissa never throws his crutch back at him. She never judges or ridicules. They both have their demons and she understands this, something Jake will always be thankful for.

He gingerly slides his tired body into bed, trying very hard not to wake Marissa sleeping next to him. He looks up at the ceiling, counting the number of knots he can find in the oak beams that run along the ceiling. This is a habit he’s developed to help him fall asleep that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. He’s beginning to get the impression this trick isn’t going to work tonight. He rolls over on his side so he can be the big spoon, lovingly wrapping his arm around Marissa’s skinny waist. He laces his hand with hers, stroking the engagement ring with his finger. It’s been four months since he proposed to her in this very room, a night  similar to this. Jake still can’t believe she said yes. He wonders what the gang is going to think when they find out tomorrow. He can already hear a sarcastic comment from Zahra and congratulatory high fives and fist bumps from Craig and Sean. He hasn’t been this nervous and excited since he finished basic training. A small smirk easily forms around his lips before leaving delicate little kisses along his fiance’s exposed neck.

Before he reaches her luscious earlobes, Marissa grunts and begins to stir. He curses himself silently, ashamed and a little angry for waking his sleeping beauty. Usually he can’t help himself, though. It doesn’t take much. Even a quick glance and smile makes his nerves tingle and his heart beat faster, sometimes making it hard for him to breathe.

Marissa slowly rolls over onto her back, her gorgeous long brown hair in clumps from sleeping hard under a heavy blanket. A few strands refuse to leave her glistening face. Jake chuckles softly, gently pushing a couple stubborn strays from her forehead. He can’t believe how soft her porcelain skin feels, his body shudders as he strokes her cheek.

She leans into his caress, kissing each finger softly before taking his hand in hers. “Hey baby,” she whispers, her brown eyes looking at her favorite pilot lovingly. “You’re up late,” she finishes, bringing their hands to her lips so she can pepper his knuckles with kisses.

“I’m sorry Princess,’ he apologizes to her. “I didn’t wanna wake ya,” he drawls, his cheeks lightly flushed. He’s happy the room is dark enough she doesn’t notice.

Slowly pulling herself up from under the black blanket they share, she slips a pillow behind her back. After adjusting it a few times, she leans against the headboard, using the pillow to support her back.

“Baby, no,” Jake protests, stroking her arm to try to convince her to lie back down. “You need to sleep. Gotta long day ahead of us,” he finishes, a worried look in his bright blue eyes.

“So do you,” she scoffs, a hint of annoyance in her tone. “You have to fly all of us, in case you’ve forgotten,” she teases, leaning over to peck him quickly on the lips.

Jake runs his hands through his shaggy hair. “No. I definitely didn’t forget,” shaking his head slowly. He slides in next to Marissa,wrapping his arms around her middle. “I don’t know if I can do this, Process,” he whispers, laying his head on her chest.

“Jake,” she sighs, stroking his hair with one hand while rubbing small circles of comfort on his muscular back with the other. “What’s wrong?” she urges, kissing him on the top of his head. When he doesn’t respond she tries again. “Baby. Tell me what’s wrong,” she pleads, trying hard not to come off as demanding.

He squeezes her tighter, not wanting to let go. She’s the first woman who makes him feel safe. She makes him feel comfortable and allows him to open up to her. He isn’t afraid to show her his vulnerable side, to let her share his worries and burdens. It feels so good to not be alone. “They’re all risking everything to come and see me. To come and see us,” he begins. “I don’t want them risking their lives to come see me. But I miss all of them a lot. You know what would happen if they got caught with me. What would happen to you?” he sighs, coughing while choking back tears. “i don’t know, Marissa,” he shakes his head, trying not to look too vulnerable. “I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

Marissa slowly caresses her favorite pilots cheek before stroking his freshly shaved chin, guiding his blue eyes to meet her deep browns. “They’re doing this because they miss and love you,” she reassures him. “Remember, this is all they’re idea. They want to come here for you. For Quinn,” she kisses him softly, biting his bottom lip before letting go.

Jake nods his head but can’t find the correct words to respond. “Hey Top Gun. Why don’t you grab that bottle from the nightstand and we’ll !take a couple draws from it before we go back to sleep,” she teases, a mischievous smirk growing from her lips.

“I should have known,” he admits, kissing his fiance quickly on the lips before reaching over for the bottle in it’s hidey hole. He sits up and leans against the headboard next to her, removing the cap and taking a quick gulp before passing it to Marissa.

She takes the bottle from Jake, holding it by the neck and pulling a couple of quick draws, coughing a little while the warm liquid makes its way down her throat. “Whoa! That shit is strong,” she gulps, her eyes beginning to water as she passes the bottle back to Jake. She tries very hard not to reveal to him the struggle she’s having keeping that last drop down. It’s important to show Jake she can keep up with him. She climbs mountains and bungee jumps from bridges with him. The alcohol is always rough on her. “You gotta love tequila at…..” she reaches for her phone. With a manicured finger she taps on the screen, the light from the display casting a glow over her face. “2 o'clock in the morning,” she smiles, a teasing tone in her voice as she places the device back on her table.

Jake takes the bottle from her, stroking her finger lightly as she pulls away. He laughs lightly before taking one last swig. “You want any more, Princess?” he asks. He already knows the answer. After a quick shake of her head, he screws the cap back on the bottle and tucks it back in its spot, ready for the next long night. He returns to his spot, sitting up next to her and waiting for sleep to come.

She grabs his hand, caressing his wrist with her thumb. “This probably isn’t a good idea,” she starts, leaning her head against his shoulder. Her chestnut brown hair pools on Jake’s skin, leaving goosebumps all over his arm. “We all risked our lives for each other on LaHuerta. None of us come out of that alive without each other. None of us make if off that island without you, Top Gun,” she lifts her head up, kissing his lips deeply, lingering a moment before letting go.

“Baby, you had a big part of that. A huge part,” he sighs, letting go of her hand and slowly sliding back down on the mattress. He leans into her, wrapping his arms around her waist and laying his head on her belly. This is his favorite cuddling spot. He feels safe like this. The beating of heart always  calms him. This is when he really knows he’s not alone anymore. He will always have his future wife by his side.

She knows her pilot needs some reassurance. She lovingly strokes his long hair, kissing him softly a couple times on the top of the head. “We all have a bond now. We are made of all those who have built and broken us. Or something like that, I forget the quote,” she smirks in the dark. She feels Jake chuckle softly against her chest before she continues. “Your past, Mike, that asshole general, that god forsaken island, broke you for a time. You felt alone and unwanted, always on the move and looking over your shoulder. But our friendship, our love, our bond we have with each other, has built you back up. It has allowed you to trust again. To love again. To feel whole again. With Quinn passing, part of that bond has broke. They want to come see you to reaffirm the bond. To show you they love you. As much as I love you,” she finishes quietly, lovingly stroking his arm, listening to his breathing.

Jake squeezes her tighter, almost to the point of hurting. Marissa doesn’t mind, though. She knows he needs this and she’ll do anything for him. “I love you so much, Princess. You have no idea,” he trails off, stifling a yawn against her chest.

“I love you too Top Gun,” she chuckles quietly. “We should probably get to bed. We’re flying out in a few hours,” she finishes, waiting for a response from him.

After a few moments she hears his fiancee snoring softly, his head still placed on her chest. She softly strokes his hair and sighs softly. “I hope this is a good idea.”

She slips the extra pillow behind her head, leaning against the headboard, waiting for sleep to come.

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So what if Bucky was on a mission and you couldn't talk to him during the day because of work and had to sleep for it, so at like 2 in the morning after tossing and turning, you call him on Skype and just talk to him for an hour or two, passing out on your side of the Skype call feeling better because you got to hear his voice.

and when you fall asleep in front of the screen he smiles softly and says “goodnight sweetheart” before kissing his fingers and pressing them to your face on the screen 

Fluffy Friday™

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I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. Sometimes I'm paranoid and think it's cancer, sometimes I wish it was cancer, sometimes I wish I was plain dead. Not sometimes, but always, I am so tired I can't do anything but lie on a couch staring at the TV screen. Always I find myself crying alone on the bathroom floor, 2 o'clock in the morning. Always I am so afraid I will wake up ten years, fifteen, twenty, even thirty years from now, and all will be the same. I'm 14, I'm afraid life will pass me by.

Darling, know that you’re not alone. Maybe try to see if there are any online support groups that have similar stories. Don’t focus on life passing you by. Take each day as it comes, no matter what form you have to take it on with, and know that you are beautiful inside and out ❤

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College AU where Mikasa, Armin and Eren are all just chillin out, studying for an exam. Yet they're all really sleepy due to the fact that it's like 2 in the morning or something. At one point Mikasa just kinda passes out and slumps onto Eren's shoulder and Eren just freezes, like he's paralyzed or some shit and has no idea what to do so he just stays perfectly still for like 7 minutes before asking Armin what he should do.

and then Eren decided that she’s tired and that she studied enough anyway so he lays her carefully on his lap so she can sleep comfortably 


I’d like to think that Eren and Armin look after Mikasa in their own way, because even though she always takes care of them and makes sure they’re okay she’s bad at taking care of herself  !

My kids are perfect ! 

Why you shouldn't date exo

Xiumin: he’s a super clean freak. Like you leave 1 spoon in the sink and he’s like?? “I know you ain’t gon leave all these dishes here"

Luhan: he’s competitive for no reason. He’ll just be like “bet I can beat you down the stairs!”. And now you’re in the er at 9:30pm on Wednesday because Luhan twisted an ankle when he fell down the stairs.

Kris: he’s so clumsy. Like you’ll just be sitting on the floor when all of a sudden the giant just crashes on top of you. He probably tripped on air too.

Suho: you’ll never have alone time with him. Like you’ll just be holding his hand and now kai’s at the door like “hey guys Wyd :^)” 

Lay: he over works himself. You’ll be so worried because he’s constantly working and not sleeping. You tell him to take his ass to bed and he’s just like “its ok babe I’m not even tired”. Then he passes out at his desk 2 seconds later.

Baekhyun: he play too much. Like its 5 o'clock in the morning and baekhyun wakes you up by smacking you with a pillow while he screeches his el dorado high note.

Chen: he’s loud. You’ll be sitting on the couch reading a book and chen comes out of nowhere screaming in your ear, asking what you’re doing.

Chanyeol: he plays his mixtape all the time. And you gotta listen to it. Even if you don’t like any of the tracks you still listening to that shit daily. 

Kyungsoo: he’ll stare at you. A lot. Like you wake up and the first thing you see is kyungsoo’s eyes burning into your soul. 

Tao: he’s always trying to take pictures. So many pictures. He’ll constantly shove his phone in your face. “one more please? It’s gonna be great this time I promise”.

Kai: he’ll never let you win at any dancing game. At first it starts out as just a fun game, but now kai’s knocking you out of the way and getting way to into it. And you’ll just be like “you’re already in exo! Let me HAVE MY MOMENT".

Sehun: he’s very whiny. Like any time he needs/ wants something he whines at you until you get it for him. He’ll be whining in a store when you realize that you didn’t sign up to be in a relationship with a giant man child.