its part of an old toy

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Ludwig, can you tell us more about your ship-in-a-bottle collection?

Ludwig: I had a larger collection before, but because of space limitations, I decided to give some away. There are a few that serve as decorations around our home, and some of my siblings have possession of the ones they considered their favorite. The rest of the collection - the ones that I couldn’t bear to part with - stay inside my bedroom. They’re either those I’ve made myself that I’m proud of, or gifts from others…

Ludwig: … Such as this one I’ve received on one of my birthdays. Iggy learned from Roy that I used to have a toy submarine, and decided to give me a “sub-in-a-bottle” as a replacement. It may not be like my old toy, but it’s charming in its own way.

me and nep decided to travel over to part of the mp the group of old system members live and its really nice ^u^ we took the lil portal thingy there rather than walking to the gate thu the snow , even tho it took us to the lakeside bubble first.  

its a huge field of soft grass and flowers and theres a load of toys and park things around this little dome house painted in pastel colors , theres kites tied to the top of the house  going high up into the blue sky with fluffy clouds c: we just sat down to  do some drawing becasue its very nice here and   grey has come to say hello with the little reindeer !!