its our playground

  • me: i just think ace and aro people should be loved and-
  • ace dicourser 1: *bursts through the door* did you know an asexual person killed my dog? they also burned down the entire house, then brutally murdered my whole family and that's why everyone who's not attracted to anyone makes me (and every lgbt person ever) uncomfortable
  • ace discourser 2: *jumps through the window* here I have a huge post with no sources and ass-backwards logic to tell you I'm right and you're homophobic
  • ace discourser 3: *falls through the ceiling* i fucking hate everyone and everything makes me angry
  • ace discourser 4: *crawls out from under the floorboards* here sweaty :) let me explain why you're wrong and asexuality is valid and cool, but I have 12 bullshit sources on why its inherently sexist and homophobic-
  • ace discourser 5: *from outside, screaming* get the fuck away from our resources that I'm going to talk about like there's a fixed amount and it's a constant battle for
  • me: what the fuck


14.03 - 24.05.2015

Jean-Marie Appriou / Cory Arcangel / Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard /

Dewar & Gicquel / Piero Gilardi / Tilman Hornig / Renaud Jerez /

Rachel de Joode / Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle / Marlie Mul /

Owen Piper / Hayley Tompkins / Anne de Vries

Curated by It’s Our Playground at Parc Saint Léger


Gangster Foreplay Poem, 2013

A new film by Paul Kindersley, made for my exhibition Snorlax Beanbag, in response to my sculpture ‘Time & Space’.

More beautiful Paul films here: